Saturday, April 8, 2017


    President Trump's electoral base is eroding nearly as fast as his foreign policy shifts. Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham---once a candidate for Trump's White House Press Secretary---spoke out yesterday against the Administration's treachery in Syria and warned that moves may be underway to remove Reince Priebus and pull some Neocon out of the Swamp to replace him.

    Dr. Ron Paul mentioned recently that Trump's criticism of the Tea Party and Freedom Caucus---followed by Steve Bannon's demotion---was a signal that things were shifting. And we're seeing more and more dissent arising from the 'base' over this Syrian fiasco. Granted, many of us were late supporters of Trump, for a variety of reasons. But people with Trump from the beginning---including people like Michael Savage and Anne Coulter who wrote campaign material for him---are backing out. This also includes publications like Breitbart, Zero Hedge, and The Duran.

     Even several activists on the Alt-Right: among them Milo Yiannapoulous and Mike Cernovich are questioning the direction in which the Administration is now heading.

     James Jatras, a former official in the Reagan Administration and Senate Republican Policy Committee Analyst from 1985-2001, was interviewed recently by Pravda. Jatras currently heads a legal firm representing the Donbas Republics abroad. Jatras explained that the Deep State is now driving policy as follows:

      "I think unfortunately that Trump has been boxed in by people within his Administration who do not agree with anything that he said during the campaign. I believe that he is being driven by forces beyond his control and that he has essentially gone over to the State Department side. He thinks that somehow he can weather the storm if he goes along with the agenda. But I think he will discover that he is in a much weaker position than he was before."

      Jatras' prediction is coming true---Trump is discovering that Conservative principles actually mean something to the Conservative base. That's what distinguishes us from the Liberals and the RINOs.

      And the most dangerous part of this is that to appear strong to the public, Trump's predecessors took to attacking other countries: their use of force being roughly proportional to presidential weakness. The Deep State pulling the strings on these presidents profited off military action and occupation as well; so militarism is always in their interest. We elected Trump to remove these scum from positions of power; not to join their ranks and do their bidding.

       Then tonight we hear the news that the Rainbow-Pride Navy has cobbled together a carrier task-force and sent it in the direction of North Korea---like Syria, another non-existent threat to the US. In fact, North Korea is even less of a threat because there are no Jihadists there. What would be the point of striking North Korea? To prop up the Moonies running South Korea just like attacking Assad supports the Wahhabis running Saudi Arabia.

      It's not too late for Trump to change course, but another move like Thursday's Syria attack, and this Administration will be squarely under the Neocon thumb. GOP activists need to rally now and rally hard to return things to the right path.




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