Friday, April 28, 2017


    The debacle on the Korean Peninsula is getting worse for Tillerson, Soros, and the other chicken-hawks. China has put its forces on high alert and sent an unequivocal notice that unilateral action on the peninsula would not be tolerated. Vice-President Pence---one of the few sane voices on the issue, returned from South Korea no doubt with a fair impression of the hopeless condition of America's military. Pence has been urging Trump to work with China on resolving the conflict: which aims to bring North Korea to the negotiating table.

      Admiral Harry Harris, the Obama-appointed commander of US Forces in the Pacific, was called to Washington today to testify in front of RINO Lindsay Graham. Harris' poltroonery in front of North Korea was as apparent now as it was during Obama's failed Asian Pivot. Throughout the testimony Harris appeared on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

       And likely not without good reason. Among the issues that have come out in the hearing is that US Forces on Okinawa and in South Korea are defenseless against incoming attack. North Korean submarines were undetected although near the US Fleet. Nobody in the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon noticed until yesterday that Hawaii has no anti-missile defenses. And only a few days ago, it was noted that our outdated power grid is wide-open to EMP attack.

        Meanwhile, protests have erupted all across South Korea over the Pentagon's decision to deploy THAAD missiles in the country. This, of course, was another of Obama's and Harris' ideas which was implemented under disgraced South Korean President Park. The Trump Administration informed South Korea today that they would be responsible for paying for THAAD. The South Koreans are less than enthusiastic about paying for a war that the Pentagon starts. The Japanese, too, are buckling---like the Pentagon, the Japanese fear China. 

        And that is the problem with using the Military as a diplomatic weapon. The Trump Administration inherited a military that nobody respects. And nobody respects it because it is no longer respectable. To bring back that respect, the Pentagon must be treated like a swamp to be drained like all the others. 


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