Thursday, December 7, 2017


     As we've seen from characters like Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Sally Quinn, the Beltway Swamp was always an Equal Opportunity Sewer. In the last two days, US Attorney-General reeled in a pair of female swamp-creatures who tried to prove themselves the equals of corrupt male bureaucrats. Somehow, Feminism always seems to backfire.

      The first of these was former Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown. Miss Corrine was an ultra-Liberal from Florida's 5th District---an area considered by many Political Scientists to be a textbook example of gerrymandering. She came to Congress in the much-ballyhooed 1992 so-called Year of the Woman election. Corrine Brown was a huge supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton that year; and a stalwart Obama supporter afterwards. Politically, she's probably best remembered for the latter; as a spokeswoman for both Obamacare and homo 'marriage'. 

      She's now on her way to 5 years in the federal penitentiary for running a bogus non-profit charity alleged designed to help underprivileged children. And for 2 of those years, she'll be joined by Carla Wiley who ran the bogus charity. Elias Simmons, her Congressional chief-of-staff will be away for 4 years. 

      Brown used her Congressional position to solicit donors connected with the government to contribute to the One Door Foundation on the pretext that the monies would be used to advance educational opportunities in minority communities. $800,000 in donations were raised---$1,200 of which actually went to the schools. Besides siphoning off the cash for personal profit, Brown and Wiley were caught red-handed filing false tax declarations as to where the cash actually went. As for Simmons, he not only solicited these donations but a further audit revealed that he used his position to obtain a government job for a relative of his---with a $735,000 salary. It turns out that the relative did little or no work in this unspecified position, except to pay Simmons and Brown $80,000 in kickbacks for the favor. 

        Carla Sena of New Mexico was the second Swampette reeled in this week. Her plan was actually a lot cleverer than Brown's and would have made her much wealthier if she hadn't been caught. Miss Carla worked as a Procurement Officer for Sandia, a federally-funded contractor for an atomic research and development facility. In that position, she took and awarded bids on subcontracts for related federal projects. 

        So she came up with the novel idea of setting up a front-company and awarding the bids and contracts to her own company! She ran this profitable enterprise during nearly all of Obama's term, for five years. This scheme actually made her a millionaire, she took the US Department of Energy for an estimated $2.3 million. Unfortunately, she hadn't counted on Trump being elected and audits of departments beginning. Her sentence hasn't been determined as of this writing. 

        During the 1992 Elections, Hillary Clinton infamously sneered at traditional women who "stayed at home baking cookies." We think that all of these women will find that baking cookies would have been a lot more enjoyable than making license-plates. 

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  1. These are white collar crimes. It's doubtful any of them will even spend 1 day in jail.

    Of course, I'd like too see them in jail as much as anybody.