Tuesday, September 28, 2021


    So, in our corner of the Blogosphere, a Cold Case we've been following has apparently reached a successful conclusion, at least at the stage of identifying the victim. More details are forthcoming, but so far the mechanics look fairly sound; and as we said in the last post, we're sort of sitting it through as the news breaks. I understand that, by the standards of today's culture, I'm supposed to be angry and butthurt because 3 years of building a theory may have turned out to be wrong. But, meh---that's the breaks. Reverse-engineering a story is a lot more difficult than writing one. 

   The weekend was a bit rougher on the trolls who've stalked the case for a long time. On Thursday, we criticized them in a post; on Friday, they found themselves deprived of a context to throw tomatoes; and it's nearly a week before the end of the month and the prescription refills come in. Here's a specimen of how badly they're starting to spiral:

   That fairly well sums up the spirit of these people. Remember that only a short time ago, these were the same knotheads who were throwing online tantrums at our site: "Well, if he's got all these big revelations why doesn't he publish them?" Yeah, a lot of good that would have done. Imagine all of the Slander, Defamation, and Libel Suits I'd be digging myself out of right now if I'd listened to these dorks. But, I'm sure they wouldn't consider it too small a price for me to pay for their amusement. 

  Our site hasn't had too much of a problem with trolls until recently; the last bunch that really came lashing out were the Red Pill MRAs after a few of them started getting exposed. The 'Internet Sleuths' ought to be a little ashamed to see that they've fallen to the same level as cultists who follow the likes of Vox Day, Chateau Heartiste, and Owen Benjamin. 

  Trolls aren't a new phenomenon in the world; but the rise of the Internet has given them the ability to form communities. The New Testament even talks about them: "gossips, backbiters, envious" is how these types of people were described in the past. True, in many cases, envy is a big component of being a troll; but it's not the only cause. Trolls don't even rise to the level of failures; because someone who fails is someone who at least tries. Oftentimes, failures are learning experiences and the attempts often produce a lot of good results despite the larger goal not being achieved. In contemporary parlance, trolls would be better classified as losers. They are a class of people never produce anything of value. They are passive spectators in life who get their sense of self-worth from lowering others to their level---sort of a passive version of the bully. Inferiority Complexes are typically at the bottom of trolling on a personal level---often with our national narcotics problem fueling the impotent rage.

    Trolls are problem and there's no universal solution to how to deal with them. Ignoring them generally works for most of us. That approach usually causes them to spiral worse until they end up like Vox Day did; just a cackling Boomer blockhead whom nobody pays attention to anymore. Sometimes calling them out and ridiculing them works too. The trolls have no sense of humor, and deflating their egos often makes the other trolls turn against them, like sharks who smell blood. They end up like Dalrock did; where even his enormous ego got so badly blown out that he had to slink away from the public sphere. Trying to reason with them never works because self-righteousness and blind rage are motivating them and clouding their intellects. They crave validation although there's nothing to validate.

   Above all, we can't let trolls affect our own attitudes. We just have to accept that their presence is a fact of life in this imperfect world. Dealing with them is just another unpleasant task like calling Pest Control, or having the septic tank pumped, or filing an insurance claim. Fortunately, simply hitting a 'delete' button usually solves the Troll Problem; and then we can focus on the bigger issues. 


Saturday, September 25, 2021


     So, after we posted our last update on Thursday regarding this case, about 24 hours later, case was reported to the National Unidentified and Missing Persons System (NAMUS) as 'resolved.' WCSO hasn't given any details whatsoever; but Carl Koppleman, who volunteers with the Doe Network and has been a leader in this case said that he had spoken with the victim's family. She wasn't from Texas, according to his source; but he hasn't so far seen a photo. He further said that she had been reported missing but her details were never uploaded to national databases. 

