Saturday, December 30, 2017


      Since President Trump was elected, America has witnessed outbreaks of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Various people across the socioeconomic spectrum have---at the mere mention of the President---gone completely berserk in public with no regard to their personal or public interests. 

       TDS attacks have resulted in arrests, injuries, and even an occasional unintentional suicide. Job losses and trips to the hospital psych-ward are the usual outcome. Jay Malsky, an executive producer at NBC, is another example. 

       Malsky was visiting Disneyland when he encountered a display of robotic statues of US Presidents. No sooner had his lighted on Trump than he began waving his arms and screaming incoherently. The few American parents who still take their kids to Disney stood in shock---reflexively shielding their offspring while security guards restrained the uncontrollable media 'elite'. According to some reports, Malsky was screaming death threats, profanity, and making obscene gestures as he was dragged forcibly from the park. 

       This is another reason for parents to avoid Disneyland. Aside from the homosexual grooming of children and the occasional kid eaten by alligators; Disney attracts kooks like these who ruin the already over-priced and over-hyped 'experience'. Many foreign countries actually ban Disney films as undesirable cultural imports; and a few foreign theme parks ended up closing. The company hasn't done anything especially productive since the 1960s. And it's also yet another statement of the caliber of executive personnel at NBC. 

      As for Malsky, his last major production was what passes for a comedy-musical these days titled Jay Malsky Slept with my Boyfriend. That's about all we really need say about him.

       Meanwhile the economy expands, gangsters go down, the energy crisis gets fixed, the Swamp gets drained. While one guy does that, another screams insults at his effigy. Nothing describes the current cultural shift better than that. 


Friday, December 29, 2017


       Wow---just when everybody in the Blogosphere is contemplating 2017's most under-reported stories, the US Department of the Interior dropped a major bombshell. And yes, the Corporate Media is ignoring the story. 

       When President Trump signed the Tax Reform Bill last week, we noted the accomplishment of resuming the ANWR Project---which has gone nowhere since the Carter Administration shut it down in 1978. This allows for oil exploration and development on the massive Federal holdings in Alaska: amounting to over 90% of the State. Now for the last several decades, we've been told that America's days of energy independence is over; that Alaskan resources wouldn't effect our dependency on foreign oil; that we needed to consume less; invest in Green Technology; reduce our 'carbon footprint'; fight wars in the Middle East, etc. 

      And this week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke revealed that all of this was a hoax. Zinke commissioned a survey of petroleum resources on the Alaskan Peninsula and territorial waters earlier this year and the report is in. Alaska alone has the productive potential of 17.6 billion barrels of crude oil and an unbelievable 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 

       So far from not reducing oil imports, Alaska could replace all of our annual imports for almost a decade. And this doesn't include our idle fields in the Lower 48 or the untapped resources in the Arctic and Pacific possessions. 

       According to EPA figures, the US imports almost half of its oil from our two neighbors Canada and Mexico. Latin America accounts for another 20%. We literally can---in the very near future---cut off these Middle Eastern parasites completely and have no energy disruption. Our own resources can take their place. 

       This is excellent news: but the fact is apparent that we have been lied to for years by our so-called Political, Media, and Academic 'Elites'. They couldn't have helped but known that their propaganda was nothing but mythology or that our national energy issues could have been solved long ago. And the entire Alaskan Congressional delegation agrees.

         The denizens of the Beltway Swamp have no defense for this kind of negligence. Every day that the Trump Administration is in office makes their incompetence and corruption more apparent. 

          But the news of America on the brink of ending the energy crisis hardly registers with the Corporate Media punks. Today's headlines include a Confederate flag in the background of one of Ivanka's old pictures; and the President's taste for 'junk food'. But then again, this is the same Media scum who never bothered to question whether the energy crisis was real in the first place. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


      The University of California-Irvine has wrapped up another sports season. The UCI Anteaters won the first-ever E-Sports championship, and has come to dominate all other schools at playing League of Legends. 

      No, seriously. This isn't a joke.

       "UCI made headlines last Fall by fielding the nation's first school-sponsored E-Sports team at a public university." UCI Magazine editors crowed, "The campus wooed players with athletic scholarships, and built a trailblazing computer arena."

      Athletic Scholarships. For video-game players. UCI Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Thomas Parham thinks that the idea is somehow a great way to "weave its gaming endeavor into academics, research, and student life." 

        "It won't be just another sport." Parham sniffed. Parham is evidently a strong supporter of Snowflake Culture, having given a $1,000 donation to Obama's campaign, according to Open Secrets. 

       Rather than waste much time on the University's absurd rationalizations for such a program, we should take a close look at UCI itself and see whether this institution of higher learning is even worthy of any further public support. 

        UC-Irvine is the second-largest employer in Orange County, California. It has a reputation as a hotbed of Anti-Semitism and Jewish students and faculty have alleged discrimination and harassment. The school has hosted several Radical Islamic speakers including Holocaust Deniers. This is a fact that shouldn't be overlooked in Irvine's E-Sports program. A sizable number in the Tech/Gaming community are overtly anti-Jewish. 

      President Obama gave the graduation speech there in 2014. In 2015, the UCI student government banned displays of the American flag. Another major controversy centered on granting an exclusive concessions monopoly to Aramark Corporation. Aramark, it should be noted, has a major political lobby inside the Beltway Swamp. They've retained the lobbying firm headed by Tony Podesta's ex-wife, Heather. Heather Podesta is known inside the Beltway as The 'It Girl' of Washington and The Insider's Insider. 

