Sunday, April 9, 2017


   While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is anticipating planting the Rainbow Flag over Pyongyang, emboldened Wahhabi gangsters unleashed a wave of terrorism across Africa this weekend. At least we don't have to think about violence in Chicago any more.

    In Egypt, Palm Sunday worshippers were massacred in two separate bomb attacks with a police station blown up for good measure. President Sisi has declared a three-month State of Emergency---killing Christians in Egypt is still considered a criminal offense. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, just a day after Sisi broke with Trump and issued a statement supporting Assad. Egypt has military and civilian contractors in Syria fighting alongside the other Allies.

      In Somalia, the vicious Al-Shabaab jihadists are on the move again; capturing the strategic village of Ceelbuur. A week ago, the Trump Administration gave the gay-friendly Pentagon full authority to act independently in Somalia. They quickly responded by pulling African Union peacekeeping forces from Ceelbuur---which fell to Al-Shabaab without a shot being fired.

     This is making America Great Again?

     Meanwhile, the RINO UN Ambassador is welcome on CNN once again. She told the fake-news outlet in an exclusive interview this morning that the Deep State is considering sanctions on Russia and Iran for supporting Assad's fight against Jihadists and Western Liberalism in general. No word yet on how Egypt will punished; but Haley informed the gullible Corporate Media that "Trump and his Administration were shown classified information proving that Assad had been involved in the chemical weapons attack at Idlib." Not mentioning of course that this information came from Obama's stooges General Joseph Votel and the Moslem Brotherhood-ruled Turkish and Jordanian governments. Or that it was supported by the Al-Qaeda front-group The Syrian Observatory on Human Rights and the Soros-backed White Helmets.

     The Deep State---a confederation of organized crime, religious cultists, and political extremists---came into being during the geopolitical chaos occasioned by the fall of the Soviet Union. Grafting itself onto Cold War Era intelligence infrastructure, the Deep State turned away from Cold War policies of encouraging Democracy and World Peace. Instead, they pushed the doctrine of a Pax Americana: a false theory by which a handful of American-based pseudo-Elites controlled global economic systems and ruled with the military power of the ancient Caesars. This shift was reflected in American politics, wherein we saw a resurgence of pre-Independence dynastic governments such as the Bush and Clinton families; and economic monopolies to which the once-independent Media and Academia were subjugated.

     During the 2016 Elections, some Conservatives feared the possibility that Trump would align himself with the Deep State; given his connections to Wall Street and his proclivities for elevating family members to high political positions. Yet we hoped that this was not so.

      It could well be that Trump's political inexperience and bad advice is coming into play here. Other presidents have succumbed to this tendency; and if so, it is up to Republican Party activists to correct the Administration.

     What many well-meaning Conservatives who support Trump's militarism fail to understand is that there is an enormous difference between domestic and foreign policy in terms of how it is conducted. Draining the Swamp at HUD and cracking down on government corruption is not the same as dropping an atomic bomb on North Korea. Interventions in foreign countries bring about the interests of other countries who, like us, are working in the interests of their own people. Creating power vacuums in countries like Syria or North Korea will inevitably lead to others rushing in to fill that vacuum---many of whom are already in conflict with one another. This came close to happening in Iraq during Obama's tenure when the Iraqi Government seemed on the verge of falling to ISIS, for example. Iran and Turkey were preparing to intervene militarily and both sides had made it very clear that they would not let the other have Iraq to itself. Had such a war erupted, the radicals would have sided with Turkey and the Shia countries with Iran---sucking in the entire region. 

       Similar scenarios could happen nearly anywhere. As we said before, "geopolitics is a dangerous place to play games." Removing a corrupt bureaucracy in the EPA means simply replacing it and enacting new policies. Regime Change in a sovereign state leads to chaos. Even when it is justified---as in WW1 and WW2---the wartime casualties and post-war chaos shows clearly that such undertakings come with a very high price tag and should never be undertaken unless the sacrifices involved justify it, as St. Augustine said centuries ago.


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