     Like nearly everybody else, I hope that WCJD has been identified. But I would like to caution everyone involved and remind them of one important thing: we are living in an era where it's become easy for authorities to make assertions, then tell us it's 'settled science', then tell us there's no further discussion on the subject. If things start shaping up like that; then this case is not over. WCSO is going to have to prove this. Otherwise, we're going to continue as though today didn't happen. 

   Despite what some of the trolls mentioned on Thursday's post are saying, we actually have been wrong before, and will admit it if it turns out to be true. I don't especially care who solves the case as long as it gets done. Not all opinions will change though: I still think that WCSO is a pack of scum and that the trolls who hang out on 'Internet Sleuth' forums are complete losers. 

   My advice to everyone---and I'm going to follow this myself---wait and see what comes out officially and think about what you've been told. Like we mentioned in Thursday's post, most police departments treat these kinds of cases like the two others we mentioned: they're either grateful for the help and act on what you give them; or they're indifferent and tell you to go work harder. Agencies like WCSO, who build a wall of secrecy and discourage help are not typical and it's a huge Red Flag when one encounters it. In spite of their announcement today, that Flag is still flying. 

   So barring any breaking news, we're taking a slight hiatus from proceeding with the case, until more information comes in. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


     It's been some time since we've given an update on this story, but one of our contributors has pointed out that the few people still concerned about this case have been asking for updates. Admittedly, the hysteria around the so-called 'Pandemic' and the general political and social upheaval have slowed research down considerably, but it's still ongoing. We've been getting some more information coming in: and that is another main reason for posting these occasional updates, to encourage people to come forward. Unlike the Walker County Sheriff's Office, we don't disregard tips; nor do we berate, intimidate or threaten people who provide them---as we've heard now from several sources that WCSO does. 

   In fact, during the last few months we've spoken to some who've given tips to WCSO and they've helped move things forward in spite of the obstacles. One man living near Huntsville who remembered seeing her and a woman from Aransas Pass who knew of her have given us a fairly good idea as to who she might have been. The current difficulty gaining access to both archival resources and travel have made obtaining some vital evidence hard to obtain; but once we've secured it and it matches, we'll make her name public. What we can say for now is that it looks now like at least one of the tips that Carl Koppelman posted on his WCJD Facebook page from 2015-2018 was right after all, and maybe even some others despite the apparent contradictions in what the witnesses remembered after 40 or so years. 

   I hope that this latest information will bear some fruit, not only so that WCJD can finally get her name back, but all those well-intentioned people who tried to provide help and suffered browbeating from WCSO and ridicule from brigades of online trolls will be vindicated. As for identifying her actual killer(s), we now think there were three men involved; two in the actual murder and the third with tampering with the body and crime scene. 

   I realize that some readers would like more details: eventually they will come out and we appreciate your patience. There's a huge difference in how some cases have to be handled. When you have a good and active police department and an involved family like we've seen in the Alameda County Jane Doe Case, one can talk fairly openly. When you have a lethargic police department and little/no help from family like in the Prince George's County Jane Doe Case one can still be fairly open because no one's going to take any interest unless you do all of the work for them. But, in case like Walker County Jane Doe's case, you have a police agency that is directly opposing solving the case and a family which---as far as I can tell---has chosen to keep silent, then it's another matter. 

   There are two main reasons for the different approaches. One is that, in this circumstance, we have to have enough evidence to present to a Federal Prosecutor; which we intend to do. In this case, one can't name names or make accusations without something that can actually be disputed in Court. The second reason is that, because we're dealing with a hostile investigative agency, it's not wise to publicize everything that we have; both on the case and on them. They've been a bit lax in their own security lately, and as they say in the MSM, we have "a source close to officials" in/around Huntsville---thus whatever contingencies and subterfuges they have planned, we probably already know about. 