       Jacques Derrida, who founded the philosophy of 'Postmodernism' taught at UCI until his death in 2004. In the 1990s, UCI researchers claimed Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics; but aside from that, UCI hasn't produced much of any value since. Former UCI President Ralph Cicerone was a Climate-Change fanatic who turned most of the school's sciences in a leftward direction. 

         UCI has an endowment of a half-billion dollars and cranks out 9,000 diplomas a year for those paying the estimated $33,000 a year that it costs to attend.  The head of this school is one Howard Gillman, a career academic bureaucrat who took over in 2014. He was appointed by Janet Napolitano, Obama's former DHS chief who now heads the University of California system.

         Gillman is a vocal critic of President Trump, and published an encyclical against the proposed Travel Ban. Of course, by his own admission, he opposes it because "it unfairly discriminates against Moslems." Irvine, incidentally, is less than an hour's drive from San Bernardino, the site of the infamous Christmas terror attack in 2015. Despite Gillman's statements condemning anti-Semitism, he has failed to implement any of the promised reforms protecting Jewish students. In 2015, both he and Parham allowed Anti-Zionism Week to be observed on campus. 

          It certainly appears that our country wouldn't lose much by losing UC-Irvine. Irvine has a decent medical school, but the rest of the university could be defunded and closed down with no great loss to society. 

           We've said before that the Government needs to adopt the same strategy for funding colleges that it has for funding military bases: close the ones that are irrelevant and invest in the schools that produce. UC-Irvine would go to base-closure status, no doubt. 




Tuesday, December 26, 2017


    In case everybody missed it this holiday season, Red Pill Cult leader Vox Day has launched a new line of comic-books. Vox is under the impression that comics publishers Detective Comics (DC) and Marvel are pushing a Left-Wing agenda on America's youth. Vox calls ths being 'SWJ Converged' (meaning any organization that doesn't bow to his obvious genius). 

      Hence, his Alpha-Front group, Castalia House has introduced to us to a new superhero, Alt-Hero. 

        Despite the series being published in Finland, and the hero's girlfriend sporting the colors of a breakaway country which killed thousands of Americans; Vox tells us that Alt-Hero is all about defending American values. Looking at some of the excerpts of the series, it appears that Alt-Hero's character is modeled more on 'Based Stick-Man' than Superman, et al. 

         Reaction to the new series has been met by professionals and laymen alike with a mixture of laughter and disgust. But one of the most disgusting things is Vox' statement that his series is designed to elevate "every American, Western, and Christian value." What he's succeeded in doing once again is giving all Conservatives and Christians a bad name. 

           The reason that this series will fail---like most of Vox' schemes---is because it's ultimate goal isn't to produce anything of any socially redeeming value. It's based on Vox taking his petty revenge on an industry and "triggering SJWs". This is like his envious attack on John Scalzi. He fails to produce good writing because his objectives are personal; and therefore one-dimensional. 

          Alt-Hero, for example, makes it a point to use his superpowers to remove illegal immigrants from American streets. What kind of a superhero uses his incredible powers against migrant farm-workers? That's a bully, not a superhero. What makes superheroes super is that they fight super-villains. There is always something in the character of such heroes that they fight for the defenseless; they inspire hope and confidence in the people.

          The second reason that Alt-Hero will fail is because Vox doesn't understand market forces. The Comics Industry is struggling---not because readers are leaving in protest---but because it's an old media form that can't compete well with the new. Comics are a product not only of the pre-Internet days, but of the pre-Television days. The Golden Age of comics meant a monthly issue or a 5-panel daily run in a newspaper. Today, we can download these same series and read them in their entirety in a couple of hours. A parallel form of media, which is no longer produced, were movie serials. Today, one can go to Youtube and watch in 3 hours what it once took audiences 15 weeks to see. 

          This is also the reason for the Comic Industry's modern tendency to create minority or female heroes and heroines. Not necessarily because they are 'SJW converged'; but because they are trying to boost their circulation by reaching out to wider demographics. Vox doesn't have a market beyond his own echo-chamber. 

         The third reason is just plain bad writing. 


       This is truly pathetic stuff. Again, Vox' narcissism is his undoing. He can't relate well to others and thinks that this kind of shallow narrative is actually going to appeal to anybody. 

        Other characters include the Red-Pill Girl version of Wonder Woman: 

         And these kinds of ridiculous villains: 

          While we believe that our culture could use some traditional comics again, this kind of material makes the postmodern stuff actually look good. If these are the 'Alt' heroes, we should probably stick with the ones that we have. 



Saturday, December 23, 2017


    The Corporate Media has been busily inventing more fake-news to attack Trump this holiday season. While they were busy spreading unsubstantiated rumors about something- someone-supposedly-said-about-somebody-else, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was announcing that the US Department of Justice recovered nearly $4 billion from fraud cases committed by entities involved with the Federal Government in 2017. 

    Sessions identified Health Care, Housing, and Procurement Services as the largest sectors for fraud and abuse. 

      Despite Obama's boasts last year that Obamacare was fraud-free; over $900 million were recovered from pharmaceutical and medical device contractors alone. Mylan Inc., the central company in the Epipen Scandal forked over $231 million to Medicare and another $214 million to State healthcare agencies. Shire Pharmaceuticals was arguably even more corrupt than Epipen. They had an extensive list of blatant corruption that cost them $350 million in total fines. Session mentioned E-Clinical Works---a story we spoke of here in June---a healthcare software company who falsified its product's qualifications for government contracts. If we recall correctly, they were caught after their system failed during a data breach. They paid $155 million in restitution. 

