Wednesday, April 5, 2017


     Harvard University, which was once among the luminaries of global academic excellence, has fallen to the gutter-level of street agitators by offering a new four-week 'symposium' beginning today. Resistance School is the actual name of this course, which is offered online. The course's 'syllabus' reads: "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty."

     According to Sputnik News, 'lecturers' include former White House staffers, Harvard Public Policy professors, and community organizers. Course work is about teaching activism tactics "for as long as President Donald Trump is in office."

     Maybe it's time that the Trump Administration decided to eliminate any federal funding to Harvard, cancelling any and all government contracts with that institution. If these scum want to resist the government, let them pay for it themselves.

     An interesting proposal being floated in some corners of the Internet would be for the government to suspend federal funds for the Academic Establishment and channel the money into grants to set up actually socially useful colleges: medicine, technology, science, research and development, etc. That way, qualified students could attend state-of-the-art learning centers while bypassing several years of classroom time---now simply wasted parroting politically-correct propaganda---that serves no purpose except to inflate some professor's already bloated ego and justify their excessive salaries.

       In contrast to this, the Israeli media reported that researchers at Tel Aviv University have discovered a potential cancer-treatment that has the medical world taking note. By modifying naturally-occurring proteins, Israeli scientists have discovered through laboratory tests that the modified proteins attack cancerous cells as they begin to reproduce---while bypassing healthy biological cells. If successful, this treatment can be used to fight cancer without any of the destructive side-effects of most current treatments. The Israeli Government is considering permitting clinical trials.

       So while Israeli universities are on the brink of a cancer cure, Ameroboob students are taking Prozac and marching around in disgusting pink hats. The real grassroots that need reformed are in our educational system, because America can't be made great again if the swamp grows back after it's been drained.

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