Thursday, May 14, 2020


    In a late-breaking development today, WXII-TV in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is reporting that the FBI has raided the offices of Senator Richard Burr in connection with an Insider Trading Scandal. It's been alleged that Burr and an unknown number of other US Senators made some significant Stock Market trades after a private briefing shortly before the COVID Panic struck. 

   It's probably no coincidence that Burr's home-state has been one of the most repressive of the COVID conspirators' regimes. Governor Roy Cooper ordered mass-arrests of protesters last week and extended the statewide lockdown until May 22nd. Unfortunately, he hasn't been the only one cracking down on dissidents. In Illinois, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that he would send his thugs into any county that disobeyed his edicts. “There is no consequence the state could impose that is greater than the harm that you will do to your own community,” the Governor stated rather ominously. However, there is a part of me that believes that Pritzker is seriously considering what consequences he could impose. 

   Pritzker said that "I don’t have sympathy for those so intent on disregarding science and logic, so afraid to tell their constituents what they may not want to hear — that they put more people's lives at risk. Local law enforcement and the Illinois State Police can and will take action." The Governor's rage is specifically directed at Madison County, which voted on Monday to nullify his orders. It's hard to say whether Pritzker will have the Iron Will to send stormtroopers into the area. But he and others like him seem intent on forcing a showdown. 

   These fake 'reopenings' that Occupation leaders are proposing are for show; as these police crackdowns and threats make clear. A recent report on Cincinnati station WLWT gives us the actual realities for reopened businesses. What's actually happening here is that most Federal programs subsidizing small businesses expire within 60 days. These restrictions are designed to allow businesses to reopen, but not under such conditions that they can actually recover financially. It's especially interesting to note that none of these people seem to be talking about any long-range plans beyond their silly 'phasing-in' schemes. What is worrisome, however, are the number of pundits who've been talking about the ways that they wish to see society change. 

   Among these changes proposed are mandatory vaccinations along with 'isolation communities' for nonconformists. Dr. Robert Levin and other mad scientists are already experimenting with such a program in California. So-called 'contact tracing' seems to factor in all these schemes. What that actually amounts to is domestic surveillance. But that became a New Normal a long time ago. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all did it, and nobody cared. Bush Sr. said that we needed it to fight the drug war. Clinton expanded it to fight the drug war and other federal crimes under the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1997. The latter was vastly expanded by Bush Jr. under the Patriot Act of 2002. Then, we supposedly needed it to fight terrorism. Obama, as Edward Snowden revealed, made domestic spying fairly universal---including through Obamacare. If we get through this 'Crisis', we---as a people---are going to have to do some serious soul-searching about our collective attitudes that took us to this place. 

   New York is also experimenting with such a scheme. The vile dictator Andrew Cuomo has put this project under the management of arch-Deep Statist, Michael Bloomberg. Cuomo said this, which should make us all pause and reflect:

  "Tracing is not hard on an individual basis -- the problem is the massive scale and with an operation that has never existed before. We need our contact tracing program to come up to scale to meet what we're doing with testing as soon as possible, and we are working with Mike Bloomberg now to build an army of tracers to meet the state's demand so we can begin this operation immediately."

  That's right, everybody. An army of tracers. Who serve under the command of Field Marshal Bloomberg, Governor Newsom also mentioned the need for a large number of police spies; and we've already mentioned that these blockheads have organized call centers and phone apps for informants. Now where would all these states hire these private armies contact tracers? 

   What is our national unemployment rate right now again? 

   As Leon Trotsky predicted: "In the United States, through the science of publicity and advertising, you have means for winning the support of your middle class that were beyond the reach of the soviets of backward Russia with its vast majority of pauperized and illiterate peasants. This, in addition to your technical equipment and your wealth, is the greatest asset of your coming communist revolution." 

  And today we stand at a crossroads whether we remain free or plunge into outright Communism. Trotsky's prediction in 1934 couldn't manifest itself because of the character of our people. Whether or not we still have the character to overcome remains to be seen. 




  1. You gotta wonder why the FBI only raided the office of the republican guilty of insider trading.

    And it's in the news.

    Long before if and when they raid the offices of the democrats that did the same thing...

    1. I will celebrate the day they raid Feinstein's office like that. True though, Burr is a shady character too. I'm hoping that he'll make a deal and fink off the two Dems to save his own skin.

  2. Another winner, NW!! That image of fat-ass (and fathead!) Pritzker (dining off his family's hotel fortune, sad to say) in a Musssolini outfit is SO fitting (even if POORLY fitting!)!!

    1. Actually, it's a Hermann Goering uniform. He was the fattest Fascist I could find, and Pritzker STILL doesn't fit into it!

  3. Besides the obvious encroachment on our rights, a couple of things keep coming up, our testing is not very good, it's really problematic and there have been numerous recalls of flawed tests. Also, there is some question about what we are actually testing for. Second of all, a suitable vaccine for a virus like this is unlikely, possibly even harmful and dangerous. If it was easy to vaccinate against these kinds of viruses, we would have cured the common cold by now. What often winds up happening instead is that we destroy people's immune systems and rather than building immunity against a virus, it makes them way sicker and unable to fight it off. This is pretty well known science.

    I was reassured and gratified to hear Dr Fauci say those very same things recently, because some of these state officials are just off the wall. They have us all sent to isolation camps to receive a mandatory vaccine that doesn't exist for a virus we can't even properly quantify.

    1. You're absolutely right: there's never been the slightest proof that any of these measures were ever justified. The American NPC has risen his head once again---thinking that just because China used heavy-handed measures against COVID that we should too. Actually, China has 4x our population and they were trying to keep it from spreading abroad whereas our situation is completely different.