Friday, December 15, 2017


      While the Corporate Media has been spending the entire Autumn witch-hunting politicians (and even men within its own ranks) for being suspected heterosexuals, the so-called 'progressive' Left is launching a new program to help steer future generations from sexual normalcy. It's called Drag Queen Story-Time and it's all the rage among effete Liberal parents. 

       The politically-correct Indy Star profiled the program's debut at the Indianapolis Public Library. Lavishing praise on a trio of characters called Halle Pino, Blair St. Clair, and Ida Kay---all three adult males in dresses and wigs---perverted reporter Domenica Bongiovanni compared the drag queens to real-life superheroes. Taking the bait, Mr. Pino said: "When we put on drag, that is a superhero costume because it is an extension of our existing personality."  In the past, people who imagined themselves to be somebody else were called psychotics. But that was then, this is now. 

        Stephanie Lane, who's in charge of planning library activities for children, said: "The mission of Drag Queen Story Time is to promote literacy, diversity, and artistic expression. I want kids to experience just the fun of being around drag queens; their style, their creativity, and their individuality." 

        Does this story sum up the 'Obama Legacy', or what? How much would we wager that a priest reading Bible stories in this library would be a matter of outrage to these sickos?

        The head librarian at the Indianapolis Public Library is Jackie Nytes, a former City Councilwoman. She pockets a $154,000-a- year salary for using Indiana tax dollars to subsidize drag queens and give them access to children. 

        Indianapolis isn't the only city doing this, either. There's actually a website that trendy public officials and drugged-out parents can consult to bring transvestites to their local libraries. Their website features a testimonial from Judy Zuckerman, the Director of Youth and Family Services at the Brooklyn Public Library: "Drag Queen Story Hour is a fun and important program that celebrates diversity in the way that children may dress and act. It encourages children to look beyond gender stereotypes and to embrace unfettered self-expression. DQSH encourages acceptance of differences and helps prevent bullying while providing an enjoyable literary experience."

       Nota Bene, the sections of this statement that we've highlighted. This is a roundabout way of saying that the purpose of the program is to groom and indoctrinate pre-pubescent children into the homosexual lifestyle. 

        Psychologists of the last century explained scientifically what our forefathers knew by experience and reasoning. Before the age of puberty, a human being is developing sexually, in accordance with his or her gender. This is normal biology, to which we have evolved civilized social norms to help this development into healthy channels. Introducing perverted sexual concepts to children, before they've reached their early teen years, can have devastating psychological effects. Children in the 6-10 year age-range are especially vulnerable. The scientific reasons for this are complex, but well-established. Briefly summarized: it's normal for children at this age to exhibit homosociality---preferring friends of their own sex and avoiding the opposite sex. It's actually a form of primitive, or instinctual, bonding that helps to shape appropriate gender-specific attitudes that later mature into preparation for monogamous bonding with someone of the other gender. One can see at this stage how a child's inability to reason deductively (that ability begins about age 12) combined with a homosexual experience can easily break that cycle. It's a short path from homosociality to homosexuality---and even shorter for those who can't understand where the path is going. 

        Most homosexuals became that way at those ages. Some because they were sexualized; others, because they never made a psychological transition from late childhood to early adulthood. That's what programs like Drag Queen Story Hour will actually accomplish: and it's highly likely that its promoters have this in mind as a goal. This is why Russia, for example, has the wise policy of keeping this kind of perversion away from impressionable minds. 

       Los Angeles and San Francisco also have similar programs. Taxpayers in these states should really start putting their public libraries under a microscope, because corrupting children wasn't part of the original Public Library Movement---to say the least.    


  1. Excellent post and it's weird that we've launched into full-on degeneracy so fast and that it's so accepted. Of course the various churches are at it too, not least the Church of England, which now recommends cross dressing to elementary pupils in its schools.

    They should be sued for child abuse, and I'm being polite...

    1. I too am amazed at the speed at which it has happened. I can actually remember when California was a Conservative state. It's nothing like it was even 20 years ago.

      The Cultural Marxists have had the advantage of complete control of the State, Media, and Academia for the last 3 decades; and nearly complete control over the Legal System. Trump's broken that Triumverate. Hopefully, now the 'Silent Majority' will start re-assuming some control over these institutions like schools and libraries again.