        $543 million was recovered in housing and mortgage fraud. Mostly in these cases, the lenders were billing HUD to guarantee loans on properties which they knew to be unqualified. One company was actually certifying homes that were in substandard condition, then selling insurance policies to a provider which they controlled. The scam thus collected mortgages for dangerous building and collected again on the insurance when a problem arose. 

         Procurement Fraud was also quite blatant. The largest settlement came against a Kuwaiti firm for price-gouging foodstuffs for the US Military. This was a $95 million judgment; but raises the bigger question of why we have foreign contractors supplying the US Army. 

        Sessions mentioned catching a solar-energy company that ripped off $30 million under Obama's Stimulus Package; another $30 million from a company marketing 'Obama-phones' and a Small Business Administration contractor was caught bid-rigging and fined $16 million. 

      All of this corruption certainly adds up. It will be interesting to watch Swamp-Draining in 2018, for certain.


Friday, December 22, 2017


      President Trump signed two bills into law today, one extending funding for certain government projects pending a Congressional vote. The other was H.R.1; the Comprehensive Tax Reform Act of 2017. This was something of a surprise, as most predicted that it would be signed in January. 

      The tax reform Bill is probably the most significant act---of many others---that the new Administration has accomplished. Senators McConnell, Hatch, Thune, Enzi, Black, Toomey, and Scott deserve credit as well, for accomplishing this tremendous feat before Christmas. This Bill eliminated several long-standing injustices in the Tax Code and contained with it two riders dealing with long-stalled issues. 

       The Corporate Media is gnawing its collective tongue in rage; thus they have failed to discuss the benefits of the new law. 

        One highlight of the Bill eliminated the Estate Tax on family farms. This alone would have made the Bill a great one. The Estate Tax on farms has been a decades-long injustice and has literally ruined thousands of farmers, ranchers, fisheries, orchards, etc. What would happen is that a farmer (for example) would die and leave the farm to his heirs. People in agriculture typically have very little money, but their estates were often valued in the millions because their land and equipment was high-value. Their heirs thus were hit with an Inheritance Tax that often forced them to liquidate the business to pay. No more. Nothing will revive American Agriculture like this will. 

         The Bill also cut Corporate Tax rates by 14%. The Left has been focusing their ire on this particular aspect of the new law. But this because they don't understand Economics. The Sanders supporters were always complaining about wealth disparities. The reason that so much wealth was being hoarded was because it cost too much to invest it. In other words, this is Reaganomics, though it will flow rather than trickle down, since Trump's cut is much higher.

         Another major change is doubling deductions on personal taxes. This is going to have a major effect on reducing consumer debt. More money will be available for personal use. 

          An economic issue we've spoken of much here is the need to strengthen the US Dollar. The effects of tax cuts will be short-term unless the Dollar-value reverses inflationary tendencies. It will take some time to see whether or not the Dollar rises. Both Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin seem to favor the floating dollar, so it will be dependent on the market moreso than policy. However, as Trump pointed out in today's speech, the new reforms will go a long way towards eliminating outsourcing. One of the Bill's features is a 100% deduction for Fiscal Year investments. This is called expensing, and it provides a huge incentive for businesses to invest domestically. Administration estimates are that this alone will return $3-5 trillion from overseas investments. 

         Investors have already been moving towards America again, even before the Bill was signed. The Market should---in theory at least---respond with higher Dollar valuations. The Dollar right now is about 97 cents below Base Year 1913. What will help our economy long-term would be that if these---and future---tax reforms lead to price deflation. 

        The two riders on H.R.1 were outstanding achievements as well. One of these terminates the individual mandate for Obamacare. Although Obamacare wasn't repealed in toto this year, one of its worst features was repealed. What this repeal basically does is stops forcing people to take Obamacare over better plans, while leaving in place its availability for those who can't afford health insurance. Even some Liberals originally supported this over Obamacare. It effectively simply extends Medicare to all indigents instead of forcing it on everyone.

         The second rider opened ANWR for oil exploration and drilling. This issue has been stalled most of our adult lives; and probably no readers under 30 or so even remember what it was all about. Huge oil deposits were discovered below the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and it was proposed during the Energy Crisis of the 1970s to free up this government land for oil. The proposal was stopped during the Carter Administration and Reagan was unable to get approval from Congress to start it again. Bush Sr. more or less gave up on the idea and it really hasn't surfaced as a political issue since. But the oil is still there; and now the political will is there to go for it again. 

           ANWR has been stalled for so long that there aren't any up-to-date statistics on how much of our foreign oil consumption it would reduce; but in the 1970s and 1980s estimates were very high. Some speculated then that the Alaskan Peninsula is about as oil-rich as the Arabian Peninsula. Time will tell; but opening ANWR can't but help in this regard. 

           So saying: Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in 2017 actually sounds like we mean it again. 


Thursday, December 21, 2017


     Taking another significant initiative, President Trump signed an Executive Order yesterday ordering the US Department of the Interior to take immediate steps to reduce American dependence on imports of critical minerals. Thanks to our incompetent Media, most of us were unaware until now how serious the problem was. 

      Critical Minerals are used in a variety of high-tech applications. The US Geological Survey lists 23---mostly rare---minerals as 'critical' because of their applications in sophisticated communications, computers, and other high-speed technologies. According to an Interior Department analysis released this week, the US is now 100% dependent on foreign imports for 20 of these 23 elements. 

      Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke today issued a notice to the USGS to report within 60 days to determine American capacity for production of these substances and to suggest how they may be implemented. Some of these minerals used to be produced here like Cobalt, which is used in corrosion-resistant alloys. We are also 100% dependent on Lithium, used extensively in batteries and also medicinally. Graphite, another 100% import, is essential for steel production and is used industrially to manufacture lubricants. Automotive braking systems use graphite as well. 

        China is the major exporter of these minerals. 

        Trump's move was applauded universally across national mining, engineering, and investment sectors. Andrew Cosgrove, Bloomberg's Senior Mining and Energy Analyst said "This initiative will open up new avenues of growth. Companies reliant on these minerals will be less like to outsource or seek investment in foreign properties."

         Most importantly from the national interest standpoint, critical mineral independence will prevent severe disruptions that could result from national emergencies like war or terrorist attacks. It will also strengthen innovation by keeping Research and Development closer to home. 

          Klaus Schultz, who prepared the USGS Report, announced too that the report contains forecasts of future requirements which can be updated as technology or production needs change. This will ensure that the US faces no critical shortages in the future. 

         Congressman Rob Bishop of Utah, who chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources said: "A country blessed with abundant natural resources shouldn't be mineral-dependent and vulnerable. This move addresses an economic and security threat that has festered across Administrations for far too long. I look forward to continuing work with the Trump Administration to reverse this disturbing trend."

        Bishop is absolutely right. It is yet another failing of the Deep State that so vital an issue was ignored and denied for so long. 



Wednesday, December 20, 2017


       As we've probably all seen over the years, the Whacko Left Wing has an especial dislike for the Christmas Season. While others are joining with family and friends. exchanging gifts and celebrating; Leftists are typically shaming us. They point to the drug addicts and street bums (i.e. the 'homeless') and try to shame us for enjoying big Christmas Dinners. They shame us for giving gifts to those about whom we care, when the money could have been spent on one of their crackpot causes. They protest Christmas displays and ladies wearing new fur coats; they block traffic and chain themselves to store doors, etc. 

       And the First Family is a natural target of their wrath because they take Christmas seriously and encourage others to do the same. Ivanka Kushner---attractive, cultured, successful, and a mother---is a natural target of the kind of bitterness and envy that drives motivates most Leftists. Thus when Ivanka paid a surprise visit to a high school in Norwalk, Connecticut, some parents were outraged that they weren't notified in advance so that their young wards wouldn't have to endure personal exposure to a Trump.

       Ivanka was accompanied by the CEO of IBM Corporation---who incidentally was the one who invited her to visit. IBM funds a program at this school which allows students to take college-level technology courses for high-school credit. News 12 New Jersey reported that some parents 'who oppose the President's views' took their students home in protest. 

       Actually, in September, President Trump signed an Executive Order increasing funding for programs just like these. So what were these people opposing? Well, reading through the comments on News 12's website, we get a glimpse of their mentality. One dolt named Ed Miller snorted at a Trump supporter: "What evidence do you have that she's caring and smart?" and at another: "So you think it's an honor to be in a room with someone who had an ongoing sexual relationship with her own father when in her teens?" and another: "Who knows what really happened there since her meeting was in secret?"

        Another nutcase named Marsha Garn opined: "Ivanka was only thinking of herself. It never crossed her mind that she might be doing something wrong or offensive by not notifying parents that she planned to meet with their children."  

        A kook called 'Binary Kilowatt' added: "All you supporters forget she's a Trump. The very name alone sparks disgust. The entire family has had dealings with the Italian Mafia... I wouldn't want my kids anywhere near these POS". 

        While these things were happening in Connecticut, Trash-Culture pop star 'Eminem' released a new Christmastide ditty which fantasizes about finding Ivanka's body in the trunk of a car. Left-Wing critics actually complained that the song was misogynist, without a word of complaint about threatening the Presidential Family. 

         These are the kinds of people who'd now be running things if Hillary Clinton had won last year. Which gives us something else to be thankful for at Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


    A Red Pill cultist who writes under the name of Artisanal Toad is at it again. When we last encountered this illustrious fellow, he was explaining to us how rape, polygamy, and domestic violence are really Christian Virtues. Now he's at it again, this time explaining how Feminism has supposedly corrupted Biblical translations. He says that he favors the New American Study Bible---which was first published in 1971. Presumably, Feminist translations must include the Vulgate; which St. Jerome translated in the 5th Century. 

      The source of his translations, however, isn't too important since Mr. Toad is clearly picking whatever passages of Scripture are necessary to support his own dogmas. Here is a specimen of his scholarship from his last article, Feminism and Bible Translation:

       "A virgin has no agency. She is married to any eligible man who takes her virginity whether she consents to marriage or not. She may be forced into a marriage that she does not desire and does not consent to by her father, as a free woman, or she may be denied marriage by her father. She may be sold into permanent slavery by her father to be the concubine of a free man (a slave-wife) or to be the wife of another slave. Or she may be raped into marriage against her will and over her objections."

        Which statement is liberally salted with Biblical passages taken completely out of context. It doesn't seem to occur to Mr. Toad that everything he just described is completely illegal under even under the secular laws of Christian countries. We haven't had legal slavery in the United States since 1863 and rape has never been legal here. Paternal permission for marriage is only required when the affianced bride is legally a minor. Not a single one of these laws has the slightest thing to do with Feminist policy. 