    Take for example, statements from characters like WCSO Sgt. Danny Billingsley who's supposedly been in charge of the investigation. When he finally got around---after 39 years---to getting NCMEC to do a composite, he told the Huntsville Item that "There are some composite sketches out there of Jane Doe but none of them looked alike" (Query: and nobody thought this was an issue?) "We worked with NCMEC and now we have one that we believe looks like the victim at the time of her murder." No seriously, this is coming from somebody whom IIRC saw the actual body and has viewed the autopsy photos. One of the very first things that seemed 'off' about this investigation was that none of the official composites look even remotely alike:

   And none of them look especially similar to the autopsy photos. In fact, the only consistent feature is her necklace: another piece of evidence that WCSO has conveniently lost. "We would love to get her identified" Billingsley claims, "which would be somewhat of a win, and to catch her killer." 

   "Somewhat of a win," he can't even muster enough fake enthusiasm for an interview. Of course, he was talking to The Huntsville Item which rarely has anything but the most effusive praise for Walker County authority figures. Billingsley is also being a bit disingenuous "hoping to catch her killer," since he's apparently been quite vocal in his belief that Henry Lee Lucas was the killer, in spite of having no evidence. This seems to be the official party line; in the 1980s, Detective Ted Pearce told an interviewer that, "We had the bite mark on her left shoulder, and when I went to interview him, he told me he had dental reconstruction done. I was devastated. We had photos of him before, and his teeth looked like they would have matched the bite mark, but we just couldn't make that match. I still believe Henry Lee Lucas killed this girl." Considering that Lucas had a long criminal record, and that prisons kept dental records---or for that matter, they knew who'd done his dental reconstruction and had records---they could have made comparisons. But they didn't. 

   In fact, assuming that WCSO hasn't 'accidentally' since lost the dental impression, they could theoretically check them against the names of the two men whom we suspect were involved in the killing---since one happens to be incarcerated right there in Huntsville and the other a military veteran---but they haven't done that either. 

  None of the information WCSO has given about this case has ever made any sense.  The autopsy report lists her as 5'0-5'2, 100-108 lbs, age 14-16. WCSO says that she was 5'5-5'7 abt. 110 lbs. age 16-18. Yet a witness who saw the night she died was able to make a positive ID from the autopsy photo alone. Another WCSO apparatchik told the press years ago that: "She was a very beautiful young lady, and she had been cared for. She was clean and had been well fed, and her teeth were in good shape. We knew right away she wasn't a transient. I promise you, somebody knows this gal. She just didn't fall out of the sky." I've also thought that a bit peculiar too. Witnesses indicate that she was in some of these very small villages nearby at times and regularly hitch-hiked into the Huntsville area: it seems very strange that so many Huntsville officials living in these same small hamlets and regularly driving the same roads never noticed her. "No one came forward to identify her:" is that really believable? 


   Definitely, now is a good time to come forward with information, so hopefully this article can be shared. As I mentioned above, there are also a number of trolls and troublemakers apparently brigading articles on this case. I don't like bothering with these kinds of things but here's a specimen of nonsense that's been circulating on the web:

   No, it isn't connected to PJ Media and the idea that it's run by the wife of  'Ex-Army' was started by some genuine conspiracy kooks connected with the Alt-Right of the MRM. Spreading these rumors around are bad enough, but what's more troubling is that people like this seem to enjoy muddying the waters because they'd rather LARP online and have endless controversy. I'm not a believer in the postmodernist doctrine that "the personal is political" so whatever political opinions expressed elsewhere on this blog really have nothing to do with this case. And BTW, in other cases that I've worked on, nobody in the families or LE concerned has ever bothered to ask whether I voted for Trump or not. For some reason, they seem more concerned with getting cases solved. 

Here's another specimen:

   What's troubling about this kind of comment isn't so much the implication. It appears on a forum where they have four full threads of discussions since 2009 and no solutions, after all. What's troubling is the attitude behind it. The writer seems to think this is all some show we're staging for his benefit and, as a member of the audience, now he's booing because the play's gone on too long. All that I can really say here is the only person I'm doing any of this for is WCJD. I'm not acting for my own benefit, so I'm certainly not acting for yours. 

