Friday, April 30, 2021


      Today the Ameroboobs are busy arguing over the Republican Party's latest embracing of Affirmative Action. A Black Senator from South Carolina read the prepared script to respond to the Head-of-State's recent speech and has been proclaimed by such great Conservatives as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham as the "future of the Republican Party. Meanwhile, another great statesman on the Right, Arnold Schwarznegger has thrown his steroid-ridden weight behind Bruce Jenner. Could we be seeing a Scott-Jenner ticket in 2024? That would sure take the narrative from those Libtards! Ooooh, ride that Red Wave! Not a peep out of these great statesmen yet about the political persecution of Derrick Chauvin, the DC Protesters, or the Trump legal team. The situation is so egregiously a violation of human rights that even Pocahontas Warren was blushing with shame; and it took an Obama-appointed federal judge to intervene on behalf of a protester who'd been held illegally incarcerated for nearly three months. 

    While the MSM was busy with these GOP-fueled distractions, the Junta quietly announced reinstating new travel restrictions against India. India has been experiencing a massive so-called "second wave" of COVID-19 cases. According to the Times of India, today's numbers showed "a record daily rise of over 3.86 lakh \{i.e. 386,000} new Covid-19 cases and continued to post over 3,000 deaths for the third consecutive day, as per Union Health Ministry data updated at 8 A.M. With 386,452 new cases recorded on Friday, India's tally of total Covid-19 cases now stands at 18,762,976, the highest since the pandemic started in 2019. The death toll jumped 3,498 over the last 24 hours, taking the total death toll to 208,330, according to the Health Ministry."

   The Corporate Media was praising India just a few months ago after it the country's somewhat mentally-suspect president Narendra Modi was announcing the greatest vaccine push in history. Modi's friends at the World Economic Forum even made him a keynote speaker at their Great Reset Forum this year. Modi has become a WEF hero recently as model world leader despite doing a few questionable things like trying to force the country to adopt cyber-currency, nearly provoking atomic war with China and Pakistan; as well as supporting the Soros-backed 'Rohingya Crisis' and fomenting other unrest in neighboring Burma. 

   India's two 'approved' vaccines are Astrazeneca's  'Covishield' brand and domestically-produced 'Covaxin'. A number of real scientists have offered the possibility that taking unproven vaccines like these could infect healthy people and cause side effects like blood clotting, while doing nothing which actually fight the flu. In fact, India's survival-rate from contracting COVID has dropped to 82% since the miracle drugs got rolled out by Big Pharma 'our frontline heroes'.  

   Many people in India have started asking some of the same questions---which has led the Modi Administration to request assistance from the Tech Oligarchs in suppressing social media discussions of the topic. Likely also acting upon advice from American propagandists, Modi decided to embark on a program of enlisting Indian celebrities to promote the vaccine. A popular comedian called Vivek was appointed as the top spokesman for the vax and 'combatting disinformation.'

    The program hit a snag, however, after Vivek---in a well-publicized photo-op--- took the vax on April 15th and died less than 24 hours later, allegedly of a malignant blood clot. Apparently, India hasn't learned to leave the caps on the syringes when they vax celebs like we do over here. At any rate, it certainly didn't do much to combat vaccine skepticism---and especially now that Modi's been rolling out the campaign for the second dose already. Some Indian medical experts are cautiously predicting a 3rd COVID outbreak for this Fall: which may actually be their way of trying to leak information under the radar (i.e. secretly warning that outbreak follows vax). 

   Pascal Soriot, the CEO of Astrazeneca, was also a speaker at Davos this year; in fact, he's led the WEF's program for global vaccinations. Soriot states that the program "is about ensuring that as many people as possible irrespective of their country’s income level will soon be protected against this deadly virus”; i.e., infecting the underclass with permanent side-effects. Considering that the WEF is not exactly reticent about promoting population control it should raise more than a few red flags that the Elites should have such a driving interest to spread these potentially dangerous substances in country like India---home to over a billion people, most of whom happen to be what we would call 'the working poor'. 

   Now, of course, in America's enlightened postmodern culture of highly-educated and sophisticated thinkers, the mere suggestion that the Elites might be up to something sinister (like genocide) meets with sneers of promoting tin-foil hat conspiracy theories. No one should suspect that such 'woke' plutocrats like Klaus Schwab (whose father was a Nazi operative) or Bill Gates (whose father was a eugenicist) could entertain but the purest of motives. 

    And we are, at least in America, not to question the experts' motives either. Like the World Health Organization which refused to declare COVID-19 a pandemic until the day after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dropped about a $60 million donation on them. Or the unbiased team at, which is under the thumb of known shills for Big Pharma. We can certainly trust the experts in Academia, too; despite the fact that they rake in billions from Oligarchs as well as from Big Pharma we can't entertain the slightest doubt of any biases or hidden agendas. And we have trustworthy fellows like Dr. Fauci, who had inside information on the COVID vaccine; surely he wouldn't have sold that information to political interests working to overthrow President Trump. True, Fauci grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn where small businesses like his father owned were subservient to the interests of the local Mafia---we can't assume from that experience that Fauci might have picked up a few tricks of the trade. Let's be bit candid: surviving seven presidential administrations in spite of all the gaffes and blunders that Fauci has committed along the way is quite an anomaly in American politics; unless someone has a few very solid connections. 

