Tuesday, February 28, 2017


    While the US Corporate Media has been busy all week fuming about a White House spokeswoman taking selfies on a couch and applauding the snide anti-Trump innuendoes at the Academy Awards, Sputnik News reported that President Trump's promise to crack down on sex-trafficking and child-abuse rings has taken more criminals off the streets in one month than Obama did in all of 2014 combined.

   At a press conference on Thursday, the President said of sex trafficking: "Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time---it's been much more focused during the last four weeks."

   Liz Crokin, a sex-crimes advocate and writer, estimated that the FBI and local law enforcement have been rounding up about 400 suspects per week; and lists seven sex-trafficking rings which have been broken up:

  January 27th: 42 suspects in Tennessee

  January 29th: 474 suspects in California
  January 31st: 16 in Michigan

  February 5th: 108 in Illinois

  February 5th: 178 in Texas

  February 8th: 11 in Virginia

  February 14th: 42 in Florida

  Tim Wiley of the Detroit FBI Office told WWJ-NEWS following the Michigan arrests that sex trafficking of the type targeted nationwide is part of larger organized crime syndicates. "Opioid use plays a big part in sex trafficking today. In the past, these pimps used a lot of force and coercion---now not so much, It's often a case of drug addiction."

   Crokin told Sputnik News that she is appalled by the Corporate Media blackout of this story. "This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news...the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass paedophile arrests."

    The recent controversy over Milo Yiannapolous' remarks have shown that there are unresolved legal issues relative to sexual consent, and we should have an informed national dialogue about this. But in most of these cases, consensual sex is not really an issue. The pimps and traffickers involved are criminals who employ force and addiction to traffic human beings for their own profit.

    So why has the Corporate Media ignored these stories? And even more to the point, why are international crooks like George Soros and John Podesta organizing against Trump? I think that we can all draw our own conclusions about that.


Monday, February 27, 2017


    One of the characteristics of cults is they way they continually employ confirmation bias to undermine faith. Two of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult, Dalrock and Vox Day have  published a pair of complimentary articles 'proving' that Feminism---and by extension 'feminized' churches (i.e. everyone outside of their belief system)---has succumbed to the idolatry of the Feminine Imperative.

    The 'Feminine Imperative' is one of the Game/Red Pill mythologies, based on Evolutionary Psychology and some of their own heresies related to the Garden of Eden story. Imperiousness would actually be a better word for what they are describing; but they're too discreet to use that term. Their doctrine alleges that women are this way by nature, unless controlled by Man or the State.

     So, what do Dalrock and Vox offer as evidence for all this? That the British version of the Girl Scouts mentioned 'duty to God' in their creed 117 years ago, but don't today.

     "There are no two ways around it. As Dalrock shows, the evidence is clear." Vox authoritatively informs his disciples, quoting his confederate at length, "Feminism isn't merely wrong, or incoherent, or dyscivilizational (sic) it is intrinsically anti-Christian."

    It may be so; but not for the reasons the Red Pills state---which are clearly designed to promote the mythologies of their Cult. Otherwise, Dalrock wouldn't have added this non-sequitur:

    "We don't get this merely from secular sources or even just from Liberal Christian leaders. Women's feelings are taught by modern Conservative Christians as something holy, divinely inspired."

    The Red Pills actually care nothing about women's feelings, so they repeat exaggerations like the above at every opportunity. They have argued that wives have no right to refuse sex  under any circumstances. A few even argue that they have no right to refuse it outside of marriage, either. This is the point from which they attack Christians (and others) who actually believe in respecting female feelings as 'feminist'. So Dalrock adds:

    "Thus we are taught that wives are light-years closer to God than their husbands, and that they are channeling the Divine Will when they throw Godly tantrums. This is especially true when it comes to women's sexual/romantic feelings."

    What a cad. Dalrock and Vox are arguing that female feelings about sex are imperious and essentially, sinful. This is the reasoning of a thug, or a sexual predator, disguised as Christian Doctrine. To underscore the point further, they attack some ministers as 'heretics':

    "Pastors Dave Wilson and Dr. Albert Mohler both teach that a wife's sexual attraction (or lack thereof) to her husband is a signal from God as to her husband's righteousness."

    Actually, neither teach this. Here's what Dr. Mohler actually did say, as quoted by Dalrock himself:

   "I believe that God intends for a man to be civilized, directed, and stimulated towards marital faithfulness by the fact that his wife will freely give herself to him sexually only when he presents himself as worthy of her attention and desire."

    What a concept: a woman having voluntary sex with a man because she respects him!  

     The whole idea of the Feminine Imperative is bogus anyway. In Palmyra, Syria Christian women were martyred by ISIS for refusing to renounce their Faith---even when the Jihadi thugs lined their children up in a trench and shot them in front of their eyes. For every anecdote like the British Girl Scouts that the Gamers adduce to support their hypothesis, there's another that refutes it. This is why reasoning from anecdote is illogical.

     The Law of Polarity and sexual complimentarianism is never cheated. The Red Pills aren't the antidote to anti-Christian Feminism; but its polarity and compliment. Both are antagonistic to Christianity and to Civilization, regardless of their superficial appearance as opposites.


   Trump Derangement Syndrome struck again shortly before tonight's rather meaningless Oscars-Awards Ceremonies. Some supporters of President Trump were protesting peacefully outside the event when two young women suffered a TDS attack and went on a short but spirited and profanity-laden rampage. Anyone interested in seeing a video clip of these fine specimens of Postmodern American maidenhood in action can watch at Samuel Gonzalez' blog. 

