Friday, November 4, 2022


     With a midterm 'election' supposedly taking place next Tuesday, it's begun to dawn upon the Controlled Opposition Republican Party leadership that their abject failure to address voter fraud or to come up with a viable program has greatly diminished their delusions of a 2022 Red Wave. It's gotten so bad that the Democrat nominee for Pennsylvania's Senate Seat nearly died during the campaign and is still beating the Hollywood goofball who the GOP considered a viable candidate.

    Issues are problematic for the Republicans right now. They can't address the illegality of the 2020 Coup, since they all went along with it. They can't address the Scamdemic or the staged George Floyd riots for the same reason. They can't talk about 'swamp draining' because they sabotaged Trump's efforts to do it. They can't bring up supporting families, small businesses, or American jobs because they've failed to do anything during the times they've held power. 

  Occasionally, they talk about limited educational reform---while discreetly not mentioning that they---not the Left demanded public schools reopen with business as usual. Sometimes they still mention Right to Life even though after 50 years of inactivity, they've only managed to outlaw abortion in about a dozen states. Healthcare reform has fallen off the radar screen for obvious reasons. They do bring up fighting crime although their past support for Bush's expansion of the Security-Surveillance State is a thorny issue. They can't even address runaway inflation since the last time it actually was this bad was during Bush's term. Even their positions on Foreign Policy are not radically different from the Junta's. 

   So taking a page from the Democrat Playbook, they decided to create a 'crisis' from a relatively minor issue. One can barely listen to any GOP candidate without endless horror being raised about 'an invasion of illegal immigrants' along our 'porous Southern Border;' despite the fact that per capita numbers of illegals in the United States hasn't changed significantly in over 25 years. 

    Illegal immigrants, according to GOP Establishment, are responsible for everything just about anyone has a complaint about. One would reasonably assume that---given the current degeneracy of American Culture---Conservatives would actually welcome an injection of new people into it. However, such is not the case. 

  Immigrants are blamed for doing things like stealing American jobs, although nobody seems overly concerned with outsourcing and offshoring most of our skilled labor; or that most jobs that immigrants take don't seem to appeal to the estimated 20% of native-born who are on public assistance. Immigrants are also accused of swelling our welfare rolls despite the fact that, in most states, they are ineligible to receive it. 

  Despite the fact that one rarely sees an overwhelming number of foreigners at so-called Pride Parades or Antifa/BLM rallies, illegal immigrants are often accused of corrupting our culture. While it is true that foreign-backed (i.e. supranational) entities are deeply involved in Big Media, the Academic Mafia, and Beltway Lobbying, there doesn't seem to be that much concern about such entities' impacts on our culture as working-class people not speaking English in their homes.

  Immigrants are also blamed for high crime rates. This is a notion being pushed by Arizona Governor Ducey (and his would-be successor, Kari Lake), Texas Governor Abbott, and Florida Governor DeSantis---all of whom are involved in re-election bids. Areavibes' website, awkwardly enough, gives us a slightly different picture of crime in towns along the US-Mexico Border: 

Chula Vista, California: 42% lower than California average

San Diego, California: 20% lower than California average

El Centro, California: 2% higher than California average

Calexico, California: 15% lower than California average

Yuma, Arizona: 10% lower than Arizona average

Douglas, Arizona: 5% lower than Arizona average

Sierra Vista, Arizona: 16% lower than Arizona average

Lordsburg, New Mexico: 36% lower than New Mexico average

El Paso, Texas: 42% lower than Texas average

Del Rio, Texas: 35% lower than Texas average

Eagle Pass, Texas: 26% lower than Texas average

Brownsville, Texas: 16% lower than Texas average

   It would seem that Governors Ducey and Abbott are speaking with a forked tongue about immigrants' impact on their respective states' crime rates, In fact, a more cynical mind might be inclined to believe that their hostility about immigration is a diversion from their own failed attempts to control crime in the rest of their states.  The same might be said for Florida Governor DeSantis, who's made a grand show of the anti-immigrant carnival, and whose state has a higher crime rate than Texas and Arizona combined though Florida is bordered mostly by the ocean.