           Aside from that, it is singular that Christ speaks of the Church Universal as 'His Bride' and of Christians singularly as 'His Children'. Nowhere in the New Testament is marriage spoken of in any sense but monogamous. When Christ speaks of a husband and wife becoming 'one flesh' this is obviously impossible to reconcile with polygamy. The Catechism goes into some explanation of this passage and concludes:

        "Polygamy is not in accord with the moral law. Conjugal communion is radically contradicted by polygamy; this in fact directly negates the plan of God which was revealed from the beginning because it is contrary to the equal personal dignity of men and women who in Holy Matrimony give themselves with a love that is total and therefore unique and exclusive." (p.2387)

         This passage refers thus to everything that is wrong with Mr. Toad's (and most of the Red Pillian's) exegeses. Everything that Toad and other Red Pills argue revolves around being contrary to the equal personal dignity of men and women."  While Toad claims to be anti-Feminist, his teachings are really much closer to Radical Feminism than to Christianity on this point of equal dignity. Equal dignity of the sexes is the same as Gender Polarity, which we've written about on many occasions. 

           Toad unwittingly confesses that his doctrine is Male Supremacy when he writes further that: "The issue here is one of authority....who has authority over the virgin? Only the father or the betrothed husband. There can be no one else with authority over her."

            And what of Christ's authority over her? Toad claims that rape is a moral act and the Catechism addresses this as well:

          "Rape is the forcible violation of the sexual intimacy of another person...Rape deeply wounds the respect, freedom, and physical and moral integrity to which every person has a right. It is always an intrinsically evil act." (p.2356)

          Therein lies one of the metaphysical contradictions of Red Pill Doctrine. If women have no moral agency, then they are not accountable to God for their actions and therefore not responsible for them, nor capable of sin. The Red Pills can only argue that God gave man dominion over women in the same way that He gave Adam dominion over the creatures of the earth. But nobody holds lower animals morally responsible for their action. A lion who kills and eats a farmer's sheep is only being a lion---he's not a thief nor a murderer. 

          And so again the Red Pill appeal to Scripture falls flat. Like most of their false teachings, their notions of marriage can't withstand even the light of human reason, let alone the Revelations of Christian truth. 




       Midway through the month of December, the Whacko Left has gone into full meltdown mode---even to the point where suspicion has arisen against them for causing the railroad disaster in Olympia, Washington today---good men still have been busy doing good things. 

       For example, most of us probably haven't heard that the US Forest Service and a group of private conservation groups announced the beginning of one of the largest game preserve projects in recent history. The project is called Mid-South Rebirth and involves the entire Cumberland Plateau region of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. 

      The project is aimed at restoring the regional habitat which has fallen into neglect for nearly 20 years. Beginning with the Clinton Administration, environmental extremists largely abandoned forest management. The last three administrations also closed national forests to public access; a policy which the Trump Administration recently reversed. 

      On the Cumberland Plateau, an epidemic of Bark Beetles wiped out the native Short-Leaf Pine at the end of the 20th Century. Non-native species invaded---taking with them many of the larger fauna of the area. The Wild Turkey population was especially hard-hit. 

     But the new project aims to clear non-native trees and replant the Plateau with the native pine. New Administration policies will allow Forestry officials to take measures to eradicate the beetles, should they return. And the area is to be restocked with Wild Turkeys. 

      Past bad management also caused wildfires on the Plateau---as is currently happening in California. The renovation project is building fire-breaks and practicing controlled burns. Fire Prevention was also discouraged in the past. 

       Environmentalists educated in Left-Wing universities were taught the false theory that forest management---and human intervention in general---negatively impacted the ecosystem. This theory is based on a laissez-faire attitude towards Nature: the idea that Nature balances itself if left alone. This fits into the general Leftist schemata that Civilization itself is a negative thing. 

        Organizations like The National Wild Turkey Federation is made up mostly of outdoor sportsmen; and they have been the lead in organizing the project. Conservationism as it originally developed was the product of men who spent time in the outdoors, like President Theodore Roosevelt, author John Burroughs, and others. Care for the environment has always been a Conservative position. People have forgotten that the last century's last Republican Administrations: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. passed most of the strongest anti-pollution laws which cleaned up polluted waterways and urban smog in Liberal-run cities like New York and Los Angeles. President Trump is continuing the trend.

        The project is also expected to create new jobs in an area badly in need of them. When completed, about 30,000 acres will be reopened to outdoor sportsmen and tourists. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017


      Week 15 was another disaster for the NFL. Their much-hyped Game of the Week between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots drew this much attention:

         But the real highlights came last week when street thugs representing Seattle and Jacksonville respectively, actually had a riot on the field near the end of the game. We can't speak for Jacksonville, but Seattle residents are accustomed to riots---they have them on a regular basis Downtown---and apparently the Seahawks decided to bring local Trash Culture to Florida. 

          What started the melee was a dirty, cheap-shot hit on a Jacksonville player during what was an end-of-game display of sportsmanship. For those unfamiliar with football, it is customary late in the game for the team who has the lead to run dead-ball plays if they are on offense. The custom is an old one. It's purpose is---as gentlemen and sportsmen once did---to refrain from beating down a defeated opponent and as a way of honoring a game well-played. But in postmodern thug-culture, showing magnanimity is for chumps; a graciously accepting a loss simply isn't done. 

