Thursday, January 31, 2019


    As we've all heard, the gangster governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, signed into law this week the most radical pro-abortion measure in history. This action---which coincided with the infamous Roe v. Wade anniversary---is now being imitated in various other Left-Wing dominated legislatures. 

    Catholic pundit John Horvat has written an impassioned and insightful article  calling the new law for what it is: an act of unmitigated evil. He makes several good observations, not only pointing out the hideousness of the act itself, but the fiendish delight that the Whacko Left takes in what is essentially infanticide.

     "All pretense of compassion or safety is now discarded. No one can claim that the unborn child is a mere collection of cells. There can be no doubt that the unborn child now cleared to be murdered can survive outside the mother’s womb. Pro-abortion advocates no longer apologetically declare that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. The law is a celebration of abortion at all stages, times and places. Abortion becomes for its advocates an almost religious act. The child must be sacrificed upon the bloody altar of reproductive “freedom.” The pro-abortion forces no longer hide the hideousness of the act, but proudly proclaim it. They no longer seem to fear being exposed for their savagery but revel in it."

     Exactly. As we have often pointed out here, since the 2016 Election, the Left has thrown aside its masks and shown itself for the violent anarchists and cutthroats they really are; and have been all along. The trend really began manifesting itself during the 2nd half of the Obama Administration; but then the Radical Left had the camouflage of carrying out officially sanctioned policies. Horvat, too, notes this shift:

     "This was not a reluctant vote but an enthusiastic one. The elected officials were aware of what they were doing and embraced it...What is so disconcerting about this act is that their perpetrators appear to take a macabre pleasure in it. They wildly applaud and congratulate themselves for their victory. They show no remorse for their decision, and in fact claim, it protects women’s lives and health. What makes this even more incomprehensible is that the characters involved are not all militant atheists, convinced socialists or radical liberals. Some claim to be religiously-inclined or even call themselves Catholic. They vote defying the Church, almost daring Church officials to take disciplinary action—which they know will not be taken."
     Horvat is writing from the standpoint of Catholic Social Theory, and what he says is basically correct. However, the behavior of these officials is not incomprehensible in light of the science of Psychology. What has become apparent during the last two years is that the hatred the Left feels towards its political and social opposition has taken on a personal aspect. For example, a Liberal in 1968 may have seen the abortion issue in light of things like empowering women or curbing overpopulation. As wrong as those ideas were, they were still rooted in a paradigm of perceived Social Justice. The Liberal of 2018, however, sees the issue (and others like it) as some sort of personal statement. Hence both the barbarity of the New York law and the sadistic glee with which its supporters egged it on. 
     This is a direct consequence of decades of schools, media, and government promoting the insane notion that the personal is political. What we're really witnessing in these bizarre demonstrations by the Left are the actions of a generation weaned and raised upon that principle. To oppose abortion is no longer a politically debatable matter: the modern Liberal takes such opposition as a personal affront, whether the abortion issue effects them personally or not is irrelevant. 
     We've seen this same dynamic play out with Liberal hysterics over the Kavanaugh Confirmation; driving Conservatives out of public spaces, etc. Cuomo and his camarilla couldn't content themselves with state-sponsored abortions: they had to outdo every other state in their extremism. And the only reason for doing this was to prove a point. That point being to demonstrate that their Liberal credentials are of the highest order, and nothing else. Unsurprisingly, Liberal legislators elsewhere are scrambling to craft laws even more extreme than New York's. Horvat states that Liberalism has become like a religious cult; from the standpoint of Social Psychology, the Left is on a definite track towards becoming a political cult. And the worst thing we have to fear is a Robespierre, Mussolini, Hitler, or Pol Pot emerging on American soil who knows how to channel those social dynamics into a political movement.
     As of this writing, we don't know whether a Constitutional challenge will be filed against the New York law. There appear to be several legitimate grounds for seeing the law overturned. Either way, we have to turn back these types of legislative rampages. Horvat sees clearly the outcome if we don't: 
     "For if even tiny fully formed infants about to be born are no longer safe from the butcher’s hand, no life is safe. If all pretense of compassion or ignorance is now discarded, there is no cruelty that cannot be openly conceived. Those souls who protest abortion will be the next targets of those who defy God. For as souls are unmasked in vice, they cannot endure the opposition of those who represent the rebuke of conscience. They will rage against those who call them to their duty, and demand brutal measures to silence them."

