Monday, April 17, 2017


    The Manosphere's Red Pill Cult didn't come away empty-handed from this weekend's annual Eastertide madness in the Prozac Nation. They found a new poster-boy for their ideology. His name is Nathan Damigo:

    Andrew Anglin, of The Daily Stormer, has even gone so far as to replace his usual 'Pepe' and Hitler-memes who a photo of this Manly Alpha Leader in action on his blog-header.

     For those of our many readers who've tuned out the Corporate Media: during the latest Berkeley riot, Damigo felt so frightened and threatened by a five-foot, one-inch teenaged groupie of the Bay Area Antifa that he knocked her out with one punch. And he didn't even use brass knuckles.

      So this photo and accompanying video went 'viral' and briefly eclipsed the looming Second Korean War on discussion forums as the most important thing on Ameroboobs' drug-soaked minds. The Red Pills, driven to orgasmic ecstasy at seeing a thug beating a girl half his size during Holy Week, cheered on and defended Damigo and ridiculed the girl-groupie---who probably really needed a good spanking and a two-week grounding more than anything else.

      Some photos of the girl have also emerged on the Internet, showing that sans the 60s-era Cuban-Revolutionary wardrobe, she's actually rather pretty.

     And this, as per usual, sent Anglin's notorious sexual jealousy into overdrive. He wrote a long diatribe explaining that female hypergamy is the reason young girls get involved with scum like the Antifa. The real reason, of course, is the cultural toxicity that social cesspools like Berkeley have on impressionable young minds---but Red Pill envy always overcomes their miniscule reasoning powers.

       Anglin pronounced Damigo's assault on the girl as "The Punch Heard Round the World!" and even called for "White Sharia". Yeah, he's really some Conservative...

        "The degree to which you allow women freedom is the degree to which they will destroy their own lives and the lives of everyone around them, and by extension, civilization itself!" Anglin shrieks, "We have to forcibly marry off teenaged girls to men who will take care of them!"

       And no doubt, in the Red Pill New World Order, the Manly Alpha Leaders like Anglin and Damigo will get first-dibs on all these girls forced into marriage. There's no point in deconstructing the rest of Anglin's foolish rant: he's basically advocating a female slave cartel where losers like himself can compete on unfair terms with more desirable males. It's the reductio ad absurdum of the Cultural Marxism upon which the Red Pill Philosophy is really based.

       It's not known as of this writing where Damigo is a Red Pill himself or not; but he fairly fits the profile of most of their kind. Besides a proclivity to beat up on little girls, Damigo is a chronically unemployed rootless male; a veteran both of Obama's Rainbow-Pride military and the State Prison. Yes, Damigo served a stretch for armed robbery, but he dindu nuffin'. At the trial he testified that it was all a mistake; he thought the cab driver he beat and robbed was an Iraqi. Oops...

      But Damigo and his actions in Berkeley are deeply symbolic of everything that is wrong with the New-Age, Trash-Culture Far Right. They are driven by an unwavering faith that Might Makes Right and that force, fear, and manipulation are superior forms of all human relationships. True Conservatives reject these things and stand for fair-play, defending the weak, and the Rule of Law. Conservatives are never afraid to fight; but do so as a last resort whenever peaceful options have failed. The Trash-Culture Right is all about the projection of power without the internal spiritual power tempering and guiding their actions. 

    Predictably, Anglin and the other smart boys laugh at principled Conservatives as 'Cucks' but it's their social and religious heresies which have never lasted while traditionalism always withstands the test of time.  

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