          Thus, when the Jacksonville team ran a dead-ball play, Seahawks' thug Michael Bennett charged into an offensive lineman who wasn't expecting to get hit. Not only that, but Bennett went for the man's legs. That could have crippled him, but fortunately there was no injury. This is perfectly in keeping with Bennett's character, as we can see from this photo of him in Las Vegas last September:

           He's the one on the ground, BTW. 

            At any rate, two Seahawks players were ejected from the game. One jughead named Quinton Jefferson decided to carry the fight into the bleachers:

           Jefferson couldn't get his 300-lb. bulk over the guardrail to beat up people half his size. Oh well. 

           To make matters worse for the Seahawks that day, Malik McDowell--- a defensive lineman currently on injured reserve---wound up in jail after a fight in the parking lot outside a bar. McDowell allegedly scuffled with police officers, accusing them of brutality and singling him out. It should be noted that McDowell is 6'6" tall and a 300-pounder himself. 

           Michael Bennett, incidentally, is paid $6.5 million annually. Jefferson makes about $1 million and McDowell recently got a $3 million signing bonus in addition to the $4.4 million 4-year contract that he received. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fined Jefferson a little over $9,000 with no additional punishment. Bennett wasn't fined at all. The Seahawks team was fined $52,000; about what their degenerate billionaire owner Paul Allen spends on a dinner party. 

             Are fans and taxpayers finally fed up with this nonsense? Let's hope that this season is the beginning of the end of the NFL as we now know it.   

Saturday, December 16, 2017


         On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission reversed an Obama-Era decision on so-called 'Net Neutrality'. Granted, this was a very controversial issue which was complicated by the partisan propaganda put out by special interests on both sides. FCC Chairman Pai explained the issue quite succinctly shortly after the Thanksgiving Recess. As usual, the Corporate Media ignored his speech and spent the day whispering sexual innuendos against their enemies. 

         Even some of the FCC Commissioners who voted against the repeal admitted that Obama's Net-Neutrality Policy had been a failure. Jessica Rosenworcel, one of these commissioners, proposed to postpone the vote until State and Federal Agencies had finished investigating corruption in the process. That detail didn't make it the MSM either, despite her having said so at a press conference with the New York State Attorney-General and her speech posted on a press release on the FCC website. Commissioner Rosenworcel admitted that, since Obama instituted Net Neutrality in 2015, not one public hearing had been held, as promised. Over a million public comments were discovered to be fraudulent (over half of them had foreign e-mail accounts); and at least 50,000 known consumer complaints were missing. 

         Ending Net Neutrality isn't going to change things much for most of us. Basically, we're going back to Internet regulatory policies that were in effect up to 2014. But the Radical Left went into a collective outburst of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They not only gathered and rioted outside of FCC Headquarters, they phoned in fake bomb threats and made other threats of violence against FCC members. The Gateway Pundit documented several hours' worth of Leftist Twitter-feeds calling for Ajit Pai's death and expressing hopes of his imminent assassination. 

        These weren't simply isolated incidents or people venting their frustrations, either. On November 30th, Chairman Pai issued a Press Release condemning the death threats being received by Congressional supporters of the repeal. On the same day, authorities arrested a man in Syracuse, New York for threatening to assassinate Congressman John Katko and his entire family!

         "If you do not support Net Neutrality, I will find you and your family and I will kill you all." the Anarchist said on the Congressman's voicemail, "Do you understand? I will literally find all of you and your progeny and wipe them of the face of the earth."

        This is all very reminiscent of the threats of and actual violence against Federal officials during the unsuccessful attempt to repeal Obamacare. Chances are that none of these radicals understand Net Neutrality any more than they understand Obamacare. They operate in such a fog of blind rage that they will lash out in any direction. Senator Rand Paul, for example, was nearly shot playing baseball and had five ribs broken while mowing his lawn within the last six months alone. 

        It's time to get a grip on reality here. Personally, I never noticed the slightest effects on my life before or during Net Neutrality, nor am I or 99.9% of other Americans going to notice now that it's gone again. Internet Freedom---we're told by the Whacko Left---is now dead. And they've been telling us so over the Internet since their freedom to do so was supposedly revoked last Thursday. 


Friday, December 15, 2017


      While the Corporate Media has been spending the entire Autumn witch-hunting politicians (and even men within its own ranks) for being suspected heterosexuals, the so-called 'progressive' Left is launching a new program to help steer future generations from sexual normalcy. It's called Drag Queen Story-Time and it's all the rage among effete Liberal parents. 

       The politically-correct Indy Star profiled the program's debut at the Indianapolis Public Library. Lavishing praise on a trio of characters called Halle Pino, Blair St. Clair, and Ida Kay---all three adult males in dresses and wigs---perverted reporter Domenica Bongiovanni compared the drag queens to real-life superheroes. Taking the bait, Mr. Pino said: "When we put on drag, that is a superhero costume because it is an extension of our existing personality."  In the past, people who imagined themselves to be somebody else were called psychotics. But that was then, this is now. 

        Stephanie Lane, who's in charge of planning library activities for children, said: "The mission of Drag Queen Story Time is to promote literacy, diversity, and artistic expression. I want kids to experience just the fun of being around drag queens; their style, their creativity, and their individuality." 

        Does this story sum up the 'Obama Legacy', or what? How much would we wager that a priest reading Bible stories in this library would be a matter of outrage to these sickos?

        The head librarian at the Indianapolis Public Library is Jackie Nytes, a former City Councilwoman. She pockets a $154,000-a- year salary for using Indiana tax dollars to subsidize drag queens and give them access to children. 

