Tuesday, November 29, 2022


      There have been some stories coming out recently about protests which have begun in several Chinese cities. As usual, the American Media isn't especially reliable when reporting about events in China. China has a 'zero-covid' policy which has led to some excesses in some locations and seems to be the focal point of these demonstrations. There's also an element of dissatisfaction with the recent elections held by the Communist Party of China extending Xi Jinping's presidency to a third term. The elections in China were about as divisive as the ones here: Chinese presidents since Mao have been informally limited to two terms; and Xi has some opposition among the Commissariat---mostly those who feel he's over-reacted to the Scamdemic on one hand, and hardline Maoists who feel he's been too soft in foreign policy. His opponents failed to mount a united opposition. Xi does have some support mainly because of his exceptional economic successes like the New Silk Road Project and rebuilding China's infrastructure. 

    These current protests are not actually 'pro-democracy' protests such as occurred during the late 1980s; nor are they the fake Soros-backed Color Revolutions like recently occurred in Hong Kong with imported provocateurs. These are not large or widespread and Xi has mostly been reacting with a mixture of police dispersing demonstrators and agreeing to at least some of their demands. Though passed over in silence by the American Corporate Media, the Chinese Government even issued a rare apology for police brutality and publicly condemned such actions.

   What's troubling about all of this finger-pointing and media dismay over what is or will happen in China, we conveniently overlook all of the Crimes Against Humanity committed right here in the West. Here in the United States, for example, we recently had an election of our own. The destruction of human lives and poverty engendered by Scamdemic policies was barely even whispered during the campaigns. In fact, only one Governor who seized power during the lockdowns---the atrocious Steve Sisolak in Nevada---paid for his crimes with electoral defeat. Not one American in a leadership position has ever been held accountable for their actions during the national hysteria.

      Lest we forget: Democrat and Republican States alike de facto suspended the 1st. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 14th Amendments, along with the Writ of Habeas Corpus and prohibitions against Bills of Attainder. Troops were dispatched to seal borders, search private homes, and seize public transportation. Churches, libraries, and schools were closed; people were jailed indiscriminately and forced out of work without due process. Thousands of businesses collapsed without compensation. Anti-lockdown protests were suppressed and anybody with manhood enough to assert his rights was denied services. For this, nobody faced Justice. 

   Then we have Canada: which was even more repressive than the United States. Currently, a Kangaroo Court in the Canadian Parliament is making a show of 'investigating' the Canadian Government's actions during the so-called 'emergency'. Many Canadian policies are still place. 

  Canada gained notoriety first through its draconian policies against freedom of movement, then its militarization of the 'crisis' culminating in the brutal suppression of pro-freedom protesters, which we have since learned was aided and abetted by the United States. How many Canadians were killed during the massacre is still unknown; let alone how many have died subsequently after being stripped of their assets and their Rights and hunted down like wild animals during the orgy of Political Vengeance which has followed. Likewise, we still don't know where the army of thugs dispatched for the purpose came from, or where they went afterwards, but I think that we can all make a fair guess about that one.

  In Canada, children can---and are being---removed from homes of political dissidents.

  The Canadian Government was also boasting about building special 'internment camps' to deal with the 'crisis.' Again due to their national security laws, we have no way of knowing whether these camps are in use, who is in them, or the extent of them. And we want to criticize China?

   On the subjects of internment camps and police brutality, not even Canada can match the appalling human rights records of Australia and its satellite, New Zealand. Australia only partially lifted its isolation requirements about six weeks ago. For nearly two years, Australian borders were completely sealed including the ability to communicate even by mail to the outside world. These restrictions included travel between states internally which since has required a Travel Permit (which were notoriously difficult to get). 

  Both Australia and New Zealand initiated extensive public and private censorship which are still ongoing. Yet this is a country we call an 'ally' while hypocritically condemning China's lack of transparency. People have been jailed in Australia too for speaking out against Government policy.

   Immigrants on work-visas in Australia and New Zealand were rounded up and ejected from the country. Foreign nationals weren't the only ones subject to this kind of brutality: citizens supposedly with Rights were likewise routinely seized and dragged off to detention camps. In both countries, police brutality was unrestrained and encouraged during protests. with beatings, gassings, and reports of shootings a regular feature. The Internment Camps, incidentally, are still in use; and both Australian and New Zealand media rarely ever mention exactly what happens to protesters or dissidents after being taken into custody. 

    In 2020, Britain's current king was still a prince, but busily attending photo-ops with Klaus Schwab boasting of the Scamdemic's potential to bring about the Great Reset. We can well imagine what this meant for the state of human rights among his future royal subjects. 

    On a per capita basis, the British probably suffered more economically than the other Anglosphere countries, which suspiciously mirrors some in the U.S. Deep State's threats about the economic consequences of ratifying BREXIT. A British Civil Rights' group noted that:

  “Police were handed extraordinary powers to enforce the lockdown and detain anyone who could be infectious. Early on we saw overzealous policing with officers using drone-surveillance to shame people online. As the pandemic continued, rapid changes to the rules were accompanied by more chaotic communications, leaving people fearing criminal sanctions for unknown offences. The result was widespread overpolicing and the over-use and abuse of new and old powers. Individuals, communities, and long-term trust in the police have been harmed as a result of the Government’s determination to approach a public health situation with a criminal justice crackdown."

