Monday, July 31, 2023


     While the jackals in the Corporate Media are busily trying to convince the Ameroboobs to settle passively into the Great Reset, events of some significance are happening in the landlocked, Saharan nation, the Republic of Niger. Last week, finally fed up with their government's constant toadying to Western Corporate interests, the Nigerien Military finally intervened and are in the process of establishing a new government. 

    Of course, most can't find Africa on a map, let alone understanding why this country has any significance for the world. Niger doesn't export marijuana, homo pornography, or lab-grown foods, so the average American probably doesn't know why it's important. The coup was important enough to receive a resounding denunciation from the White House; in fact, WEF sock-puppets Biden and Macron have bases in that country (both of which have since been asked to leave). 

    Niger is a country that is a major supplier of critical minerals uranium and gold. The last time Niger was much in the American news was when the Bush Administration falsely claimed that Niger was supplying Iraq with uranium for atomic weapons. Despite its mineral wealth, nearly half the population lives in poverty and 98% earn less than $10 per day. In fact, an estimated 8% are outright slaves. (Not counting, of course, the former government which voluntarily enslaved itself to Wall Street and the EU Central Bank). 

    This display of sovereignty has provoked enough outrage that the Biden/Harris Regime has called upon its surrogates in Nigeria to lead a proxy war against the Nigerien people. Nigeria---a much larger country---has been owned by the Gates Foundation for about a decade and is the epicenter of many of the Oligarchy's schemes in Africa. But now, they're facing a bit of pushback.

    Two of Niger's neighbors, Mali and Burkina Faso have issued ultimatums of their own: flatly stating that an attack on Niger would be an attack upon them as well. While the average Ameroboob might be inclined to roll his eyes at the relative strength of African militaries, consider that we're talking here about what would amount to desert warfare in a region where hostility towards the Western New World Order isn't exactly mild. It would take a much longer essay to give the backstory a complete explanation: but intervention in Libya; the Beltway creating new countries and regimes out of whole cloth; US and NATO troops on their soil while the population is impoverished; and Western NGOs using their populations as human guinea-pigs and force-feeding them Woke Liberalism hasn't endeared the African population to American Exceptionalism or to the virtues of Neocon Crony-Capitalism. 

   In other words, Niger is a powder-keg about to blow up in the NWO's faces. The Oligarchy has to depend upon unreliable foreign proxies---and we see how well that worked out in Yemen and how well it's working out in Ukraine. Another option is to seize Niger's resources and illegally occupy it like the Syrian Oil Fields or the Afghan opium and mineral trades; but that failed in Afghanistan and it is only a matter of time before the Pentagon is driven out of Syria. The US currently doesn't have a Military capable of doing much more than enforcing Scamdemic lockdowns upon complacent Americans---which has been the purpose of its reorganization. Since the Bush Era, the policy has been to rely increasingly upon outsourced military and paramilitary groups to bring noncompliant nations to heel.

      This isn't a situation that is going to go away quietly. The desperate people of Africa may have just fired the first shot in the reaction against the Western Oligarchy. The tyrant Macron recently changed the French motto Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood to the more NWO-friendly Work, Order, and Progress. But it seems that their former colonies are leading the fight for freedom. 

Friday, July 28, 2023


        In our last article, we explained how the Junta quietly had created a new agency tasked with overseeing (and enforcing) future 'national health emergencies,' and how the Mainstream Media is calling for those professionals who committed heresy against the Settled Science to be punished. Now today there was this story:

       "The owner of Mercola Market, Dr. Joseph Mercola, tweeted on Tuesday that 'Chase bank has shut down our business bank accounts along with the accounts of my CEO and CFO, as well as their family members (including spouse and child). They’ve refused to provide any reason for doing so, the oldest account has been active for 18 years.'”

      Dr. Joseph Mercola was an outspoken critic of the Scamdemic, and has a business selling alternative medicines. The self-styled 'public health officials' in the Junta are notoriously hostile to alternative medicines and have been harassing Mercola since seizing power in the 2020 putsch. This action against Mercola would have been draconian enough if it only involved some FDA regulations; but following Mercola's tweet, several other doctors came forward sharing similar experiences.

   Dr. Syed Haider, an internal medicine specialist and an outspoken dissident during the Scamdemic wrote:

  "I just tweeted about how my business bank account and PayPal were shut down with no notice for no reason and today my AirBnb rental was cancelled 3 days into a 28-day stay...this is the passive-aggressive dystopian, woke social-credit hellscape that is our dying country."

  Dr. Thomas Seager also tweeted: "Chase has placed my accounts under review. I have no idea what that means."

  JP Morgan Chase, Paypal, and AirBnb are all WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners, so I think that we can all make a safe assumption as to what it means. This is very same kind of economic retaliation and social repression that we saw Tiananmen Trudeau employ against the Canadian Truckers over a year ago. We might recall that during the Scamdemic Trudeau and many other sock-puppet politicians owned by the Corporate Oligarchy were talking about freezing dissidents out of society; and it would appear that our figurehead government is gearing up to do the same. 