    Fortunately India is a democratic country with better educated population than the U.S.,so hopefully the people are better equipped to see through the state and corporate-sponsored propaganda and act accordingly. The Modi Regime allegedly has a huge public base of support, but we must recall that approval polls in India are conducted by American firms, and that India's media is even more controlled by vested interests than ours. It remains to be seen whether their government can withstand this latest round of disasters or not; but India has had a long history of foreign interests using the populace as medical guinea-pigs, and the Indian people have long memories.

   We Americans should take a good hard look at India's situation because this is very likely to become our future. We haven't seen the full effects of the vax here yet, but bear in mind that we live in a less crowded and more sanitary environment than most Indians have. After the Junta has lulled us into a false sense of security, the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the snake oil are liable to be packing a real wallop. 




Thursday, April 29, 2021


   Last night, the nominal American Head-of-State addressed the U.S. Congress---which formerly served as the legislative branch of our national government. I didn't watch Biden's farrago or the Republican's so-called 'response.' A few fawning headlines prior to the event indicated that the Premier 'president' would speak on a topic of 'turning peril into opportunity.' That certainly fits with the guiding spirit of today's America; where profiting off of panic has become a way of life. 

   As for the Republicans, hope for that Red Wave in 2022 was greatly buoyed by the announcement that Bruce Jenner has a chance to bring California back into the GOP fold. A Hollywood degenerate who last headed the most dysfunctional family in America; who blew his mind on drugs and decided as a senior citizen that he was born into the wrong gender; who killed people by reckless driving and escaped justice because of his connections---who could better represent Conservative values than that? 

   The real message that the Junta wished to convey was sent before the speech even started. This morning, secret state police federal agents raided the homes and offices of three of the legitimate President's legal team: Rudolph Giuliani, Joseph DiGenova, and Victoria Toensing. My intuition says that the GOP leadership had nothing to say about that. 

   The timing of these raids with the speech---marking 100 days since the Regime seized power---is not a coincidence. Lately they have been relaxing their grip on the collective throat; mostly because doing so is part of their weaponized mass-psychology techniques; and because dictatorships need time to consolidate their power. The politically-motivated attacks this morning was sending the message that the Regime still fully intends to persecute its opposition. I rarely make predictions, but I stand by the belief that the primary short-term goal of the Junta is to create a one-party state; and that the Elections of 2022 will not take place---at least not in any form recognizable as participatory democracy. 

   We saw a similar message sent in the recent show-trial of Derrick Chauvin. The day that Chauvin was illegally convicted, the Regime announced that the stormtrooper who murdered a pro-Trump protester in cold blood would face no charges. The message sent then, and today, is that political thought and activity would become de facto criminalized. This is all ahead of the upcoming mass-trial of over 300 people who've been rounded up in connection with the pro-Trump protest of last January 6th. That trial has a preliminary date of May 10th; though it hasn't been confirmed. Thanks to our 'conservative' former president George Bush Jr., 'domestic terrorists'---which is what these protesters are accused of being---can be held indefinitely and with limited rights to Due Process. 

   All of these farces are leading to another attempt to put President Trump on trial; and by extension criminalizing political support for him and his policies. The Left has also not given up its intentions of creating Truth and Reconciliation Hearings. This will mark the end of any meaningful legal dissent in the United States---and all of this can be accomplished well before November 2022. 

   One of the reasons that I've made and stood by a prediction of this kind is because the warning signs are obvious and the Elites are open about their intentions. But try and explain any of it to the average Ameroboob and you get a blank stare or hoots of laughter. At this point, I think we could have Auschwitz-style labor camps and most prisoners would still argue that this is "the greatest county on God's green earth" and that all we have to do is wait for that next Red Wave at the polls. 

Monday, April 26, 2021


     Sunday was one of America's national holidays, probably the second biggest day next to the Super Bowl. It's was, of course, 'Oscars Night' in Hollywood. Just like the Super Bowl, a bunch of millionaires who work for billionaires participate in a choreographed extravaganza camouflaging a totally rigged awards nomination. The winners praise the trendy 'new normal' of the moment and take home a statue of a naked man; though in the NFL's case, the naked men they take home are usually real ones. 

    Back when Hollywood was still somewhat respectable, the first meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a dinner in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to devise a way to honor outstanding achievements in cinema. This was in 1926. According to Architectural Digest, the first proposed award was something like a certificate designed by an artist working for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. It depicted "the figure of a knight gripping a sword, standing in front of a reel of film. The five spokes of the reel stood for the original five branches of the Academy—actors, directors, producers, technicians, and writers—while the sword symbolized protection for the welfare of the industry." It would have been a lot cooler if they'd stayed with that design. Instead, they decided on an avant-garde sculpture that met with mixed reviews. It's said that a girl working in the studio archival library said that the trophy "looked like her Uncle Oscar," and the name stuck. At any rate, going from a knight defending the integrity of the industry to a nude man holding a knife over his genitals seems oddly metaphorical of how Hollywood would change over the next century. 

    But a much more serious farce is of course the COVID-19 Scam, which is now entering its 14th month as a global pandemic. Adrienne had a link on her blog to a much more relevant video to see, an interview with German medical professor Dr. Sucharit Bakhti, one of the world's most renown microbiologists. It's about 40 minutes long and explains the dangers of the vaccines now being pushed by Big Pharma. 

