Friday, December 29, 2017


       Wow---just when everybody in the Blogosphere is contemplating 2017's most under-reported stories, the US Department of the Interior dropped a major bombshell. And yes, the Corporate Media is ignoring the story. 

       When President Trump signed the Tax Reform Bill last week, we noted the accomplishment of resuming the ANWR Project---which has gone nowhere since the Carter Administration shut it down in 1978. This allows for oil exploration and development on the massive Federal holdings in Alaska: amounting to over 90% of the State. Now for the last several decades, we've been told that America's days of energy independence is over; that Alaskan resources wouldn't effect our dependency on foreign oil; that we needed to consume less; invest in Green Technology; reduce our 'carbon footprint'; fight wars in the Middle East, etc. 

      And this week, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke revealed that all of this was a hoax. Zinke commissioned a survey of petroleum resources on the Alaskan Peninsula and territorial waters earlier this year and the report is in. Alaska alone has the productive potential of 17.6 billion barrels of crude oil and an unbelievable 50 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. 

       So far from not reducing oil imports, Alaska could replace all of our annual imports for almost a decade. And this doesn't include our idle fields in the Lower 48 or the untapped resources in the Arctic and Pacific possessions. 

       According to EPA figures, the US imports almost half of its oil from our two neighbors Canada and Mexico. Latin America accounts for another 20%. We literally can---in the very near future---cut off these Middle Eastern parasites completely and have no energy disruption. Our own resources can take their place. 

       This is excellent news: but the fact is apparent that we have been lied to for years by our so-called Political, Media, and Academic 'Elites'. They couldn't have helped but known that their propaganda was nothing but mythology or that our national energy issues could have been solved long ago. And the entire Alaskan Congressional delegation agrees.

         The denizens of the Beltway Swamp have no defense for this kind of negligence. Every day that the Trump Administration is in office makes their incompetence and corruption more apparent. 

          But the news of America on the brink of ending the energy crisis hardly registers with the Corporate Media punks. Today's headlines include a Confederate flag in the background of one of Ivanka's old pictures; and the President's taste for 'junk food'. But then again, this is the same Media scum who never bothered to question whether the energy crisis was real in the first place. 


  1. This really is great news! I'm liking this administration.

    Alaska is really awesome in so many ways, safe and environmentally friendly in how they handle their oil, "socialist" in the sense that they pay people oil dividends just for living there, and also nearly energy independent themselves, mostly from hydro I think. In theory they should be a lefty environmentalist's dream come true, but politics, corruption, and bias, have a way of distorting everything.

    1. Contrary to most people believe, the largest percentage of imported oil comes from Canada, by a large margin. Trump entered into a tripartite agreement last month with Canada and China to develop oil reserves in the Arctic. With that and opening Alaska, we won't need the Middle East at all within a few years.

      But this story sure didn't make any headlines---even though our source was a DOI Press Release!