  Republicans who have been noticeably silent on the suppression of the Canadian Truckers Protests (as well as other human rights violations committed by our neighbor to the North) also discreetly overlook the fact that Canadians illegally in the United States outnumber Mexicans about 2:1. The fact that we also import about 40% of our oil from Canada, is probably only a coincidence in that minor oversight.

  For all the bowtie-clutching about the 'risk of terrorism' consider that it would be much easier for a Middle Eastern extremist to cross the Northern border and assimilate into the large Islamic communities in Buffalo, Detroit, Minneapolis, or Seattle than to try and pose as a migrant farm-worker and hide out in a mostly Hispanic community. It takes a real blockhead not to see that, despite their similar complexions, there's a major difference between an Hispanic and an Arab. 

 The fact that, unlike our native-born population, most immigrants seem to be very strongly pro-family and religious, doesn't seem to stop Churchians and Neocons from wanting them out of the country (much like their blind hatred for Russia---which has a much more effective and Conservative social policy). This despite the fact that prophets like Moses stated that "When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God," or Malachi who warned, "I will be a swift witness against... those who oppress the hired worker in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, against ... those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear me, says the Lord of hosts." Or, for that matter, the Biblical Book of Ruth where one of the ancestors of Jesus proudly married an immigrant girl. 

  Besides their hypocrisy and duplicity, the RINO Right likes to engage in fantasies about mass-deportations of illegals without, of course, considering the realistic consequences of such a policy. Aside from the humanitarian disaster of displacing 12,000,000 people, there are several other disasters which would occur. It's fair to assume that industries that are largely dependent on the hard work of illegal immigrants would collapse, or at least suffer a major setback. Despite many of the jobs done by immigrants being low pay and long hours, they do require skill and training. Replacing a huge number of people picking strawberries or processing meat on short notice is next to impossible; not to mention replacing trained construction and textile workers. 

   On top of that, the cost of deportation would be massive; law enforcement would need a huge amount of extra resources and manpower to put deportation into practice, This would involve a massive expansion of the police/ surveillance state---a very high price to pay for alleged 'security' as the 1990s 'Drug War' and Post-9/11 policies have clearly demonstrated.

  Many children of immigrants are natural-born US citizens, via the 14th Amendment's Citizenship clause. Hence, blanket deportation of illegal immigrants would involve expelling the parents of citizens, leaving millions with the choice of exile or living as orphans. While that would be a major boon to the perverts and human traffickers in our so-called 'child welfare' system; it would be an issue fought out in Courts over their legal status for decades.

  Maybe instead of hunting for scapegoats, native-born Americans could do something about fixing their own work-ethics, familial breakdowns, and propensity towards addiction and crime? Maybe if immigrant children aren't assimilating, we should do something about our schools and universities---which are filling our own kids' empty skulls with Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and other pseudoscientific nonsense? 

  I strongly suspect that at the root of this latest round of Xenophobia (and that includes our Foreign Policy) is the realization---at least on a subconscious level---that our generation post-WW2 has failed; and we're seeing that reflected when matched against other cultures. Because the fact is that the problems that our politicians blame on immigrants are problems we've created for ourselves. 

  Of course, it wouldn't do for the political class---Left or Right---to campaign for reelection by telling their constituents that it's their own fault if the country's headed in the wrong direction; that the thing to do is start acting like grown-ups, and stop expecting the State to do all of their work for them. It's what the American people actually need to hear; but any politician who dared to say so would find himself cancelled and would likely consider himself fortunate if such cancellation stopped short of homicide. 

   It's really become a toss-up at this point---not as to which party will be appointed win on Tuesday, but which is the least dangerous. Until Americans wake up to the reality that both parties actually represent our own worst tendencies, we can't expect positive change.

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