   Dr. Bakhti explains in simple terms the medical quackery involved in hustling the new designer-drug, and the very real effects this will have on the human body. Why people trust Big Pharma---the same guys who push Opioids on the public and Amphetamines on schoolchildren---is a conundrum to begin with; but Ameroboobs are well-known for their proclivity for acting first and thinking later. 

   A question that Dr. Bakhti raised which also needs some exploring is, "American doctors have got to know better, why is there no protest, no outcry?" He speaks of Medical Ethics---which disappeared in the United States a long time ago. I've asked doctors and medical professionals myself why they go along with this vax farce and mask sham when they---of all people---can't help but know what a lie it all is. And they know they can't hide behind propaganda because they know that I've had some medical education. It's interesting to watch their reactions. It's not anger: it's more like shame. Usually, I get an answer like "we have to follow the protocols," or, "it wasn't my decision." 

  While these answers reveal a lack of any sense of responsibility, they also reveal that the American medical profession really is completely under the thumb of ideologues and no longer in control of Science---let alone ethics. Science is, by itself, morally neutral. The same science that can create a genetic modification to reverse potential birth defects can also make a bioweapon capable of sterilizing entire populations. Ethics are bringing philosophy and even religion into the equation to keep science within the realm of doing good. When Ethics is disregarded and controlled by Ideology, anything can happen and usually it's nothing good---and the two World Wars of the last century should have made that fact abundantly clear to everybody. Anyone old enough to remember the Cold War should recall the phrase Mutually-Assured Destruction and what World War 3 would have meant. 

    Doctors and scientists without ethics made up a whole genre of villains in 20th-Century pop-culture, the mad scientist. In our postmodern dystopia, we've evolved to admire amoral killers as public heroes who are out to save the planet---even if that involves considerable human life to be sacrificed (always provided, of course, that someone else does the sacrificing). 

   In the medical fields, how did we get to this point? Actually, the downfall was both fairly recent and fairly fast. It used to be that States licensed medical professionals and breaches of ethics or malpractice were handled by Medical Review Boards comprised of medical specialists---much like the Bar Association works today. Then, some trial lawyers working in the interests of Insurance Cartels got their larcenous eyes upon opportunities to plunge their greedy hands into doctors' wallets. The Left-Wing Whackos jumped on the bandwagon to promote socialized medicine and the Media routinely portrayed doctors as selfish parasites who needed more government oversight. Although Republicans promised tort and malpractice reform they never delivered, and generally went with the flow. 

   The result of all of this was that healthcare costs accelerated to obscene levels, while the quality of care became more bureaucratized and less affordable. Big Pharma---which was created again by Republicans who allowed these dope-pushers to combine into massive monopolies who slashed American jobs while outsourcing to China---got into the act and began hyping its latest designer-drugs upon a narcotic-overdosed population. After creating the chaos, the Crony-Capitalists and their Leftist allies gave us the rock-bottom solution of all: Obamacare.

     Obama went from campaigning on 'universal access to quality healthcare' to 'universal health insurance coverage' shortly after his election. Although Obamacare did expand access to healthcare, it also institutionalized all of the corruption already rotting out the system. Doctors quickly found out that Big Pharma, the Insurance Cartels, and Beltway bureaucrats with their own agendas were dictating medical policy from now on. Obamacare met some legal challenges along the way, but a Republican-controlled Supreme Court upheld its legality. President Trump tried three times to repeal Obamacare, but was defeated by a Republican-controlled Congress. 

    What wasn't reported widely at the time was that nearly half of American doctors planned to retire after Obamacare's passage. With rising demand for medical professionals, less-qualified personnel were moved into the void. Of course, the new breed of 'professionals' better represented diversity and were more eager to accommodate and adapt themselves to the new order. And so, the Leftist hotheads who were demanding that we stick it to the man, and that we get those greedy doctors ended up with lower-quality doctors who got paid more while enriching Big Pharma, Insurance interests, and mega-hospitals. Ameroboobs always somehow manage to fall into the same traps over and over again. 

   What's happened since? Well, over-prescription of dangerous Opioids has led to more overdose deaths in single recent years than the number of American casualties during the entire Vietnam War years combined. Doctors are well aware of what Opioids can do; but one has to go along to get along these days. When Obama pushed homo 'equality' (another thing we got because of Republicans on the Supreme Court selling out), doctors were forced to say nothing if a person's lifestyle contributed to their health problems. If a male patient comes to the clinic identifying as a female, doctors and psychiatrists have no choice but to play along with these delusions and issue Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT used to require the testimony of several physicians and psychiatrists that it was medically necessary. But today? Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson say that gender isn't biological so it must be true.

      So to answer Dr. Bakhti's question: American doctors aren't protesting the vax because they don't care about medical ethics or medical necessity. Doctors in the US today are simply people with degrees who know how to take orders. They're sort of like a higher-status version of fast-food workers; except that when one goes to McDonalds they get something positive in exchange for the service. 

    A doctor in Germany might be puzzled as to how an American counterpart can tell a patient that he's injecting them with a beneficial vaccine when he knows full well that it's useless at best and potentially fatal or permanently crippling at worst. That's because American physicians are no longer actually medical specialists, but customer-service representatives for business and political interests. They knew the damaging effects of Opioids, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, and Hormones and Steroids---but they give them out anyway. They perform abortions and euthanasia on demand. So why is anyone surprised that they'd dispense unsafe vaccinations? The thing to do is survive in the New America; and that means going with the flow if you work in the medical fields today. 