    I usually don't like giving people like this attention, or responding to these kinds of comments, but I have had people forwarding them to me lately. I also don't mean to put down Websleuths because there are some good people there doing good work. But in light of the baseless conspiracy theories we've been accused of promoting, now we have this to deal with following the Gabbie Patito Case:

     It's now become politically incorrect to help find/identify missing White women. Not that I especially care about Political Correctness, but this does make it a bit harder to get the Media to look into a case like this. Just like the fact that WCJD was a White teenager running free and thus couldn't be turned into a national martyr like some 350-lb. Fentanyl addict has made it harder to get help from legal sources. 

    I really had hoped that we'd not see this case go to 41 years with no resolution, but we're living in a truly evil age and things are unpredictable. All that we can do is to do our best, and we're going to keep at it. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021


    The Men's Movement began with the rise of the Internet in the middle 1990s. It was led by men of some standing like Dr. Warren Farrell, the author and poet Robert Bly, and Dr. Christopher Lasch. At the time, Hillary Clinton and her Lesbian/Radical Feminist confederates had launched a "Gender War" against the rights of men and fathers, and imposed misandrist policies and 'laws' that have cursed our culture to this day. The Men's Movement was a pushback against those trends. There were groups of lawyers, psychiatrists, doctors, and self-help experts setting up sites for alienated men to find their way.

   Sometime around 2010, however, the movement became infiltrated with charlatans of the worst sort. Sharpers from the Marketing Industry found ground to sell their sleazy Pick-Up Artistry schemes. Soon followed junk science based on simplistic and reductionist formulas called Game; finally culminating in "taking the Red Pill" and becoming more or less a cult. Sites like The Spearhead, Chateau Heartiste, Return of Kings, The Daily Stormer, Vox Populi, The Rational Male, Dalrock, The University of Man, Alpha Game Plan, In Mala Fide, Captain Capitalism and a bunch of others dominated the Manosphere and made it the exclusive hangout of every imaginable crackpot: male supremacists, religious fringe figures, right-wing extremists, entitled Incels, chronic Internet trolls, and small-time crooks came to define the 'Manosphere' and did incalculable damage in the process. 

   Most of those sites have finally sunk into well-deserved oblivion; and the recent downfall of Vox Day seems finally to have closed the chapter on this disgraceful social trend. Owen Benjamin, Rollo Tomassi, Captain Capitalism, the Kurgan and a few others are still out there; but they were all mostly coat-tail riders on the more popular sites. Vox is still out there too---a shadow of his former self. He has a new site, but it's mostly an echo-chamber now with all his comments channelled into Social Galactic, a small chatroom that he set up which was supposedly going to supplant Facebook, Twitter, and Gab combined. Vox is starting to sound like the Kaiser in exile after WW1, increasingly irrelevant and while his Delusions of Grandeur get worse.

    A few real MRAs survived the general crash, but most of them are based in Europe and the Anglosphere is where the hemorrhaging of traditional masculinity has been the worst. The erosion of traditional masculinity has been one of the most damaging influences given us by people like Vox Day. Against the cultural feminization of Anglosphere Men, they offered us a caricature of Manhood: being a bully, a poseur, an opportunist, a cad were all held up as ideals to which men should aspire. Our Culture reflects that schism even now. In America, men are politically and socially polarized between a gender-dysphoric, pseudo-intellectual, and hysterical Left against a swaggering, self-righteous, and hypocritical Right. 