   We've said here from the beginning that the Regime never had any intention of relinquishing the arbitrary and authoritarian powers it assumed during and after the Color Revolution. Certainly they've relaxed a few rules. But they've never dismantled any of the machinery for doing it again---in fact, they've refined and expanded it. This ought to (but probably won't) give the average NPC pause to think about this smooth rhetoric that we're returning to normal. 

   Likewise, it should (but probably won't) dispel any illusions from our side about any impending 'Red Wave' in 2024 that's coming to save us all. Why anyone still believes in the electoral process at this late date is truly astonishing; but it's discussed widely as though it were a genuine possibility. 

   The above story not only illustrates that the enemies of our liberties are ruthless amoral fanatics; it also highlights the disregard for justice and the Rule of Law that they now feel safe to exercise. They are in control of nearly every institution in the United States. Whether the Right wants to admit it or not, the two leading Opposition candidates---President-in-Exile Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis---are much closer to jail than they are to the White House. The Republican Party itself has no issues of any significance: immigration, China, and Hunter Biden are about the extent of their political depth. Their obstructionism and treachery during the Trump Administration demonstrated beyond all doubt their complete uselessness. The prospects too of Robert Kennedy unseating the Establishment are slim to none.

   This new breed of Oligarchy is not the slightest bit interested in winning the majority. They've basically reversed the old Reagan maxim that 80% agreement on the issues was a consensus. These people hold that a minority holding all of the mechanisms of power is all that matter. They count on the selfishness and apathy of the American public not to contest their authority.

    Sadly, Dr. Haider's assessment that our nation is a dying one is accurate. The Elites now treat us as slaves and they do so with absolute impunity. Whatever 'emergency' they have planned for us next likely will be what finally finishes us off. We have to prepare accordingly. 



Wednesday, July 26, 2023


      Well, today's news contained an {ahem, clears throat} 'investigative report' by those totally objective and impartial folks at the Washington Post. Bezos and his camarilla apparently are upset because doctors who dissented from the Official Narrative during the Scamdemic weren't sufficiently punished for their heresies against Scientism. 

     “We allow the profession to police themselves. And when they fail to do that, even in the most egregious cases, what they are abetting is the erosion of trust and respect for doctors," said Wendy Parmet, director of Northeastern University’s Center for Health Policy and Law, who has written about the harms of covid misinformation." Now, of course, the Post left out a few minor details such as the Center's deep connections with globalist NGOs such as Action Lab, whose Senior Advisor has worked for several WEF and Soros-backed initiatives. Or Salus Populi, which is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation---an organization heavily tied to WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner Johnson & Johnson and whose CEO was Obama's former head of the Center for Disease Control.The Foundation's Vice-President served on the Biden Junta's COVID-19 Advisory Board. But that's about what we'd expect from both postmodern Academia and postmodern Journalism.

   The World Economic Forum's main theme for 2023 centered on cracking down on dissent combatting so-called 'misinformation.' To that end last weekend, the Junta---evidently acting on orders from Bezos' confederate Bill Gates---established a new bureaucracy called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy. This agency was established by the Senate in 2022 by a Bill co-sponsored by Whacko Leftist Patty Murray (whose top donors include the University of Washington, Microsoft, Amazon, and Pfizer); and RINO Richard Burr, who now works as a lobbyist for Big Pharma. The Republican Party, BTW, saw 21 Senators jump in and vote for it; including many so-called 'Conservatives.'

   Its manifesto explains: "This will be a permanent office in the Executive Office of the President (EOP) charged with leading, coordinating, and implementing actions related to preparedness for, and response to, known and unknown biological threats or pathogens that could lead to a pandemic or to significant public health-related disruptions in the United States. OPPR will take over the duties of the current COVID-19 Response Team and Mpox Team at the White House and will continue to coordinate and develop policies and priorities related to pandemic preparedness and response." This is in conformity with a proposal which has emanated from the World Health Organization---another group under Gates' control---suggesting a supranational accord which would give the Techno-fascists the ability to uphold Scientism militarily simply by declaring a "State of Emergency." 

   To underscore the paramilitary intention of the new agency, Head-of-State Biden appointed a military officer and longtime Deep State spook, General Paul Friedrichs as its chief. Friedrichs was in charge of the Pentagon's imposition of the Loyalty Vaxx and has some rather questionable connections to bioweapons research, including the recently-discovered labs in Ukraine

    The new agency likewise is mandated to give a cursory report to Congress every two years, which naturally will have a huge impact upon oversight and transparency. Not that there would be much oversight anyway: Nancy Pelosi, then- Chair-xhe of the Rump Parliament, folded the original bill into an Omnibus Spending Package, allocating a $5 billion jackpot for Friedrichs and his merry-men. 