Friday, April 23, 2021


      So, yesterday the surprising (to some) news came out that the scum running Virginia's educational bureaucracy have decided to end advanced mathematics courses under the pretext that there's 'inequality' or something involved. Virginia is the first to impose this policy statewide, although it's been done on local scales now for some time. 

     "My first reaction to this was that it seemed absolutely bananas, and that it sets a soft cap on the number of higher math courses students are going to be able to take." an unusually prescient activist told the Media: "My second reaction was to wonder which outside math learning franchises (Kaplan, Mathnasium, etc.) are publicly traded, because I foresee their stock soaring."  

   Along with closing these programs, Virginia is also eliminating advanced diploma programs for exceptional achievers.  "These recommendations include developing measurable plans to close the persistence of achievement gaps, close opportunity gaps that disproportionately impact Black students and other students of color, diversify Virginia’s educator force, and support professional development for administrators and educators focused on culturally inclusive and responsive competencies and equity-centered practices that disrupt intentional and unintentional racism in education," Newport News Public Schools chief of staff Rashard Wright said.

    Interestingly, President Trump already addressed the issue of 'inequality of outcomes' in public schools. In 2017, he signed an Executive Order that actually began serious funding for STEM courses in economically-disadvantaged areas. But, it was Orange Man Bad; and now schools are returning to the policy of keeping all students at the lowest minimum level of competence. The Corporate Oligarchs and the political elite---who overwhelmingly send their own children to elite private schools---aren't effected by any of this. 

    The early proponents of public education believed that only a well-educated population could maintain a system of self-government and could rise in society to the highest degree of excellence of which he was capable. In our Postmodern Era, however, it was also discovered that a dumbed-down population could be propagandized into accepting tyranny, while being just educated enough to serve as drones in the Corporate Matrix.

    The website American Greatness cited: "Another parent in Loudoun County, Ian Prior, put it in even blunter terms: 'This is critical race theory in action, and parents should be outraged.'”

    How true. Parents should be outraged. Will they though?

    Of course they won't. These policies aren't just some crackpot theory that a few fruitcakes came up with last week. Thomas Sowell was warning of these trends as long ago as 1992.  Our schools and universities began purging Conservatives in the late 1980s to mid-1990s. Even the RINO news magazine National Affairs concluded in a 2018 study that, "Conservative voices on college campuses began to diminish sharply in the late 1980s and early 1990s. When the Carnegie Foundation conducted its faculty survey in 1999, it found that a mere 12% of professors were conservatives, down from 27% in 1969. Using a different dataset from the Higher Education Research Institute, political scientist Samuel Abrams discovered a similar decline. Overall, Abrams estimated that the ratio of liberal to conservative professors has increased by about 350% since 1984, even though there was no equivalent change among the American public or college students. As a consequence, very few of today's college presidents can claim that one in four of their faculty members are conservatives."

    Who was president in the late 80's to early 90s?

   Yes, 'conservative' George Bush Sr; and the radicalization really took off after Bush's good buddy Bill Clinton took over. Nothing whatsoever was done by Republicans to reverse these trends then or since. 

   But a more important question is: where were Conservative parents this whole time? Some light is shed upon this is an article from 16 years ago on a homeschooling website. Author Bruce Shortt said in an interview, "It's very difficult for many of us to give up dearly held views that are convenient. Too many pastors rely on their own school experience in 1955. They have a couple of schoolteachers in their congregation and they seem like nice people. Pulling out of government schools requires assuming a lot more responsibility, and it has financial implications. More dollars for Christian education means less for the cooperative program. We've been too often guilty of evangelizing ardently in Timbuktu and losing our own children. We've failed to see that spending money at the local level, educating our children, is also a missionary effort!"

    Today in Virginia---a state where homeschooling laws are fairly relaxed---about 40,000 K-12 students are homeschooled. Around 1,260,000 are educated in public schools. Homeschooling accounts for around 0.032% of Virginia's primary and secondary students. Is Virginia that dominated by Liberals?

   Well, according to Pew Research, about 43% of Virginians identify as Conservative; 39% as Liberals; and 18% as NPC 'uncommited' voters. Of that 43%, over half are between age 18-55---i.e. parental age groups. So why are Liberals running wild through the public school system? I think that we can draw our own conclusions here. True, Liberals tend to be bullies and cheats. But they also tend to be cowards, and Conservatives far outnumber them. 

   The fact is that our public schools have been hijacked because Conservatives haven't done a thing to stop them. And now, our schools are 'woke' because Universities have been turning out indoctrinated and radicalized teachers and administrators for 30 years. Nearly everyone under age 20 or so has been 'educated' under these foul ideologies. Consider this: Drag-Queen Story Hour---which Conservatives gripe about and do nothing to prevent---has been going on public schools for six years. And now Conservatives want to complain about what the Left is doing to our schools and the decline in values among the young. Look in the mirror, chumps: it's your own fault. While our generation was busy taking happy pills, cheating on their spouses and figuring angles to game the system and shaft their neighbors; their children observed all of that and rejected our hypocrisy, Churchianity, and social apathy with disgust. That rejection, righteous though it is, made their untrained minds easy prey for the Academic Sophists and the Media propagandists to poison their minds with their sick 'woke' pseudo-philosophies and their junk sciences.  

