Sunday, April 23, 2017


    Yet once again, another elite Navy SEAL is in jail this weekend. Authorities caught SEAL Team 1 member Kyle Seerden in possession of child pornography, which he also recorded and shared on his I-Phone.  The girl in question was unconscious---possibly drugged---when Seerden made the recordings.

      Less than two weeks ago, another SEAL, Joseph Schmidt, was investigated for acting in pornographic films while on active duty. Schmidt is married to a porn star and was once reprimanded after being caught with pornographic material during a deployment. Other SEALs have been the subject of scandals recently: former SEAL Matt Bissonette was forced to pay a $4.5 million fine for publishing unauthorized military information connected to the Osama bin Laden raid.

     It's no wonder that North Koreans don't want to be 'liberated' by these guys. Trash Culture permeates our Military as much as the rest of society. And let's not fall back on 'the few bad apples' excuse. The Postmodern Military is a disgrace to American Military Tradition dating back to Colonial times.

      On Friday, we published an article about a similar crime that occurred at Dover Air Force Base. In the intervening 48 hours, it's been reported that:

       Fort Stewart: one soldier has been charged and an unspecified number of others detained after local police conducted a sting-operation to break up a cocaine-distribution ring.

        Fort Jackson: the drill-sergeant in charge of Army rappelling-training was arrested on 24 counts of animal cruelty after an equivalent number of dead animals were found in his abandoned apartment. Most of the animals had died of starvation.

       Fort Campbell: Trial began for two members of the 'elite' 101st Airborne Division accused of kidnapping and murdering a female 'soldier'.

      Norfolk: another Navy sailor was sentenced to 30 years in prison for multiple counts of producing and distribution child pornography over a period of four years.

        These kinds of stories occur with regularity. A far cry from the days when most military disciplinary problems dealt with being AWOL, fighting, or alcohol or visiting prostitutes. But doesn't this reflect the milieu in which these 'soldiers' grew up? Recall that the public schools' worst disciplinary problems were once things like running in hallways and chewing gum in class. Today, public schools are notorious for drug-pushing, gang-fights, rapes, and mass-shootings. Both the Military and the Schools are in need of a thorough overhaul at all levels.

         The problem is from within; and those defending the country are a major part of that problem. Trump was elected to Make America Great Again; that is, bring us back to a state of greatness. That cannot be accomplished with the same material that reduced our global status in the first place.




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