   The situation that the Red Pills helped create is also one of the most formidable obstacles in correcting the downward spiral of Anglosphere Masculinity. The Cultural Shift between 2011 and 2021 was huge. Our Culture was failing men then, it is overtly hostile towards us now. The Anglosphere has fallen into the hands of a very evil cabal whose stated goal is to reduce humanity into a gender-neutral, risk and responsibility-free, contact-traced, and liberally drugged-up herd of order-following zombies. They intend to impose upon the world a meatless, sugar-free, smoke-free planet; void of competition, achievement, and Free Will. In this world, we'll own nothing and be happy; passing our lives in the blissful ignorance of an eternal infancy. Obviously, there's no place for traditional masculinity in that scheme of things. It's also obvious why: just look at a montage of some of the ringleaders of the Great Reset:

   What you see here are some clear defectives: effete, perverted, degenerate, vile; men who've compensated for their lack of virility by amassing wealth and political power and now seek to lord it over other men. Some of them inherited both their wealth and their dispositions from fathers who were just like them. Instead of being an objection to a new Men's Movement, it is one reason why we most need one. If we had a virile culture like we once did, none of these clowns would have been anything more than creepy trust-fund losers whom all decent people would have avoided. 

    Another objection---one that was hardly imaginable 10 years ago---is the overall quality of men has gotten worse. Male suicide, addiction, infertility, and obesity rates are staggeringly bad and gender dysphoria is running rampant. Boys are being raised with no guidance whatsoever. Thanks to 'Conservatives' like Robert Gates and 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson, not even the Boy Scouts provide mentoring anymore. There are no positive role models in the Media and certainly none in Sports, Academia, or the Military. Every institution in our country has been pozzed; and that includes the Church and the Family. Conservatives used to have a saying that we stood for Faith, Family, and Freedom; but the events of the last two years have revealed how little their proponents value any of these things. 

    The situation is so bad that when Jordan Peterson published his 12 Rules for Life in 2018, young men were reacting with revelatory exuberance at such maxims as "Clean your room," "Bathe Regularly," and "Sit Up Straight." I hate to keep belaboring this point---which I've said a lot relative to public school---but where the H--l have their parents been? As a specimen of this, there was recently a scandal where a mayor---an example of a real man, it should be pointed out---forced down a School Board that was proliferating Child Pornography in public school classrooms. This had been going on for six years and nobody would have noticed if a student hadn't recorded it on video and posted it online. Great job of parenting, folks. It's apparent that any new Men's Movement will not only have to focus on Fathers' Rights---Fathering Skills are another needed subject. 

   Hudson, Ohio is not unique by any means: a whole generation of do-nothing parents dumped their offspring into these human slaughterhouses---many of whom have since grown up and are doing the same to their own children.  

   The one bright side to this gloomy scenario is that Male Nature doesn't change. There are men out there who are searching for answers. I see a lot of them on the Internet---not so much on blogs or forums anymore, but largely in the video community. There are a number of podcasters and vloggers who speak on topics of interest to men, and men of all ages are following them. Video has certain advantages that writing does not. For example, modern video broadcasting is highly interactive; and a host can discuss topics brought up by viewers instantaneously; as well as covering a topic for hours. They're not like the Red Pills with their top-down we-have-all-the-answers hierarchies. In fact, it was ROTC Media who turned Vox Day into Teddy Spaghetti.

     Vox never recovered from the exposure he got in the Video Realm. 

     So, overall, I believe that yes, we are going to see the rise of a new Men's Movement, but it's not going to look like the old one. It's going to look more practical, down-to-earth and discussion-based. It will be less focused on changing laws and policies and look more like an Underground or a Counter-Culture. It also seems to be shaping up to be self-policing. That's a positive aspect because this is how normal men in society used to take care of their communities. Queers, grifters, spergs, and troublemakers don't seem to be welcome. The recent phenomenon of White Boy Summer seems to illustrate the general attitude: do the right thing; don't stress over what you can't change; and have fun. Will the new trend bring back masculinity? It's hard to say at this point: but it's certainly getting the ball rolling again.




