Monday, April 3, 2017


    Today there was sad news from Russia after thugs attacked the St. Petersburg Metro will shrapnel-bombs; killing 11 people and wounding more than 50 others. President Putin undauntedly went to the scene of the attack where he led a prayer service for the victims; and met with security officials. For his part, President Trump phoned Putin to offer his condolences and American support.

     "Donald Trump expressed his deep condolences to the families of the victims killed during the barbaric act carried out in the St. Petersburg Metro, and Trump asked to convey words of support to the Russian people." Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. And Trump was not alone: leaders of France, India, Germany, Turkey, China and elsewhere offered support.

      That is, everyone except for the American Corporate Media, which has a history of gloating over Russian deaths. The Moonie-owned Washington Times was forced to retract misleading photos connecting today's bombings with some recent protests in Moscow. John Podhoretz, one of the Beltway-Wall Street Establishment writers opined that "Interesting that the bomb blasts would come so soon after the protests; giving Putin a cover for a crackdown." Podhoretz has probably complicit in enough fake news to believe things like this. More likely, though, he's just saying what he's paid to say.

     Garry Kasparov, who leads the Soros-supported Human Rights Foundation and works a pundit on CNN, told that fake-news outlet that "'Unknown terrorists' perfectly timed to suit Putin's political agenda...please don't confuse sympathy for the victims with sympathy for the Putin Regime."

      Louise Mensch, an executive at News Corp, also pounced on the story. News Corp, of course, is owned by an Australian national and heavily funded by state-sponsors of Wahhabi terrorist movements. According to Julian Assange, News Corp was the 6th largest media donor to the Clinton Foundation.

      Mensch herself was a Clinton supporter in 2016 and called for Obama to block Trump's Inauguration pending investigation into supposed Russian interference in the election. More recently she was better-known for promoting the conspiracy theory that Putin had Andrew Breitbart murdered as part of a plot to promote Steve Bannon to power---as if Trump couldn't afford to buy his own media outlets if he so chose. Mensch has a long history of drug addiction and mental problems but in today's Corporate Media climate, those debilities don't disqualify anyone from being an expert on anything.

     "Putin has no compunction about killing Russians to serve his own ends." she pronounced. "Take absolutely nothing that the Kremlin says about this or any other terrorist incident at face value."

      Actually we should stop taking anything that the American Corporate Media says at face value. This is the same Media who for the last several years have assured us that mass-murders like the San Bernardino, Orlando, and Ft. Hood cases had no connection to Jihadi movements. Instead, we should support Putin and Russia who've been the real leaders fighting against terrorism and political corruption and a force promoting freedom throughout the world.


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