Friday, April 21, 2017


    From Military Daily News comes the following story from Dover Air Force Base:

     "Federal prosecutors have charged two airmen stationed at Dover Air Force Base with sexually abusing a teenaged runaway whom they harbored on base. According to Court records unsealed Thursday, Dalian Washington, 25, and Akeem Beezer, 21, waived their rights to a preliminary hearing and are in jail awaiting trial. Both men are charged with sexual abuse of a minor. Washington is also charged with sex trafficking of a minor...

     "According to Court records, the investigation began after the girl told a social worker that she had stayed on the base and had sex with service members. An agent with the USAF Office of Special Investigations and a detective from the Delaware State Police interviewed the girl on March 16th. According to Court records, the detective knew the girl prior to the interview as a teen with a troubled home life who often lived on the street...

     "The girl identified Washington as the man who picked her up and took her back to the barracks and had sex with her. She stayed in the barracks for several months, and was brought food stolen from the Mess Hall. Investigators say that Washington introduced the girl to Beezer who had sex with her on multiple occasions...

     "Court records indicate that Washington exchanged nude photos with the girl and that investigators recovered 157 nude photos of her, and a video of her performing oral sex on Washington."

      Lt. Katherine Vaughn, spokes-girl at Dover, had no comment for the press.

      It may sound like a silly question in this Politically-Correct age, but: Doesn't this Air Base have any security? Don't they do things like barracks inspections any more? How could this have gone on for months without anybody noticing?

       Well, for the answer to this conundrum, we have to look no further than the fact that Dover's commander, Col. Ethan Griffin, was appointed by Obama. Readers may recall that Griffin's predecessor was under fire from the Obama Administration for endorsing a Christmas charity-drive hosted by the Rev. Franklin Graham.

         According to Dover's news-site, one of Griffin's first acts was to host a Women's Equality Day event on August 31st. In September, he teed-off at the Dover Base Golf Tournament (yes, they have a golf course and a bowling-alley too). In October, Griffin hosted a Hispanic Heritage Food Tasting Event. And so forth...Dover is quite the ideal deployment for Snowflakes, it would seem.

          What our military does not need are any more Arts-and-Croissants commanders who sip champagne and spout PC talking-points at the Country Club. Commanders like these are how dirtbags like Washington and Beezer get into the Military. We need fighting men again, at all levels of the service.

           This is why Trump needs to purge our military. Thirty years of dumbed-down schools, political correctness, and trash culture pervade the Armed Forces just like every other segment of society.




  1. That's appalling in a moral sense, but sheesh, it's also really bad security! I can a hardly get on a base without something being wrong, expired car tabs or some such. Not sure how you sneak in a whole person and keep them there for months. We do need to drain the swamp.

    1. It must be different on the East Coast. Out here on the Pacific anybody who gets within a 1/2 mile of base (by land, sea, or air)usually encounters some heavily armed men who send them off in the other direction. That being said though, imagine what a squad of enemy commandoes could do to a base like Dover with that kind of security. Base commanders have been court-martialed and shot for less negligence than that.