    These two women are familiar types to anyone who's spent much time in Southern California. This is usually what girls grow up to be like when they have no strong male role models in their childhoods. They both come across as a couple of overgrown brats who've never had a male authority figure in their lives but subconsciously act out because they crave discipline. When the blonde is arrested by the burly male cop, her expression reminds one of those old aftershave commercials where the man gets slapped an says, "Thanks. I needed that."

     And really the fracas outside the ceremony was more entertaining than most of what Hollywood produces these days. The Oscars have generally sunk to a point where saying much about them is pointless: like the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Just a bunch of effete Media oligarchs patting themselves on the back and posing for the populace as though they were still a free press.


           What Americans---and American Women in particular---can take away from the Oscars' meltdown is what we saw during the Golden Globes when Meryl Streep cracked up. Don't be that girl. Make American Women Great Again (MAWGA). And, as we did after the Golden Globes article, we reached into the Feature Friday archives to find some examples:

      That's reason to rebuild America enough!


Sunday, February 26, 2017


     After election-rigging, threatening the Electoral College, violent riots, calls for martial law have all failed; the anti-Trump 'Resistance' has now turned to Black Magic to subvert democracy. Last Friday, at Midnight, a group calling itself Magic Resistance called for a national Witches' Sabbath to cast spells against the Trump Administration and its supporters.

     The credulous Corporate Media made a big issue of the story; craftily juxtaposing the Witches against Trump-supporting Christians. "Thus far," the BBC quipped, "Mr. Trump has yet to comment on the battle between Bible and broomstick." No wonder the White House Press Secretary banned the BBC.

     Interestingly enough, though, when we go back through the news archives, we find that less than two weeks before the Election the so-called Pagan Community was rather politically divided. Illustrating that even Conservative Witches have more principle than Liberals, pro-Trump witches refused to curse Hilary Clinton.

     "Sorcery won't sway this election" Cerridwena, a Trump-supporting witch said on October 28th, "I am all for him. I believe that Trump will win this election on his own by his own merit, not by using magic."

     But the Radical Left reflexively despises anyone who succeeds by their own merit. So great is their dislike, that they now call upon their natural confederates---The Powers of Darkness---to undo the Constitutional powers of the Electorate. A Hollywood kook named Lana Del Rey even led a televised coven outside Trump Tower in chants of "Bind him so that he does not break our polity...usurp our liberty...or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair." What any of this means, the Devil alone knows.

     Maybe instead Lana and her cohorts should chant "Make America Great Again". There  was a time when Hollywood Witches were a lot more fun:


Saturday, February 25, 2017


     America's narcotics problem has apparently jumped the Northern border into Canada. Archbishop J. Michael Miller of the Vancouver Archdiocese has issued an urgent appeal to Christians everywhere to help assist with Vancouver's exploding drug addiction rate.

     "This health emergency is widespread," Miller said in an interview with The Catholic News Agency, "It is cutting across every segment of society, devastating families and communities...It is killing our youth, workers, and elderly. Sadly, even most of those who survive suffer brain damage and from other long-term consequences."

      Officials in British Columbia state that there were nearly 1,000 overdose fatalities in the province last year---more than twice the number of homicides and traffic fatalities combined. As in the US, these are primarily opiate-related overdoses. Provincial officials cite Fentanyl---a narcotic pushed by Big Pharma as a legal prescription drug---as the main killer. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid with effects similar to Morphine, but at an estimated 50-100 times the potency.

       Bishop Miller stated that 42 overdoses were treated at St. Paul's Hospital between Christmas and New Year's Day alone. He stated too that "The toll is especially brutal on our first responders who find themselves mentally and physically exhausted in this exceptionally difficult job."

      This section of North America seems especially prone to this problem. Seattle, the largest city next to Vancouver, has the highest drug-addiction rate in the US. Portland, the next largest city, ranks fourth.

       The Bishop believes that there are three main factors contributing to the epidemic: over-prescription of dope, social isolation, and mental illness. We should add to the list---at least from the US side---an unwillingness to acknowledge or to address the problem.

       Over-prescription is probably the main cause. The dope-peddlers running Big Pharma know exactly what these narcotics are doing; yet they hook people intentionally via the friendly doctor or the school nurse. Under socialized medicine, they charge the American and Canadian Governments maximum prices as addicts return for prescriptions. This is not hyperbole: the US Center for Disease Control even admits that 1/3 of American opioid junkies are hooked on pharmaceuticals obtained by prescription.

     The other two points the Bishop makes are problems as well. Most Americans are probably aware that Seattle and Portland are notoriously socially isolated cities. The term Seattle Freeze is even in the urban dictionary depicting the coldness and lack of sociability among that city's residents. Portland is not far behind. Part of the reason for the extreme levels of social isolation in this region is because of the stifling Political Correctness that permeates the entire cultural atmosphere.

    Mental illness is another problem---though really related to over-prescription. These supposedly 'progressive' cities allow the mentally ill to roam the streets at will and do little or nothing to help them. A scandal that broke in Portland last Winter saw seven mentally ill people die of exposure on the streets---while the City Elites were busy rioting against a fair election.

     Miller recommended that Christians advocate for stronger regulations of opioids, and put more Church effort into education and treatment. He suggested the innovative idea of creating a support network for first responders and hospital workers.

     As an interesting side note, China's Ministry of Health this week banned Fentanyl-based opiates as a public health menace. Will North American governments follow suit?



Friday, February 24, 2017


    Well, no, we haven't forgotten that February is officially Black History Month. The Hollywood Liberals usually don't let us forget; although they've been quite preoccupied this year bashing Democracy. In the very early days of film, Harlem was a major movie center. The film companies moved out to Hollywood in the early 1920's, but a lot of Black-owned studios stayed on in New York and produced a number of films popular among American Blacks.