Sunday, January 27, 2019


     Shortly after the phony 'Covington Incident' was fanned across the Media, the Catholic Church spoke out and condemned the actions of the young men involved in the fracas. But thanks to others who unmasked the media deception, over 27,000 Catholics petitioned the Covington Diocese to reconsider its position. Yesterday, the Covington students saw justice done. 

   Bishop Roger Foys issued the following statement:

    “We are sorry that this situation has caused such disruption in the lives of so many. We apologize to anyone who has been offended in any way by either of our statements which were made with good will based on the information we had. We should not have allowed ourselves to be bullied and pressured into making a statement prematurely, and we take full responsibility for it.

    “I especially apologize to Nicholas Sandmann and his family as well as to all CovCath families who have felt abandoned during this ordeal. Nicholas unfortunately has become the face of these allegations based on video clips. This is not fair. It is not just.”

     That apology was a truly Christian act. Like many others, His Eminence was imposed upon by knaves who were seeking to sow political and social disruption by sacrificing some innocent young men. The Bishop, however, had courage enough to admit it. 

     Bishop Foys also stated his support for Covington Principal Robert Rowe, who "has also been a target of this venom." the letter said. 

      The Bishop also alludes to something else, which doesn't seem to have gotten quite as much public attention as it should: "There have been death threats made against some of the students and their families. The vitriol and hateful comments on some online stories, some of them appearing on websites that purport to be Catholic and pro-life, have been beyond belief and anything but pro-life. We even had a bomb scare at the Curia and had to close down briefly in light of safety issues."

      Death-threats against families and threats to bomb churches: any of that appear in your newsfeeds? Mine neither. Catholics should remember though that the vitriol and hate spewed by "those not at all familiar with Covington High School" will translated into action if the Whacko Left gains the power to do it. And not only will the Left not apologize for it; they won't restrict their unreasoning outrage to Catholic Churches and schools either.

     Those interested can read the Diocese's entire statement here.



    While the Corporate Media is busily fanning fake news about teenage boys in MAGA hats, actual malpractice by Swamp Creatures running the public schools in largely gets swept under the rug. Even when they get caught doing things like defecating in public and having violent hysterical episodes on school property, the media isn't overly worried about focusing attention on our out-of-control public school officials.

     Another such incident occurred this week in Elwood, Indiana. Casey Smitherman, Superintendent of Elwood Community Schools was arrested this week after obtaining prescription drugs for a student by posing as his mother. This she did without the parents' permission, incidentally. Since the young man is legally a minor (15), his name wasn't released; but Mrs. Smitherman was charged with Official Misconduct, Identity Fraud, and two counts of Insurance Fraud. 

     Smitherman claims that she was doing this because the boy was home sick and needed antibiotics. She said that she feared that he would be put in foster care if not treated. The local press has been downplaying this as a misguided but sympathetic act and local politicians have been pressing to have charges dropped in exchange for her participation in an 'intervention program.' 

     Now, the lad's mother isn't so happy about Mrs. Smitherman's charitable impulses towards her son which, according to WHTR included "buying him clothes" and "cleaning his house." His mother pointed out the obvious fact that a pharmacist would have no way of knowing whether the young man had allergic reactions to the drugs he was being provided. 

     And actually Mrs. Smitherman should have known this, considering that her husband heads a company closely connected to Obamacare. Steve Smitherman runs Caresource Indiana, the company "that leads with the heart," as its website boasts. 

    The website also claims that it is "one of the nation's largest Medicaid managed plans... serving 1.9 million customers across five states." Caresource even has its own political PAC, donating heavily to politicians of both parties in Indiana and Ohio. Hilary Clinton was their largest recipient of funds in 2016. But of course, just because Mrs. Smitherman's husband is politically connected doesn't suggest that all of this media and political sympathy for his spouse is biased, right?