        Indianapolis isn't the only city doing this, either. There's actually a website that trendy public officials and drugged-out parents can consult to bring transvestites to their local libraries. Their website features a testimonial from Judy Zuckerman, the Director of Youth and Family Services at the Brooklyn Public Library: "Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and important program that celebrates diversity in the way that children may dress and act. It encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and to embrace unfettered self-expression. DQSH encourages acceptance of differences and helps prevent bullying while providing an enjoyable literary experience."

       Nota Bene, the sections of this statement that we've highlighted. This is a roundabout way of saying that the purpose of the program is to groom and indoctrinate pre-pubescent children into the homosexual lifestyle. 

        Psychologists of the last century explained scientifically what our forefathers knew by experience and reasoning. Before the age of puberty, a human being is developing sexually, in accordance with his or her gender. This is normal biology, to which we have evolved civilized social norms to help this development into healthy channels. Introducing perverted sexual concepts to children, before they've reached their early teen years, can have devastating psychological effects. Children in the 6-10 year age-range are especially vulnerable. The scientific reasons for this are complex, but well-established. Briefly summarized: it's normal for children at this age to exhibit homosociality---preferring friends of their own sex and avoiding the opposite sex. It's actually a form of primitive, or instinctual, bonding that helps to shape appropriate gender-specific attitudes that later mature into preparation for monogamous bonding with someone of the other gender. One can see at this stage how a child's inability to reason deductively (that ability begins about age 12) combined with a homosexual experience can easily break that cycle. It's a short path from homosociality to homosexuality---and even shorter for those who can't understand where the path is going. 

        Most homosexuals became that way at those ages. Some because they were sexualized; others, because they never made a psychological transition from late childhood to early adulthood. That's what programs like Drag Queen Story Hour will actually accomplish: and it's highly likely that its promoters have this in mind as a goal. This is why Russia, for example, has the wise policy of keeping this kind of perversion away from impressionable minds. 

       Los Angeles and San Francisco also have similar programs. Taxpayers in these states should really start putting their public libraries under a microscope, because corrupting children wasn't part of the original Public Library Movement---to say the least.    

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


       As we've all heard by now, Roy Moore was defeated in the Alabama Senate Special Election. The seat went to a Democrat for the first time in many years and following numerous Democratic wins in November, the Corporate Media is unanimous in claiming a groundswell of anti-Trump sentiment. Incidentally, this same Media Establishment was also nearly unanimous in predicting a Moore victory. 

        In reality, neither this election nor November is much to be concerned about. The MSM is going to proclaim a setback for Trump regardless of any other factor. The November Elections, for example, were mostly Democrat wins in Democrat-dominated areas. As for Alabama: Moore was a colorful and controversial candidate---but he was not a strong candidate. The President originally supported his opponent, Luther Strange and the GOP Establishment also was lukewarm towards Moore at best. And still Moore lost by only about 1% in spite of this lack of official support. 

       Moore appears to have lost for the same reason that Hillary Clinton did. Both are political celebrities who have a strong and loyal base; but they can't sway voters outside of that base easily. That was one of the reasons why the DNC chose Obama over Clinton in 2008: they realized that Obama could reach Independents whereas Hillary Clinton's support would plateau. That assessment proved quite accurate in 2016. 

        If any trends seem to be apparent from 2017, it is that voters are rejecting candidates who seem to be on the 'fringe', so to speak. An example from November would be the open race for Seattle Mayor. In that ultra-Liberal city, an Establishment Democrat was pitted against a Sanders Democrat and the Establishment candidate won by a near 2:1 margin. And yes: the Media got that Election wrong too. 

        Roy Moore was a favorite among the Tea Party Republicans and some of the Alt-Right. It could very well be that 2017 is showing that voters are choosing candidates who are not hard-line ideologues. This may not necessarily be a bad thing. The Trump Administration is showing that Government can work---and work efficiently. The day and age when candidates can run against the System and 'shake things up' seems to be drawing to close. If the Government is doing its job, there is no need for radicals or outsiders any more. 

          Electorally, this race isn't going to change things much. Doug Jones can't afford to veer too far Left if he hopes to keep his seat in a state like Alabama. Most likely, he'll be a Blue Dog Democrat like Howell Heflin---the last Democrat Senator from Alabama who typically sided with Presidents Reagan and Bush. The balance of power in the Senate isn't affected much either. 

          The lessons for the GOP in 2018 are very simple: support what the President is doing; focus on that. Stress the candidates' qualifications to do the job and avoid negativity and mudslinging. Since Trump was elected, indications are that voter anger and pushes for radical change are subsiding. Now it's about reform and getting the job done. 



Monday, December 11, 2017


      An anonymous comment on the previous post brought up an interesting two-part question about whether the recent spate of phony sex-harassment allegations brought against high-people is ultimately aimed at President Trump; and whether or not this 'coup' would succeed. The answer to the first part is: probably so. The answer to the second part is: probably not. 

      Liberals typically spend so much time in historical revisionism that they fail to learn anything from actual history. Right off the bat, this strategy didn't work during the 2016 Elections---in fact, it probably backfired on the Clinton Campaign. The fact is that many men in urban areas who typically vote Democrat either abstained in 2016 or crossed over to support Trump. 