     The trend was revived after the Civil Rights' Movement of the 1960s, in conjunction with 'Motown's' rise as a music force in the media. The effete Corporate Media today sneeringly refers to this genre of film as Blaxploitation. The reality is that most of it had an enormous audience across the board of all races and both genders. The successfulness that films of this era had really did more to integrate the media than anything Hollywood actually did. Frankly, today's trash-culture media is more racially exploitative than any of these older films generally were.

     This weekend's recommendation is an action film that was released in 1974 and was a huge hit. Three the Hard Way stars former NFL rushing leader (and Trump supporter) Jim Brown with his friends Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson and Jim 'The Black Samurai' Kelly. You know that whenever these three team up, the bad guys are in for a rough time.

     Brown plays the part of Jimmy Lait, a successful Motown studio owner who runs into a big problem. He finds his friend House wounded and seeking help. House has been investigating a suspicion eugenics research facility run by a bunch of Neo-Nazi scumbags. House gets killed and Lait's girlfriend Wendy is kidnapped by the Nazis as a hostage for Lait's silence.

       But you can't keep a good man down, regardless of his race, color, or creed. Lait collects a couple of his buddies, soldier-of fortune Jagger Daniels (played by Fred Williamson) and karate expert Mister Keyes (played by Jim Kelly) and the trio set out to exact vengeance on the Nazis and rescue Wendy---despite several violent attempts to stop them. Along the way, they discover House's secret: the Nazis have developed a race-specific biochemical weapon which they are on the verge of deploying in three major cities. The trio split up to stop the genocide before the rescue attempt.

      What a contrast to the thug-culture of the Media today. The characters these men depict are varied; but all heroic in the best masculine sense of the term. That's what is utterly lacking from most male Hollywood role-models today---men who instinctively did the right thing and took action. And there's no shortage of action in Three the Hard Way.

      Although she only has a few parts, Lait's girlfriend Wendy (played by Sheila Frazier) is an enjoyable character. In a film genre known for hardened females, Wendy is a good old-fashioned damsel-in-distress. It's great watching the scenes where she taunts her captors by telling them confidently that 'her man is on the way'. In one priceless scene, the Nazi leader learns that Lait has teamed up with Daniels and Keyes, Wendy gloats: "Three of them? Now you've really a got a problem!"

      The film spawned two sequels, One Down, Two to Go where the trio was joined by Richard Roundtree and a Western Take a Hard Ride, where they were joined by Lee Van Cleef. So why not make movie night a triple feature? All are available on Youtube as of this writing and on DVD as well.



     The so-called 'Christian' Manosphere types are at it again. Just a day or two ago, they were expressing their Alpha outrage at statues depicting Christ teaching children of various race. Now, their ire is getting focused on Christian families adopting non-White babies.

     The Red Pill blog Goodbye America is the culprit once again. A commenter with the telling name of 'Ratlick' denounced a program sponsored by Houston First Baptist Church to assist prospective adoptive parents. A success story published on the Church's website depicted a couple who'd adopted an Indian orphan:

       Ratlick fumes that: "They are fertile, but chose degeneracy. Notice his legs, they are always pushed together like that" A fine comment coming from a supposed defender of men. He continues: "Congregation of the main church is around 90% White. I have seen other couples adopting Indian kids. If we got rid of tax exemption and let political issues be discussed in church, this s--t would stop."

        Ratlick is apparently referring in the last sentence to the Johnson Amendment, which has been up for discussion of repeal recently. The Amendment was written in 1954 by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson and signed into law by President Eisenhower. It's purpose was to prevent political takeovers of religious institutions---which the Communists were actually caught attempting in the late 1940s. The Red Pills---like their Red Comrades on the Left---wholeheartedly support withdrawing legal protections from extremist ideologies infiltrating the churches.

       The blogger then comments that: "The wife is cute, but she's running roughshod over her low-T gayfaced husband. I suspect these hot wives of cucked hubbies sublimate their raging clit-boners for the Masculine Alpha through the adoption of mocha chips. It's next to Godliness!"

       Can't you just hear the jealous rage of this author oozing out from every word? This is very typical of Red Pill/Manosphere writers. They reflexively envy any man with an attractive woman. To be honest, the man in the picture doesn't exactly look 'low-T'. Put a Woolrich plaid jacket and a sock-hat on him and he'd look like someone you wouldn't pick on in a bar-fight.

      What these Red Pills are also completely ignorant about is how adoption actually works in the United States. It so happens that the majority of adoptive parents are White and that the majority of orphans available for adoption are not. For couples eager to start a family, a child from a non-White background is much easier to obtain. 

       And for that matter, let's consider the little girl in the picture. She lives in a Christian home; probably goes to Sunday School and likely will attend a parochial school of some type when she's older. What do we suppose the odds of this happening to her in India were?

       This is simply more Red Pill Christian-bashing. To underscore this point, a regular Manosphere commenter called 'ar10308' opines:

       "Inter-racial adoption shaming needs to become a thing. My best friend's older brother and his wife are now posting on FB about how excited they are to add some Curried Untouchable to their family. They have 3-4 healthy children of Germanic descent already; and why they need to add a Vindulooter is only out of Churchian reasoning and self-righteousness." So says the ignoramus who doesn't realize that Aryans originated in India.

     The Ancient Romans had an aggressive program of adopting foreign children during an infertility epidemic and it was widely praised. The Early Christians followed the Roman program and even during the Crusades orphans from the Middle East were adopted by European families. There's nothing new or novel about any of this. The Church has always welcomed this practice as a way of encouraging families and bringing the Gospel to other cultures.

