Sunday, December 17, 2017


      Week 15 was another disaster for the NFL. Their much-hyped Game of the Week between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots drew this much attention:

         But the real highlights came last week when street thugs representing Seattle and Jacksonville respectively, actually had a riot on the field near the end of the game. We can't speak for Jacksonville, but Seattle residents are accustomed to riots---they have them on a regular basis Downtown---and apparently the Seahawks decided to bring local Trash Culture to Florida. 

          What started the melee was a dirty, cheap-shot hit on a Jacksonville player during what was an end-of-game display of sportsmanship. For those unfamiliar with football, it is customary late in the game for the team who has the lead to run dead-ball plays if they are on offense. The custom is an old one. It's purpose is---as gentlemen and sportsmen once did---to refrain from beating down a defeated opponent and as a way of honoring a game well-played. But in postmodern thug-culture, showing magnanimity is for chumps; a graciously accepting a loss simply isn't done. 

          Thus, when the Jacksonville team ran a dead-ball play, Seahawks' thug Michael Bennett charged into an offensive lineman who wasn't expecting to get hit. Not only that, but Bennett went for the man's legs. That could have crippled him, but fortunately there was no injury. This is perfectly in keeping with Bennett's character, as we can see from this photo of him in Las Vegas last September:

           He's the one on the ground, BTW. 

            At any rate, two Seahawks players were ejected from the game. One jughead named Quinton Jefferson decided to carry the fight into the bleachers:

           Jefferson couldn't get his 300-lb. bulk over the guardrail to beat up people half his size. Oh well. 

           To make matters worse for the Seahawks that day, Malik McDowell--- a defensive lineman currently on injured reserve---wound up in jail after a fight in the parking lot outside a bar. McDowell allegedly scuffled with police officers, accusing them of brutality and singling him out. It should be noted that McDowell is 6'6" tall and a 300-pounder himself. 

           Michael Bennett, incidentally, is paid $6.5 million annually. Jefferson makes about $1 million and McDowell recently got a $3 million signing bonus in addition to the $4.4 million 4-year contract that he received. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell fined Jefferson a little over $9,000 with no additional punishment. Bennett wasn't fined at all. The Seahawks team was fined $52,000; about what their degenerate billionaire owner Paul Allen spends on a dinner party. 

             Are fans and taxpayers finally fed up with this nonsense? Let's hope that this season is the beginning of the end of the NFL as we now know it.   

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