Thursday, April 20, 2017


     Tricia, blogger at Freedom Through Empowerment brought some great news to our attention. It seems that some of the victims of the Red Pill Cult are taking steps to bring some of these scum to justice. As bad as many of the Red Pills are, this particular case is directed at one of the worst of them: Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer.

       And the case is being filed today (April 20)---a Neo-Nazi holiday---which makes it even better.

       Regular readers of our blog probably recall a series of articles we published in December about Anglin's harassment campaign aimed at the tiny Jewish population of Whitefish, Montana. Whitefish is a town of less than 10,000 people, economically dependent on the tourism and resort industry. A realtor named Tanya Gersh---who happens to be Jewish---tried to negotiate the sale of a property owned by the family of Nazi activist, Richard Spencer. Gersh was actually acting on behalf of community leaders who believed (correctly) that Spencer's association with Whitefish was a public nuisance, damaging local business with negative publicity.

         Anglin organized a campaign of harassment against Gersch and other Jews in Whitefish. In typical Red Pill fashion, Anglin set his minions to do the work while he himself incited them from behind various disclaimers and deniability. But, as we recently pointed out, people like Anglin are bound to slip up. What Anglin failed to realize is that, under American law, criminal and civil infractions are governed by two different standards of legally actionable criteria. While his various disclaimers and First Amendment loopholes shielded him from criminal charges, the fact he publically endorsed a campaign which resulted in economic and emotional damage made him liable for civil charges. The sharp lawyers who work for the Southern Poverty Law Center saw it, however. They contacted Tanya Gersh, and Anglin fell right into his own trap.

        Even worse for Anglin---because he doesn't live in Montana---this is an interstate case and so he'll be put on trial in Federal Court. And the Israeli Media, which has been covering this case since December, is speculating that none other than the legendary Richard Cohen will be the prosecutor.

        "We're going to seek a very, very substantial monetary award to punish Anglin." Cohen told the Jerusalem Post yesterday.

         It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. At least two recent racially-motivated murders were inspired by The Daily Stormer. Anglin has also unleashed his gangs of trolls on others: including an Italian model who was critically injured after a thug threw acid in her face. It's a rare occasion when we praise the SPLC, but we're all behind them on this one.




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