     But adoption of any kind is frowned upon by the Red Pills. Their doctrines imply that the ability to reproduce is a sign of the superior Alpha Male; and that fertility is the only essential value that women. Their doctrines aren't Christian at all; but simply a role-reversal of Radical Feminist and Militant Homosexual positions on the subject. And envy of the traditional family motivates them all.


    It's now been a little over 100 days since President Trump was elected. During this time, we've seen continuing civil unrest in the failing, Leftist-controlled cities of the Pacific Coast. But life under Progressivism is not exactly always a joyous one. As an example, Areavibes--- a website which rates livability in US cities---downgraded San Francisco recently to an embarrassingly low 67% Livability Score. Oakland fared even worse at 61%. In contrast, Orange,---the most conservative/libertarian large city in California---scored 80%.

      The quality of life in San Francisco has literally degenerated to near-3rd World conditions. The streets and waterways are filled with garbage, people camping out in tents, a rampant drug problem and continual riots---while a few others live and work in overpriced housing. These are conditions Americans once associated with the poorer parts of Asia and Latin America; but it is an example of what the Progressive Left considers a great social achievement.

       San Francisco is so filthy that there's now a website warning pedestrians of areas too polluted with human waste for safety. Elevators and escalators in public places have actually been damaged by this problem. SFGate reported last November that the City had received almost 20,000 public reports of unsanitary conditions on the streets: a 39% increase from 2015. Problems controlling vermin like rats, roaches, lice, etc. have been a uphill battle in the City for the last few years. It's not uncommon that public venues are closed for infestations of these kinds.

       Even Leftist Corporate Media outlets like The Huffington Post and DailyKos were forced to admit as recently as last year that the Bay Area is one of the most polluted waterways in the country. Especially residue from plastic food containers which pile up everywhere in the streets. High levels of narcotics are also present.

       Areavibes rates San Francisco as 'failing' in Cost of Living, Crime, and Education. San Francisco's public schools' test scores are 23% below national average and the City has a crime rate 142% above the national average. Violent crime accounts for most of this percentage. Unsurprisingly, San Francisco activists closed down all the City's gun stores; and concealed-carry permits are difficult to obtain.

      Equally unsurprisingly, San Francisco's drug problem is among the nation's worst. It is estimated by US Government sources that the illicit drug traffic in San Francisco nets about $400 million per year. 13% of the population admits to using 'recreational' drugs according to surveys. The San Francisco Examiner reported that last Summer, overdose deaths were averaging 100 per month. And it is not simply illegal drugs: the National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that nearly 6 million opioid prescriptions were issued between 2011-2013. This is about 8 prescriptions per capita in a city of around 800,000 people.

        According to Areavibes, 1 in 7 residents of the Paris of the West live below the poverty level. The Cost of Living is 89% higher than average; including housing prices which alone are 255% higher than average.

         But there are advantages to living in San Francisco. It is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens; the most 'gay-friendly' city in the US; and has comprehensive tobacco bans and bans on plastic shopping bags. The City also mandates a $15/hour minimum wage for those who can find work. It ranks only behind its neighbors---Oakland and Berkeley---as the most Liberal California major cities.

       Is it any wonder that the City Elites scapegoat Trump and Republicans? Diverting public attention from Liberalism's failures by blaming Conservatives is a political expedient that the Elites are compelled to employ. But San Francisco is an example of the Leftist Dystopia that so-called 'Progressives' would see imposed nationwide.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


       Christians always need to be on guard against political infiltrators within their own ranks. This especially true in a pluralistic society like ours where the threat of internal corruption is ever-present. We've spoken here frequently of the Red Pill menace and others posing as representative of the Right; but Left-Wing infiltration is also occurring. The Radical Left has access to deep financial resources and money can buy influence---even the Church.

       Last week in Modesto, California, The World Meeting of Popular Movements gathered religious leaders from the Pacific Coast to affirm their solidarity in the so-called 'Resistance' against President Trump and democracy in general. The meeting was sponsored by a Soros-funded front called PICO and organized by the notorious Cardinal Maradiaga; an unsavory character whom we've encountered before.

      The Conference featured four bishops and two cardinals. Bishop McElroy of San Diego had this to say concerning President Trump's policies:

      "Well now must all become disruptors. We must disrupt those who would seek to send troops into our streets to deport the undocumented, to rip mothers and fathers from their families. We must disrupt those who portray refugees as enemies rather than as our brothers and sisters in terrible need. We must disrupt those who train us to see Moslem men and women as forces of fear rather than as children of God. We must disrupt those who seek to rob us of our medical care, especially from the poor. We must disrupt those who would take food stamps and even nutrition assistance from the mouths of children," None of which, incidentally, Trump is actually doing, or even proposing to do. But fomenting anti-Trump hysteria was the goal here, not telling the truth.

      If all of the Bishop's rhetoric sounds like a script written by Soros himself, it should. As Catholic News Agency reported, PICO raked in $650,000 from Soros, according to leaked documents. And further that,

     "The same cache of documents indicated that the Soros network funds abortion advocates in Ireland as part of a strategic model to overturn abortion laws in Catholic countries...according to the documents, the Soros foundations also gave $450,000 to the group 'Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good', crediting the group with changing Catholic voters positions on abortion. E-mails to and from DNC Chair John Podesta, published on WikiLeaks claimed that CACG was a group founded with the intention of creating a 'Catholic Spring' against US bishops."

       The hypocritical Bishop McElroy went on to praise California for its $15/hr. minimum wage and to call for higher taxes on the 'rich' and more State control over the economy. "As people of faith, as disciples of Christ, as children of Abraham, as followers of the Prophet Mohammed; as people of all faiths and of no faith, we cannot merely be disruptors---we have to be rebuilders." he said.

