Saturday, December 9, 2017


   For the past two years, a perverted middle-school teacher and his cohorts have been erecting a Satanic pentagram next to a Christmas Nativity Scene in Boca Raton. The City always granted a permit, because the Satanists threatened them with costly legal action if they refused. But Christmas 2017 is a different story. 

    The City refused the permit because this year, a nationwide drive by several Catholic organizations collected over 50,000 signatures on a petition to deny the Satanists access to the display. As the 1st Amendment also conveys the right to "petition the government for the redress of grievances" the City of Boca Raton was able to shut the cultists down in a completely legal fashion. 

      Sergio de Paz, head of a Cuban community in Boca Raton said, "Our Lady of Fatima is more powerful than Satan. We just need to be out there to fight for her. She will do the rest!"

      It should also be noted that this was accomplished peacefully; without any of violence and vandalism that has been accompanying monument-removals in America recently. But while this is great victory for traditionalists hoping to restore Christmas to its original meaning, a collateral question has emerged:

      Why do the public schools permit nutcase cultists who put up displays like this inside a classroom?

       The teacher in question is a 'language arts' in Boca Raton named Preston Smith. He is the owner of the 300-lb. Satanic pentagram-display; which in addition to being a Satanic symbol was inscribed with hideous blasphemies specifically encouraging children to worship the devil and proclaiming "One Nation under Antichrist"---an obvious parody of the Pledge of Allegiance. This guy is allegedly 'teaching' 11-13 year-olds. Here's what he had to say about the display:

       "A phrase like 'May the Children Hail Satan' is an artistic expression of defiance towards the Sanborn Square Nativity Scene, which performs an annual re-enactment of predatory indoctrination in a public park targeting young children before they have critical thinking skills."

       That's quite an assertion, considering that the Satanists don't exactly have a stellar reputation for treating children with kindness and compassion. It was Christ who taught the value of children, Satanists try to be the opposite of Christ so we can draw our own conclusions about that. But that aside, it ought to be troubling to parents that a man who believes that Nativity Scenes are predatory indoctrination is allowed anywhere near a public school classroom.

      But Boca Raton Schools are no stranger to these kinds of characters. In October, the Superintendent of Instruction, Dr. Geoff McKee, was reassigned pending investigation for altering grades. In February, the district's 'Teacher of the Year' was fired for covering up domestic abuse of a student. In 2013, there was an extortion case involving School District leaders. The District Superintendent, Robert Avossa, rakes in a $350,000 annual salary and oversees a bloated $2.4 billion budget. Avossa came to the job after heading Atlanta's Public Schools: a district where test-scores are 44% below the national average. 

     Not surprisingly, in 2004 there was a legal case where the principals in this same school district ordered students to remove 'offensive' religious displays. The place sounds like a perfect swamp to incubate creatures like Preston Smith. 

     But the tide is hopefully turning. This victory shows that, for the first time in three decades, the enemies of our culture are on the defensive. 



  1. LOL. Satanism is the religion of peace you satanophobic!!!!

    I'm trying to be a liberal...

    1. That may be closer to the truth than you think---