  Like most American States, the British Government unilaterally assumed 'Emergency Powers' and began ruling by decree. Shortly before the lockdowns, the British Government beefed up its police forces, stressing a 40% goal of recruits representing 'diversity'; i.e. from among minorities and immigrants. The results were predictable.

     Fortunately for the British, the press wasn't as easily controlled or cowed as the rest of Anglosphere, and subsequent scandals and exposures brought a dramatic rollback of many restrictions. Charles' goals were temporarily frustrated, but the damage done to Britain economically and socially is probably irreversible. 

    The behavior of a country like China is what we would expect from a one-party, authoritarian State. However, the behavior of the rest of the Anglosphere is also what we'd expect from a one-party totalitarian State. We of the English-speaking world are supposed to be the global model for self-government, respect for human rights, and the rule of Constitutional Law which ensures that Government is a public servant---not a tyrannical overlord. 

   China's reaction to the alleged pandemic was---and has been---excessive. But there is no excusing the fact that Western countries in general not only copied China's policies: they frequently exceeded them. To divert public attention from these crimes, Western Governments---with the complicity of the mass-media and the Tech Lords---fabricated numerous hoaxes about alleged brutality committed by Chinese authorities. They also universally blamed the Chinese for releasing the virus, although that story is highly suspicious. 

   The same is happening with coverage of the current protests in China. With the Official Narrative on Ukraine rapidly collapsing, the Oligarchy is looking for new villains to distract Western attention from their own increasing poverty, enslavement, and oppression. Our Governments are behaving much like abusive parents frequently do: holding up examples of real (or alleged) abuse in other homes as 'proof' that it doesn't happen here. Let's not fall for this kind of evasion of responsibility. It's time that we stopped worrying about China and started dealing with our own would-be tyrants. 




Friday, November 25, 2022


    Holidays seem to be becoming increasingly meaningless in the United States today. Christmas/New Years have been relegated to merchant's holidays; the Gay Mafia has taken over Valentine's Day and Halloween: we've even created special victim's days like MLK Day and Juneteenth where Blacks can bash white people for a Legacy of Slavery (never mentioning however that the majority of slaves were actually sold by African chiefs, who had large surpluses and wanted to rid their kingdoms of rival tribes). Columbus Day has also been taken over by American Indians to play the victim card and bash whites for Stealing their Lands (never mentioning however that most Indian tribes previously took their lands from earlier aboriginal peoples). The entire month of June---traditionally the month of weddings---has been given over to so-called Pride Month and February---formerly when we celebrated the legacies of Washington and Lincoln---has been turned into a racialist orgy extolling Critical Race Theory.

  Holidays, though, do still reflect the values of a culture: it's only that the values have changed. Since we're essentially a culture today characterized by greed, degenerate sex, and playing the Victim Card, it's natural that we should have special days glorifying these vices characteristics. Yet, until recently one of our major distinguishing national components has been ignored. 

    And thus we have the postmodern Thanksgiving: a tribute to Americans' love of dope. Why not? Marijuana has outpaced all of the traditional Thanksgiving agricultural fare to become America's leading cash crop. 

    The co-opting of Thanksgiving began shortly before the Scamdemic; heavily promoted by vested financial interests in the marijuana industry. In fact, some of Big Pharma's physicians in Ohio even penned the following PSA for last holiday season:

   "Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? Spending time with friends, family and loved ones, eating some delicious food (often a little bit too much), and reflecting on the things that make us thankful in life. It is a tradition that has existed since the inception of our country, generally looking the same across generations. That is until cannabis enthusiasts got involved and created their own tradition for this holiday - Danksgiving!

"We have discussed in the past the origins of cannabis use in the Western World, however, none of our ancestors could have foreseen an entire Thanksgiving meal that had been infused with cannabis! While for many the term Danksgiving may simply mean medicating prior to the meal, due to the developments in cannabis science, we now live in a world in which nearly any food-item you can think of can now be infused with everybody's favorite plant - cannabis. While edibles are currently available in Ohio dispensaries, the idea behind Danksgiving often involves infusing many of the toppings such as butter and gravy that are used to make any Thanksgiving food item cannabis-infused!"

Bear in mind, this was written by medical doctors in a state where marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes only.

According to most of the media, the transition from a Day of Thanks to a Day of Escapism is a rapidly growing trend. That observation was borne out today as I was out and about and noticed that the local dispensaries were outpacing grocery store sales traffic even on the limited holiday hours. There's apparently a movement to extend Thanksgiving to the entire week.

Given the known health effects of regular high-potency dope consumption, the SSRI's and Opioids that pill-mills dispense like candy, the depleted uranium that Wall Street deploys to its global battlefields, and the side-effects of the Loyalty Vaxx---the next 5-15 years are likely to see some significant health crises. It's not as though the quality of medical personnel is improving either. We're already actually seeing the results of some of these things: increasing mental illness, a rise in premature deaths and overdoses, declines in fertility and birth rates along with an increase in infant mortality. But the Oligarchs will find something else to blame it on; the Media will repeat the lie, Academia will claim it 'settled science', the Tech Lords will close down discussion, and the Ameroboobs will go along with it all.