    The old-school Catholic Bishops used to say of parochial schools: "Give us your children for the first seven years of his life and they'll be Catholic forever." There's truth in that statement. Freud, Piaget, and Montessori all proved scientifically just how fast children's minds really began developing and how children's characters are pretty much established by about age 12 in girls and about age 14 in boys. There's not a wide window of opportunity for parents and educators to shape young minds in a socially useful direction. We have a generation whose parents dumped them in daycare and into elementary schools run by psychopaths---and let them find their own role models in the media: what did these parents think was going to happen? That they'd grow up with a healthy respect for America and its traditions?

      A few younger Americans who've woken up to the lies they've been fed and a few older activists who saw this disaster coming are still working to undo the damage. But whether it's too little to late or not---that remains to be seen. 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021


    A little over 90 years ago in the Weimar Republic, a low-level Nazi Party thug named Horst Wessel was working at his side-job in Berlin as a small-time pimp when he got involved in an altercation in his apartment with one of his escort's former employers, whose name was Albrecht Hohler. The argument became heated, Wessel went for his gun, and Hohler shot him in self-defense. Wessel was wounded and taken to the hospital where he died a few days later. The Medical Examiner ruled that Wessel died of blood poisoning contracted from unsanitary surgical procedures. 

   Hohler had once been active in the German Communist Party (interesting how Communists and Nazis always seem to be well-represented in the criminal class). Wessel had worked for the future Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and Goebbels was never the type to let a good crisis go to waste. Even in 1930, Goebbels---whose media outreach was heavily funded by German Corporate interests---turned Wessel into a martyr. Everybody in the Weimar Republic soon knew who Horst Wessel and Albrecht Hohler were; with outpourings of grief over the 'injustice' of Wessel's 'murder' and demands for Hohler's scalp. Jay Baird, a Weimar historian of the last century, wrote: "These reports, reminiscent of wartime communiques, asserted that Wessel had been struck down in the flower of his youth, the victim of a 'cowardly attack by a pack of murder-crazed degenerate Communist bandits.' In contravention of every moral standard, these 'subhumans,' having failed to kill the innocent Wessel, next undertook to invade the noble precincts of Friedreichshain Hospital and dispatch the noble hero there."

    Attendees at Wessels' funeral included Hermann Goering---then the leader of the Nazi Party in the Weimar Congress---and one of the sons of Kaiser Wilhelm; among numerous other German and foreign dignitaries. Hitler spoke at the even bigger ceremony dedicating a monument to Wessel. Public pressure lead to Hohler's indictment for murder; and in consequence of considerable Nazi intimidation of the judge and jury, Hohler was found guilty and sentenced to six years' imprisonment. In 1933, after the Nazis had seized power, Hohler was broken out of jail by a lynch mob and murdered in the streets. Meanwhile, films were made of Wessel's life, plazas, streets, and other public places renamed for him, and a song about him was widely sung.

   Is any of this sounding familiar?

   It should. The George Floyd death/Derek Chauvin trial was a replay of what happened in 1930 Berlin---right down to the same tactics. In 1930, the Nazis were preparing to take over the German Government; in 2020, the Corporatists were planning to take over ours; and both sides made a 'martyr' out of the first blockhead they could find who was stupid enough to get himself killed while out committing crimes. 

  Americans have been mentally softened-up enough to accept miscarriages of justice like yesterday's Chauvin Trial through a long-running series of dumbed-down Courtroom Dramas and sensationalized (and politicized) real-life trials. The Weimar Republic had their share of those too. But republican self-rule had only existed in Germany since 1919; and mass-media and weaponized propaganda techniques were still new technologies. The Germans could argue that they didn't know any better; on the other hand, we should have learned from their mistakes and we don't have that excuse. 

   So yesterday, many Conservative pundits were denouncing the Chauvin Verdict. As much as I like Tucker Carlson, he sometimes exasperates me when he says things like this: 

  I fully agree that politics should play no role in jury deliberations. But, recall that politics and money have been hijacking our now barely-functioning legal system since the Rodney King Case. That happened in 1991; and every election cycle we heard 'conservatives' vowing to implement Tort Reform, reforms in legal procedures, putting a stop to the media sensationalism, etc. And all of us Conservatives who voted for them are still waiting for them to take any action whatsoever. Pundits like Tucker Carlson really need to go back and review their old news archives, because travesties like the Chauvin Trial aren't a phenomenon that just started in America last year. 

  The Democrats don't want reform because Media and Trial Lawyer special interests hire them to see that all that free publicity goes on. The Republicans don't (really) want reform because advertising interests hire them to make sure nothing interferes with MSM ratings during these sick proceedings. The short-term profits that all of these opportunists raked in for 30 years have had the long-term effect of bringing us to the point where genuinely evil men with evil intentions can turn thugs into saints; break innocent men and women; intimidate judges and juries; and do all of this more or less at will. 

     The Chauvin Trial didn't prove that the Judiciary is moving to a point where it is going to be held hostage to special interests. What it proved is that we've already reached that point. When we were still in the process of reaching it, too many Americans were content to look the other way. I can recall during the O.J. Simpson and Jodi Arrias Trials hearing of people putting bets on the outcome. I've seen numerous cases of lesser-known people railroaded by some glory-hungry prosecutor who wanted to make an example of somebody. There have been several others simply manufactured like the Duke LaCrosse Case and the Penn State Football Scandals. Interested parties laughed all the way to the bank; let's see how much laughing they want to do when the Courts end up in the hands of real ideologues governed by mob rule (which they inevitably will). 

