Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    In response to North Korean defiance, it appears that the mighty armada threatening WW3 all Easter weekend has ignominiously fled from the Korean Peninsula. The USS Vinson has been spotted heading southward at world-class yacht-racing speed---well out of the range of North Korean missiles.

     As our brave men and women in uniform emerged from their safe spaces, questions began to be raised about the Vinson's absence from the Conflict Zone. Depending on which source one consulted during the day, the Navy either never really went to Korea; or else had urgent business to attend to in the South China Sea.

      The Corporate Media and the Deep-State Pentagon really expects us to believe this. They really do.

      It's totally possible that the Pentagon could lose an entire carrier-group for almost a week. And the Media sending reports back from Korea never noticed it was thousands of miles away. And the Russian and Chinese submarines trailing the group were mistakenly following other ships. And so on.

      The Rainbow-Pride Pentagon claims this was all a miscommunication.

      In fact, the Pentagon is shamefacedly slinking away from threats of a carrier-borne attack and now 'considering other options,' like shooting down missiles during tests. That's not liable to deter North Korea either. Whether we want to admit it or not, Kim Jong Un succeeded where Trump failed: he stood up to the Deep State and secured his country's independence. His stature as a world leader can only rise after this humiliating debacle.

        The lessons that we Conservatives can draw from this are these:

1. Swamp-Draining needs to be our top priority and this includes the Pentagon. It's time to overhaul our military from the bottom-up.

2. Foreign Policy can't be conducted like a WWE all-star smack-down.

3. If Trump listens to the same people who advised Obama, he will get the same results that Obama did.

      Kim Jong Un really did little more than beat Trump at his own game. Kim actually followed the same strategy that Trump outlined during his campaign (but has since abandoned): put the country and build a military that other powers will fear to attack. We can see which course of action worked in actual practice. Maybe instead of trying to force regime-change in North Korea, Trump should keep his campaign promises and work on regime-change at home first.


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