The irony of all of this is that the marketing shylocks picked Thanksgiving as a vehicle to hawk legal pot. Ameroboobs nationwide are actually giving thanks for dumbing themselves down and being drug addicts! The cynicism behind this is as bad as their shamelessness in promoting the Scamdemic and Election Integrity. Sadly, though, the American people aren't making their jobs too difficult.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


      So, it's happening again. Less than two weeks after another questionable election, George Bush's hand-picked candidate as Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, has made headlines again by dumping another load of human cargo, this time on the streets of Philadelphia in the middle of winter. About 50 South American men, women, and children were packed onto a bus with no food, money, or water and carted on a 40+ hour trip and tossed out onto the sidewalk ironically not too far from Independence Hall.

    Last week, the first busload from Texas appeared in Philadelphia, dumping 28 migrants at 6 A.M. at barely above freezing temperatures. The City was not even notified of their arrival. A child passenger was taken to the Emergency Room suffering from dehydration.  The City was not notified of this recent arrival either, according to spokeswoman Laila Sadat. "Texas officials have not coordinated with the City, despite a direct request from Philadelphia's Office of Emergency Management to do so. We do not yet have any specific information about those on board, nor do we know if other buses are planned."

   Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney rallied relief efforts nonetheless. Local non-profit organizations like Casa De Venezuela and Juntos helped organize resources for about 30 families who plan to seek temporary shelter in North Philadelphia. "So far it's been very smooth. People are thankful. Get a little coffee a snack and go to the shelter," said Fernando Torres with Casa de Venezuela.

   For his part, Mayor Kenney stated that, “If it is Governor Abbot, they should re-examine their Christian values because they talk about it a lot, but they don’t do much. It's not just unproductive and disappointing, but downright irresponsible and calloused to do this unannounced and without coordination, showing blatant disregard for the sanctity of human lives. The city took the right path. We’ve welcomed tens of thousands of Afghans, Ukrainians, and if you go back into our city’s history, every ethnic group that is here came as refugees for the most part, and these folks are no different. We have human dignity, decency, and the responsibility to make their transition as smooth as possible, that’s what this country is all about...

      Dylan Fernandes, a Massachusetts legislator who visited an earlier deportation site at a church in Martha's Vineyard, made a similar observation: 
 “These governors or whoever it is, all they care about is scoring some political points on Tucker Carlson and Fox News and the fact that they are using human lives — women, children, men — as pawns in that and just really abusing these people dropping them off in a place where they don’t know where they are with no food and water just to be able to get in Tucker Carlson and Fox News’s good graces is disgusting. It’s inhumane. These people claim to be Christians? This is about as un-Christian a thing as you could be doing. It’s evil.”

   While I don't typically agree with Liberal Democrats, I would like to hear exactly how Conservative Christians can justify Abbott's actions and explain exactly how Mayor Kenney is not taking a more Christ-like approach. So far, we haven't heard too many (actually none at all) defenses of this policy on Christian grounds. Are there any?

Saturday, November 19, 2022


    Well, the news came down yesterday that, apparently feeling emboldened by Tuesday's disastrous Republican showing, the Left Wing of the Uniparty decided to ram through the Senate a Bill codifying homo 'marriage' as the Law of the Land. The measure passed by a 62-38 vote. That means, of course, that 12 GOP Senators sided with the measure. 

   It's a good thing that people vote Republican isn't it? See how many 'Conservatives' from the family-values Party opposed traditional marriage:

Mitt Romney (Utah)
Joni Ernst (Iowa)
Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming)
Roy Blunt (Missouri)
Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Rob Portman (Ohio)
Dan Sullivan (Alaska)
Thom Tillis (North Carolina)
Todd Young (Indiana)
Susan Collins (Maine)

  This shouldn't surprise anyone really. When the Supreme Court unilaterally imposed Marriage 'equality', there were enough States with pro-family marriage laws and a GOP-controlled Congress to have overturned the Court decision with a Constitutional Amendment. But the GOP leadership would hear none of it. 

  Although there has never been the slightest evidence that homosexuality is a normal, healthy, or desirable lifestyle, the push for its acceptance has been marked with an extraordinary level of fanaticism. In fact, whether one supports or opposes so-called 'equality' seems to have become a focal point in determining one's ideological purity. It certainly has become so in our age of Scientism. Anyone who dares promote what was established science of just two decades ago is summarily run out of Academia Incorporated by our new Dark Ages' Sacerdotal Class. The situation has become so extreme that even the vaunted professionals here in the greatest healthcare system in the world dare not even pronounce an infant's gender at birth lest the little one at some future point should decide to override the doctor's opinion. 