      The Catholic laity needs to be made aware of Soros' double-dealings and pressure their local Dioceses to disengage from any of these Soros-funded fronts. Further, consult our previous article and support Congress' attempts to investigate Soros and have him nationally disbarred as an undesirable alien. Soros, Maradiaga, Podesta, McElroy and their whole cabal of bandits need to be exposed and denounced because they mean the Church no good. Their stated goal is to overthrow traditional Christianity, whatever pretenses to the contrary they might adopt.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


    The moment many of us have hoped for has arrived. The US Congress has begun a formal inquest into the activities of international criminal mastermind George Soros. And better still, the focus of the inquest is liable to catch a few DNC apparatchiks in the dragnet.

     The scandal leading to this investigation broke loose in the tiny, but historically significant and geopolitically important country of Macedonia. Macedonia won its independence during the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and historically is the home of Alexander the Great and Aristotle, two giants of Western Civilization.

    Macedonia lies across most of the northern border with Greece. A few years ago, Greece was threatening to leave NATO and the EU. Riots began breaking out in Macedonia---in very similar fashion to the Euromaidan Coup in Ukraine-- in 2015. It led to a huge political crisis and the Macedonian authorities, who are pro-Western, suspected Soros and Obama at the bottom of the unrest. Their investigations have proven correct; and Macedonian politician and former president Nicola Gruevski presented his evidence to US officials.

     "If it were not for George Soros with all the millions he pours into Macedonia, the entire network of NGOs, media, politicians; the process {of restoring order} would not be that difficult. The economy would be stronger and we would have new jobs." Gruevski told the press. And he is not exaggerating: China has a pending contract to invest heavily in Macedonian infrastructure as part of its New Silk Road project---held up because of the unrest. Macedonia is vitally positioned to connect the overland rail transportation system from Greece to Asia. Gruevski is currently leading a move in the Macedonian Congress to have Soros banned as an Undesirable Alien and his Macedonian assets frozen.

      So what does this have to do with American law? Well, the Macedonians also discovered that funding for Soros' crimes in their country was being provided by the Obama Administration: i.e., with US tax dollars. And Soros' activities, too, were being coordinated by the US Embassy in Macedonia.

      Utah Senator Mike Lee, who opened the Congressional Inquiry, said that there is ample evidence of Obama Administration duplicity in Macedonia and called the ambassador to answer questions. So far, the Embassy has been stonewalling; but records have emerged showing that USAID gave Soros' Open Society Foundation $5 million between 2012-2015 for the ostensible purpose of "empowering Macedonian citizens to hold government accountable."

      Arizona Congressman Trent Franks stated on Sunday: "The challenge that we have seen is that the US mission has made some questionable funding to organizations associated with George Soros which are really antithetical to many things in which America believes. And we've tried to get support from the State Department and USAID to try and get to the bottom of why this funding is being used against the interests of both Macedonia and the United States."

      USAID was established in 1961 by President Kennedy during the height of the Cold War. Its purpose was to fund humanitarian and technological projects in underdeveloped countries friendly to the West. Kennedy's reasoning behind this was sound: USAID was meant to counter Communist movements among the poor in these countries. Since then, though it has become a vehicle for spreading Cultural Marxism and spearheading foreign financial interests among Wall Street Elites. The whole 'US interest' in Macedonia was nothing more to put pressure on Greece to remain in the European Union: and Greece owes considerable debt to Wall Street-funded banks. And Soros is invested in those banks himself.

       Here are the Congressmen who've signed on to the Inquest. Support them and encourage them to put a stop to Soros' crime wave:

       Sen. Mark Lee (R-Utah); Reps. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), Louie Gomert (R-Tex.), Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.), Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.), Chris Smith (R-N.J.), and Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.).


Tuesday, February 21, 2017


     Blogger Insanity Bytes had a good article yesterday exposing further hypocrisy from the Red Pill Cult. Dalrock, one of the ringleaders of that movement, wrote yet another article attempting to discredit traditionalist Conservatism and Christianity. The focus of his anger this time was a piece in the National Review encouraging men to consider marriage.

     The Red Pills' version of 'Christian Marriage' is one wherein the wife is essentially the husband's chattel. They consider women inferior to men and advocate that wives must tolerate abuse and other unchristian behaviors from their husbands. Most of them believe that the wife must worship her husband as an earthly god; though they often don't come out and say so directly. Their typical motif is to hide behind Conservative and Christian trappings while preaching doctrines opposed to both.

    The Red Pills' Male-Supremacist philosophy finds a natural ally in White Supremacy and Neo-Naziism. True Conservatives and Christians have nothing to do with any of these ideologies. President Trump, for example, yesterday condemned Anti-Semitism as un-American. For those who missed his remarks due to Corporate Media blackouts, the story can be read here.

    Many believe that the Red Pill Cult is merely an echo chamber and isn't effecting churches at large. Not so. A Red Pill blog called Goodbye America had an article today with a photograph of an 'offensive' icon in a Michigan Catholic Church. The article was titled Jesus Cucking Christ; the term cuck or cuckservative being the Red Pill neologism for Traditionalists. It's a term they throw around to disparage Conservative Christians, much like whackos on the Far Left throw around terms like 'Christofascism'.

    Here's the statute that has the Red Pills so outraged:

      "There's a psychological undercurrent subtly conveyed by this artwork," the Red Pill warily explains, "You'll notice that the chocolate imp is sitting in (presumably) Jesus' lap, while White children gather around Jesus almost like they are His Apostles. Everyone stares lovingly and attentively at the Black baby. The message is that the African orphan is a charity case through which empathobesic White Christcucks may demonstrate their virtue. It's Captain Save-a-Fro as Church policy, and you will only ever see this sort of thing in all-White churches."

