Saturday, November 19, 2022


    Well, the news came down yesterday that, apparently feeling emboldened by Tuesday's disastrous Republican showing, the Left Wing of the Uniparty decided to ram through the Senate a Bill codifying homo 'marriage' as the Law of the Land. The measure passed by a 62-38 vote. That means, of course, that 12 GOP Senators sided with the measure. 

   It's a good thing that people vote Republican isn't it? See how many 'Conservatives' from the family-values Party opposed traditional marriage:

Mitt Romney (Utah)
Joni Ernst (Iowa)
Cynthia Lummis (Wyoming)
Roy Blunt (Missouri)
Shelley Moore Capito (West Virginia)
Lisa Murkowski (Alaska)
Rob Portman (Ohio)
Dan Sullivan (Alaska)
Thom Tillis (North Carolina)
Todd Young (Indiana)
Susan Collins (Maine)

  This shouldn't surprise anyone really. When the Supreme Court unilaterally imposed Marriage 'equality', there were enough States with pro-family marriage laws and a GOP-controlled Congress to have overturned the Court decision with a Constitutional Amendment. But the GOP leadership would hear none of it. 

  Although there has never been the slightest evidence that homosexuality is a normal, healthy, or desirable lifestyle, the push for its acceptance has been marked with an extraordinary level of fanaticism. In fact, whether one supports or opposes so-called 'equality' seems to have become a focal point in determining one's ideological purity. It certainly has become so in our age of Scientism. Anyone who dares promote what was established science of just two decades ago is summarily run out of Academia Incorporated by our new Dark Ages' Sacerdotal Class. The situation has become so extreme that even the vaunted professionals here in the greatest healthcare system in the world dare not even pronounce an infant's gender at birth lest the little one at some future point should decide to override the doctor's opinion. 

    Actually. in fairness to the witch-doctors of the past, even they were arguably more productive to society than today's practitioners of Scientism. Our forefathers visited these shamans for things like fertility, as opposed their postmodern counterparts who claim that Abortion and birth control are actually safe. They sought the witch-doctor for help with love and family, while our enlightened high priests sow gender dysphoria and corrupt family dynamics. Our ancestors sought cures for diseases; today the medicine-men promote unsafe vaccines and Scamdemic hysteria. In the past, the people sought the aid of spirits for bountiful harvests and successful hunts, postmodern Scientism tells us that productivity causes environmental disasters. Tribal doctors prescribed healing herbs: Scientism dispenses mind-altering narcotics. The major similarity between the two is that both are extremely intolerant of other theories and both mandate masks. 

   Primitive witch-doctors hadn't discovered many of the laws of Nature, hence many of their formulas and rituals failed. Their modern counterparts are failing too. Despite cancelling Biology and Psychology, homosexuals continue to have among the highest rates of depression, addiction, suicides, violence, disease, and premature deaths among their demographic. They continue to be an antisocial and disruptive element in every community. Not that the Corporate Media is going to report that; nor Academic Incorporated going to teach it. 

  Less than ten years ago, however, all of those negatives were routinely spoken of as alleged consequences of 'discrimination.' No sooner had a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court decision mandating 'equality' (which in reality is all the 'science' that homo equality is based upon) that such problems completely vanished from public discourse. The so-called AIDS Epidemic, for example, has gone away as suddenly as it appeared. Anyone challenging the glories of the 'Gay Lifestyle' summarily were silenced. Nature, though, is not being silenced: and there is nothing glamorous about Gender Dysphoria---the opinion of five judges to the contrary notwithstanding.

   How did such an obviously counterintuitive position gain any currency---let alone become dogma---in American society today? One reason is that there are consequences for opposing it, and most Americans are cowards. The other is that society has thrown many artificial complications into normal gender relationships; and Americans always look for an easy, no-strings-attached solution to their problems. As usual, though, it's a matter of following the money. 

   Organizations like the World Economic Forum promote the homo agenda because it's profitable for big corporations to do so. Schwab and his gangsters noted the (real) science that homosexuals are more loyal to their demographic than to nations or communities and wrote in 2017 that "companies openly championing LGBT rights are reaping the benefits. LGBT customers are among the most loyal: they reward companies who have got their back, even if this means spending more on their shopping basket. A big basket, if you consider that in the US alone, the spending power of the LGBT community is calculated in the region of $800 billion a year." The same holds true of employees as well. Homosexuals tend to support institutions where their numbers have power; the Corporate Media being a prime example of this phenomenon. A provider with a family too is more likely to unionize or insist upon living wages and benefits than a largely unattached single workforce.

    The WEF also pursues a policy of depopulation---for which homosexuality is especially well-fitted. Despite all of their blather about climate and resources, depopulation is basically an economic issue. As wealth becomes more concentrated, unemployment and indigence expands; hence supporting a large number of nonproductive citizens increases the tax burden and cuts into the profit-margins of the stakeholders. Rather than creating economic opportunity (which might challenge their authority), the Oligarchs find it more expedient to cull the herd and remove its useless eaters. Before the usual crowd starts huffing about tin-foil hats, note that this is already happening in Canada

  Many of these same vested interests have the power to buy off corrupt Academics and politicians. The American Psychological Foundation, for example, threw a couple of hundred years of research under the bus and today accepts homosexuality as 'normal.' Activists are quick to point that out: but they discreetly don't mention that homosexual activist NGOs like the Arcus Corporation are among the APF's major funding sources. Likewise, the medical establishment is financed by these same activist groups; not to mention Big Pharma which is cashing in heavily on things like hormonal therapies and antidepressant psych-dope

  Politicians likewise are financially compromised. OpenSecrets reports that homosexual activist organizations were retaining 33 Beltway lobbyists---over half of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats---to the tune of $2 million annually. Since 1990, the political class has raked in almost $50,000,000 for their subservience to the homo agenda---the amount from perks, shady side-deals, and sexual blackmail, no one knows.  

  Lest anyone imagine that activities like Drag Queen Story Hour are promoted by well-meaning and disinterested educators, consider the donors' list in San Francisco alone, where the outbreak of this insanity first started. Not to mention that so-called Pride Parades are hardly grassroots community-driven events either. With this kind of cash at stake, it's scarcely any wonder what's actually driving the settled science of homo equality. 

  Unfortunately with this kind of money and power involved, the average Ameroboob is going to continue looking the other way, and pretending that homo 'equality' is a new normal that we'll all just have to learn to live with. 








  1. And the question will be how many of the 218 maybe plus House members will be more than happy to slide over to the dark side as well.

    1. Well, among the lobbyists hired by homo rights' groups there are: one of Bush/Cheney's 2000 campaign managers, four former officials in Bush Jr.'s Administration, one of Papa Bush's WH staff, Mitch McConnell's former chief speechwriter, a campaign bundler for Mitt Romney, the former Chief Counsel of the GOP Senate Judiciary Committee, a former staffer for Sen. Susan Collins, a staffer for former GOP Senator Mike Kirk, and a staffer for former GOP Congressman Gil Gutknecht.
      I have a feeling that lots of them will slide over when that 'Long Green' starts making its appearance.