     Now, admittedly I am not as prudish as some Conservatives when it comes to allegations of inter-generational hanky-panky. After all, boys will be boys and girls will be girls; but committing insurance fraud and potentially endangering a young man's health and using institutional power to cover it all up is a different matter. A lot of school employees have ended up in prison for a lot less---and in those cases the media all push for the maximum penalties without the slightest appeal for mitigation or mercy. 

     The average median income in Elwood is $19,444 per year---35% below the national average and 26% below Indiana's state average. As Superintendent, Mrs. Smitherman's base salary is $118,500 with a fat benefits package.  Test scores in Elwood are also 23% lower than other Indiana schools. 

     But since the Smithermans are part of the 'Elite' the same standards don't apply to them as apply to us little people. The public schools are one of the most fetid parts of the Swamp needing draining. It's especially important to do so, because the schools are a breeding-ground for even more Swamp creatures. 


Thursday, January 24, 2019


   The Corporate Media is suffering its third scandal in the last week alone. The infamous Buzzfeed---caught earlier in the 'Golden Shower' hoax---was caught again in another lie. This time, they invented a hoax about the President ordering the FBI to lie to Congress. The next scandal broke when prominent author and journalist Trey Garrison was exposed as the host of a White Supremacist podcast. 

    Now, another media figure---one Erik Abriss, a post-production manager at INE Entertainment has been fired following hysterical posts on social media threatening death on the Covington High School students who've been targeted in another fake news story recently.

     Abriss, another 'tolerant' Liberal who apparently sees nothing amiss with killing high school students, wrote the following deeply profound statement:

     “I don’t know what it says about me but I’ve truly lost the ability to articulate the hysterical rage, nausea, and heartache this makes me feel. I just want these people to die! Simple as that! Every single one of them! And their parents! Racism is in its Boomer death throes! It will die out with this younger generation! Look at the s----eating grins on all those young white slugs’ faces! Just perverse pleasure at wielding a false dominion they’ve been taught their whole life was their divine right! F---ing die!” 

     Thus, once again, a Left-Wing Whacko incapable of exercising any self-control made a fool of himself and wound up suffering the consequences. INE Entertainment, to its credit, sacked this big blowhard and bully after the outburst. But the whole incident is sadly quite telling about the character of today's media executives. Abriss' temperament is not radically different from another former media colleague, Vester Flanagan. INE was right to let Abriss go; there's no telling when a ticking emotional time-bomb like this is liable to explode and start shooting up the place. 
      But the Left never learns. Despite that Abriss is leaving a six-figure job, fellow media dork, Justin Caffier started a fund-raising campaign on Abriss' behalf. Caffier is a writer for Vice, a podcaster, Hollywood leech, and  experimenter with exotic marijuana flavorings.  
         Abriss and Caffier are specimens of the kinds of intellects shaping American Trash Culture. Abriss actually worked on Keeping up with the Kardashians for a few seasons. And both are further reasons to avoid the American Media. President Trump said recently that our media is "a national disgrace." Abriss and Caffier---and the players in the other recent scandals---highlight what a disgrace it truly is.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


   For some time now, cultish Red Pill leader Vox Day has seemed to many of us to be walking a psychological tightrope between Reality and believing his own fantasies and delusions. This is the fate of many cult-leaders. Vox has imbibed so much of his own 'Alpha' mythology that he not only imagines himself a superior intellect but a superior physical specimen as well. 

   Recently Vox came across a photo of celebrity and Mixed-Martial Arts promoter Joe Rogan surrounded by adoring beauty queens. This propelled Vox into a paroxysm of jealous rage; and he's been attacking Rogan regularly on his blog since. Using language that brought back memories of my Middle School's boys' locker-room, Vox actually been boasting that his athletic prowess is superior to Rogan's; and recently claimed on a podcast that he could beat up Rogan quite handily. 

   Well, let's's a photo of Vox and his...ummm...hotwife surrounded by three other low-t-chumps  'manly Alpha leaders': 

   And one of Joe Rogan:

   Personally, I'm more into Traditional Martial Arts than MMA; but candidly speaking Joe Rogan looks like the type of guy whom I wouldn't want to fight unless I absolutely had to. Otherwise, we'll leave it to the readers to decide who'd actually win a match between Rogan and Vox. In fact, I would wager that Rogan could handle Vox and his three friends all at once. 

