Tuesday, April 18, 2017


    It's really a sad commentary on the condition of American politics when it takes North Korea to stand up to the Deep State. But they stood up indeed: crossing every Red Line that the perverts Tillerson and McMaster drew in the sand. No sooner had the Pentagon announced an 'armada' was approaching Korea---led by Obama-appointed Admiral Harry Harris---than North Korea tested a submarine-launched missile.

      On Saturday, President Kim boldly held the annual military parade in Pyongyang; undaunted that such a display was an obvious target. That night, in defiance of Neocon threats, North Korea test-fired a ballistic which allegedly failed (if the Corporate Media can be believed).

      Even though Trump has authorized military commanders to show initiative, Admiral Harris displayed the same poltroonery that contributed to Obama's downfall in the South China Sea. President Kim and his generals know that the Rainbow-Pride Pentagon has no stomach for fighting a well-armed and well-led professional military, so he called Harris' bluff. The Neocons ended up painted into a corner: if they fail to attack North Korea, they look weak. If they do attack, they'll go it alone and Pentagon incompetence will be exposed---making them look even weaker.

       However the Neocons want to spin this, the Korean 'pivot' is an abject and humiliating failure. This was one of the most ill-conceived stunts that the US State Department has ever pulled. There's no way out of this bind for the US: a point that wasn't lost on Monday's UN meeting where the North Korean Ambassador, Kim In Ryong, addressed the Assembly.

       "With its gangster-like logic, the United States has introduced onto the Korean Peninsula huge nuclear assets, seriously threatening the peace and security of the Peninsula and pushing it to the brink of war." Kim stated. "It has created a dangerous situation wherein atomic warfare could erupt at any moment; threatening the stability of all of Northeastern Asia."

         Kim told reporters afterwards that North Korea was well within its indefeasible rights as a sovereign nation to develop such weaponry as would guarantee its security.

          "If the Americans want war, North Korea is prepared to answer that threat." Kim stated flatly. "The US has to come to its senses and pursue a saner option."

           North Korea has beaten the Neocons at their own game. American leadership can bluster all they want about "ending patient diplomacy" and "solving the Korean Crisis in one blow" but like all bullies, there's nothing to back up their boasts.


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