Friday, September 16, 2022


      So, shortly after the last article went to print, another specimen of alleged profound Conservative thought, also reached the public. This time, Dennis Prager weighed in to explain to us all how being nice is not a Conservative value. His argument is flawed right from the start:

    "The human being is composed of two moral components—the micro and the macro. In a truly good human being—”good” is not the same as “nice”—one is good in both realms. It is therefore quite possible to be nice in the micro and hold awful values for society; and it is quite possible to have excellent macro values and not be a particularly nice person." No, Dennis. What you say is not true. There is no dichotomy between 'micro' and 'macro' approaches to society; there is only the element of Virtue or lack of it. Good people want to do good things; bad people do not; and their motives are reflective of the criterion upon which their actions are judged good or bad. 

   Prager's position is essentially a morally relativist one, though he would never admit that. Belief in this ideology is one reason why we see so much hypocrisy on the political Right these days. Bruce Jenner has excellent macro values but is not  a particularly nice person; but nonetheless is welcomed while identical characters on the Left are denounced. We could probably find dozens of similar examples. His way of thinking is only the opposite extreme of the Left's the personal is political. Both are wrong: in reality, the political is personal. 

  Ideas, however, do have consequences. If one has seen some recent headlines among the Controlled Opposition Conservative Media, A pair of politically ambitious Republican Governors are proving their ability not to be nice on the macro level by making a big show of putting illegal immigrants on various forms of transportation and shipping them to 'sanctuary cities.' These actions have garnered effusive praise from many on the knee-jerk Right, but even from the standpoint of pure Realpolitik, it's a stupid idea. If illegals should all be deported---like these jokers claim to want---how is sending them to Sanctuary Cities where they won't be deported supposed to accomplish that? 

   It also seems rather ironic that just a few months ago many of us were concerned about rhetoric from the Left's punditocracy suggesting that everyone refusing the Loyalty Vaxx should be packed on buses and dumped somewhere. If it's wrong for one side to do it; it's wrong for the other. It's ironic too that this latest batch that Abbott shipped to Kamala Harris' house are from Venezuela---a country supposedly ruled by a Socialist dictatorship---and nobody on the Right seems to understand that they might be fleeing Socialism and be by definition supportive of Conservative causes themselves.  

  But these are the consequences of the doctrine that personal and social beliefs are categorically distinct. It's really disgraceful that we even have to explain that rounding up human beings like cattle, stuffing them onto boxcars and dumping them in random cities like garbage is not an especially Christian thing to be doing. Reading many of the comments on these stories, though; one immediately sees that the humanitarian aspect of this policy is not exactly an outstanding concern of many on the so-called Right. 

  "Migrants arrived at Kamala's taxpayer provided residence in Washington D.C. and were greeted warmly as human beings just looking for a better life - no explanation was given as to why America must provide that better life." 

  "They are like a hybrid of locusts and cockroaches. They circumvent the laws and avoid taxes, so each year the tax payer pays more, with less improvement to the infrastructure, and more and more of non illegals jumped on that democrap free wagon to join them if you can't beat them. Everyone else moved. It's a nightmare going back there to see what the country has turned into, as the past never happened. It's surreal, and shocking."

"The Left is trying to genocide whitey through immigration."

  "These just aren't dirty illegals coming to get the free and take, they are out to destroy."

  "DeSantis realizes illegal immigrants bring nothing of value to our country. As a former military man, he knows what it takes to get results, who is valued most and how a good strong work ethic Makes America Great Again. He has a natural innate disdain for parasites."

   Bear in mind that these are the sentiments---not of Godless Communists, but from those of a political movement purporting to stand for faith, family, and freedom. The entire notion that these people---like ourselves---are Children of God and worthy of humanitarian dignity is not even mentioned. 

  There are a few points that supporters of these thoughts and policies seem to leave out: 1) A large number of these illegals are women, children, and legal minors who probably had little choice about coming here; 2) Most of them come here to work, send money home and then leave and start projects in their own country---most are illegal because of the ridiculously complicated and convoluted immigration laws; 3) Contrary to what most of them seem to believe, the so-called Blue States also are dealing with immigration issues. It happens to be a national problem; but as we've seen, care for one's neighbor is not an overwhelmingly strong affect among the Right these days.

   A specimen of their state of mind can be seen with this commenter's insights: "The old Mitch McConnell way of dealing with a bully was to sit down with them and negotiate an equitable distribution of our lunch money. The new DeSantis method is to punch them in the nose to let them taste their blood, then offer them nothing. It took a long time, but the Republican party is finally on the right track."

  My idea of being on the right track would be to do what Conservatives traditionally did: provide for the needs of these people---most of whom are obviously desperate---and deport the known criminal and antisocial elements. Notice too how these people never seem to have any issue with certain immigrant groups---mostly Cuban, Jewish, and Indians---minority blocks that tend to vote Republican all seem to get a free pass. 

  While we're on the subject of deportations, it is also quite telling that we never hear any discussion of deporting say, foreign NGOs (like Soros and his groups), or foreign lobbyists, or foreign corporations which are over here instigating trouble. No: that would be Protectionism and violating the Free Market. We have to follow Prager's advice and embrace the "realistic" macro worldview, even if that means not being 'nice.' Such a worldview reflects the spirit of our Postmodern Era; the Spirit of Christ, not so much. 

   This is part and parcel of the problem of Godless Capitalism, of which these immigrant deportations are but one manifestation. The whole problem is being viewed from a cold cost-benefit analysis with no regard to the impact on people effected by it. “It is not the responsibility of Floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state unlawfully" said DeSantis, apparently not caring one way or the other whose responsibility it is. These deportations are the extension of it: the might makes right philosophy. As to it's compatibility with Christianity consider the words from the Satanic Bible: "Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek!" But at least, according to Prager, the Postmodern Right has the luxury of being able to hold Christian views on a Micro Level and Satanic ones on the Macro Level.

   To Society in general, it makes little difference whether the jackboot on its throat is on the Left or Right foot. This is a point that contemporary Conservatives can't seem to grasp: we're not going to defeat the Left by being more ruthless and contemptuous of human rights than they are. A civilization in decline needs to return to its values and not try to compete with the forces destroying it.


  1. Ahh yes, well said. Not only does our "conservative" behavior fail to reflect Christian values, it is not even good election strategy. Liberals are often hypocrites who care so, so much for the poor, they raise their taxes, throw them out on the street, give them drugs, and make sure they keep them out of their communities. But the vast majority of people don't realize this truth, they just buy into the chronic virtue signaling, they perceive liberals as the party of compassion. As Prager so ironically said, "being nice is not a conservative value." Yeah, we get that, that's why people fight so fiercely to keep conservatives out of power. Nobody really wants ruthless, heartless, "not nice" people in charge.

    Now of course these are just narratives, public perceptions, not necessarily a reflection of what is really going on. The Dem party for example mentions the need for "affordable housing" over a hundred times in their party platform, but the only people who have ever done anything productive or useful to actually provide some affordable housing in my area, have all been conservatives.

    1. Think about the effect if one of those GOP governors had said: "We have an influx of illegal immigrants, the Democrats talk a good game but never do anything. So I've brought together a coalition of businesses and churches to bring resources to these people and help them assimilate into American life." That would have had a huge positive effect politically (not to mention being the right thing to do).