Saturday, September 11, 2021


       I have to admit that writing has become something of a challenge lately. I miss the times when exposing corruption, destroying cults, and working out unsolved mysteries were all that we had to worry about. And some philosophy, psychology, and history thrown in occasionally, it was actually enjoyable. Today one disaster follows on top of the other; and it's not like the people of the Anglosphere didn't see it coming. The thing that has come to a shock to most of us was that, before (and even during) 2020, there was a belief that many---if not most---Americans would pull together and fight for their freedoms if their backs ever got pushed to the wall. What we've learned, however is that most Americans have been willing participants in the degeneration of our culture all along. While we're focusing on Americans, the reactions of the British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Israelis, Irish, and South Africans---the whole Anglosphere---has been just as bad. And whether one identifies as Left or Right we see the same thing. InsanityBytes summed it up really well recently:

 "I really do have a problem with some conservatives and conservative Christians, right leaning folks, on account of the fact that there is sometimes a lot of wishy washy going on, a lot of self serving, flexible “values.” I got mine, so screw you. How can I make a profit off of this? Complete entitlement. I deserve to thrive and if I crush people in the process, oh well. This is what I stand for…unless there’s a profit margin being harmed in which case we just aren’t using those standards anymore. It’s kind of like that GPS in your car, forever recalculating, recalculating…

  "A lot of us, many of us, feel as if we were lied to. We were sold the American dream, we were told to just get a better education, we were told to just work harder, we were told to just learn to code, we were told that if we followed the formula and obeyed the rules, we would reap what we had sown. We were lied to, lied to in politics, lied to when it comes to the economy, and lied to in faith. It’s kind of like beating yourself up everyday because no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to make it, only to discover the 'self made business owner' you admire so much, didn’t get rich mopping floors at night, she inherited a trust fund. Also, she’s got a great profit margin going on because she’s laundering money."

  Yesterday, the Head-of-State appeared on television to list a new series of policies issued by his Corporate Overlords. Basically, the Junta is purging the ranks of the Government of potential dissidents and has obliged the Corporate Oligarchy by purging them of disloyal elements as well. Nobody seems to have drawn the obvious inference between the immediate withdrawing of troops from abroad just ten days before these mandates were handed down and the determination of the Elites to back up their orders with bayonets, if necessary.

     So a dozen or so State Governors popped up and said that they are going to fight the Regime's mandates in Court. Let's look at the recent history of how successful this has been. Remember how the States passed legislation in 2005 to defend private property from being seized by Corporate interests? The Supreme Court ruled that Corporations had Eminent Domain powers and the GOP folded. Remember how they were all going to stand against Obamacare? Which State is still holding out? Answer: zero. Trump couldn't even get a Republican-controlled Congress to repeal Obamacare.

    Remember how 36 or so States codified legal marriage to exclude homo 'marriage'? They promptly caved in after a Court decision; even though their were enough States to overturn the Court with a Constitutional Amendment, nobody even tried. In fact, they even fired and jailed officials who protested. Remember how 17 States petitioned the Court to prevent the stolen 2020 Elections? What happened there? It's the same here. All of these protesting States will do nothing when it actually comes down to concrete action. 

    Aside from the distraction that the Controlled Opposition is putting up; what's actually going on here is a purge. Purges usually always follow Revolutions. The Mask and the Vaxx were never designed for public health reasons, they were designed as marks of compliance with the Regime. They don't want non-compliant people working for the Government, nor for their owners in Corporate America. So far from creating resistance, they are consolidating power. The Elites are not concerned about alienating an Electoral base. They are interested in creating a base of people who follow orders. The new mandates will make it almost impossible to challenge the Deep State because everyone within its ranks has proven their allegiance to it. Dictatorships in the past accomplished the same thing with Loyalty Oaths. The short-term goal of this Regime is to create a one-party State. The new mandates are a step in that direction. 