  Politico quoted during the budget debates: “This is a critical resource to ensuring there is awareness for biopreparedness at the highest level,” said Saskia Popescu, an epidemiologist and assistant professor in George Mason University’s biodefense program, adding that among its chief jobs will be breaking “a cycle of neglect in preparedness efforts.” {Query: why is a university involved with a military project? Especially a university heavily tied to vested financial interests.} 

   In normal times, all of these things would lead to public pushback: unfortunately, here in the Land of the Ameroboob, it will go unnoticed until the next LARP like we had in 2020. If anybody imagines that we've learned anything since, they are greatly over-estimating their fellow countrymen. The Great Reset is rolling along according to schedule, and we see no clearer example of it than here. Sadly, the effects will go unnoticed until they hit us. 


Thursday, July 20, 2023


      So, it appears that one of the Pentagon's brave xhes in uniform---a private named Travis King---has decided to relocate to North Korea. The story came as a real blow to the Military-Industrial Complex, which---desperate to appear relevant after repeated humiliations in Ukraine---stationed a nuclear submarine with our overseas colony strategic partner, South Korea. There have been other ongoing provocative actions in the area staged by the Junta recently too: although the North Koreans don't seem especially afraid, having test-fired a new ICBM just today.  Likewise, the North Koreans probably have seen the reports that the Pentagon really doesn't have enough missiles to wage a full-scale war, and can't get either the critical minerals or the engines necessary to build new ones

    As for the defection of Pvt. King, the whole story sounds very fishy. The jackals in the American Media claim that King had a history of violent behavior and was a frequent resident in South Korean jails. Now while it is true that violent criminal behavior is fairly routine among US troops stationed in these colonial outposts, the Media goes on to tell us that King was being deported back to the US for disciplinary action. In spite of this, King somehow escaped from his guards, somehow (in spite of being a Black man in Korea) evaded detection, and somehow managed to run across "the world's most heavily defended border." The Controlled Opposition press is spinning the story as though King is a hostage, in spite of eyewitnesses who claim that King was laughing and making obscene gestures at the guards as he ran across the Border. 

   Even more peculiar is that the North Korean Media---as of this writing---has issued no statement of any kind on the incident. KCNA did find space in their daily news to inform us that NK's Agricultural Minister inspected a radish farm, and that progress is being made on the construction of a new library in the village of Rason; alongside photos of the new ICBM and angry denunciations of American imperialism. For some reason too, their leaders have been sending flower-baskets to each other recently as well (I'm afraid that I don't understand all of their customs); but not a peep about Travis King.  

   To any thinking person outside American Media influence, it should be apparent that there was no collusion between King and the North Koreans. Otherwise, their headlines would be brimming with news---North Korea would never pass up a golden propaganda opportunity like that. More likely, King is playing Twenty Questions with those fun-loving folk in NK's Military Intelligence Department. So, in a sense, King is being detained, but we can hardly criticize the North Koreans. When military personnel from a hostile power runs screaming across one's border alone, it's rather natural to open an investigation. As is also typical of the American Media, King's family claim that he was a gentle giant and such behavior was atypical; apparently thinking nothing of the three weeks King recently spent in a South Korean jail "
after he failed to pay a $4,000 fine on charges that included damaging public property. King did not cooperate when apprehended by officers last October after causing hundreds of dollars in damage to a police patrol car while shouting profanities about Koreans and the Korean army," according to a spokesman for the South Korean Government.

   This whole incident really speaks volumes about the quality of American military personnel more than anything else. President Reagan rebuilt the US Military into a premier fighting force only to see it decimated by his successors. Like our educational establishment, the Pentagon is wholly untouchable, utterly corrupt, and probably (again like American Academia) beyond any hope of internal reform. Bush Sr. made the Military the enforcement-arm of the Executive Branch; the Clinton Co-Presidency purged competent leaders in the name of 'diversity'; Bush Jr. lowered recruiting standards and outsourced military functions to corrupt private contractors; Obama accelerated all three bad tendencies; and we saw the treachery of the Pentagon fully displayed under Trump by continual subservience to the Deep State over the Commander-in-Chief. The Pentagon is fully in the hands of these creatures as surely as Big Media and Academia Incorporated are. 

   I don't know what to say. Again, for decades, people have been warning that the Military was heading in a wrong direction. Millions have literally served in the US Military. It didn't just start under Biden. But somehow once again, nobody knew until incidents like this happen. As one South Korean lawmaker put it, "North Korea is likely pleased to have "an opportunity to get the U.S. to lose its face" I'm afraid that self-respect is something that our Military lost a long time ago; and once again, we've done it to ourselves.


Sunday, July 16, 2023


       Tucker Carlson is one of the few mainstream media figures who actually manages to do his job well. However, this week, he travelled to Romania and conducted a disturbing interview with disgraced Red-Pill Cult leader Andrew Tate. Tate is currently out on parole over there awaiting trial after getting himself thrown in jail after a very stupid publicity stunt. Tate is among a number of these would-be Manly Alpha Leaders who've gone abroad boasting of the lax justice systems freedom of the non-Western world, only to find themselves sitting in the slammer or occupying a plot in the local cemetery

     Carlson's interview was disturbing for two reasons. First, it was an uncharacteristically 'softball' interview by Carlson's usually aggressive standards. It seemed to portray Tate as an heroic defender of our culturally much-maligned Masculinity being persecuted by a 'woke' Government overly dependent on American Cultural Imperialism. Now, while it is true that, like the rest of the EU/NATO satrapies, the Romanian Government is a servile instrument of the Davos NWO freaks, the general population isn't quite as compliant. Nor is Tate a masculine role model in any sense of the word, and he's not under legal scrutiny for no reason.

