Thursday, February 2, 2017


     Portland, Oregon has been at the epicenter of the so-called 'Resistance' since November 8th, but the anarchistic gang Portland Resistance is currently without its leader, Micah Rhodes. Rhodes was taken into custody during a violent protest on an outstanding warrant for homosexual assault on a minor.

      According to KOIN, Rhodes is facing four counts of 2nd-Degree sexual abuse. The Oregon State Police confirmed to KOIN that Rhodes is a registered sex offender who was previously convicted of 1st-Degree sexual abuse and 1st-Degree sodomy. It's also worthy of note, that KOIN mentions, "Rhodes is a well-known community activist. He has led several recent protests, including one with dozens of high school students."

      Rhodes is about typical of what one finds among the Anarchist element. He has been in jail multiple times, twice during anti-Election protests in November alone. Rhodes joins a long line of Portland community leaders charged with homosexual acts with underage males including former mayor Sam Adams; top Oregon DNC fundraiser Terence Bean; and former Subway executive Jared Fogle, who was Grand Marshal of Portland's annual Regence Floral Walk in 2011 and a frequent visitor to Portland community events.

       Rhodes heads Portland Resistance along with Gregory McKelvey and Kathryn Stevens. McKelvey has reportedly brought the ACLU in to defend Rhodes and is leading protests at the County Jail. McKelvey, it should be noted, is a law student who also heads a volunteer agency working with immigrant refugee children. Are we noticing a pattern here?

     Not surprisingly, McKelvey is an official candidate for Oregon Delegate in the DNC.

     Kathryn Stevens, is a psychologist working with homeless youth, and is an 'LGBTQ Advocate.'

      I think it might be a wise idea for Portland-area parents to keep their children and adolescent minors as far away from the 'protesters' as possible. But that's assuming that the adult population of Portland still has it together enough even to see the potential danger.





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