       Why was this so? Because, among themselves, a lot of men talk about women like Trump did; and these same men understood locker-room banter. No doubt they saw the proverbial handwriting on the wall as to what would happen to them if a candidate was elected who saw this kind of idle chatter as a criminal offense. Now as it happens, President Trump used to manage the Miss America Pageant. Does anybody seriously believe of men in such positions----surrounded by dozens of young models---that sexual thoughts never enter their minds? In other words, male voters, excluding homos and male feminists, are going to sympathize a lot more with Trump, just like they did in 2016.

        And there is historical precedent here. When Impeachment Charges were brought against President Clinton in the late 1990s, I well recall the very-Liberal pundit Eric Altmann predicting the very same failure for the same reason. "What did President Clinton actually do?" Altmann opined. "He cheated on his wife and lied about it when he got caught. How many American men have done the same thing? The Republican strategy will gain no traction with male voters."

         Altmann turned out to be right; and there's another reason why the coup against Trump will fail, brought up by another Liberal pundit recently. British journalist Glenn Greenwald---best known for publishing Edward Snowden's revelations---wrote a scathing critique of CNN last week after yet another fake-news story blew up in their faces. In fact, Greenwald has been (unsuccessfully) trying to warn the American Media for months that their over-saturation of anti-Trump reporting will sink their credibility. Here's what Greenwald wrote three days before Trump's Inauguration when the Golden Shower hoax went down in flames:

          "Demanding that evidence-free anonymous assertions be venerated as truth---despite emanating from the very precincts designed to propagandize and lie---is an assault on journalism, democracy, and basic human rationality...There is no bigger favor that Trump's opponents can do for him than attack him with such lowly, shabby, obvious shams and then recruiting large media outlets to lead the way. When it comes time to expose actual Trump corruption and criminality, who is going to believe that the people and institutions who have demonstrated that they are willing to endorse any assertion, no matter how factually baseless, who deploy any journalistic tactic no matter how unreliable, have any basic means of ensuring accuracy?"

           If what Greenwald says is true about hypothetical Trump misconduct, it's infinitely more true about outright falsehoods and exaggerated allegations of misconduct. In other words, the Corporate Media has lost so much credibility that---at this point---if Trump actually forcibly raped an 11 year-old in the White House in front of witnesses, nobody would believe the Media reports of it. It's the same situation as a person giving testimony at a trial---a witness' credibility is seriously impaired if they've been convicted of Perjury on numerous previous occasions. 

         We also probably add at this point that a President who's stood up to the NFL and won really hasn't much to fear from fake accusations. The Corporate Media tried pitting a national institution like the NFL once was against the President; and at this rate, the Trump Administration is liable to outlive them. 

         So to sum up: the Feminists and the anti-Trump scandalmongers have overplayed their hand. They're going to be preaching scandal to an echo-chamber of an audience already biased against Trump, but no further. The Left has plateaued politically and they're very much on the defensive now; even though they're trying to give the illusion of 'resistance'. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017


   This is great news. President Trump confirmed today plans---to go into effect by year's end---to audit the US Department of Defense. The audit will be carried out by 2,400 independent third-party auditors and, by Executive Order, will have permanent annual audits beginning in 2018. 

       This is already shaping up to be a bigger swamp-draining endeavor since HHS began aggressive audits of Obamacare last Spring. The Department of Defense has never been audited since its founding in 1947. Pentagon Comptroller David Norquist pointed out that lack of transparency in the Pentagon has not only shaken public trust, it has caused budgetary concerns in Congress over military-projects where it is unclear as how the money will be spent. 

      Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said that the scope of the audit "will examine every aspect of the department from personnel to property to weapons to bases." Now let's put this in some perspective.

       Many Conservatives have a blind trust in our military that is wholly unwarranted. Most of them are thinking of WW2, Korea, Vietnam, etc., but not of the modern military. Three decades of the Deep State, with its corruption and Cultural Marxism, have impacted our military just as surely as it has public education, the legal system, and other public and private institutions. For example, the Fat Leonard Scandal---which occurred during the Obama Administration---was the largest military scandal in history. The Media rarely reported anything about it; and it was only because a Navy whistleblower exposed the scam to Singaporean Police that it came to public attention at all. Audits would prevent scandals of this magnitude from happening. 

         Over the last three decades, we've seen shady defense contractors like Fat Leonard overcharging the government; ultra-Leftists taking control of military academies and forcing PC standards; infiltration of military by feminists and homosexuals; lowered recruiting standards and massive military crimes and subsequent cover-ups. Some of these cover-ups involved illegally imprisoning innocent servicemen on fake sexual charges. At least three such convictions have been overturned this year. 

          So, no, the Pentagon is not above reproach; at least not any more. Thankfully, President Trump had the political courage to take on what's usually a sacred cow among Republican politicians. He understands that the cultural shift Leftward has taken its toll in the Armed Forces. If these problems aren't fixed, we'll lose our global military advantage just as we've fallen behind elsewhere. Although we should be promoting peace, a strong military is our greatest protection. We must be at least equal to other superpowers militarily to ensure our independence. 

             Which brings up another issue: American defense spending---like our public education spending---is much higher than other countries; yet others are getting better results. What we've seen of Russia's military in Syria is a great example. They accomplished what we didn't---at a fraction of the cost. China---the other rival superpower---is untested, but is known to have some very sophisticated weaponry. We can cut costs and stay ahead of these others, as Trump said in his speech today. 

            Our military used to be known for its efficiency. That's how we won wars when the odds were against us; and how we became a superpower. The new audit program will clean up corruption and eliminate waste that is holding us back in peacetime and would be catastrophic in a major war.