    In researching this article, we discovered that Rogan's fans have their own Subreddit. They said basically what everybody not brainwashed by the Red Pill and Game is thinking:

      When someone lives their life in an echo-chamber surrounded by their own flatterers, the kind of delusion of which these commenters speak can grow into an obsession. This guy is on track mentally to proclaiming himself a god, if he doesn't believe it already. The whole Red Pill Philosophy is itself a delusion; and leads only to crime, insanity, and public shame in the end. 

Monday, January 21, 2019


    The fanatical Red Pills have a history of infiltrating mainstream culture to plant their poisonous ideologies. The head of the Red Pill Subreddit we found, was a member of the NH Legislature. The notorious provocateur 'Ricky Vaughn' was a Wall Street operative. And we all know of Vox Day's attempts to hijack various literary guilds. 

     Now we find that the cretinous podcaster 'Specter' is really freelance writer Trey Garrison. Garrison published articles in the Dallas Morning News; The Land Report; D Magazine; and Reason---as well as publishing novels for media giant, Harper-Collins. More recently, he was a regular contributor to several Manosphere sites; Red Pill Twitter-feeds; and the host of The Third Rail, a podcast. He portrayed himself to his deluded followers there, however, as a psychiatrist living in the Seattle area. In reality, he has no degree in psychology and lives in Plano, Texas. 

    For those not familiar with The Third Rail, 'Specter' is an advocate of the Red Pill/Game philosophy. He's also a Holocaust denier. After the December conviction of Charlottesville murderer James Fields, Specter opined that "the verdict was a travesty of justice. Sadly, the notion we are a 'nation of laws' has been thrown out the window through the subversion of the Jews." 

     As Specter, Garrison often incited his followers to harassment of innocent people, for which Red Pill Andrew Anglin effusively praised him. Here's a gem, transcribed from a podcast last May, of suggestions for harassing Blacks:

     "Should you find yourself in a nice shopping mall, high-end store, and you see a black person, kinda mosey over to the security guard and say, ‘I think I saw that lady put something in her purse.' Or, as another example, if you see two or three of ’em gathered on a street corner and you see a cop, just kinda walk up to ’em and say, ‘Hey, I don’t know if it was a gun, but I think I saw one of those guys had a gun.'" 

      That sounds like fun, doesn't it? Seriously, how is this any different than the tactics of the Whacko Left---chasing people out of restaurants or disrupting events? 

     Last Summer, Garrison and his cohorts at The Third Rail, promoted a campaign called 'The Day of the Brick'. This was a coordinated campaign of intimidation and advocating violence against reporters, in particular writers for The Huffington Post. One does have to wonder if---given the psychological profile of most Red Pills---this wasn't an act of envious retribution that Garrison hoped to execute upon his more successful peers.

     Since Garrison was exposed, several women have admitted that he has a long history of online stalking and other crude behaviors towards themselves and other women. This is also fairly typical Red Pill behavior. So much for another manly Alpha leader shown up as a lying sneak and an envious fraud. 


Thursday, January 17, 2019


    So no doubt everyone's heard that the corporate cornballs at Gillette have jumped on the male-bashing bandwagon and produced a virtue-signalling ad at the expense of most of its consumer base. Not that these corporate oligarchs care anymore about consumers anyway. There are plenty of NPC snowflake-boys---with more hair on their chins than their chests---who can keep Gillette domestically competitive with the company's foreign monopolies.

    Gillette itself is a subsidiary of Wall Street transnational Proctor and Gamble. These are the same jokers who produced a controversial 2017 ad encouraging Black hatred of the police and fomenting racial division. Many saw a subtle misandry in that ad as well. But that's not the only time that P&G has been embroiled in scandal. In 2011, they were heavily sanctioned by the European Union for getting caught running a price-fixing scheme. Despite the company's virtue-signalling, they were exposed in 2016 profiting off slave-labor plantations in Indonesia. 

