Thursday, April 6, 2017


    The fake news that the Syrian Government perpetrated a chemical-weapons attack in Idlib Province has been gaining momentum. There are allegedly talks at the Pentagon this morning about possible military options; although CNN has been the main source of these reports. But there has been a lot of pointless gesturing at the UN from Ambassador Nikki Haley. The Security Council Allies, Russia and China vetoed Haley's sham resolution yesterday; and hopefully Trump will recall and replace her once cooler heads have prevailed.

     There are one of two possibilities involved here. First, we must stress what the Corporate Media is hiding: that the Syrian Government itself was the first to announce casualties from chemical agents. The Al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib had previously deployed these weapons in Aleppo and elsewhere---and the civilians who suffered gas poisoning were being used as human shields against Allied airstrikes. Russian and Iranian intelligence sources believe that a munitions depot bombed by the Syrian Air Force may have contained these weapons, unbeknownst to Allied leaders.

       The second possibility is that the weapons were deployed intentionally by Al-Qaeda in the interests of international criminals who wanted a false-flag following Trump's announcement that Syrian regime-change was off the table. The Soros-backed 'White Helmets' and the Al-Qaeda affiliated Syrian Observatory for Human Rights have been the ones cited by the Corporate Media as legitimate sources here. Jordan and Turkey---two countries run by the Moslem Brotherhood---are also egging on the Trump Administration against Assad.

         What about US Intelligence? It goes without saying that the 'Deep State' can't be relied upon here---and that includes DNC apparatchiks in the Pentagon, like CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel; who should have disgraced from command the day Trump was inaugurated.

         If Trump bows to DNC/Deep State-instigated pressure it will be a mistake from which his Administration will not recover from easily. This whole incident has Trump being set-up written all over it. Don't think that Trump's opponents couldn't have staged the attack in Syria: they've done it before. Podesta, Gephardt, the Clintons are all deeply involved in criminal enterprises in Syria---another fact that has been repeatedly proven. Qatar and Saudi Arabia---who need a 'regime change' in Syria to complete a petroleum monopoly project in the region have provided troops among the Al-Qaeda forces now operating in Idlib.

        At this point, the US cannot afford to go back to the failed Pax Americana policies of the Liberal/Neocon administrations. The US needs to step in and join hands with the Allies and prove to the world that the New Direction that Trump promised is genuine.


  1. I agree with you here. He appears to be moving away from.Bannonism and turning neocon. If this is true I will be getting off this train.

    1. Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worst in Syria tonight. Speaking of Bannon, though, I have read that Milo, Ann Coulter and some others have stood up for Syria. I haven't listened to him in awhile, but Michael Savage is reportedly calling out Trump over this.