    Actually. in fairness to the witch-doctors of the past, even they were arguably more productive to society than today's practitioners of Scientism. Our forefathers visited these shamans for things like fertility, as opposed their postmodern counterparts who claim that Abortion and birth control are actually safe. They sought the witch-doctor for help with love and family, while our enlightened high priests sow gender dysphoria and corrupt family dynamics. Our ancestors sought cures for diseases; today the medicine-men promote unsafe vaccines and Scamdemic hysteria. In the past, the people sought the aid of spirits for bountiful harvests and successful hunts, postmodern Scientism tells us that productivity causes environmental disasters. Tribal doctors prescribed healing herbs: Scientism dispenses mind-altering narcotics. The major similarity between the two is that both are extremely intolerant of other theories and both mandate masks. 

   Primitive witch-doctors hadn't discovered many of the laws of Nature, hence many of their formulas and rituals failed. Their modern counterparts are failing too. Despite cancelling Biology and Psychology, homosexuals continue to have among the highest rates of depression, addiction, suicides, violence, disease, and premature deaths among their demographic. They continue to be an antisocial and disruptive element in every community. Not that the Corporate Media is going to report that; nor Academic Incorporated going to teach it. 

  Less than ten years ago, however, all of those negatives were routinely spoken of as alleged consequences of 'discrimination.' No sooner had a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision mandating 'equality' (which in reality is all the 'science' that homo equality is based upon) that such problems completely vanished from public discourse. The so-called AIDS Epidemic, for example, has gone away as suddenly as it appeared. Anyone challenging the glories of the 'Gay Lifestyle' summarily were silenced. Nature, though, is not being silenced: and there is nothing glamorous about Gender Dysphoria---the opinion of five judges to the contrary notwithstanding.

   How did such an obviously counterintuitive position gain any currency---let alone become dogma---in American society today? One reason is that there are consequences for opposing it, and most Americans are cowards. The other is that society has thrown many artificial complications into normal gender relationships; and Americans always look for an easy, no-strings-attached solution to their problems. As usual, though, it's a matter of following the money. 

   Organizations like the World Economic Forum promote the homo agenda because it's profitable for big corporations to do so. Schwab and his gangsters noted the (real) science that homosexuals are more loyal to their demographic than to nations or communities and wrote in 2017 that "companies openly championing LGBT rights are reaping the benefits. LGBT customers are among the most loyal: they reward companies who have got their back, even if this means spending more on their shopping basket. A big basket, if you consider that in the US alone, the spending power of the LGBT community is calculated in the region of $800 billion a year." The same holds true of employees as well. Homosexuals tend to support institutions where their numbers have power; the Corporate Media being a prime example of this phenomenon. A provider with a family too is more likely to unionize or insist upon living wages and benefits than a largely unattached single workforce.

    The WEF also pursues a policy of depopulation---for which homosexuality is especially well-fitted. Despite all of their blather about climate and resources, depopulation is basically an economic issue. As wealth becomes more concentrated, unemployment and indigence expands; hence supporting a large number of nonproductive citizens increases the tax burden and cuts into the profit-margins of the stakeholders. Rather than creating economic opportunity (which might challenge their authority), the Oligarchs find it more expedient to cull the herd and remove its useless eaters. Before the usual crowd starts huffing about tin-foil hats, note that this is already happening in Canada

  Many of these same vested interests have the power to buy off corrupt Academics and politicians. The American Psychological Foundation, for example, threw a couple of hundred years of research under the bus and today accepts homosexuality as 'normal.' Activists are quick to point that out: but they discreetly don't mention that homosexual activist NGOs like the Arcus Corporation are among the APF's major funding sources. Likewise, the medical establishment is financed by these same activist groups; not to mention Big Pharma which is cashing in heavily on things like hormonal therapies and antidepressant psych-dope

  Politicians likewise are financially compromised. OpenSecrets reports that homosexual activist organizations were retaining 33 Beltway lobbyists---over half of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats---to the tune of $2 million annually. Since 1990, the political class has raked in almost $50,000,000 for their subservience to the homo agenda---the amount from perks, shady side-deals, and sexual blackmail, no one knows.  

  Lest anyone imagine that activities like Drag Queen Story Hour are promoted by well-meaning and disinterested educators, consider the donors' list in San Francisco alone, where the outbreak of this insanity first started. Not to mention that so-called Pride Parades are hardly grassroots community-driven events either. With this kind of cash at stake, it's scarcely any wonder what's actually driving the settled science of homo equality. 

  Unfortunately with this kind of money and power involved, the average Ameroboob is going to continue looking the other way, and pretending that homo 'equality' is a new normal that we'll all just have to learn to live with. 







Friday, November 11, 2022


   While Democrats and Republicans are once again demonstrating the {ahem} 'superiority' of our electoral process with 24/7 finger-pointing, accusations of fraud, and lagging vote-counts; there's been another election of sorts which has stirred up a controversy on social media. I'm referring of course to a Miss America Pageant (yes they still have those in the PC United States) which was won by a rather porcine male who identified as female. 

    As a sheer act of humanity, I won't post its photo here, though there is one on the link. Meanwhile a musical intermezzo might explain the situation better.

    The article points out that "Before becoming president of the United States, Donald Trump co-owned the Miss Universe franchise. Earlier this month, Thailand’s first billionaire – a transgender media mogul called Jakkaphong ‘Anne’ Jakrajutatip – bought the company for $20million. The 43-year-old has already scooped up prizes and accolades meant for successful women, and has been widely celebrated as the competition’s first ‘female’ owner." Rather like Bruce Jenner being hailed as 'Woman of the Year' by several media outlets a few years ago; and more recently men-who-identify-as-women smashing several Women's Sports records. 