     The corporation is also heavily invested in political lobbying. They retain 30 lobbyists inside the Beltway---22 of whom are ex-government officials. They spend about $3 million annually on lobbying alone. Most of their contributions go to Democrats; and a whopping 43 Congressmen and Senators are invested in P&G stocks. Hillary Clinton received $60,000 from P&G in 2016.

    The Board of Directors at P&G too is filled with this kind of political detritus. Among them are Frank Blake, former head legal adviser to the EPA; Angela Braly, former healthcare lobbyist, named by various business journals as the 4th Most Powerful Woman in America. She also sits on the Board of Exxon-Mobil and is a political ally of 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson. 

     Amy L. Chang is also Senior Vice-President of Cisco Systems, a major government contractor. Kenneth Chenault is the former CEO of American Express and one of Harvard University's Board of Overseers. He's also on Facebook's and Airbnb's Board. He was donor to Barack Obama and several other Democrats. Billionaire Scott Cook, founder of Intuit, is also a P&G Board member. Cook is also a Harvard overlord; and has a political donation record of dumping thousands on whichever politician happened to be holding power at the time. Nothing like buying favors...

     Joseph Jimenez, also of the P&G Board was head of Big Pharma megacorp, Novartis. Terry Lundgren, is formerly CEO of Macy's Department Stores and served on the Federal Reserve Board. Politically, he was allied with arch-RINO NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. James McNerney, former CEO of government contractors, GE and Boeing, also served on the President's Export Council under Obama. Nelson Peltz, billionaire figure in Agribusiness and close friend of the Bush Family joined in 2018. Meg Whitman, a billionaire former Republican politician turned Never-Trumper; Patricia Woertz, another Agribusiness executive; and Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico who infamously attained that post after his top rival was assassinated---round out this august group. 

      Given this backdrop of players, are we surprised at the Gillette ad? What we have here is a collection of people who've ridden the Revolving Door between Wall Street and the Deep State for so long that they have no idea what this 'toxic masculinity' they criticize even means. P&G's current CEO, David Taylor, is a career corporate bureaucrat. With what authority do any of them speak of gender relations? There is none: and we should take their opinions on the subject for what they're worth---which is nothing. 

     With the advent of the Trump Era, this type of corporate PC activism is waning in any real influence and really are nothing but the dying gasps of an Old Order, now passing into history. The days of in-your-face PC advertising---most of which were publicity stunts anyway---is over. More and more Americans are becoming less intimidated to stand up for their rights and alternatives to these virtue-signalling megacorporations are arising with the new emphasis on American entrepreneurialism. And thus the best way to fight oligarchies like P&G/Gillette is simply to go forward. 



Monday, January 14, 2019


    So, we came across another article the other day, illustrating the increasing dissociation from reality among the Left-Wing so-called 'Elites.' The American Psychological Association has come out with a new position paper on treating male patients.

   At first, the article looked fairly promising. The APA actually started out by recognizing some very real and unique issues afflicting American men. But sadly, it went downhill from there. The 'authorities' basically agreed that "traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful." They claim that masculine values "marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression is, on the whole, harmful."

     These opinions, of course, are not based upon any actual solid scientific findings. The rest of the article is rife with pseudoscience and ahistorical mythologies. Examples are: "Prior to 1960's 2nd-Wave Feminism, all psychology was the psychology of men;" "Old psychologies left out people of color and women and conformed to gender-role stereotypes;" "Gender is no longer just this male-female binary;" and most absurd of all was a long paragraph on what they call 'John Henryism' which is a completely racist portrayal of Black men disguised as cultural sensitivity. 

     This article brings up an issue that I first began to encounter a few months ago when writing about a new crackpot theory from the Academic Left which claimed that the whole concept of 'mind' is an illusion. That article was a difficult one to write. Then, last month, an article appeared in The Medium telling us about a concerning issue among the Left: that robots lack diversity and need Affirmative Action. Try as I might, I couldn't produce an article on that subject. The APA's new position paper presents the same conundrum. 