     Now isn't that statement the very sort of Politically-Correct drivel that one would expect on any Far Left Cultural Marxist blog? (Minus the racial slurs, of course). But the Red Pills have fully embraced this kind of Identity Politics.

     A commenter at Goodbye America who writes under the name of Sigma 7, submitted this photo, from a church where he was ostensibly attending a funeral but took time to be offended at statues of Christ preaching to children. He's a frequent commenter on Manosphere sites like Dalrock, and had this to add:

    "The ceremony for my father was simply awful. The priest was weak but all my female family loved it because it was touching. They had some lady playing s----y keyboard and singing with all the awe, reverence, and wonder of a month-old loaf of bread. All doughy and moldy. My dad's corpse had more 'T' in it a week after he died than that priest. I understand why men are no longer interested in church. I see why those vibrants/muzzies are so welcome. Dalrock is correct, the church is poison."

    We highlighted the last sentence, because therein lies the point. These are the kinds of attitudes people are coming away with after immersion in Red Pill Philosophy.

     This is why pastors, priests, and other Christian leaders need to address the Red Pill Cult more aggressively. It's actually more dangerous to Christianity than Cultural Marxism. With the exception of the 'Rainbow Church' types, the Far Left is typically unashamedly anti-Christian. The Red Pills counterfeit Christianity by appealing to vulnerable men with their False Doctrines disguised as traditionalist thought.


Monday, February 20, 2017


    For the second time in the last six months, the American Psychiatric Association has spoken out against Trump Derangement Syndrome among its membership. The APA issued a general warning today to its members to desist from feeding the Corporate Media trolls with fake diagnoses of President Trump's sanity.

    Section 7.3 of the APA Code of Ethics specifically forbids mental health professionals from offering a diagnostic opinion on public figures whom they have not examined personally or without the public figure's consent. The rule was instituted in 1964 after a candidate successfully sued the APA for libel (hint to Trump legal team).

   The legal issues aside, the provision in the Ethical Code is a sensible one. The same gullible Corporate Media who denounced speculations from qualified physicians as to Hilary's Clinton's medical during the Campaign eagerly began pouncing upon the guesswork of psychologists concerning Trump. This led to another APA disclaimer in August. Without proper diagnosis, including an in-person interview and evaluation, these speculations really only amount to opinions. But when one puts a professional certification to that opinion, it carries more weight among the general public than coming from a non-professional.

    Professor Peter Kinderman, the head of the APA's British counterpart, told Sputnik News that political positions are not fit subjects for psychological speculation in any event.

     "Attempting to use a diagnostic approach to understand and confront President Trump is wrong on many levels." Kinderman said. "I am skeptical of the validity of such psychiatric diagnosis per se, and I especially condemn arms-length celebrity pseudo-diagnosis."

     Kinderman is correct: in traditionalist academics, national political policy more properly belongs to the scientific domains of Sociology and Law. It should be taken for granted that a current political leadership---especially in a democracy---is the sum total of a nation's social trends and legal history.

    Nonetheless, however, Trump Derangement Syndrome is such a powerful affliction that many American psychologists are ignoring their own leadership; heedless of the damage they may do their own professions and careers. We've seen this phenomenon in action ever since Trump won the Republican nomination. Prominent public figures have lost their positions for making threats against Trump, or going berserk in public venues. Media figures have had on-air breakdowns; pillars of Academia have been caught in acts of political violence; athletes sabotaging their own teams with political statements; the list goes on.

    Among American psychologists, a group calling itself Citizen Therapists Against Trumpism has been fomenting a campaign among their peers--- in defiance of the APA rules---to spread allegations that Trump is mentally ill. They've even gotten up a petition among themselves to have Congress declare Trump mentally unfit for office.

    Granted, some of this may be nothing more than a publicity stunt. The Smart Boys in the psychiatric profession have no doubt noticed too that Trump Derangement Syndrome seems prevalent among Liberals with deep pockets, and so these worthies are using the Media for free advertising in hopes of attracting wealthy Liberals traumatized over the Election. But we're equally confident that many others are genuine Fanatics, suffering from the Syndrome themselves.

     The APA would be well-advised under the circumstances to begin an investigation of those professionals engaging in this bizarre behavior. In the interests of science, they should also investigate the Trump Derangement Syndrome phenomenon as well. But if what many of us suspect is the case---that there's a correlation between TDS and over-prescription of psychiatric drugs---the APA would probably prefer to let sleeping dogs lie on the latter issue.


Saturday, February 18, 2017


    We've made a few new changes here at this site, which we hope will better serve our readers. Among things we've done is added a few new feeds to new sites and plan to upgrade our Links section with access to more useful information. Some of these changes have come about because of the change in political administrations in the US which have made us alter our former approach.

     One we've added is called MAGA Ireland which aims to bring the political paradigm shift in America to the Emerald Isle, and post-BREXIT. It's a new blog, but deserves your support.

     Today, we added a feed to the Blogroll directly from the White House Press Room. We'll see how well it works as a feed, (otherwise we'll move the site to Links). The purpose in adding this site is to allow readers direct access to the Trump Administration's activities. We've found since January 20th that much of what President Trump actually does or says is either completely by the Corporate Media altogether or presented in distorted form.

