Saturday, December 30, 2017


      Since President Trump was elected, America has witnessed outbreaks of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Various people across the socioeconomic spectrum have---at the mere mention of the President---gone completely berserk in public with no regard to their personal or public interests. 

       TDS attacks have resulted in arrests, injuries, and even an occasional unintentional suicide. Job losses and trips to the hospital psych-ward are the usual outcome. Jay Malsky, an executive producer at NBC, is another example. 

       Malsky was visiting Disneyland when he encountered a display of robotic statues of US Presidents. No sooner had his lighted on Trump than he began waving his arms and screaming incoherently. The few American parents who still take their kids to Disney stood in shock---reflexively shielding their offspring while security guards restrained the uncontrollable media 'elite'. According to some reports, Malsky was screaming death threats, profanity, and making obscene gestures as he was dragged forcibly from the park. 

       This is another reason for parents to avoid Disneyland. Aside from the homosexual grooming of children and the occasional kid eaten by alligators; Disney attracts kooks like these who ruin the already over-priced and over-hyped 'experience'. Many foreign countries actually ban Disney films as undesirable cultural imports; and a few foreign theme parks ended up closing. The company hasn't done anything especially productive since the 1960s. And it's also yet another statement of the caliber of executive personnel at NBC. 

      As for Malsky, his last major production was what passes for a comedy-musical these days titled Jay Malsky Slept with my Boyfriend. That's about all we really need say about him.

       Meanwhile the economy expands, gangsters go down, the energy crisis gets fixed, the Swamp gets drained. While one guy does that, another screams insults at his effigy. Nothing describes the current cultural shift better than that. 



  1. I've been following this story. The liberal apologists at the Orlando Weekly are claiming the same thing happened when Obamas animatron was introduced, but they fail to provide references...

    1. I don't remember hearing that about the Obama statue, either. I'm sure that the MSM wouldn't have failed to report it.

      There was a similar controversy in China last year.