Wednesday, April 12, 2017


    Last week, Hungary enacted some sweeping new legislation condemning the criminal activities of George Soros in their country. In a move that the US Government would be wise to copy, the new legislation especially cracked down on the arch-criminal's meddling in the Hungarian Educational System. Soros is a main funding source of Central European University, and the new law has forced the university to seek alternative sources of income.

       Sadly, though, it doesn't appear as though the US will follow Hungary's lead. Rex Tillerson, also a champion of Left-Wing causes, rushed to Soros' defense yesterday; urging the Hungarian Government to suspend implementation of the new law. The State Department, via Obama-appointed spokesman Mark Toner, said:

       "The State Department is very concerned, and we are urging Hungary to suspend implementation of the law. We want to see a review and discussion in order to address any concerns with the university itself and other affected institutions go forward."

       In other words, Tillerson isn't interested in dialogue with the Syrian Government for the purpose of defeating Terrorism; he is however, willing to pressure the Hungarian Government on behalf of George Soros. Toner even went on to praise Soros' efforts corrupting Hungarian schools:

        "CEU is a leading academic institution and an important conduit for intellectual and cultural exchanges between Hungary and the United States. And frankly, it's a center of freethinking and research."

        No, Toner, CEU is a center of academic radicalism---much like your alma mater, UC-Berkeley is.

         In March, a Congressional Inquiry asked Tillerson to probe Soros' activities in the State Department. Since then, Tillerson received a response from Soros' henchmen in The Open Society Foundation. Yesterday, Deputy State Department Assistant Secretary Joseph McManus---yet another Obama appointee---brushed off the Congressional Inquiry by saying:

         "The State Department's foreign assistance programs are rigorously designed, implemented, and monitored to ensure that they are based on core American values." McManus sniffed.

         So it appears that Tillerson is not only sabotaging Trump's foreign policy; he's cozying up to Soros. And so far from 'draining the swamp' he's left Obama henchmen in key policy positions where they have access to sensitive information; among other mischief they could commit.

        It's time for GOP activists to pressure the Administration to dump Rex Tillerson. The Corporate Media is focusing on Ivanka and Kushner influencing Trump, but it's becoming increasingly clear who the real problem is.

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