   This phenomenon has actually gained something of a pushback from Radical Feminists who are finding out the hard way what it's felt like to be a man for the last three decades. The Feminists who object to this form of discrimination 'inclusion' are derisively referred to by the Tech Lords and Social Media Secret Police as TERFS. This is the second thing that Feminists are learning the hard way: that the Left has no loyalty to its allies once they've served their purpose. 

   The first indication that things were going sideways for the Radical Feminists was their notable lack of appointments to the new government after the November 2020 putsch in favor of a notable percentage of the Gay Mafia being elevated to powerful offices. The decline really began in late Obama's term when it became unmistakably apparently that the NWO Agenda was to replace genders---literally---women as well as men. From the 1970s onwards, the Radical Feminists laid the groundwork for their own demise: denigrating women's social roles, disempowering men, pushing anti-family agendas, reducing gender to a mere social construct, etc. Now that they paved the way for the Gay Mafia to set the new normals. As far as the Oligarchy's concerned, the Radical Feminists have done their work and now they are expendable. 


   While I don't think that one can muster too much sympathy over the downfall of Radical Feminism; we do need to be aware that what's replacing it is a lot worse. We ought to note as well that if this is how 'woke' Leftist ideologues treat their friends, imagine what they intend to do to their enemies. 

   At the same time, I can't bring much sympathy to the table for the women being cheated out of positions once reserved for females. For the last several decades, American women have gone along wholeheartedly with the Feminist Agenda. When marginalizing men was in their interest, hijacking 'male space' and unequal preferences for women were all fine with American women. Hillary and Oprah were great role-models for our daughters, "strong independent women who knew how to put Chad and Tyrone in their places and crush that evil Patriarchy (which actually never existed). Well: that's just too bad. Maybe if we had a few 'strong males' still around, there would somebody willing to defend the fair sex and respect female spaces. 

  Unfortunately, such male voices fell the victim of Feminist-inspired cancel culture. Dead White Males who actually studied these subjects could have told you that the homosexual has a marked contempt for traditional gender roles and that masculine and feminine psychology are two different things---that shoehorning women into social roles meant for men was going to lead to terrible social consequences. But that didn't matter as long as women got power over men via things like legal abortion, unequal divorce and custody laws, the ability to use rubber terms like sexual misconduct as a weapon, and Affirmative Action. 

   Maybe now that American women have had an opportunity to walk a mile in his shoes, some semblance of Reality might start sinking into their brains. But we're not holding our breath. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022


   Unlike a lot of writers, I actually hate it sometimes when my predictions come true. All year long, I've been saying---to the chagrin of the die-hard Republican loyalists---that there would be no 'Red Wave' in November, and there wasn't. Outside of a few states controlled by the Bush Machine (e.g. Florida, Texas, and Ohio), the GOP repeated 2021 and got beaten pretty much everywhere else. 

  As of this writing, and as predicted, the GOP lost governorships, failed to take the Senate, and may have (and probably did) fail to take the House. This against a bunch of very vulnerable and defeatable Democratic candidates. 

  The vultures in the Corporate Media are of course delighted; and have already begun spinning their talking-points. Just as predictably none of their reasons are even close to the truth. Here are a few of them:

   1. Voters were outraged over the repeal of Roe vs. Wade. Killing babies is such a high priority to these fanatics, they think it's true of everybody else. The reality is that even their own polls showed that just recently abortion wasn't a high priority for voters. In fact, several independent polls suggest that most Americans actually agree with the Court's decision.

  2. That the claims of the 2020 Election Fraud were seen as extreme by the voters. In actuality, outside of solid Democratic strongholds, this wasn't considered an extreme position at all. By my informal count so far, about a dozen successful State and local candidates for Secretary of State (the people who certify elections) are so-called 'election deniers.' 

   3. Orange Man Bad. The Media was quick to pounce on the fact that many of Trump's endorsed candidates were defeated. They also discreetly overlooked the fact that many of President-in Exile's endorsed candidates actually won. 

   Now for the real reasons:

  1. I think that---with the possible exception of the 1996 Bob Dole Campaign---the Republicans managed to run one of the most inept campaigns in recent history. Symbolism over Substance was the dominant theme. They criticized the Junta, but failed to come up with a single viable solution for solving any of the problems they addressed; other than vague threats of series of future pointless investigations and hearings.

  2. The Republicans failed to stand for issues important to anybody. They mostly crawfished on Roe v. Wade; never criticized the Scamdemic (although the Democrats handed them a plea for 'amnesty' on a silver platter). Failing schools, wealth-redistribution to Corporate America, and collapsing infrastructure went unaddressed. 

  3. They ran incompetent candidates. Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker, Kari Lake and other 'celebrities' who are good at making speeches and nothing else. They also ran several Alt-Right candidates who actually energized independents to vote against them.

