Wednesday, May 20, 2020


   At this particular phase of the Plan-demic (midway through Week 10), we're seeing fake 'reopenings' in most states. A lot of businesses aren't going to survive these frauds any more than they survived the lockdowns. Basically, small businesses have expended the 60-day supply of Federal bailout money and are opening with little or no capital, a lot of outstanding bills, heavy restrictions on their operations, and swarms of collaborators and secret police who will employ heavy-handed measures to enforce whatever edicts the various Commissars hand down. 

   A few places are opening without restrictions. Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska---a State which saw a grand total of 10 deaths related to COVID-19---announced yesterday that the State would be fully open tomorrow without restrictions. It's estimated by some analysts, based on preliminary figures, that 15% of Alaskan restaurants and at least that many stores in other retail sectors have already collapsed. A survey from Alaska's Chamber of Commerce  estimated that over half of State businesses had seen revenue decline by at least 51%. The estimated total loss for the State during the March-May 2020 period is between $2-4.1 billion. This seems a very high price to pay: and while I'm happy that Governor Dunleavy has set the State free again, I wouldn't want the damage he's caused to innocent lives on my conscience. 

  Alaska is a State with a low population and isn't facing severe restrictions any longer, but we can extrapolate from their figures as to what the Rebellion is going to cost the country at large. Today we already had the announcement that retail chain Pier One Imports has crashed after 58 years in business, taking 540 stores with them. 

   The last two weeks have seen the downfalls of several long-established enterprises. JC Penney filed for bankruptcy and ended up being delisted on Wall Street. And, as we've predicted, the box-stores are moving in for the kill. We should also mention the fall of several theater and movie chains:

   AMC, the largest theater chain in the US, a company founded in 1920, has closed permanently and is also about to be swallowed up by the too-big-to-fail boys. 661 US cinemas are gone with them.

   Regal Theaters, the 2nd largest chain, is not far behind, and expected by analysts to be in bankruptcy soon. 564 locations could be closed. 

   Cinemark, the 3rd largest with 346 theaters, so far has been solvent, but has been closing a number of locations recently.

    There have been many fatalities among privately-owned theaters, including a few historic locales.

  Among the casualties in the restaurant industry this week was a 55-store chain with affiliates in Seattle and California called Specialty's Cafe and Bakery. After 33 years of building, it has folded for good. Seattle also lost a landmark restaurant, The Brooklyn, open for 30 years will not reopen. 

   Los Angeles has lost Stan's Doughnuts, family-owned since 1965. Swingers, a late-night spot which was very popular during the 1990s folded last week. In San Francisco, analysts believe that half of the city's restaurants will not survive. Literally dozens have already gone down. Santa Barbara has lost Chuck's Waterfront Grill and The Endless Summer---two longstanding hangouts on the beach. 

  Souplantation, founded in San Diego in 1978 and grown into a large chain has closed; and with them all 97 of their outlets. Troy's Family Restaurant, family-owned since 1973 and Primavera Ristorante, family-owned since 1989 are both gone in San Diego among many others which have been building for decades. Thank you, Governor Newsom. 

  Portland has lost 11 restaurants and Oregon's famous World of Speed automotive museum is also unable to stay in business.

  There are many other "nonessential" economic sectors being hit by these restrictions. The Corporate Media is by-and-large ignoring all of this wave of destruction and instead yukking it up over President Trump's promotion of Hydroxychloroquine---which many doctors believe actually is effective against COVID. The Whacko Left Wing is in general though delighted with stories of business closures. The average Leftist is neurotically stimulated by failure and scandal among those better than themselves and their leaders are clearly enjoying the helplessness of the productive citizens now at their mercy.

   If any readers are victims of this Jacobin insanity, remember first and foremost that you and your circumstances are two different things. Economic failure at the hands of political psychopaths doesn't make you a 'loser' (despite whatever the MSM tells you) any more than losing your livelihood through a flood or an earthquake does. Remember that you're not alone, and also the words of the late Pope John which have inspired myself during tough times:

   If you have older friends or family, it is wise to talk to them too---as they've seen hard times and overcome them. If at all possible, join a protest movement in your State and speak out at relevant public gatherings. 

  Some on the Right have also given into despair---this is understandable, but it's not too late to take a stand. Yes, agreed---we're in deep trouble right now. But reflect in our history and consider how many other dirtbags have tried to bring us down (from within and without) and have failed. 

     The reopenings (in most states) aren't for real and the Elites are already floating the idea of a 'Second Outbreak' and have supposedly discovered viral mutations---neither of which they have any proof for. A few others are suggesting rotating lockdowns---all of which proves that they have no real intention of relinquishing their power. However, the 'reopening' an opportunity to organize a real resistance to turn back their plots. 


  1. This Scamdemic fills me with insatiable rage. I wish for nothing less than every Democratic governor and mayor who gleefully played God during this mother-of-all-Reichstag Fires-event to be dragged out of their comfy residences by the people they were supposed to serve and get hacked into mincemeat.

    Instead, I'll settle for them getting tried, convicted and executed.

    (That said, I shed no tears for the collapse of the Entertainment industry. They have been the vanguard of our world's moral degeneration).

    1. I feel the same way and the RINOs who went along with them should be punished too.
      As for the Entertainment Industry, these theater failures aren't effecting Hollywood or Disneyland at all. Actually, they've wanted this to happen ever since the 1960s when they were blocked from owning theater chains because of Anti-Trust laws. They'll probably take advantage of the theater collapse to get the ban revoked.