Sunday, April 9, 2017


    America's Rainbow-Pride Pentagon has announced a new 'hero' for Neocons everywhere: 'Commander' Andria Slough. In our postmodern dystopia, people like Slough actually command Navy destroyers like the USS Porter. And are elevated into national heroes for pushing a button and killing innocent people to send message.

     Among the past accomplishments 'Commander' Slough has performed is being profiled by Obama's Naval Diversity Program during Women's History Month in 2016; and in January 2017 approved a chapter of Gay, Lesbian and Supporting Sailors (GLASS) for the crew of the Porter.

      A century ago, President Wilson brought the US into WW1 to "make the world safe for democracy." 18 months later, American forces crushed the supposedly invincible Imperial German Army.

     Thanks to three decades of Liberal/Neocon government, one doesn't even have to identify as male to be in today's Navy.

        General H.R. McMaster, now bosom-buddies with the Corporate Media, was interviewed by fake-news purveyor Chris Wallace today on Fox News. During the 2016 Election, Wallace wasn't especially friendly to Trump; but now that Trump has evolved Wallace and his bosses in the Corporate Media are singing a different tune. In 2014, Obama promoted McMaster and put him in charge of the Army's Training and Doctrine Command; tasked with integrating women and homosexuals into the US military. McMaster was also instrumental in removing Steve Bannon from Trump's security advisors. One of the remarkable things about the interview was the number of times McMaster referenced Tillerson and how rarely he mentioned Trump.

        Shortly after the attack, 'Commander' Slough quickly put the Porter into reverse and fled the Levantine Coast as Russian ships approached. Nonetheless, Trump arranged a photo-op for the crew, to show us all how the New Navy represents diversity. As it turns out though, the Russians were delivering nearly 6 tons of humanitarian aid which was delivered to 1,500 people in a displaced-persons camp. Such are the brutal regimes of Putin and Assad.

        But unfortunately, the Neocons and the Deep State can always rely on the blind hero-worship that most Americans have for anybody who puts on a uniform. That the Pentagon is one of the worst of all Swamps in need of draining never crosses their minds.





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