Friday, April 14, 2017


    We are learning today that yesterday's much-ballyhooed MOAB strike in Afghanistan did very little actual damage to the Taliban. The Jihadists lost about 40 soldiers out of the estimated 40,000 operating in the area. One of the Taliban commanders believed that the damaged tunnel will be repaired this weekend. Still it was a less-expensive photo-op than the Syria strike, where we learned that it takes 10 Tomahawk Missiles to kill 1 Syrian soldier; and 60 can put an airbase out of commission for roughly 8-10 hours. Generation Snowflake just isn't up to martial standards of the past, it seems.

       Even more troubling, though, was the announcement by Afghan commander General John Nicholson that he deployed the MOAB without consulting President Trump. Trump's decision to give field commanders more latitude might be a good decision---except for one problem. 'Mad Dog' Mattis, like 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson has left Obama apparatchiks like Nicholson in charge of these decisions.

       Nicholson was appointed by Obama and the situation in Afghanistan has steadily deteriorated under his tenure. Opium production is up a whopping 4000 times its levels since 2001. The Taliban have gained strength; while there are reports that US troops are guarding heroin production facilities and homosexual orgies where Afghan warlords delight themselves with underage boys. Most of Nicholson's media notoriety centers on his proclivity to launch airstrikes on weddings and funerals while never hitting the Taliban. He was the general who bombed Kunduz Hospital, for example.

        General Joseph Votel, commander of CENTCOM, is a character we've written about often during the Obama Administration. An utter toady of Obama; Votel hasn't been replaced. It's probably no exaggeration to claim that Votel is the most incompetent commander in US Military history. Yet, it was on his 'ironclad assurances' that Trump attacked a Syrian Airbase last week. Votel followed this up just two days later by accidentally bombing US-backed rebels in Syria (again); and civilian targets in Iraq (again).

          Votel is so inept that opinion polls in the Middle East show that most Arabs actually believe that he's secretly in the employ of ISIS. His airstrikes have actually killed more allies and civilians than terrorists---probably in part because he courteously leaflets ISIS forces warning them in advance of attacks. Last October, he caused an international incident when he missed ISIS and bombed the Syrian Army. His supply-airdrops are notorious too for landing on ISIS and Al-Qaeda forces.

            As for his 'ironclad intel'; Votel was caught totally off-guard by the attempted coup in Turkey and nearly lost 90 atomic warheads to the Jihadists. When CENYCOM set up in Jordan, Votel 'carefully vetted' civilian contractors who handled weapons shipments. Over half the weapons were stolen and sold on the Black Market. Votel also once 'carefully vetted' US-backed rebels for a proposed attack on Raqqa. ISIS defeated and massacred these forces.

           Votel was also commander during the debacle when 10 Marines were captured by the Iranian Coast Guard and publically humiliated.

           The situation in Korea isn't much better. Admiral Harry Harris, appointed by Obama to head the Pacific Fleet, is in charge of this looming disaster. Harris' poltroonery was largely responsible for the collapse of Obama's Asian Pivot. The Fat Leonard Scandal, too, caught a lot of Harris' underlings in the dragnet.

             Once when Obama was visiting Alaska, a Chinese Task Force sailed undetected through the Pacific Fleet to the Bering Strait and was within missile range of POTUS himself. The inept Harris learned of this after some fishermen took pictures of the Chinese ships and it was reported in the press. Harris was formerly Obama's commander at Guantanamo and later commanded Hilary Clinton's intervention in Libya. He was involved in the Benghazi cover-up; Operation Fast and Furious, etc.

           Are these the kinds of people any sane leader would trust with advanced arsenals? Even Obama had so little confidence in these jokers that he made them get his approval before making major decisions. And that is the point: Trump shouldn't have any confidence in them either.

           What needs to happen is that Trump needs to kick Mattis' butt and start making him drain the Pentagon Swamp before one of these knuckleheads causes a global catastrophe. Not to mention that all of these poltroons are huge Obama supporters and completely in sympathy with DNC intrigues against Trump's policies.

            We need to start worrying a lot more about the real enemies without, instead of imaginary enemies without.


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