     It's not that the points raised in these kinds of articles are self-evident and irrefutable. The problem with writing about them is that their subject matter is so logically absurd that it's difficult to formulate an intelligent argument against ideas that are as plain stupid as these. How does someone, for example, formulate a philosophy---even an erroneous one---that the mind is illusion without using the mind to arrive at such a conclusion? The very idea that the mind doesn't exist is self-refuting.

     How does one explain to these people that machinery has no intrinsic has no connection to culture; and to talk about multiculturalism among androids is ridiculous. Likewise with this APA paper. One of Freud's greatest contributions in elevating Psychology to a science was his demonstrations that this so-called "male-female binary" is a major motive force in human social evolution. IOW, taking 'traditional gender roles' out of Psychology is like taking Cellular Biology out of Medicine. All that is left of Psychology is a highly subjective analysis of human emotions and feelings with no actual therapeutic or socially-redeeming value. 

      And that's the basis of the problem. All that needed to be said about three high-brow Leftist social theories was just said in the preceding two paragraphs. It's not like debating over the merits of the proposed Border Wall or Trump's Budget or Tax proposals. In the APA paper, there's nothing to debate. Outside of their initial definition of the problem, their premises are factually false and their conclusions unrealistic and unworkable. If the authors of that paper actually believe any of what they wrote, they should be in a mental hospital themselves. And if they don't really believe it, they shouldn't be holding any high positions of public trust anyway.

      The important thing to take away from all of this is that people who think like these guys will be running things if the Whacko Left Wing ever gets into power. For now, they can sit in their sinecures and spout off about things they don't understand---and that's bad enough---but having such nutcases making public policy will be a disaster. We need to stay the course, drain the swamp, and support the direction President Trump is leading us. 


Friday, January 11, 2019


     For the second time since 2017, a man was found dead in the home of Ed Buck of West Hollywood, California. The victim was identified as 55 year-old Timothy Dean; who worked at Saks Fifth Avenue and was a former porn industry figure, according to The Los Angeles Times. Dean died of an unspecified narcotics overdose. The victim in 2017 was a male prostitute named Gemmel Moore, who died of methamphetamine poisoning. Buck was never charged in the 2017 death, and LA County officials don't seem especially eager to pursue an investigation into this year's first high-profile Hollywood casualty. 

      As it happens, both victims were Black men; but Ed Buck is a White Liberal with friends in very high places. A self-made multimillionaire, Buck was a former 'Log Cabin' Republican in Arizona before switching parties during the Clinton co-presidency and moving to California. An open homosexual and drug addict, Buck had a history during the 1980's of arrests for Indecent Exposure and forging prescriptions to obtain Opioid narcotics before learning that a close association with the Clintons protected one from scrutiny for such behaviors. Since that time, too, Buck has been a major donor to Democrat causes and candidates. 

     And, as we should expect, both National-level and California Democrats have had little to say about these activities; though, in fairness some at the grass-roots level have spoken out. One Ashlee Marie Preston, a transgendered Black blog editor, published a rather creepy but highly insightful article hypothesizing that Buck is "a wealthy White politico with a deadly fetishization of disenfranchised Black men." While I don't agree with some of Preston's sociological premises here, I think that the psychological assessments of Buck's character are probably quite accurate. Although Buck's perversion may have a racialist aspect to it, we have seen the same psychodynamics played out in the scandals surrounding Oregon Democrat donor Terence Bean and the disgraced ex-mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray.

      Another disturbing aspect of Buck's case is that both victims seemed to be men who were struggling to escape from the homosexual lifestyle. In Dean's case we were told today that he was active in some sort of religious support group. However, recently released pages from 
Gemmel Moore's private diary are a little more open. These were published by an author named Jasmyne Cannick whom (if I remember correctly) is a Democrat activist in the Los Angeles area herself:

   “My mind and action change. I am not the same person I was born to be,” Moore wrote in his journal. “I felt as if I sold my soul to the devil — I want to be back in the hands of God. I want to be healed from drugs, poverty and troubles. I want independence. I want my own. There’s so much madness going on in my life. It’s got to be illegal and wrong. The way I was raised to be, you would never expect this. I just hope the end result isn’t death. Someone needs to save me soon."