    Most Conservatives sadly, are going to go on in denial and tell themselves that  the Chauvin Trial is going to be the last chapter in some disgraceful episode. Of course, none of them are going to think of the suffering plight of Officer Chauvin; just like there was nothing done when Chauvin was prevented by the Tech Oligarchs from raising funds online for his own defense. They are deluding themselves, as usual. Our once-great legal system has been in decline for a long time and we haven't hit bottom yet. The Third Branch of Government is dying. The Whacko Left Wing wants to let it die so that they can 'reform' it with their own crackpots posing as judges. The Junta seems content to keep the system in place and employ political and financial pressure to rig it to an even greater degree. Either way, the outcome is going to be disastrous and the Courts are going to be, from now on, simply public spectacles employed by the Elites either to give the illusion of legality to their plots; or to disgrace perceived enemies of the State. 

   I'm only going to remark in closing that God---as believed in by any credible religion or philosophy---can't possibly be evaluating America and Americans in general in a very favorable light right now. God is one Judge that no one is going to escape and I think that would be prudent for us as a Society to think very carefully about how our current standards of Justice align with His. 



Tuesday, April 20, 2021


     With the 'verdict' in Derrick Chauvin's show-trial is expected at any moment, the Ameroboobs are hanging on the edge of their seats, as though they were waiting the results of a TV game-show; even though the verdict---like the election---was decided before the farce even started. If the Elites want to foment more racial unrest, he will be acquitted. If they want to send a message about their new politically-correct administration of 'justice,' he will be found guilty. They may even opt for a hung jury to foment even more chaos and distraction. The fact that Chauvin was tried in the first place was the real miscarriage of justice here. Nothing that happens afterwards has anything to do with 'justice.'

    Interesting too is that Minnesota's Liberal wonder-boys, Governor Tim Walz and Mayor Jacob Frey, are calling out the National Guard to keep order. Last year, when President Trump offered the same thing, Walz and Frey angrily spurned the requests. But now that their bosses in the DNC and on Wall Street have OK'd it, they're suddenly ready to defend Starbucks, Amazon Warehouses, Wal-Marts, bank buildings, and other properties which the Elites have interest in protecting. And of course to further intimidate the little people who might be thinking and acting for themselves.

     A few years ago, there was growing concern about the lack of critical thinking skills among the American public. Today, it seems like the 'critical' part isn't even relevant and many of us are wondering if any actual thinking goes on among the majority at all. It's not only that we're getting 'new normals' on a regular basis; we're new 'consensuses' that are different from what they were just a few months ago. When the Scam-demic first started, police were praised all throughout official propaganda as among "our front-line heroes" for doing things like breaking up church services and dragging people off buses and beating them for not wearing masks. Now, just a few months later, they are demonized for daring to their jobs and protect human lives. And the fools buy into these shifting narratives as though they were solemn truths. 

   Considering that thinking---the ability to reason---is what distinguishes man from beast, one would suppose that we exceptional Americans would guard this ability. Unfortunately, it seems like even this basic survival mechanism has become passe, like believing in genders and believing in immortal souls accountable to God. Lacking reason, empathy, or faith, the Elites get what they have long desired---to reduce us from human beings to domesticated animals. 

  When one reads the various manifestos of gangs like the World Economic Forum and their various sympathetic goon-squads, that attitude is very clear. Like managers of livestock, these Elites want to 'reset' humanity back to the level which---according to the Evolutionists---we were before Civilization began. That won't apply to the Elites themselves, however. They get to remain human---superhuman and godlike in their own imaginations. Sort of like the dawn of Prehistory when humans moved in herds and were ruled over by kings and shamans whom duped our forefathers into bowing to them and worshiping them as gods or divine emissaries. Anyone who laughed at these impostors and tried to to convince others that only the One True God was worthy of adoration and obedience were driven out of the herd. The Biblical story of Abraham is an example of what went on back then (and what the Elites hope to achieve in the future). 

    The Elites' plans include abandoning our current cities and corralling us into 'Smart Cities'. These are human ranches where we're tagged and 'contact traced' assigned tasks, told what to eat, where to live, when to reproduce, get our vaccinations, etc. Our population will be controlled, like the State Game departments control sustainable levels of wildlife. We'll have no property, no privacy, and no rights: just like every other member of the herd. 

   If we chose not to think or reason, and abandon Faith in God and love of one's neighbor; that is our future. The 'Great Reset' is simply the culmination of decades of Marxism, Scientism, Feminism, Political Correctness, Moral Relativism---all of which we designed to 'reset' humanity all the way back to the Stone Age. It is up to us now to be like Abraham and stop running with the herd. 

  Just a few hours after this article is published, the Chauvin 'verdict' will be announced, and we'll have another staged 'crisis' of some sort raging across the Anglosphere. Don't fall for it. Learn the dynamics, and think for yourself.




Saturday, April 17, 2021


     Well, there's some good news and some bad news across the news wires this weekend. The good news is that unofficial polls---at least according to Conservative headlines in the news feeds---show that Republicans are gaining ground and pose a significant threat for taking back Congress in 2022.


