Monday, May 18, 2020


   Many good articles and videos have come about recently as a growing number of Americans begin to see the 'pandemic emergency' for what it really is. What is going on is an open rebellion against the United States as an institution. This is very likely going to get worse despite all of the fake 'reopenings.' We'll have more to say about that as the 'Crisis' drags on---and we are now into the 10th Week of this national disgrace. 

   So there was a really good article yesterday at the blog Freedom Through Empowerment which featured a video of a fellow fed up with conditions in his home state. The article though, made excellent points in its own right. The writer understands the gravity of the situation that we're in right now. 

  She writes:"The negative effects of shutting down the largest economy in the world will play out for years to come.  The least we can do now is stop the bleeding by ending the shutdown.  Contact your governor and local representatives of course, but pro lockdown cultural narrative set by the MSM and most of the left must be overcome too and the only way to do that is by having uncomfortable conversations with friends, family and neighbors." 

  The negative economic impacts of which she speaks is one of the principle aims of the Rebellion. It's very important that Conservatives understand this fundamental point: their goal is not to destroy the US economy, but to replace it. The Middle Class, at all levels, is the target of this attack. The shutdowns and lockdowns were all directed at small and midsize business from the beginning; and these phony 'reopenings' with all their restrictions and conditions are aimed at them too. 

  Just as an example, there was a story in New York Newsday today in their Foods Section about the devastation that the thugs Cuomo and DeBlasio have ravaged on the restaurant industry. Communist pigs like these two want central distribution of foodstuffs: in fact, the neurotic ex-NYC mayor Bloomberg is in charge of implementing 'reopening' in New York. Bloomberg was notorious for imposing his phobias about food and tobacco upon the citizens of New York City---and now he has the entire state to release his mental illnesses. At any rate, economists project that at least 25% of NYC's restaurants will not survive; and the Middle Class is taking overall about a $2.6 billion loss so far. 

  The Paris Cafe---an upscale spot in the NYC Financial District since 1873---is permanently closed as of last week.  Another historic gathering place---the Gem Spa---which has been around since the 1920's is dead. Bloomberg and DeBlasio had an especial hatred for this place which had lately become a counter-culture hangout and often persecuted the owners pre-COVID. As a trivia note, this was the cafe where the famous New York Egg Cream was invented. 

  The Irish Cottage---family owned since 1960; the Gotham Bar & Grill---family owned since 1984; the Lucky Strike Bistro---since 1988: these are just a few of the better-known NYC spots that have died. The article lists about two dozen others that have been building service and reputation for 10-20 years. Now this, of course, is happening elsewhere too; but not being reported by anybody. 

  As for the big box stores and supermarket consortia, they are experiencing none of these evils. They were all allowed to remain open and their profits have been huge. The too-big-to-fail boys haven't been touched and are in fact poised to move into the void left by their destroyed competitors. 

  Tricia notes that:  "Government enforced poverty, shattered lives, increased spousal and child abuse, sky rocketing suicide and addiction rates, the scandalous trampling of civil liberties; this is THE issue of our time and more of us have to start acting like it is." I'm glad that she mentioned the human toll, which I've heard about anecdotally but these are issues covered up by the MSM. If we move into the kind of Socialism that the Elites plan for us, these things will get much, much worse. Under the pre-Trump Deep State, the statistics were already starting to climb. And what we learned after the USSR collapsed was that all of these evils were rife throughout Soviet society. 

  One important thing that has been noticeable under lockdown is that narcotics overdoses have jumped up an estimated 15%. This is because the Rebel Regimes have been prioritizing (alleged) COVID cases over other illnesses. The same mad scientists who've been encouraging governmental Crimes Against Humanity have been espousing forced euthanasia in hospitals. That this is the issue of our time ought to be obvious. When businesses can be declared nonessential in the economy and persons can be deemed superfluous in the medical system, it doesn't take much imagination to see where this is going. "All roads lead to Auschwitz" as the saying used to go.

  If anybody thinks this is just hyperbole and that it can't happen here; consider how many people have deceived themselves into believing that Abortion isn't really murder and go from there. "Oh, but that's different!" No it isn't, and you know that it's not. 

  Political Correctness and the passive acceptance of it have led us to where we are. Look at the sheer number of lies we've been fed---and accepted---over the last three decades. Just during the last Administration, we were forced to accept Global Warming and Homo Equality---why is surprising that COVID junk-science is believed? We saw private medicine absorbed into Obamacare---why is surprising now that Healthcare is being weaponized by politicians? We accepted Obama's Domestic Spying---now we're talking about contact tracing. Obama put invasive policies into 'airport security' for the 'privilege' of travelling---now despots are demanding we wear masks for the 'privilege' of going outside. Obama told us that Syria was a threat to world peace---no wonder people believe that COVID will kill millions. And Obama just built upon Bush Administration lies, as Bush built upon Clinton's. 

  "I honestly think there are a lot more of us out there who feel this way than those who don’t, but we’ve been conditioned to think this position is wrong and immoral and so we self censure.  This has to stop.  Now."

  Exactly, Tricia. If it doesn't stop soon, it's going to be too late. 



  1. I love your quoting "Silent Cal" Coolidge at the end! He was truly the unsung Presidential hero of the last century! As for the thesis put forth in that terrific article you quoted, how true it is!! And your examples MORE than illustrate the path to Hell upon which we all seem to be inevitably embarked!! May God help us all!!

    1. I hope that Coolidge's ghost is talking to Trump right now.