     In a less politically corrected era, Moore's and Dean's apparent attempts to change through religion would have turned the investigative spotlight on Buck like a beacon. Older generations of psychologists and criminologists understood fully well that the 'power exchange' alluded to by Preston (whereby powerful homosexuals exploit vulnerable men) is threatened by religion (because God is the Ultimate Power). Homosexuals of the Buck, Bean, and Murray varieties react to their subjects' conversions about like any other abusive bully in a relationship reacts when they're rejected. Sometimes it results in a violent death. 

     Yet here, in Ed Buck, we have another specimen of the sort of 'Elites' to whom our Democrat opponents in Government, Media, and Academia slavishly bow. These are the sorts of scum populating the Deep State Swamp, which we're now trying to drain---the kinds of people who held the reins of power for the last three decades; and who could come back to that power if we're not vigilant. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2019


   For those who haven't heard of him, Michael Harriot is a writer for The Root Magazine. Harriot has been under some scrutiny lately after launching a profane tirade on Christmas Eve against NRA spokeswoman, Dana Loesch. Part of these lovely holiday sentiments read: "I hope she dies in a car fire with the windows open so she doesn't die of smoke asphyxiation but has to die slow!"

     Such behavior and sentiments, of course, are not uncommon from the Whacko Left. The Left considers these hysterical outbursts as deep and thoughtful expressions of political philosophy; on par with those lofty utterances by the likes of Steven Colbert, Maxine Waters, and Alec Baldwin. 

     As for The Root itself, it purports to be "an Afrocentric online magazine." But is it really as representative of Black Americans as it claims? Some have their doubts, and with good reason. 

     The Root Magazine is a subsidiary of transnational media conglomerate, Univision Communications. Univision also owns the radical Feminist blogsite, Jezebel. In 2013, Univision launched a Left-Wing civic activist initiative funded by gangs like the Clinton Foundation, La Raza, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Common Sense Media. The latter of these is headed by Soros-associate and radical Leftist billionaire Tom Steyer. Steyer donated over $87 million to Democrats in 2016. Common Sense Media has also been campaigning recently against 'gender stereotyping' in the press. 

     It sounds so far that Harriot's employers are a gang of suburban White Liberals, not especially representative of mainstream Blacks. And it gets even more shady when we see that Univision itself is owned by five Wall Street financial oligarchies---each with a 20% share in the company. They are Madison-Dearborn; Providence Equity Partners; TPG Capital; Thomas H. Lee Partners; and the Saban Capital Group. These five companies donated over $2 1/2 million to lobbies, PACs and candidates in 2018. 

     Madison-Dearborn donated to causes of both parties. In 2016, they supported RINO Marco Rubio. Multimillionaire Democrat Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado owns stock in Madison-Dearborn.

     Providence Equity Partners also donated to both parties. In 2016, they supported the RINO Jeb Bush, then switched to supporting Hilary Clinton after Trump won the GOP nomination. 

     TPG Capital donated the most money of these five in 2018; mostly to Democrats. In 2016, their top donation went to the DNC and sent almost $43,000 to the Clinton Campaign. Hilary Clinton was their top recipient among candidates. 

     Thomas H. Lee Partners donated in both election cycles. They also supported RINO Bush and then switched to Clinton in 2016.

    Saban Capital Group donated to Democrats in 2018; and in 2016 was the 12th largest political donor of the entire year: over $15 million to the Democrats---$53,411 to Hilary Clinton personally and half a million to the DNC among all of this slush-funding. Hiam Saban, the CEO of this gang is a billionaire Hollywood Liberal. He even held some advisory posts under the Clinton co-presidency and was a frequent visitor to the White House. 

    With a growing number of Blacks supporting President Trump, it's apparent then that Harriot---and The Root Magazine in general---are just mouthpieces for the White Liberal, Deep-State Elite; out of touch with the people whom they claim to represent. 



Monday, January 7, 2019


   I heard about this incident right before the holidays, but hadn't heard about the outcome. It seems that a fellow in Tucker, Georgia (a suburb of Atlanta) went into a 'vape' shop. He was wearing a pro-Trump t-shirt; when the clerk behind the counter saw him and had a TDS breakdown. 