  4. They failed to address voter integrity. While the overall campaign was so poorly managed that the usual Voter Fraud wasn't as conspicuous as usual; nonetheless most candidates ran as though 2018 and 2020 never happened and expected the DNC Machine to play fair. 

  All of these factors had one significant result: they failed to win Independents and average Americans. While the strategy worked fairly well for GOP Governors who were never-Trumpers and lockdown thugs themselves (e.g. DeWine, Dunlevy, McMaster, Abbott, Ivey, Sununu, Little) Conservatives and Constitutionalists  suffered the brunt. In fine, the Right lost and wholly deserved to lose.

  This is what the American Right gets for trying to beat the Left at their own Game; for trying to game the system instead of making it work; for trying to prove that they were the biggest Alphas on the block (even if a few were 'strong independent women' lol) and being 'tougher' than the already-ruthless Democrats; for running candidates with big mouths and no brains; for leaving treacherous RINOs and Neocons in important positions; and for thinking that all we lacked are 'leaders' upon whom they could shove responsibility for their own problems. 

  The American People in general may have a lot of faults, but to their credit they generally don't like bullies and jerks. Running an election on a platform of being a bigger bully and a jerk than the incumbents is rarely a winning strategy. Don't think that wasn't a factor in exit-polls about voters 'fearing for the future of Democracy' although the MSM is going to spin it in the opposite direction and blame Trump and the Jan 6 Protesters. 

  The aftermath of this failure to grip Reality is going to be a major disaster. Now the Junta---with their Media parrots squawking in unison---can pretend that they have a popular mandate to march forward with their Great Reset schemes. It makes no difference if the GOP manages to squeak out a one-or-two vote Congressional Majority: Congress will be so gridlocked that nothing will come of it. The Junta's terrible poll numbers demonstrate that they really have no such mandate; but that won't matter to them since they lack any opposition. 

  The worst mistake that the Right can make now is accepting the inevitable repeat of 2020 and listening to hired pundits who want to blame Trump and move away from Trumpism and back towards Bush Machine Neoconservatism. In the next few weeks, expect a major push from the Controlled Opposition Media in that very direction. The upcoming months will tell us whether the Right has learned anything from 2020 and 2022 or not. 




Monday, November 7, 2022


     Right before the 'election' tomorrow, Emily Oster, an economics professor at the once-prestigious Brown University penned an article in the once-prestigious Atlantic Magazine calling upon us all to forgive the Crimes Against Humanity committed during the Scamdemic. Bjorn Bull-Hansen and Tricia's blog did a good job of refuting the arguments made. If it were up to me personally, the perpetrators of the COVID Scam would be brought before an International Tribunal, restitutions paid, and Government PSAs educating the public of the dangers of mass-hysteria would be run.

   To my mind, this call for 'amnesty' is a red herring. There will never be accountability for the crimes committed during the COVID Scam because both parties were deeply involved in it and both profited economically and politically from it. It was probably considered politically expedient to relax some of the more draconian rules before an election. But it ought to be observed that no States have dismantled their 'emergency' infrastructures; nor have there been any hearings or calls for justice; nor any widespread lifting of Loyalty Vaxx requirements; in fact, at the Federal Level the push for the Loyalty Vaxx has actually intensified. In other words, tomorrow's Election isn't as important as what's coming the day after tomorrow.

   Less than six months before these fake calls for 'amnesty' Bill Gates was already advertising a plan to deal with the next Scamdemic. It's quite telling that the amnesty article was published in The Atlantic, which itself is a subsidiary of the Emerson Collective: an organization deeply tied to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Emerson Collective's owner and CEO Laurene Powell-Jobs is the widow of Tech Lord Steve Jobs and recently called by Forbes Magazine "the 29th most powerful woman in the world." According to OpenSecrets, Powell-Jobs is a substantial donor to the Democrat Machine. According to Inside Philanthropy, Emerson Collective is the least transparent about its spending.

   What we do know about Emerson Collective is that its Board is packed with Deep State operatives, and that Powell-Jobs is also on the Board of Deep State milieu The Council on Foreign Relations. So why would a media outlet this deeply embedded with the Establishment be calling for an 'amnesty' for COVID extremists?

   I believe that the answer is simply, that they don't really mean it. It's part of a propaganda push to create the illusion of "returning to normal" while at the same time agitating for "tolerance" when the hammer comes down again. Authors like these no doubt will, in the future, be lecturing dissenters on how we've all "learned from our mistakes" even though---if Gates' plan is any indication---the next 'Emergency Response' will make 2020 look mild by comparison. This was a tactic frequently employed by Iron Curtain despotisms during the Cold War. The State would declare an 'emergency' followed by a brutal crackdown; then would temporarily relax its restrictions until coming down even harder the next time. Corrupt psychologists had learned that Totalitarianism could be more accepted by the general public if gradually imposed with brief periods of leniency than by simply coming with sheer force as the Hitler Regime did. The Third Reich's methods bred rebellion in occupied countries, the Communist method gained gradual apathy and compliance. The pattern is familiar to anyone who's studied abusive relationships on an interpersonal level. The NWO/Great Reset thugs merely want to expand it to national and ultimately to global levels. 