    For example, Carlson states “that earlier generations might have found parts of Tate’s message inspiring, it is today seen as a threat...Tate and his brother are now under house arrest awaiting their trial, though not a single woman has come forward to say that she was kidnapped or imprisoned or moved across international borders against her will by Andrew or Tristan Tate.” The latter part of this statement isn't true: Romania actually has laws (like we used to have) which forbid publicizing the names of female accusers in cases of rape or sexual violence. They actually have 'come forward' except that their names are sealed by the Court to spare them being made public spectacles as our voyeuristic media is inclined to do.

    It's also rather doubtful that earlier generations would have found much in Tate that is 'inspiring.' Tate is literally a predator---not only of young women, but upon vulnerable young men who pay high prices for his bad advice and look up to him as some sort of guru. Before he fled to Romania, he was under investigation in various jurisdictions for running pyramid-schemes, shady Crypto-currency ventures, etc. This 'role model' actually used to run an organization which he shamelessly called Hustlers University whose tagline read: "the most fantastic place on the planet for making money, where one can learn to escape the matrix and avoid being a loser, peon, or a wage slave brokie". Learning these secrets cost the mark initiate a mere $49.95/month with the bonus of a live Zoom-meeting with the Master himself for $4500. There was even a side-program where members could earn a small commission by spamming Tate's program on social media.

    Yet, according to Tucker Carlson, "Tate offers a different vision that encourages men to seek respect by becoming impressive: 'Wake up early. Work as hard as you can, stay sober, find God, keep yourself physically fit [and] don’t complain.' Such messaging that he began on social media about 10 years ago, may have helped contribute to Tate being the most Googled man in the world last year.” Let's all hope that Hustler University is apple-pie, Anglo-Saxon Protestant Work Ethic enough!

     Actually, Hustler University wasn't Tate's first foray into the world of commerce. He originally ran an OnlyFans clone, with an original twist: 
Male victims would spend $5 per minute interacting with women in lingerie strategically placed behind shoddy equipment. The women would claim to have debt problems in order to scam men out of their money---a fat percentage of which went to Tate. Tate would have his staff send messages to men on behalf of the models in order to give the false impression of a relationship. This went on until exposed by the British Media

     Seriously, is this an example of the media twisting facts to be politically correct?One of Tate's stated reasons for scooting off to Romania in the first place was "because the police were less likely to pursue allegations of sexual assault against him." Like many of the others of his ilk, Tate advocates 'pick-up artistry', and boasts online about sexual conquests that he never really had

     The second disturbing thing about the Carlson interview is that it reflects a growing trend in the Conservative movement to embrace these cultish Red Pill/Alt-Right ideals. True, those kooks were trying to hijack the MAGA Movement earlier, but Trump never embraced their ideology and frequently disavowed them. During the 2022 'elections' and since, however, there has been a definite shift to normalize and mainstream these pernicious attitudes. We're not describing here defending traditional Masculinity or fighting for the Men's Rights. What we're seeing with the so-called Red Pills is the idolization of force and fraud; the philosophy that the ends justify the means; embracing evo-psych and supremacist-based social hierarchies; contempt for the less fortunate; in fine, the Cult of the Superman. 

   Tate himself goes so far as to call things like poverty and depression "signs of weakness" an attitude increasingly reflected among the Controlled Opposition Conservative punditocracy. That they've applauded despicable (and questionably legal) actions by politicians and private citizens has been well documented here; as well as their contempt for truth or actual solutions in favor of owning the Libtards and controlling the narrative---and, sadly, Carlson's interview with Andrew Tate came across as an attempt to do exactly that. Even a notoriously Left-Wing outpost caught the glaring Red Pill overtones embedded in Ron DeSantis' recent controversial anti-Trump campaign ad. 

   Commentators on the Right need to start calling this ideology out and exposing it for what it is. It's not traditional Conservatism, but its counterfeit. In its essence, it is much closer to the Right-Wing movements of mid-20th Century Europe than it is to the Party of Lincoln. 


Thursday, July 13, 2023


   When the United States became an independent country, there were a few mostly parochial private universities in the country, mainly in New England. Europe had a near monopoly on higher education. Thomas Jefferson started the University of Virginia because he realized that foreign control of education would be dangerous to the United States in the long run; and our Founding Fathers generally believed that educated electorate was essential to a self-governing Republic. The private universities responded, and from the mid-19th to the mid-20th Century, American colleges and universities were recognized even in Europe as among the world's best.

