Tuesday, December 19, 2017


       Midway through the month of December, the Whacko Left has gone into full meltdown mode---even to the point where suspicion has arisen against them for causing the railroad disaster in Olympia, Washington today---good men still have been busy doing good things. 

       For example, most of us probably haven't heard that the US Forest Service and a group of private conservation groups announced the beginning of one of the largest game preserve projects in recent history. The project is called Mid-South Rebirth and involves the entire Cumberland Plateau region of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. 

      The project is aimed at restoring the regional habitat which has fallen into neglect for nearly 20 years. Beginning with the Clinton Administration, environmental extremists largely abandoned forest management. The last three administrations also closed national forests to public access; a policy which the Trump Administration recently reversed. 

      On the Cumberland Plateau, an epidemic of Bark Beetles wiped out the native Short-Leaf Pine at the end of the 20th Century. Non-native species invaded---taking with them many of the larger fauna of the area. The Wild Turkey population was especially hard-hit. 

     But the new project aims to clear non-native trees and replant the Plateau with the native pine. New Administration policies will allow Forestry officials to take measures to eradicate the beetles, should they return. And the area is to be restocked with Wild Turkeys. 

      Past bad management also caused wildfires on the Plateau---as is currently happening in California. The renovation project is building fire-breaks and practicing controlled burns. Fire Prevention was also discouraged in the past. 

       Environmentalists educated in Left-Wing universities were taught the false theory that forest management---and human intervention in general---negatively impacted the ecosystem. This theory is based on a laissez-faire attitude towards Nature: the idea that Nature balances itself if left alone. This fits into the general Leftist schemata that Civilization itself is a negative thing. 

        Organizations like The National Wild Turkey Federation is made up mostly of outdoor sportsmen; and they have been the lead in organizing the project. Conservationism as it originally developed was the product of men who spent time in the outdoors, like President Theodore Roosevelt, author John Burroughs, and others. Care for the environment has always been a Conservative position. People have forgotten that the last century's last Republican Administrations: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Sr. passed most of the strongest anti-pollution laws which cleaned up polluted waterways and urban smog in Liberal-run cities like New York and Los Angeles. President Trump is continuing the trend.

        The project is also expected to create new jobs in an area badly in need of them. When completed, about 30,000 acres will be reopened to outdoor sportsmen and tourists. 

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