     Part of this same strategy is the employment of mixed messages. At the same time part of the Mainstream Media is calling for amnesty and forgiveness, the other part is bracing us for the next 'emergency.'

    "According to mainstream media, hospitalizations for respiratory infections are on the rise and 'experts' warn of a potential 'tripledemic' this winter, as COVID-19, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all in circulation...As predicted, 'health experts' are starting to call for voluntary indoor masking again...The fact that RSV is now being highlighted as a severe risk is understandable in light of the fact that the first-ever RSV vaccines are now in the pipeline. According to CNN, four different RSV shots are 'nearing review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)' and more than a dozen others are in trials."

   The Corporate Media dutifully sings the refrain: "With few to no restrictions in place and travel and socializing back in full swing, an expected winter rise in Covid cases appears poised to collide with a resurgent influenza season, causing a “twindemic” — or even a “tripledemic,” with a third pathogen, respiratory syncytial virus, or R.S.V., in the mix!" (the New York Times) "A 'tripledemic' of flu, RSV and COVID feared in California as a confluence of respiratory illnesses has some California officials warning of a possible triple threat that could strain healthcare systems!" (the Los Angeles Times) "The U.S. could very well face what has been dubbed a 'tripledemic' this winter, with cases of COVID-19, the flu and a virus called respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) surging at the same time!" (CBS News) 

  And from Louisville we already see lockdowns: "Dozens of Kentucky school districts shut down as health officials warn of 'tripledemic!"scream the headlines. If anyone needs a reminder of what an absolute bastard the Governor of Kentucky was during the last round, read here. But no worries: if we have that Red Wave tomorrow, Kentucky's Senator will be leading the resistance, right? 

   Anyone still want to argue that we're really going back to normal? Anybody still want to pretend that "Americans will soon get to cast their first votes since the science-denying COVID mask and vaccine mandates, the second wave of COVID-related blowout spending and subsequent inflation, and the COVID-related school closures that allowed parents to see what the public schools are really teaching their boys and girls—including that they can choose whether they are boys or girls." is actually going to make the slightest difference on so-called Election Day? 

   The frank reality is that Americans mostly do not care. We wouldn't be in this situation if they did. No matter which wing of the Uniparty is allowed to 'win' tomorrow, it's not going to stop Scamdemic 2.0. As we've been saying for the past two years now: start networking, start developing parallel communities and economies, and forget this 'business as usual' delusion. Disconnect, disengage, disunite as much as possible. No 'Red Wave' (if it happens at all) is going to save us. 

https://www.latimes.com › california › story › tripledemic...

Friday, November 4, 2022


     With a midterm 'election' supposedly taking place next Tuesday, it's begun to dawn upon the Controlled Opposition Republican Party leadership that their abject failure to address voter fraud or to come up with a viable program has greatly diminished their delusions of a 2022 Red Wave. It's gotten so bad that the Democrat nominee for Pennsylvania's Senate Seat nearly died during the campaign and is still beating the Hollywood goofball who the GOP considered a viable candidate.

    Issues are problematic for the Republicans right now. They can't address the illegality of the 2020 Coup, since they all went along with it. They can't address the Scamdemic or the staged George Floyd riots for the same reason. They can't talk about 'swamp draining' because they sabotaged Trump's efforts to do it. They can't bring up supporting families, small businesses, or American jobs because they've failed to do anything during the times they've held power. 

  Occasionally, they talk about limited educational reform---while discreetly not mentioning that they---not the Left demanded public schools reopen with business as usual. Sometimes they still mention Right to Life even though after 50 years of inactivity, they've only managed to outlaw abortion in about a dozen states. Healthcare reform has fallen off the radar screen for obvious reasons. They do bring up fighting crime although their past support for Bush's expansion of the Security-Surveillance State is a thorny issue. They can't even address runaway inflation since the last time it actually was this bad was during Bush's term. Even their positions on Foreign Policy are not radically different from the Junta's. 

   So taking a page from the Democrat Playbook, they decided to create a 'crisis' from a relatively minor issue. One can barely listen to any GOP candidate without endless horror being raised about 'an invasion of illegal immigrants' along our 'porous Southern Border;' despite the fact that per capita numbers of illegals in the United States hasn't changed significantly in over 25 years. 

    Illegal immigrants, according to GOP Establishment, are responsible for everything just about anyone has a complaint about. One would reasonably assume that---given the current degeneracy of American Culture---Conservatives would actually welcome an injection of new people into it. However, such is not the case. 

  Immigrants are blamed for doing things like stealing American jobs, although nobody seems overly concerned with outsourcing and offshoring most of our skilled labor; or that most jobs that immigrants take don't seem to appeal to the estimated 20% of native-born who are on public assistance. Immigrants are also accused of swelling our welfare rolls despite the fact that, in most states, they are ineligible to receive it. 

  Despite the fact that one rarely sees an overwhelming number of foreigners at so-called Pride Parades or Antifa/BLM rallies, illegal immigrants are often accused of corrupting our culture. While it is true that foreign-backed (i.e. supranational) entities are deeply involved in Big Media, the Academic Mafia, and Beltway Lobbying, there doesn't seem to be that much concern about such entities' impacts on our culture as working-class people not speaking English in their homes.