    The customer videotaped the outburst and shared it on Youtube. It shows the clerk demanding that the customer leave the store while screaming obscenities and throwing merchandise around, according to NBC-11 Atlanta. As shocked patrons looked on and began slipping quietly out of the store, the clerk pulled out his cellphone and began screaming into the receiver.

    "I got a f***er in my store who won't leave," he says into his phone. "He's wearing some Trump stuff. He's wearing some Trump bull**** got some racist bull**** [uninteligible]. I'm f*****, I'm not f***** serving anyone that has anything to do with that f*****."

    The clerk then ran through the store raving incoherently about fascists, racists, capitalists, and something to do with human feces. 

    The video went viral on Youtube; and after the owners of the Xhale City stores, found themselves getting laughed at, they investigated. Not only did they fire the whacko clerk, they also contacted the customer and apologized. Oh well, the clerk can always get a job with the Corporate Media, where such behavior is routine. 

    On a more serious note though, Conservatives need to be extra vigilant these days. As we've seen from the 2016 Election to the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings; the Left is becoming increasingly dangerous. They've always been prone to irrational acts of violence but the difference today is that they're suddenly going off---like human time-bombs---anyplace, anywhere, and when they do, they go blind to their own self-preservation instincts. Not only are they losing their jobs or ending up in jail; but some have even injured or killed themselves during these outbursts. 

    Obviously we shouldn't live in fear, but we should be aware of what Leftists are prone to do and be prepared. Especially in places like Tucker, Georgia. According to statistics, Tucker's crime rate is 41% higher and their graduation rate 20% lower than the rest of Georgia. 36% percent of the population there is below the poverty line---so you know with numbers like these that the chances are high that most residents there are Democrats. Criminals, ignoramuses, and bums are the ones who benefit most from Liberalism and are most easily provoked to irrational violence.

                                                   A Liberal in his Natural Aspect


Saturday, January 5, 2019


   Our last post questioning Vox Day's claims about his publishing 'empire' drew some discussion across the Internet, and justly so. Some readers have been questioning his latest 'bestseller', Jordanetics, which is a supposed expose of Dr. Jordan Peterson. Vox made this claim for his publication back in November: 

    "In 'Jordanetics' political philosopher Vox Day delves deeply into the core philosophy that Jordan Peterson advocates both in his written works and video lectures. In doing so, Day methodically builds a shocking case that will convince even the most skeptical Jordan Peterson supporter to reconsider both the man and his teachings."

     Ever since the release of Jordanetics, Vox has been trumpeting that his 'expose' is selling #1 on Amazon and Kindle; and that Peterson and his followers are ignoring all of these supposedly "shocking cases" which Vox provides. But, as we saw in our last post, it's mathematically impossible for Vox to outsell Peterson. 

     Someone linked to our last post on the website Kiwi Farms (thank you to our readers there). One of their contributors who goes by the name of 'Flexo', provided some stats from Kindle which reveal the truth. On sites like Kindle, publishers can create categories for their works---which means that they can create niches where they have little or no competition. While Kindle doesn't provide sales numbers, they do provide sales rankings which don't include the parameters. Thus we find that:

The 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson (1 year in print)  ranks #213th. 

Jordanetics by Vox Day (3 months in print) ranks #17,355th. 

     So, a year after its initial release, The 12 Rules is still in the Top 250 on Kindle, while Jordanetics---a the top of its release date---hasn't even cracked five figures in the rankings. 

     Based on the tax figures that Vox' Castalia House submitted to the EU Tax Authority, we calculated that combined sales for the Red Pills are around $955/month. Jordanetics sells on Kindle for $5.99. If these were the only sales that CH had during the last three months, the maximum number of Jordanetics sold couldn't be higher than 477 copies. In contrast, it's estimated that The 12 Rules for Life has sold over 2,000,000 copies as of December 31st. 

      Bear in mind that Vox won't release any actual sales figures, so we're making estimates based upon available information. But what clearly appears is that Jordanetics and Vox' attacks on Peterson are simply publicity stunts without any real substance.