   Much of this changed during the mid-1960s, after the demand for colleges exploded because of American men's desire to evade service in the Vietnam War. The sudden influx of cash, lack of any political oversight, and high demand led to our colleges becoming a commercial enterprise with corresponding lower admissions standards and inflated tuition prices. It wasn't long before mercenary academics and wily ideological fanatics found that by clubbing together, they could keep the advantages of learning and knowledge to themselves, to be dealt out to the highest bidders on Wall Street and the US Deep State at whatever price they commanded while lending their expertise to perpetuating the ignorance and Scientistic superstitions among the general public. Hence the flood of paid pundits, credentialed con-men, tenure-jockeys, and revolving-door 'elites' who've plagued us ever since. 

   Now, Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island was once one of the nation's top universities. Like many others in its class today, Brown essentially is a very overpriced diploma mill which has coasted on its past laurels. It hasn't produced any alumni of any distinction in decades, and appears to have become something of a repository for wealthy families to send offspring who are trained for social and political activism, being unsuited for any productive occupations. Overseeing Brown's boated $6.5 billion budget is their president, a very mediocre economist by profession, a significant Democratic Party donor, and general gadfly around public policy named Christina Paxson. 

      Brown University managed to hit a new low this week, with their campus newspaper reporting that nearly 2 in 5 of the students enrolled there "identify as LGBTQ," apparently tripling the already too high percentage of a decade ago. Shocking as this number may sound, there are actually colleges with higher percentages, although not as well-known as Brown. While some of this has been questioned as Gay Mafia strong-arming 'peer pressure' it doesn't reflect actual numbers showing that 1 in 14 adult Americans are involved with the lifestyle. This includes 1 in 5 Americans between ages 15-25. So, in fairness, the problem isn't unique to Brown University, although Brown's numbers certainly should serve as a wake-up call to largely brain-dead American parents and to Conservative activists. However much the Conservative punditocracy would like to, we can't really blame any of this on illegal immigration, the Communist Party of China, or Hunter Biden; because it's been building up to this now for some time. 

    A little over a century ago, Sigmund Freud---now relegated to Dead White Male status lest any researcher starts drawing socially unacceptable conclusions from his writings---discovered that his patients during psychoanalysis began looking upon the doctor as an authority figure---which Freud concluded was seen as a substitute parent figure by the patient. Actually, this phenomenon was well-known to medical doctors and religious clergymen long before Freud, but Freud was the first to study it in-depth, and called the process transference. Given the social and political turmoil in early 20th Century Europe, it wasn't long before several of Freud's students began drawing a parallel between the breakdown of the European family structure and the susceptibility of the younger people to identify with powerful political leaders and what we would call today, social influencers. The degeneracy of the Weimar Republic and 1920s cultural sewers like Paris and Vienna were ideal social laboratories to test this theory out. 

   Institutions like Brown University are following the same pattern. Young adults who had little to no spiritual or cultural guidance growing up see in these 'woke' academic demagogues the moral authority figures they never had as children. What's worse is that these demagogues are reinforced by government and media 'experts' who---unlike a competent psychotherapist---preach to them a future utopia where workers and farmers sing for joy in factory and field, and State and Big Business guarantee an eternal childhood free of responsibility and care

  The homosexual lifestyle---which is psychologically rooted in prepubescent fixations---naturally forms part of the appeal of the overall regressive social vision. Many of the aforementioned psychologists saw this dynamic played out later; noting the undertones of sexual perversion inherent in the totalitarian regimes which later rose in Europe, alongside their leaders' promises of a paternalistic State. Of course, the paternalistic State also has to guarantee the security of their collective 'family' by suppressing elements of outsiders who are disruptive to order and discipline; but that aspect of the whole scheme is prudently keep out of sight and in the postmodern era usually enforced by mob psychology, or 'Cancel Culture.' 

   The Third Rail when subjects like these come up in Conservative discourse is assigning responsibility where it actually belongs: the failure of American parents and political leaders to stop it before it came to this point. It's not as though there wasn't ample warning that families were failing; and that media and academia aimed at children increasingly were becoming radicalized long before Drag Queen Story Hours and Critical Race Theory became part of the 'new normal.' I well recall that during the 90s and 00s that a common talking-point among Conservative pundits was that traditional Conservatives tended to be more focused on home and family than social activism. History doesn't seem to have borne this out; it would seem instead that the majority of them were just as apathetic towards one as towards the other. 

   As a side note, I never bought into that baloney: I was in a position to observe how phony most Conservative/Churchian family values were in actual practice. Today, we're reaping the consequences of all of that hypocrisy and neglect---or, more accurately, the younger generations of Americans are. The younger people desperately need to stop playing follow-the-herd and start thinking like adults or their future is going to end in a disaster. 






Sunday, July 9, 2023


       In our last two posts, we've sought to clarify the false dichotomy which has emerged in American public discourse over the emotions and reason. For the last several decades, opinion leaders among Conservatives have tried to paint Liberalism as 'emotionally-driven' and that emotion, or feeling, is a sign of weakness. We must be on our guard against this type of propaganda. Just as we shouldn't allow others to do our thinking for us, we shouldn't allow the Crowd to dictate our feelings either. 