  Immigrants are also blamed for high crime rates. This is a notion being pushed by Arizona Governor Ducey (and his would-be successor, Kari Lake), Texas Governor Abbott, and Florida Governor DeSantis---all of whom are involved in re-election bids. Areavibes' website, awkwardly enough, gives us a slightly different picture of crime in towns along the US-Mexico Border: 

Chula Vista, California: 42% lower than California average

San Diego, California: 20% lower than California average

El Centro, California: 2% higher than California average

Calexico, California: 15% lower than California average

Yuma, Arizona: 10% lower than Arizona average

Douglas, Arizona: 5% lower than Arizona average

Sierra Vista, Arizona: 16% lower than Arizona average

Lordsburg, New Mexico: 36% lower than New Mexico average

El Paso, Texas: 42% lower than Texas average

Del Rio, Texas: 35% lower than Texas average

Eagle Pass, Texas: 26% lower than Texas average

Brownsville, Texas: 16% lower than Texas average

   It would seem that Governors Ducey and Abbott are speaking with a forked tongue about immigrants' impact on their respective states' crime rates, In fact, a more cynical mind might be inclined to believe that their hostility about immigration is a diversion from their own failed attempts to control crime in the rest of their states.  The same might be said for Florida Governor DeSantis, who's made a grand show of the anti-immigrant carnival, and whose state has a higher crime rate than Texas and Arizona combined though Florida is bordered mostly by the ocean.

  Republicans who have been noticeably silent on the suppression of the Canadian Truckers Protests (as well as other human rights violations committed by our neighbor to the North) also discreetly overlook the fact that Canadians illegally in the United States outnumber Mexicans about 2:1. The fact that we also import about 40% of our oil from Canada, is probably only a coincidence in that minor oversight.

  For all the bowtie-clutching about the 'risk of terrorism' consider that it would be much easier for a Middle Eastern extremist to cross the Northern border and assimilate into the large Islamic communities in Buffalo, Detroit, Minneapolis, or Seattle than to try and pose as a migrant farm-worker and hide out in a mostly Hispanic community. It takes a real blockhead not to see that, despite their similar complexions, there's a major difference between an Hispanic and an Arab. 

 The fact that, unlike our native-born population, most immigrants seem to be very strongly pro-family and religious, doesn't seem to stop Churchians and Neocons from wanting them out of the country (much like their blind hatred for Russia---which has a much more effective and Conservative social policy). This despite the fact that prophets like Moses stated that "When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God," or Malachi who warned, "I will be a swift witness against... those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against ... those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear me, says the Lord of hosts." Or, for that matter, the Biblical Book of Ruth where one of the ancestors of Jesus proudly married an immigrant girl. 

  Besides their hypocrisy and duplicity, the RINO Right likes to engage in fantasies about mass-deportations of illegals without, of course, considering the realistic consequences of such a policy. Aside from the humanitarian disaster of displacing 12,000,000 people, there are several other disasters which would occur. It's fair to assume that industries that are largely dependent on the hard work of illegal immigrants would collapse, or at least suffer a major setback. Despite many of the jobs done by immigrants being low pay and long hours, they do require skill and training. Replacing a huge number of people picking strawberries or processing meat on short notice is next to impossible; not to mention replacing trained construction and textile workers. 

   On top of that, the cost of deportation would be massive; law enforcement would need a huge amount of extra resources and manpower to put deportation into practice, This would involve a massive expansion of the police/ surveillance state---a very high price to pay for alleged 'security' as the 1990s 'Drug War' and Post-9/11 policies have clearly demonstrated.

  Many children of immigrants are natural-born US citizens, via the 14th Amendment's Citizenship clause. Hence, blanket deportation of illegal immigrants would involve expelling the parents of citizens, leaving millions with the choice of exile or living as orphans. While that would be a major boon to the perverts and human traffickers in our so-called 'child welfare' system; it would be an issue fought out in Courts over their legal status for decades.

  Maybe instead of hunting for scapegoats, native-born Americans could do something about fixing their own work-ethics, familial breakdowns, and propensity towards addiction and crime? Maybe if immigrant children aren't assimilating, we should do something about our schools and universities---which are filling our own kids' empty skulls with Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and other pseudoscientific nonsense? 

  I strongly suspect that at the root of this latest round of Xenophobia (and that includes our Foreign Policy) is the realization---at least on a subconscious level---that our generation post-WW2 has failed; and we're seeing that reflected when matched against other cultures. Because the fact is that the problems that our politicians blame on immigrants are problems we've created for ourselves. 

  Of course, it wouldn't do for the political class---Left or Right---to campaign for reelection by telling their constituents that it's their own fault if the country's headed in the wrong direction; that the thing to do is start acting like grown-ups, and stop expecting the State to do all of their work for them. It's what the American people actually need to hear; but any politician who dared to say so would find himself cancelled and would likely consider himself fortunate if such cancellation stopped short of homicide. 

   It's really become a toss-up at this point---not as to which party will be appointed win on Tuesday, but which is the least dangerous. Until Americans wake up to the reality that both parties actually represent our own worst tendencies, we can't expect positive change.