Monday, April 24, 2017


     This was an interesting weekend here in the Prozac Nation. California experienced its first train hold-up since the days of Marshal Matt Dillon or so. According to authorities, a gang of a few dozen thugs took over a BART passenger line and robbed and beat the passengers before escaping into the Oakland ghettoes. Chicago, too, announced that it is on track to surpass (once again) Elliot Ness-levels of gangland murders.

     Add to the mix the average numbers of Anarchist riots, a shooting in San Jose and another in Seattle. And more Americans died of dope overdoses than all this violence anyway.

      So what is the greatest threat facing the Snowflake Generation's way of life? According to the Corporate Media and the Deep State, it is once again, North Korea. Yes, a country the size of Pennsylvania; 6,000 miles from the Continental US might have the capability of building atomic ICBMs by the year 2050 or so. Thus, according to the Neocons, they must be stopped at all hazards.

        Never mind that North Korea hasn't killed any Americans this year (unlike radicalized men who engage in random shootings). Neither have they destroyed any American infrastructure (unlike the drug addicts who burned down the Atlanta Freeway). They haven't caused any socioeconomic disruption (unlike the Antifa and Black Lives Matter). And while they have used some threatening rhetoric, it's arguable that certain Hollywood celebrities and University professors have said worse things against the Trump Administration. The Secret Service noted recently that there have been more threats against President Trump than any other Chief Executive in history; yet not one of these was known to have been made by a North Korean.

        While the increasing violence, radicalization, and drug abuse among Americans gets no attention from the Elites, North Korea today managed to be the subject of a UN Council meeting, a briefing of the entire US Senate, an emergency summit between the US and China, and a special White House task force. For what it's worth, the USS Vinson has also been prodded into returning to the Korean Peninsula after last week's shameful retreat.

        The denizens of the Deep State learned from Bush Senior onward that Ameroboob outrage gets directed against them if not properly channeled onto a scapegoat. It becomes both Politically-Correct and patriotic to hate some obscure foreign leader whom the Corporate Media elevates into a comic-book super-villain. War makes a good public distraction between the Super Bowl and Hempfest; so long as it doesn't disrupt Regularly Scheduled Programming too much.

        And thus it will be business as usual. And next Election Cycle, Ameroboobs everywhere will wonder again why politicians promise change, but never deliver.


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