     A major part of the problem is that too many on the Right have fallen into the trap of dismissing emotions as categorically wrong. This leads us to two fatal errors: one it absolves us of responsibility for the consequences of an ideology; and secondly leads the dangerous doctrine that Laws must be upheld simply because they are the Law. Both of these are roads to Absolutism, because all human circumstances don't fit so neatly into a box. 

   An example of this tendency came from the pen of Conservative pundit Victor Davis Hanson, who in another incredibly hypocritical article opined that "What the Left now fears most is the revolutionary model it has bequeathed to America—and what might happen if its monstrous creation falls into politically incorrect hands." Aside from this being very wishful thinking; as Conservative myself, I prefer to see this 'monstrous creation' dismantled than to fall into anyone else's hands. 

   A second major problem is that too many on the Right have accepted the Left's redefinition of various terminologies. InsanityBytes brought up this point in a recent article, explaining how, for example, the Whacko Left Wing has distorted the concept of 'love' to defend such loathsome policies as homo 'equality.' Of course, anyone who is actually cognizant of the facts understands that it is both an act of love---and yes, that horrific term 'social justice' to suppress such movements for the national good. Stripped of those awful feelings and emotions it's difficult to justify a pro-family with little more than the same arguments the pro-Rainbow crowd employs: "It's right because everybody says so." 

  The Radical Left is also notorious for exploiting the Right's weakness in denying emotions by protecting their own negative emotions onto their opponents. They frequently accuse our side of being motivated by hate and fear. The Third Rail that goes unsaid is that hatred and fear is precisely what motivates both the LGBTQ leadership and, most importantly, the NPCs who fall in line with accepting it. It hardly needs explanation or elaboration that the 'Gay' activist leadership is driven by a hatred for normal sexual relationships, but nobody wants to discuss the fact that fear is what drives the anomalous public acceptance of it. 

   As we've stated before, the Herd Mentality is focused on a fear of responsibility by deferring to a consensus. For the past 30-40 years, as part of the Strategy of Tension and the deployment of fear tactics were widely disseminated via the so-called 'Gender Wars' fomented by the Clinton Co-Presidency. What all of this led up to was a Climate of Fear within interpersonal relationships. Men were conditioned to walk on eggshells for fear of the consequences of 'offending' someone; women began seeing every man as a potential rapist or serial killer. Normal sexual attraction was demonized and scandalized; micromanaged in every conceivable way. Families were depicted as undesirable, largely because of unequal applications of the law, paedohysteria, and constant negativity from media propaganda outlets. Parents grew to dread that Midnight knock-at-the-door from those charming folks at Child Protective Services; and couples learned to meet in secret knowing that a 'scandal' could break out at any moment over whatever the cultural censors deemed inappropriate behavior. 

   In this Climate of Fear, it wasn't a difficult matter for the Gay Mafia to step in and offer freedom from responsibility and the approval of the Crowd. Naturally, they've backed this up with suppression of opposition; but if anybody's wondering why the homo lifestyle has gained such resounding approval from the public (and little opposition from so-called Conservatives), there is the answer. Or, as Insanitybytes says:  "it is a bit of universal truth we all agree on it is just that, the tyrants are us. WE are actually the ones who fear love because it creates a world we can’t control."

   Therein lies the truth of the matter: the unspoken fear that too many on our side of the aisle won't face. They'd rather hide behind the safety of the consensus, and justify it with appeals to 'reason' and 'realism;' all the while seeking an 'Alpha' superman who'll come to the rescue and break the chains of freedom while he's at it. 


Wednesday, July 5, 2023


      So, yesterday was the 4th of July, which is still celebrated despite actual Independence Day officially being changed to mid-June by the Putschists and their Republican enablers. Based on some recent debate going on in the Blogsphere, we're certain that the 'Conservatives' who voted for the change back in 2021 didn't let their feelings or emotions get in the way of their realistic reasoning in opting for the new date. July 4th is just another day, after all---who cares what holidays symbolize

    The intellectual divorce between Reason and Emotion (as if the two were mutually exclusive in the first place) really largely began among the Punditocracy with the rise of Neoconservatism during the 1990s and was reinforced with the rise of the Alt-Right during the 2010s. The concept was deeply tied to the mythos that "Rugged Individualism Built this Country," (a belief which ignores things like citizens' militias, pioneer communities, and Constitutional Conventions). Actually, the reasonable people acting upon enlightened self-interest back in the 1770s were the pro-British Tories. 

    As we've demonstrated here many times; what the Neocon actually means by  'Reason' and 'Rugged Individualism' is the cost-benefit principle as the basis of society. It's basically the inversion of Radical Marxism; not its opposition. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" simply has been modified to "From each according to his ability, to each according to his greed." The 'parasitic capitalist' is now the 'parasitic proletariat.' If Communists believe that capitalist exploitation of the farmers and workers of the world is killing them, then the Neocons argue that capitalists producing value is the only thing keeping the farmers and workers of the world alive. If the Communists ideal is collective ownership, we are told, in contrast, that there is no such thing as society, only individuals. In the ideal of the New Right, we have a small group of men in charge of the whole economy. They are above the law, they can kill those who stand in their way so long as the trains run on time and 'stakeholders' see a return. That is very similar to how the Soviet Union's economy operated; except that Neocons replace Politburo-appointed apparatchiks with the Lords of High Finance and the Wizards of Wall Street. Dissent from the agreed-upon deterministic economic model isn't tolerated either. 

