Sunday, April 2, 2017


       As we predicted here earlier, the case of accused murderer and Red Pill Cultist James Jackson is not going away. David Futrelle, a male feminist writer has also picked up on the connection between Jackson and the Red Pills. He published an article recently about the convergence between the Radical Right and the Men's Right Movement.

       Overall, Futrelle's article was very good; far more objective than one would expect. The article is mostly descriptive, apparently aimed at audiences unfamiliar with the Red Pill Cult and its MGTOW partisans in particular. Most of Manosphere leaders whom Jackson followed were of the MGTOW persuasion.

       "The two movements are drawn together by a shared obsession with, and paranoia about, the sexuality of women." Futrelle writes, "It seems fairly clear that the relative values of sperm and eggs have little to do with {White Supremacists'} reactions. Black men dating White women trigger sexual insecurities...MGTOWs are similarly obsessed with women having sex with men other than themselves. While MRA complaints often reek of sexual insecurities and resentments and aggrieved sexual entitlement, MGTOWs seem motivated by little other than their own sexual anxieties and resentments."

      Futrelle comes very close to the truth here; so close in fact that he drew down upon himself a torrent of abuse  from outraged Red Pills. While what Futrelle says is observationally true, he misses the actual cause of this convergence.

       The problem with Leftist pundits in general is that they are taught to view everything through the lens of Marxist thought. Marxism also relies heavily on Evolutionary Psychology and sees history and sociology in terms of class-struggle. To their minds, women and minorities were intentional victims of exploitation and are evolving towards a future of equality. Thus, racists and misogynists of today are political reactionaries or ignoramuses who still hold outdated beliefs.

       What the Left fails to see is that the Far Right is not the opposite of Cultural Marxism; but the counterfeit of it. The mythology of a racist, misogynist past promoted by the Cultural Marxists is fully accepted by the Far Right. The Far Left is trying to escape a past that never existed and the Far Right wants to 'return' to the same place. This is where the convergence-point between Neo-Nazis and the Red Pills actually lies.

        Feminism teaches that women were formerly the property of men---something that hasn't existed outside of a few fringe movements and the economic aristocracy in Western Civilization since prehistoric times (if even then). The Red Pills and Neo-Nazis are together in the belief that this supposedly oppressive Patriarchy was a Golden Age that men should aspire to return to. The idea that women should be the de facto slaves of men is a dominant theme among the Red Pills---and that White women should be the property of White men is dominant among the Neo-Nazis. Add into the mix the similarity between the Red Pill Alpha and the Neo-Nazi Ubermensch and the convergence is complete.

         To sum up, Futrelle's psychological reasoning is basically correct, but his sociological premises are badly flawed. Nonetheless, his article isn't bad for those wanting a basic introductory explanation of this unsettling social trend. Psychologists like Erich Fromm proved during the 1940s that there was a direct correlation between Naziism and sexual perversion; like Fromm, Futrelle is correct in noting this, but the Socialist leanings of both writers cause them to miss the bigger picture.

       The bigger picture is that there is equality in traditional gender polarity and gender roles because Civilization is built on the twin foundations of Community and Family. The traditional province of one is masculine, the other feminine. Eroding these boundaries lead to sexual anarchism---and the James Jackson Case is ultimately the product of that. He, like Nazis and Red Pills in general, would have been a fringe element under a traditional society; but in an anarchistic one feels empowered and entitled to take drastic action against imaginary foes. Such men would never be viable competitors for females in a traditional culture---hence they long for a system of sexual slavery where they can rule by fraud and force and feel cheated that society denies them this 'right'.

        This is why Conservatives need to stand up and denounce these movements. President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and Interior Secretary Zinke have all spoken publically against these Neo-Nazi groups. Unfortunately, GOP activists haven't followed the Administration's lead.


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