    All of these would-be leaders of the Right are in it for themselves. If, during the last 18 months, any one of them would have refused any more Federal money, ordered their county officials not to enforce any of these illegal laws and declared their sovereign Rights regardless of the consequences, they might have had some credibility. If Republican Senators had refused to take their seats in 2021, the Senate would have no quorum and the Junta would have been paralyzed. They might have had some credibility too. Maybe if Republican Congressmen had introduced legislation repealing all of the post-2001 laws their own Party had installed that created the Surveillance State in the first place, they might be believable. Instead, they'll fight to the last drop of your blood; but switch sides the minute that their own positions look threatened. 

   What we need to do instead is building networks and communities outside of the Regime's control. With all of the people laid off and put out of work for resisting the Regime, and all of us who are already resisting, have skills which we can contribute to each others' welfare. The old methods are going to get us nowhere. 




Thursday, September 9, 2021


   Imagine living in a country where, after decades of relative peace and self-rule, the nation is suddenly hijacked by a band of vicious fanatics. Right now the citizens of that nation are being placed under a brutal Martial Law where citizens are being locked up in literal detention camps; contract-tracing being implemented, protesters being beaten and locked up, churches and synagogues being raided, children stripped from their homes, due process being suspended, women dragged before sham courts and denounced, curfews imposed, correspondence from abroad being prohibited and the censorship in the press intensifying.

   So we've seen similar headlines recently; and Conservatives reflexively clutch their bowties and gasp about the "disaster in Afghanistan" and how it's "all that awful Biden's fault" and if only Larry Elder and Bruce Jenner were in office now, none of this would have happened. The only problem is that we're not talking about Afghanistan. The scenes we're describing are happening in Australia. Australia is not some 3rd-World outpost; it is---or was---a major US ally, and a democracy. Yet we don't hear a peep of good old American outrage over any of the Crimes Against Humanity being executed there. No, we're more concerned that the Taliban is banning Homo Pride Parades and closing down Soros-funded NGOs. In fact, the Taliban did one good thing today: they destroyed a mural depicting George-Whats-His-Name that Occupation Forces exporting Democracy had built in Kabul. 

    Australia, however, has become a different story. Australian political police are storming Churches and Synagogues. The Regime has even banned prayer and threatened parents with 10 years in prison for resisting the homo agenda. To help enforce these policies---as well as the tyrannical Scamdemic-related orders---the police have erected networks of informants to denounce their neighbors, families, and co-workers to the Authorities. 

   The Regime has also banned receipt of international mail and has recently passed a 'law' permitting Regime surveillance by breaking into User Accounts on internal social media. The Supreme Court in Australia ruled yesterday that news outlets could be held liable for readers' comments. American Tech Lords have been in total compliance with the Regime's wishes; it has been widely noted that shadow-banning is occurring on wide scale.

  In the State of Victoria, there is a prohibition on traveling more than 3 miles from one's home. Victoria seems to be the worst of Australian states right now. Their governor is a man named Dan Andrews, who incidentally voted himself salaries making himself the highest-paid Australian official. Until the Scamdemic broke, Andrews was best known for leading the effort to make Victoria the first Australian State to practice Euthanasia on humans. As a side note, the rate of both assisted and unassisted suicides in Victoria have jumped 57% since Andrews began his vicious lockdown policies. The number of suicides in Victoria in 2021 are actually higher than the number of confirmed COVID/Influenza deaths. It should be noted that Andrews is also a member of the World Economic Forum and serves on the Board of Klaus Schwab's Global Framework for Youth Mental Health. Australian political leaders are quite open about their sympathies with the New World Order. Andrews also unilaterally suspended the Victoria Legislature indefinitely and is ruling by decree.  

   In August, Andrews ordered the construction of a Concentration Camp near the town of Mickleham. Without bothering to inform the residents in advance, construction began and finally a town meeting was called. It appears that Australians and Americans have a lot in common when it comes to priorities; because the main concerns raised at the meeting were "
about the impact on real estate prices and the threat of the virus escaping into the community." What about the estimated 3,000 people sent to be exterminated 'housed' there? "Oh well, sux to be them! At least my property values won't go down!" 