   Arch-Neocon Dennis Prager even went so far as divide ethics into economic terms of Macro and Micro values"The human being is composed of two moral components—the micro and the macro. In a truly good human being—”good” is not the same as “nice”—one is good in both realms. It is therefore quite possible to be nice in the micro and hold awful values for society; and it is quite possible to have excellent macro values and not be a particularly nice person." Sophistry like this is how it's possible for so many on the contemporary Right to look the other way at gross injustice while justifying it all because Might Makes Right.

   Citizen Tom, who's been defending the position that feeling has no place in statecraft makes this astonishing analogy

  "The whole debate got started because insanitybytes22 doesn’t think some Christians are loving enough. Does that seem silly? Neither insanitybytes22 nor The Night Wind are crazy enough to do such a thing, of course, but imagine living in a totalitarian state. What if we don’t cheer the Dear Leader with sufficient enthusiasm?"

  I wanted to highlight this statement because it reflects the thinking of many who hold this position. In his hypothetical example, I would surmise that fear is the dominant emotion during such displays: a good percentage are applauding Dear Leader because they fear whatever bogeyman he's supposed to be defending them against; or because they fear insufficient enthusiasm might draw the attention of the secret police. Likely though a large percentage are applauding enthusiastically because everyone is. 

  Therein lies the core of the problem with such thinking: the people who criticize emotion in social policy fail to differentiate between positive and negative emotions. They don't grasp the fact that our emotions are expressions of our values. Such have been codified in various ways, but since these positive values are based in the Positive Attributes of the Divine, they form the basis of Law in a just society.

    While the natures of Virtue and Vice can be defended with reasoned arguments, we have within our Nature the instinctual ability to discern right from wrong, although we also have Free Will to choose between them (or not make any choice at all; which is what most seem to do). 

   Since these Virtues come from an Absolute and we all have knowledge of them, the idea of Equality before the Law is related to the idea of Equality before God. If people would simply exercise this kind of discernment, it would be apparent that most of the 'reasoned' Sophistry coming from the 'established experts' are nothing but a tissue of lies used to justify their own vices; or to evade responsibility for the damage their policies cause. 

  Human beings are fallible; and it's no argument that people in democracies get carried away with emotions at times and do stupid things like enacting Prohibition or imposing Mask Mandates. The Third Reich's euthanasia program was totally logical---completely unjust, but quite reasonable and cost-effective based on the settled science of Eugenics. Both runaway emotions and runaway reason are products of failing to see others as human beings; and things like Greed, Pride, Envy, and Wrath quickly find an opening to join the debate. I've often said that the Seven Deadly Sins have become America's Postmodern Moral Code: and that's largely because the Seven Cardinal Virtues are no longer socially rewarded or enforced. 

   The net result of this false dichotomy has been the creation of a divided society where neither side is interested in fixing actual problems, but is ruthlessly engaged in a dogfight to sacrifice the nation, if need be, to hold onto their powers and privileges. The only way that we're going to reverse that trend is to stop and think about people are actually impacted by what is being proposed.


Monday, July 3, 2023


      Over the weekend, I spent considerable time in the sunshine out in the hammock reading a book I'd looked for for a long time---it was written by a Dead White Male who'd written extensively on things like mob-psychology, the dangers of propaganda, and the need for an educated electorate. In virtual time, I've been reading some of the debates going on at InsanityBytes' blog. Over the last 3-4 posts, she's apparently deviated too far from the official Postmodern Conservative Party Line by suggesting that Conservatism (at least in its current incarnation) is failing because of its lack of concern for humanity in general.

    I can relate to this. I've been called a 'Liberal' many times for opining heresies like considering immigrants as human beings, stating that a Social Safety Net is moral, that American working conditions and wages should be a little higher than say, Bangladesh's, etc. Actually, we're not alone here. Both Pat Buchanan and William F. Buckley said during the 1990s that there really wasn't a Conservative Party left in Washington anymore. Any of the top GOP leadership of the mid-20th Century: Wendell Willkie, Thomas Dewey, General Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole---all of these would be considered 'Liberal Republicans' if they were alive today. So would Buchanan and Buckley, BTW. 

   The 'New Breed' of Conservatism is basically the mirror-image of the 'New Left.' Both are centered on waging effective propaganda campaigns instead of acknowledging that real problems exist; and like all propaganda campaigns, both appeal to the lowest common denominator. This is known in modern parlance as "controlling the narrative" but it comes down to debasing public discourse to the benefit of vested interests. 