    A little levity doesn't hurt; since the bad news is well, pretty bad. Most of us, including the now millions reduced to poverty during the recent Revolution, have noticed heavy inflation in food prices. Some of us have also noticed that certain commodities are either missing or not quite as abundant on grocery shelves as they used to be. This seems to be especially true in the meat departments. It has now been quietly announced that the pork industry is in some serious trouble. 

   It isn't only a matter of pork; all meat production is badly crippled right now. Shortly before being forced out of office, the Trump Administration produced a final USDA Report on commodities and price inflation for 2020: "The largest price increases were for meat categories: beef and veal prices increased by 9.6 percent, pork prices by 6.3 percent, and poultry prices by 5.6 percent." The Beef Industry was harder hit than most by the Scam-demic perpetrators; we're certain though that the fact that the largest beef producer in America was strongly pro-Trump was just a coincidence and that he wasn't being intentionally targeted by the Insurgents or anything. 

   Most meat-industry experts are rather naively clinging to the belief that supply and demand is going to stabilize in 2021. If we actually still had a Free Enterprise System operational in the United States, I would tend to agree. However, Crony-Capitalism and the Activist Government they control are working hard to ensure that Americans drastically reduce meat production and consumption. The State of California is deliberately targeting the pork industry and on Friday, our nominal Head-of-State called in a series of Executive Orders aimed at vastly restricting agricultural land use. The Junta's plan is to take 30% of American lands out of private use or control---which would have a devastating effect on industries like beef and sheep farming, where grazing and water access is essential. 

   This is neither a 'supply-and-demand' nor a 'conservation' issue. These measures are being driven by the Junta's masters in the Financial Elite.

   For those inclined to snort at the idea of a 'Great Reset' being orchestrated by international crooks at the World Economic Forum (in spite of the fact that they openly publicize their intentions), we would like to call attention that Biden referred in his plan to the "30 by 30 Program", an idea that the WEF has been pushing for at least three years. And note that beyond 2030, the thugs in Davos want "
an additional 20% to be maintained or restored to a natural state and designated as climate stabilization areas." 

   These WEF clowns are also quite open about their intentions to wipe out meat production. Instead, they are promoting laboratory-invented meat substitutes (which, just coincidentally of course, WEF members have financial interests in developing).


      Some skeptics might ask the question why the Agribusiness Cartels---which are another hugely powerful special interest---would go along with this plan since meat accounts for a significant portion of their industry. The answer is simple. Plant-based products, including synthetic meats, are cheaper to produce and require far less overhead. The type of lab-produced synthetic meats that Schwab is promoting currently are expensive, but mass-production would lower the production cost considerably. Of course, it wouldn't be any cheaper in the stores than natural meat, thus the profit-margins for the stakeholder capitalists would rise while the consumer sees no benefit. 

     Currently, meat substitutes are available from more or less natural sources as well, but there is little demand for those, and high demand for natural meat. The Crony-Capitalist solution is an easy one: simply eliminate the supply of one commodity and the demand problem is solved. If you want real meat in the future, you'll have to get your shotgun and provide your own---assuming that the Oligarchs still allow us to own guns and permit humans to enter 'green spaces'. Just like the good days in the Middle Ages when poachers got hung for killing the King's deer. 

     All of this propaganda is being sold to fools and NPCs under the pretense of protecting the environment. It's been done before. Recall how easily Angloboobs fell for anti-tobacco propaganda and rolled over for sugar taxes, and contrived price inflation for coffee. They bought into the propaganda that alcoholic beverages like beer isn't a foodstuff and must be heavily taxed and regulated. The Elites have been calling for, and in some localities implemented, taxes, surcharges, and bans on trans-fats. The Obama Administration seriously considered once a 20% federal tax on whatever products they (and the vested interests) determined were 'junk foods.' Angloboobs have been accepting artificial inflation in other necessities like gasoline prices ever since the staged OPEC Oil Embargo in 1973, and the obscene cost of housing. It's not at all a difficult matter to rip off anyone in the English-speaking world. In fact, in the U.S. at least, just convince them it's for the good of everybody and people part with dollars voluntarily. It's the same tactic that street bums have employed successfully for years. 

   In the case of street bums, they ask for money for food and shelter, then typically run to the nearest drug pusher once they're paid off. Later that night, they'll thank you by dropping by your house and stealing your lawn mower to pawn it and buy more drugs. In the case of the Elites, they want your tax money to 'improve the world' then riot in the spoils and thank you by taking your Liberty. In reality, both types are bums and social parasites. The only difference is that the street bum wants the Free Lunch while the Elites want the $500-a-Plate Exclusive. 

  It's quite a change from the Trump Administration, when a series of foreign trade deals and domestic deregulation of farmlands were causing a huge expansion in the agricultural sector, including price deflation and more consumer choice. But it was Orange Man Bad and now we can expect a 'New Normal' of food shortages, price inflation, and bureaucrats deciding what we should eat. 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


     Today a couple of apparatchiks in some local jurisdictions made two statements that has the Corporate Media out scurrying. In Minneapolis, the police officer who shot a ghetto thug is under arrest and being charged with Second Degree Homicide. Shortly thereafter the District of Columbia announced that the police officer who shot a pro-Trump protester will not face any charges. 

    I'm not too concerned with the circumstances of either shooting here. Neither is our so-called 'Justice System'. I think that we all understand the Minneapolis officer is going to get railroaded and that nobody in power cares if a Trump supporter gets gunned down. The timing of these two announcements, however, is not a coincidence. The Junta, through its surrogates, is putting the nation on notice that henceforth political factors are going to replace actual Justice. 