    This is not the only Concentration Camp going up in the country. At the end of August, some wealthy philanthropists donated land near the Toowoomba Airport to the State of Queensland to construct a 1,000-inmate facility there. There is an active camp holding 850 prisoners near the town of Howard Springs, but so far the Regime has been housing detainees in guarded converted hotels. Leaked videos have shown some of the atrocities going on there.

    The Regime has imposed travel restrictions of the worst kind. The State of South Australia is now experimenting with Contact Tracing by which the Secret Police can be updated regularly on citizens' whereabouts. 

   "The government of South Australia is now testing an app as Orwellian as any in the free world to enforce its quarantine rules. Returning travelers quarantining at home will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. The state will text them at random times, and thereafter they will have 15 minutes to take a picture of their face in the location where they are supposed to be. Should they fail, the local police department will be sent to follow up in person. 'We don’t tell them how often or when, on a random basis they have to reply within 15 minutes,' Premier Steven Marshall explained. 'I think every South Australian should feel pretty proud that we are the national pilot for the home-based quarantine app.'"

    Protesters of this Terror State are subject to warrantless arrests at any moment, as well as stiff prison sentences or onerous and excessive bail requirements. They are also routinely beaten by the Political Police. These Crimes Against Humanity have been ongoing and escalating for over a year. The Elites aren't about to stop either. In full lockstep with his WEF masters' Great Reset Agenda, the aforementioned Governor Andrews already has plans in place to launch a full-scale persecution of political dissidents once his goal of compliance is met. 

  Why are the MSM and their Controlled-Opposition puppets focusing on Afghanistan and ignoring Australia? Because they don't want the NPCs throughout the Anglosphere to see what our future likely looks like. And there are plenty of NPCs and go-along-to-get-along 'Conservatives' in Australia. The Political Right has either sat on the sidelines or "realistically" embraced the New Order. Sadly, the Australian Church has been among the biggest sell-outs of them all:






     Australia should serve as warning and a wake-up call to what is left of Conservatism in the Anglosphere. It shows us that: yes, it can happen in a civilized Christian democracy; and no; the Conservative Leadership, church, police, or military aren't going to intervene and stop it from happening. And neither will most other 'Conservatives.' We need to prepare and network and put no faith in these frauds before the Jackboot comes down on our necks like it has theirs'. 


Thursday, September 2, 2021


       As regular readers know, we don't as a rule like to engage in speculations here. But we're also not living in normal times. I'm just going to post a few short facts and a short comment on this topic and let readers draw their own conclusions. I'm not arguing that anything will or won't happen, but it's worth noticing the timeline here:

      July 4th: The Regime announced that its Vaccination Program had fallen short of expectations. Corporate America and their State satraps began rolling out Vaxx Passports along with targeted discrimination, persecution, and mandates against those who've refused.

     July 9th: The Regime's overlords at the WEF began a series of exercises called Cyber Polygon simulating reaction to a massive terrorist attack.

     August 14th: The Junta's Homeland Security Department announced a 'heightened risk' of terror attacks following reinstating many Scamdemic restrictions.

     August 24th: The Junta rushed to pull troops and resources from Afghanistan and deploy them domestically.

      August 29th: The Elites in Davos have warned of a potential terrorist attack committed by the Unvaxxed.

      September 1st: DHS warned that Taliban victories abroad could embolden potential domestic terrorists here.

      9 Days from Today: the 20th Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks.

    I don't like the way this timeline is shaping up. It could all be a coincidence and nothing might happen (hopefully). However, the Elites have been engaged in a deliberate campaign to marginalize and demonize the Unvaxxed; and, as we've seen clearly over the last 18 months, it's not beneath their moral characters in the least to stage events. 

   Again, none of us mortals can predict the future; just be advised and especially vigilant now. It's also not unheard of that the Elites have called off plans when too many got wise to what they were doing, so pointing out this confluence of recent events to others might not hurt.