    Under the Obama Administration, the Corporate Media worked hand-in-glove with the White House, so basically the MSM and DNC positions were identical. We tried to counter that here by relying heavily on foreign news sites. The problem with the foreign press relative to American news is that the foreign press gets its news feeds from the US. The foreign press may do more fact-checking and have more objective editorials; but they have limitations. The kind of widespread Corporate Media blackouts effect the foreign press like it does American audiences: they simply not cover a story because they are unaware of it.

    Linking directly into the Trump Press Room will hopefully help readers to circumvent MSM blackouts and fake-news. We cannot rely on the Corporate Media to report any positive initiatives coming out of this Administration; so by necessity we must get our information directly from them. As the White House Press Room is obviously a government-controlled information source, we do offer the same caveat that we do with similar foreign news outlets: trust but verify.

     As for our foreign news links, we will keep them going and intend to add more in the near future. A new addition this month has been a link to India Today. Our blog has an interest in geopolitics among other things; and probably has a more global perspective than typical Conservative writings. However, we believe that if the US is to be a global power, Conservatism needs to take a more geopolitical approach. This is especially true in international trade and suppressing Jihadism and fighting international crime. The Pax Americana approach of the last three decades has failed; emergent superpowers like Russia, China---and to a lesser extent India and Iran---have proven that bilateralism is a more effective approach.

      To that end, we are hoping to add news feeds from Israel, Pakistan, and South Africa within the coming month. And of course we'll add domestic 'alternative' sites as good ones come to our attention as well.  

Friday, February 17, 2017


     It's always interesting---and in many ways reassuring---that as we travel through our film archives each Friday to realize that our contemporary social issues are not unique to our times. We are not alone in the great scheme of human history. We often find in these representations of popular American culture of the past parallels to our own situations.

      Our recommendation for this weekend's viewing is the story of a group of 'lost boys' who find redemption in a cause greater than themselves. The film is a very underrated Western from 1972 titled A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die. The heroes are played by James Coburn and Bud Spencer.

       The story is set during another politically-divided time: specifically the US Civil War. Colonel Pembroke (played by James Coburn) a Union officer has built an impregnable fortress in the American Southwest. At the beginning of the film we learn that Pembroke surrendered the fort to the Confederate Major Ward and is court-martialed. Pembroke escapes from prison with his friend Eli Samson (played by Bud Spencer). Captured, he offers a plan to recapture the fort and clear his name; along with five other soldiers sentenced to death on the gallows and Samson.

      The men form an uneasy alliance from a variety of motives as the plan to take out the fort unfolds. We learn that Major Ward and the Confederates are planning to carve out a personal territory of their own once the Union has collapsed. And we learn the reason why Pembroke surrendered the fort.

       We say that this is an underrated film because it is a much deeper, thinking-man's than critics seem to realize. The storyline of condemned men on a suicide mission is nothing novel; but the character development and the sense of redemption for a greater purpose, is. In the aftermath of the 1860 Election, there was a literal rebellion against the government. The Confederacy was composed of an Oligarchy which kept half of the South in slavery and the other half in poverty and economic dependence. They were the Cultural Elites of their day: defenders of an unsustainable status quo that had paralyzed the country for decades---simply to uphold their power and privilege. Ironically too the Confederate leaders were all Democrats. They had been using their positions to undermine the government for years previous to Lincoln.

      And like the Conservatives of recent years, the generation just prior to the Civil War had grown complacent. We see this in Pembroke's character when we learn the reason for his surrender of the fort: he put a personal issue above his duty to the country. Ward's treachery brought Pembroke back to reality. He realized that the injustice he suffered would be multiplied to infinity if the Union collapsed and men like Ward were to take over. His mistake was a human mistake, but a costly one.

       In this aspect, A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die is not simply a revenge-themed Western nor is it a matter of a disgraced soldier reclaiming his honor. Pembroke's goal is to wipe out the wrong he did to society at large by undoing his mistake at whatever cost. This is why he selected other condemned men---most of whom seem to realize this as the story progresses. There is some foreshadowing of this when he debates with a religious zealot over the verse "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord."

       The idea of redemption through atonement is one that is lost on the enemies of Freedom, but it is a vital one for understanding the character of the men who made America great, like Colonel Pembroke. The godless Left and the Neo-Pagan Right both agree that mankind is flawed---but neither believe that Man is redeemable. That perspective is the basis of their Authoritarianism; logically if there is no redemption or possibility of atonement, Mankind can only be controlled and never given freedom of choice.

      There is definitely more substance to this film than what's on the surface. It tells us a lot about human nature, both for good and evil. A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die is available on Youtube as of this writing; and also on DVD. Besides its considerable action and entertainment value, it certainly gives pause for reflection.





    The Chinese Media reported today that they had concluded a nearly three-month investigation of two factories which produce Ivanka Trump's line of designer women's shoes. Their press roundly denounced US Corporate Media outlets for promulgating fake news and stated as well that these same outlets committed crimes on Chinese soil.

      The investigation apparently began in late December after the Moonie Cult-affiliated The Daily Beast published a series of articles and photos claiming inhumane working conditions existed in the two factories. This story, of course, coincided with the Far Left's boycott of Ivanka Shoes. However, the Xi Administration in China has been cracking down on sweatshops during the last few years and takes such accusations quite seriously.

      The full Chinese report can be read here for those interested. There are several points in the article worth highlighting however. For example, this statement by one of the factory executives:

      "These reports have deliberately distorted our image as a manufacturer, so some workers involved in that reporting and image shooting have been fired."

        Those who understand the dynamics of doing business in China recognize that this executive is implying that the employees were probably bribed to lie the Corporate Media. This is further suggested by his statement that:

       "Employees at the factory stated that foreign reporters trespassed on factory grounds late in the evening and took some photos in a darkened workers' dormitory."

