Thursday, April 13, 2017


    US Attorney-General Jeff Sessions was in the news today announcing the termination of an Eric Holder-created bureaucracy that imposed various politically-correct regulations on local police forensics' units. Sessions told the Corporate Media that: "Local control and local accountability are necessary for effective policing. It is not the responsibility of the Federal Government to manage non-Federal law enforcement agencies."

     Since Sessions was confirmed in his position, the Department of Justice has been a juggernaut of activity and genuine reform. Session's first act was to sack and replace all of the current federal prosecutors. He set out immediately enforcing deportations against criminal illegal aliens---including one of the leaders of the 'Women's March'. Sessions turned the FBI loose on gangs of known sex traffickers, drug-pushers, and has even jailed a few corrupt DoJ bureaucrats.

       Sessions was instrumental in appointing Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. Among his other reforms, Sessions has granted States authority to drug-test welfare recipients and begun withholding funds from so-called 'Sanctuary Cities'. He led an international effort to stamp out threats against American Jews. In two months time, Sessions' achievements have been remarkable.

        In contrast to the Department of Justice, though, we have the Department of State, headed by Rex Tillerson. In less than two weeks, Tillerson has alienated superpower Russia and possibly China. His crimes in Syria have alienated a huge percentage of Trump's base.

        As we pointed out in the previous article, in two months' time, the State Department is still staffed with Clinton and Kerry appointees---many of whom are in positions with access to sensitive information. When a group of Senators led by Ted Cruz presented evidence to Tillerson that DoS agencies were funding George Soros' foreign intrigues, Tillerson rebuffed them. When Jeff Sessions was given a similar letter about DoJ complicity in Soros' domestic activities, he immediately ordered an internal review, which is ongoing.

         It's time for GOP activists to pressure the Administration to dump 'Rainbow Rex' and replace him with a non-Neocon of Jeff Sessions' stature. Sessions exemplifies what we elected Trump to do---Tillerson represents the Old Order.


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