Tuesday, April 25, 2017


    A freelance writer named Bonnie Bacarisse published an exhaustively-researched article in The Daily Beast today exposing that the personality behind the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit is none other than New Hampshire State Representative Robert Fisher. Fisher, a RINO Republican who defected from the Democrats in 2013, is known among the Red Pill Cultists as 'PK_atheist' and sometimes as 'Fred Fredrickson.'

     The Red Pill Sub-Reddit has about 195,000 subscribers. It's mostly a revolting cesspool, advocating abusing women and sneering at traditional Conservatives and Christians. In fact, that was how Fisher got caught: Miss Bonnie was able to connect him between Reddit and some atheistic and anti-religion sites. Fisher, of course, prudently kept all of these activities discreetly out of his constituents' sight.

       This is one of the things that makes the Red Pill Cult exceptionally dangerous. Fisher is a classic case of an infiltrator---a fanatic who poses as a mainstream Conservative or Christian, then undermines both movements from within. The Red Pill movement as a whole is something like a proletarian version of neo-conservatism. They have all the worst features of the Secular Right minus the frat-boy, country-club elitism and veneer of sophisticated cynicism.

       The Red Pills believe in a perverted elitism wherein a convert to their ideology becomes an 'Alpha' or an ubermensch. They feel entitled by this status to unlimited success and power---and when this does not occur, they blame society at large which (according to them) is to blind or too corrupt to recognize Alpha superiority. Besides Alphas, they categorize men into various other categories in descending order relative to their inferiority to the Alpha. Alphas are kept down in society, by this theory, through a loosely defined cabal of Jews and 'Social Justice Warriors'. The Jews and SJWs are jealous of Alpha superiority and so devise various nefarious plots to elevate themselves by keeping the Alphas down---especially by empowering women.

     Although the Red Pills swallow almost all Feminist pseudoscience, they claim to be anti-Feminists. This they actually do by twisting Feminist gender-superiority theories into Masculinist ones. By empowering women, the Red Pills mean allowing women more social or legal rights than a slave. They wholeheartedly believe in the Feminist mythology of a 'patriarchy'; except that they believe it a Golden Age to which society should return. Likewise they believe Feminist myths about 'gender as class warfare' and invent absurd theories about inherent female nature.

       It takes little psychological insight to realize that sexual perversion and fear of female sexuality drives the Red Pill Philosophy. Everything they teach is centered on controlling and dominating women in an antisocial and often brutal way. Fisher has written at the Red Pill Sub-Reddit that rape is justifiable, for example, and sees nothing wrong with the 'Alpha' maintaining harems. He advocates something called Dread Game which is a form of psychological abuse to obtain women and---more importantly---to keep them from leaving. Anyone familiar with the tactics of Cults recognizes that there is nothing novel about Dread Game. It's also known as programming by professionals who deal with cults.

       Oftentimes though, Alphas discard members of their harem, for various reasons. "Women have totally done this to themselves." Fisher wrote, "I feel zero regret or shame about pumping and dumping." 

       "I should feel free to have sex with whomever I please without the worry of a false accusation costing my job or jail time," Fisher pontificates, apparently not realizing that men who did things like rape and adultery were often very severely punished in the days before Feminism.

        Bonnie Bacarisse notes in the article that false accusations are brought up frequently among Red Pills as evidence of a 'Rape Culture' that supposedly persecutes men on a woman's mere accusation. The FBI notes, however, that 3/4 reported rapes never are even followed up because of lack of evidence. Around 20% go to trial and about 6% of accused men are convicted and jailed.

       If we are having a problem with false sexual accusations, it's because the Corporate Media keeps sensationalizing these and encouraging copycats; and greedy trial lawyers see a chance to score a cash payout (as recently happened at Fox News). But the Red Pills won't address those things, because facts don't fit their agenda.

         Fisher expresses how he became a Red Pill convert, and it speaks volumes. After a relationship ended, Fisher was denied visitation rights; and the article claims that his ex threatened him with legal accusation. Fisher assures his disciples that he "dindu nuffin'" but what he says afterwards should make us a bit suspicious:

       "I felt so damaged that indeed I saw the public as the enemy." he says, nota bene, "I did what a good engineer does. I identified the system and started building rules to encounter various forms of damage that might occur in the future."

         Common sense should tell anyone that a man constantly in fear of being accused of violence against women probably has good grounds for that fear. And is not because society is subservient to the 'Feminine Imperative'.

          Fisher's views on Christianity are just as crackpot, there's little need to review them.

          But the real losers here are the Republicans of New Hampshire's 9th District, who really bought a ringer. It should be a lesson to us all to be careful of whom we elect. At least the next primary should be relatively easy for Fisher's opponents.


  1. I'd love to be a fly on this guy's wall right about now!

    Oh, well, he did all this to himself... or to paraphrase something his ilk might say, "He was ASKING for it!"

    1. What was especially good was that---just before Fisher was exposed---Vox Day (another Red Pill guru) was encouraging his disciples to doxx and expose so-called 'SJWs'. These guys can't do ANYTHING right...

  2. Oh, on an aside note -- this not-exactly-good-looking guy looks like a poor man's Josh Duggar.