        This is such typical behavior for the American Media these days that there's no reason to doubt China's claims here. Faking news to attack President Trump or his family is standard operating procedure among the press today. What's sad about this incident is that many of us would like to see greater Freedom of the Press in China; but activities like these will likely only deepen the Party's distrust of an independent press.

        The other factory involved in the investigation also produces women's shoes for companies like Gucci. They displayed to the investigators that most of their system is mechanized and produces 1300 pairs of shoes per day on each production line.

        Chinese Government officials concluded by warning the factories and their employees to be on guard against duplicity by the US Media; stating that our media was interested only in smearing Trump and by extension hurting Chinese business.

         So once again, the American Left have made fools of themselves in front of the world. And the chumps in our Media Establishment have been again humiliated by a foreign State-controlled news source. This is twice now in one month that China has slapped down Ameroboob Anarchists attempting to use China's factories as a foil to attack Trump.

         And it's also further indicative of the depths to which the American Corporate Media will stoop in its fanatical obsession to undermine Trump. They've demonstrated here that they have no regard for sabotaging even our 1st Amendment's image abroad in the pursuit of defeating democracy.


Thursday, February 16, 2017


    Anti-Democracy extremists gathered at the University of Chicago yesterday to protest free speech. Former Trump Campaign official Corey Lewandowski was speaking on the campus that day---which, of course, can't be tolerated.

    The extremists took an interesting new twist to their usual dramas. They hung up a piñata of Donald Trump and cheered children on to beat it with sticks. "Tear him apart!" "Off with his head" the adults shouted. The peaceful protesters let out a loud roar of applause when the effigy was decapitated.

     We've all wondered where these mask-wearing bat-wielding thugs at anti-Trump rallies come from: now we know. A decade from now, these little bastards will be in college themselves beating up supporters of President Pence. 

     It's really difficult to imagine that there are parents out there who are actually this sick. But we have to face the reality that parents like these really do exist in effete and degenerated Left-Wing parts of the country. Those who support Traditionalist families often have a difficult time wrapping our minds around this fact. We tend to assume that Anarchists and such were children from broken homes and bad schools. It's hard for us to believe that often these people come from relatively stable families and were taught their deviant behaviors by their parents. In this Chicago example, we see the parents actively encouraging them.

      Parents have instinctual drive to protect children. Part of childhood education is teaching the young to defend themselves. Thus, we can conclude that these types of parents are motivated by irrational, but very intense fears (like paranoia). Very likely a high percentage of them have had even their genetic survival instincts blunted by years of ingesting dangerous narcotics. Others have never experienced any of the world outside the Liberal social circles in which they live.

      This is why we need public education reform so desperately. The original purpose of our public schools was to correct educational deficiencies like these. The founders of that system realized that traditional American values must be taught through a public venue. Some parents---like poor or immigrant parents---lack the ability and experience to educate productive Americans and need the school's help. Others---like these parents in Chicago---are too whacked-out to do the job and their children deserve exposure to the truth. But our schools today are failing; and the burden falls heaviest on poor and immigrant children, as well as those from dysfunctional homes.

     Simply put, organizing children's games where they beat and behead effigies of the President of the United States is not acceptable behavior. Parents and educators need to call out the adults involved and shame them for what they're doing. This is not how we operate in a civilized world premised on self-governance and the Rule of Law; and these protesters should be taught so by their adult peers.



   As we've all heard, General Flynn has resigned from the Trump Cabinet. I had a few issues with Flynn to begin with; and Flynn's son was fired by Trump before the Inauguration. So this was probably expected; and actually I think that General Kellogg would have been a better choice to begin with.

    So, when President Trump stated that Flynn was let go because he no longer had Trump's or Pence's confidence, our position was that we should accept it as that and ignore whatever the Corporate Media said about it. This affair is hardly going to be the downfall of the American Union---however much the Media Elites hope that it will.

    But there may be more to this story. Julian Assange---who's actually more reliable than the US Corporate Media combined---had this to say following Flynn's announcement:

      "Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns after destabilization campaign by US spies, Democrats, and the Media. An amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US Government and the Intelligence Community who consider themselves a permanent government."

     Assange also appealed for information disclosing the alleged contents of the Flynn communique. This leads us to suspect that Assange already knows---or strongly suspects---that solid proof exists to corroborate his assertions. British journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is an associate of Edward Snowden, made some similar observations in The Intercept:

     "That Flynn lied about what he said to Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was first revealed by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who has built his career on repeating what his CIA sources tell him."

     Now things are becoming interesting. And they got even more interesting after John Schindler, a former NSA analyst reported to The New York Observer that Establishment apparatchiks within the Intelligence Community are in open revolt against Trump.

      "Now we go nuclear," Schindler gushed effusively on Twitter, "Intelligence Community war going to new levels. I just got an e-mail from a senior IC friend, and it began, 'He (Trump) will die in jail.'" Schindler, like many anti-Trump types, grew more unstable in the ensuing Twitter feud; suggesting that whatever happened to Trump would be his own fault, making hysterical comments about Russia, suggesting a false flag, etc.

      Is there reason to believe that the Elites are plotting a coup against Trump? More to the point, there is no reason to disbelieve it. Their words and actions of the last few months demonstrate clearly that there is no crime that they are unwilling to conscience to overthrow the Trump Administration.

     Whether they can succeed or not is another issue. The weakness the anti-Trump conspirators face is that they overestimate themselves and underestimate the Power of popular government. And their own fanaticism is their Achilles' Heel; they are too blinded with raw hatred for Trump that nothing else actually unifies them.

      The Intelligence Community is another swamp in serious need of draining. It has already been rumored that Trump is organizing a select committee to do just that.