Friday, April 14, 2017


     It has been a virtual trademark of the Whacko Left to compare any and all of their enemies to Hitler and the Nazis. Most of them are wholly ignorant of the Second World War, and to them the 1940s are as remote a period as the time before Noah's Flood. Lately though, whackos on the Far Right have been copying Liberal rhetoric along with Liberal policies. Outside of the Manosphere and a few extremes of the Alt-Right, nobody enthusiastically embraces Naziism as an actual philosophy.

      The Neocons have learned from the Liberals that the US is filled with ignoramuses who, because of their drug addictions and lack of education, are easily 'triggered' by the most idiotic and senseless memes and neologisms. First of all, White House spokesman Sean Spicer compared Syrian statesman Bashir Assad to Hitler. Spicer informed us that "not even Hitler gassed his own people". Actually, Hitler did and Assad didn't: and it actually happens historically that Syria fought with the Free French during WW2. But Spicer wouldn't know this; which is no handicap in Postmodern America because nobody else knows and could care less.

       Not to be outdone, North Carolina legislator Larry Pittman compared former President Lincoln to Hitler. "Lincoln was the same sort of tyrant, and responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional." Pittman proudly displayed his stupidity.

         Assad and Lincoln have many things in common, although their political philosophies are widely different. Both were inexperienced leaders when assuming office, and both were targeted by vested global interests for overthrow. Both saw violent revolutionaries overrun large portions of the country; but were able to rally patriots to defend the nation. Lincoln was a man of faith who fought a perverted Christianity that sought to bring back a Mediaeval Aristocracy. Assad is man of faith who is fighting a perverted Islam which seeks to bring back a Mediaeval Caliphate.

         Thus it is unsurprising that both men would be hated by enemies of freedom. The Left, of course, hates everybody who more virtuous than themselves. But why the antagonism from the Right?

          It is because of what we have been saying for months: neither the Neocons nor the Far Right are real Conservatives. Both sides---at the core of their philosophies---hold to a primitive Tribalism which seeks to subjugate and control what they consider inferior peoples. It's the phony Cult of the Superman---or Alpha as the Red Pills call it. They only differ on which faction should be running the New World Order.

     Had it not been for Abraham Lincoln, literally millions of Americans would be living under some form of forced labor today. The Antebellum South was not the paradise it is commonly portrayed to be. There was massive income inequality not only among races, but among Whites themselves. There was no Middle Class as we understand it. The Southern Aristocracy considered other Whites as White Trash. Most Whites lived in abject poverty; as the wealthy slaveholding class had access to free labor.

       Poor Whites in the Old South had little more rights than the Black Slaves. The Oligarchy controlled state and local governments at all levels. When the Confederacy was established, any White who was pro-Union had no civil rights and often suffered property confiscation. The Confederates treated Union prisoners-of-war with the most hideous barbarity and cruelty. In some Southern POW camps, the mortality rate was over 50%.

       White Union officers who commanded the 'Buffalo Soldier' regiments were not treated as POWs, but as leaders of servile insurrection. Several captured officers were hanged after sham trials. As for the Confederate Army itself, it was mostly a mixture of a criminal class of Whites and foreign mercenaries---who were enticed by offers of rapine and plunder in the Northern States. Exactly the same types who formed Tory Militias during the War of Independence.

          Southern Churches preached that slavery was the Will of God and the Southern Aristocracy was a chosen people defending the true faith. Sounds a lot like ISIS, doesn't it? Yet this what the Neoconservatives and the Neo-Confederates would like to see governing all mankind.

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