   This trend has been building up for some time was happening de facto in Occupied States before the Election of 2020. We recall how a family in St. Louis was persecuted for defending itself; while a group of armed savages who set up an 'autonomous zone' in Seattle escaped without consequences. An argument in Central Park sparked an international manhunt while the deliberate murder of nursing home residents by exposing them to a contagious influenza outbreak is swept under the rug. A group of pro-Trump protesters have been hunted down like dogs and are currently facing charges of attempting to overthrow the Government while Leftist scum who burn down churches and businesses are given a free pass. 

   Now, for all of you Conservatives who are still in denial, nota bene that this type of selective 'justice' happens during revolutions. In fact, the originator of the term and concept of 'Political Correctness' old "Iron Felix" Dzerzhinsky,  the first Secret Police Chief of the U.S.S.R., instituted a similar policy shortly after the Bolshevik Revolution. In Lenin's day, those accused of a crime who could prove that their actions were in the interests of advancing the Communist cause were judged 'politically correct' and exonerated. The victims of these crimes who had the manhood to assert their rights in these courts usually ended up in Siberia. Now all of you Conservatives who still want to cling to the idea that the Rights of Man are in any way respected by the Junta, please explain how our legal system differs from the Bolshevik one. Get it through your heads that the Third Branch of Government is about to die: and the Courts will not save us. 

    Sure, we still win some victories. When Hitler came to power in 1933, the German Courts actually decided a few cases against the Nazis until 1935. During those intervening 18 months or so, Republican judges were co-opted or purged as political pressure mounted to force them to bend the laws to Nazi interests. In 1935, all judges were forced to swear a loyalty oath to the Regime or resign. Anyone who cannot see that we are following the same sociopolitical trajectory is not paying attention. Our Regime is already committed to the overthrow of the Federal Judiciary. 

   Just see what they say for themselves: "The Commission’s purpose is to provide an analysis of the principal arguments in the contemporary public debate for and against Supreme Court reform, including an appraisal of the merits and legality of particular reform proposals. The topics it will examine include the genesis of the reform debate; the Court’s role in the Constitutional system; the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices." 

   Exactly which definition of the word "overthrow" doesn't apply here? They're discussing changing the entire composition of the system. We need legal reform, yes: but not by altering "the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices." This is an open admission that the Junta intends to purge the Court System.  "The Executive Order directs that the Commission complete its report within 180 days." 

   That is only six months away. The Whacko Left Wing in Congress doesn't even want to wait that long. They want to let the Junta pick four new Supreme Court judges, which---given the number of RINO deadweights already on the Court---would give the Left about an 11-2 margin on deciding cases. After arch-RINO John Roberts handed the 2020 Election over to the dictatorship, it was widely rumored that he and other turncoats had made a deal with the DNC that they would vote against Trump if the Junta promised not to "pack the court." I don't know if the story is true, but it's totally in keeping with the Democrats' character. Make deals with fanatics and this is what you get. 

    What isn't a mere theory though, is that politicizing and stacking the Courts will establish the Junta as a dictatorship in everything but name. This is nothing less than a hostile takeover of the Judiciary. Once this happens, Political Correctness will become law, and we are finished as far as our history as a Constitutional Republic goes. The Constitution will be a dead letter. 

   Will the American people stand for this? Of course they will. The Deep State has been building up precedents for the last three decades. Trial by Media has desensitized the populace to the actual legality of court proceedings; while decades of unequal applications of the law in reverse discrimination have desensitized the public to legal politicization. Failure of Conservatives to take any action whatsoever against these injustices have led us to this moment. 

  There have been several bad decisions from the Supreme Court too. The Constitution gives Congress and States procedures for overturning them. There were, for example, enough States which had passed laws banning homo 'marriage' to have overturned the Court's decision legalizing it. As far as I know, not one Conservative leader even proposed doing so. Legal Abortion, the Eminent Domain rulings, Citizens United, the stolen 2020 Election---every one of these abominations could have been stopped if leaders on the Right had taken any kind of a stand. But, no: the Right needed controversial issues to win campaigns; stock prices were climbing in industries profiting off of these crimes. Now it's game over. Conservatives said and did nothing when the media, academia, and large companies were being purged of Conservative voices. Now those three sectors are going to be running the entire Legal System when they could have been the leading voices fighting the takeover. 

   I agree completely with that sentiment. Conservatives who smugly sat by and said to themselves, "I got mine!" while their neighbors were being harassed out of jobs, blacklisted, cashiered in middle age while their companies outsourced to China and left with no legal recourse: now the same thugs who did those things to your neighbors are headed for your door. And your neighbors aren't there to have your back anymore. 

  If the Courts are purged, the type of unequal justice referenced in the two police shooting cases will become the next 'New Normal.' Any and all Leftist agendas are going to get a rubber-stamp approval. Without the Courts, there is nothing to stop them. They can censor us, take our guns, steal our elections, close our churches, shut down private schools, close businesses they don't approve of---basically they can do anything they feel like doing. 

  But the average Ameroboob won't care. As long as he positions himself to be in the Regime's good graces and gets those handouts and special privileges by virtue-signalling, he can still feel superior and laugh at the rest of us who lose our liberties. Selfishness, and stupid greed: that's the way to success in the New America.