   As the aforementioned Dead White Male (who happened to be a pastor) stated: "The crowd mind is essentially a conformist mind; and this is so even when the crowd is openly indulging itself in antisocial behavior. Crowds seldom interpret their motives correctly. Each crowd fabricates a system of obsessive ideas which serves to disguise its real motive, to disarm opposition, to justify its behavior in the minds of its members and to hold them together in 'the Movement.' The ideas of the crowd become stereotyped, standardized. Having made up its mind, it refuses to listen to dissenting opinions. Objectors are thrown out, howled down, thrust aside, and trampled. As the crowd thinks and acts in a pseudo-social environment created by its own rationalizations, it can sustain its purpose only by remaining deaf to the voice of conflicting reason. Dissent on the part of its members is disloyalty, treachery. Dissent of those outside the crowd, or any criticism of its noble experiments is devilish enmity of righteousness and truth. Every crowd, if it has the power, will resort to censorship and will ruthlessly destroy those who resist it."

   Does that sound familiar? Go to nearly any major 'Conservative' website and we see a perfect description of it right there. 

   Now we grant that there are issues on the Left which genuinely are evil and admit of no compromise (e.g. abortion, homo 'equality', 'woke' corporate social engineering); but it doesn't follow that every one of their concerns are without merit or justification. Likewise, the Left also engages in cultivating a Herd Mentality, but too many on the Right overlook the fact that that strategy is a weakness---not a strength---on their part. The Democrats' policy of pandering to the crowd during the 1960s and 1970s led to a powerbase within their Party of some of the most extreme Left-Wing crackpots imaginable---which in turn led to the Democrats being wiped out in five elections during the late 20th Century. 

   Unfortunately, in recent years, the Republicans have followed down the same path to the point where they are actually defending criminal behavior on the grounds that its based and red-pilled (the Right's antipode of being a 'Woke Liberal'); including---but not limited to---scammers, as well as architects of voter-fraud schemes and international Corporate crooks,  and corrupt Congressmen, and even convicted murderers. There has been nothing but effusive praise on the Right for Governors who take the inhumane action of forcing legal migrants onto buses and planes and dumping them in people's yards. During the recent baby-formula shortage there were calls to confiscate formulas from immigrant detention centers and presumably let babies starve. On at least two occasions---one in Arizona and one in New York, Conservatives have raised bail for two murder suspects who caused a loss of life under highly questionable circumstances. 

    These are not the attitudes of real Conservatives or, for that matter, even of civilized human beings. In the comments section to InsanityBytes' post, I mentioned the indifference Conservatives felt for problems that happen in so-called 'Blue States.' The answer I got was that it's basically our problem and of no concern to the nation as a whole. A genuine Conservative like Eisenhower or Reagan would say that problems like rampant crime, proliferation of tent-cities, and epidemics of drug overdoses were beyond the capacities of local governments to deal with them and that intervention at the Federal level was necessary. 

   The fact that both political factions appeal to the worst instincts of the Herd is having the double effect of creating political polarization around rigidly ideological lines and of marginalizing the better elements of society who could actually come up with solutions. It's obvious why vested interests promote a Herd Mentality and social division: they can hide their activities behind 'majority rule' or 'popular consensus' (which they themselves have largely manufactured). But what is the impetus for average, well-meaning people to fall in line with these trends? Ironically, it's for the same reason that the Elites promote them: the sanction of a crowd allows men to evade responsibility for the results of their own behavior. We saw this played out disastrously in Hitler Germany. In a situation like that, a fanatic with control over a crowd can effect the crowd's identification with himself, if he's a skillful enough propagandist. To quote our author again:

   "Let a man be convinced that he has a sacred mission in the execution of which he is accountable neither to his fellow-men nor to reason, but only to a god made in his own image, and he will practice the brutalities of a Calvin or a Robespierre if he has the power. Men who thus deify their own wills and give themselves divine prerogative {note: we would add today Scientism or Ideology alongside religious fanaticism here} are, I believe, the most dangerous people in the world. We have but to see the historic examples of this kind of self-righteous enthusiasm writ large in the biographies of those who have been most distinguished for it, to be convinced that nothing so completely destroys a man's moral sense. An ambitious realist like Napoleon will commit many crimes. But a man whose brain is on fire with a holy zeal will often stop at nothing. His passion places him beyond good and evil, as these concepts are understood by reasonable men. Beyond the outposts of sanity, morality at once degenerates into messianic delusion and homicidal mania."

    Herein lies the problem. While the above description is quite obvious when analyzing the Far Left, many on the Right are utterly blind to the fact that we are falling into the same pattern. That this description fits WEF-controlled thugs like Gates, Trudeau, Macron, and Zelensky is apparent: but there are Republican Senators, Governors, Candidates for President, and many pundits whom I have no doubt whatsoever would behave with just as much contempt for human rights and civil liberties than these 'woke' fanatics do if they ever got into a position of real power. 

    By and large, we have become a nation which has forgotten our founding principle: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." If any man made a statement like that today in certain Conservative circles, he'd be hooted down as a sentimental Liberal who puts his feelings ahead of rational thought.