Monday, April 26, 2021


     Sunday was one of America's national holidays, probably the second biggest day next to the Super Bowl. It's was, of course, 'Oscars Night' in Hollywood. Just like the Super Bowl, a bunch of millionaires who work for billionaires participate in a choreographed extravaganza camouflaging a totally rigged awards nomination. The winners praise the trendy 'new normal' of the moment and take home a statue of a naked man; though in the NFL's case, the naked men they take home are usually real ones. 

    Back when Hollywood was still somewhat respectable, the first meeting of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a dinner in the Crystal Ballroom of the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles to devise a way to honor outstanding achievements in cinema. This was in 1926. According to Architectural Digest, the first proposed award was something like a certificate designed by an artist working for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. It depicted "the figure of a knight gripping a sword, standing in front of a reel of film. The five spokes of the reel stood for the original five branches of the Academy—actors, directors, producers, technicians, and writers—while the sword symbolized protection for the welfare of the industry." It would have been a lot cooler if they'd stayed with that design. Instead, they decided on an avant-garde sculpture that met with mixed reviews. It's said that a girl working in the studio archival library said that the trophy "looked like her Uncle Oscar," and the name stuck. At any rate, going from a knight defending the integrity of the industry to a nude man holding a knife over his genitals seems oddly metaphorical of how Hollywood would change over the next century. 

    But a much more serious farce is of course the COVID-19 Scam, which is now entering its 14th month as a global pandemic. Adrienne had a link on her blog to a much more relevant video to see, an interview with German medical professor Dr. Sucharit Bakhti, one of the world's most renown microbiologists. It's about 40 minutes long and explains the dangers of the vaccines now being pushed by Big Pharma. 

   Dr. Bakhti explains in simple terms the medical quackery involved in hustling the new designer-drug, and the very real effects this will have on the human body. Why people trust Big Pharma---the same guys who push Opioids on the public and Amphetamines on schoolchildren---is a conundrum to begin with; but Ameroboobs are well-known for their proclivity for acting first and thinking later. 

   A question that Dr. Bakhti raised which also needs some exploring is, "American doctors have got to know better, why is there no protest, no outcry?" He speaks of Medical Ethics---which disappeared in the United States a long time ago. I've asked doctors and medical professionals myself why they go along with this vax farce and mask sham when they---of all people---can't help but know what a lie it all is. And they know they can't hide behind propaganda because they know that I've had some medical education. It's interesting to watch their reactions. It's not anger: it's more like shame. Usually, I get an answer like "we have to follow the protocols," or, "it wasn't my decision." 

  While these answers reveal a lack of any sense of responsibility, they also reveal that the American medical profession really is completely under the thumb of ideologues and no longer in control of Science---let alone ethics. Science is, by itself, morally neutral. The same science that can create a genetic modification to reverse potential birth defects can also make a bioweapon capable of sterilizing entire populations. Ethics are bringing philosophy and even religion into the equation to keep science within the realm of doing good. When Ethics is disregarded and controlled by Ideology, anything can happen and usually it's nothing good---and the two World Wars of the last century should have made that fact abundantly clear to everybody. Anyone old enough to remember the Cold War should recall the phrase Mutually-Assured Destruction and what World War 3 would have meant. 

    Doctors and scientists without ethics made up a whole genre of villains in 20th-Century pop-culture, the mad scientist. In our postmodern dystopia, we've evolved to admire amoral killers as public heroes who are out to save the planet---even if that involves considerable human life to be sacrificed (always provided, of course, that someone else does the sacrificing). 

   In the medical fields, how did we get to this point? Actually, the downfall was both fairly recent and fairly fast. It used to be that States licensed medical professionals and breaches of ethics or malpractice were handled by Medical Review Boards comprised of medical specialists---much like the Bar Association works today. Then, some trial lawyers working in the interests of Insurance Cartels got their larcenous eyes upon opportunities to plunge their greedy hands into doctors' wallets. The Left-Wing Whackos jumped on the bandwagon to promote socialized medicine and the Media routinely portrayed doctors as selfish parasites who needed more government oversight. Although Republicans promised tort and malpractice reform they never delivered, and generally went with the flow. 

   The result of all of this was that healthcare costs accelerated to obscene levels, while the quality of care became more bureaucratized and less affordable. Big Pharma---which was created again by Republicans who allowed these dope-pushers to combine into massive monopolies who slashed American jobs while outsourcing to China---got into the act and began hyping its latest designer-drugs upon a narcotic-overdosed population. After creating the chaos, the Crony-Capitalists and their Leftist allies gave us the rock-bottom solution of all: Obamacare.

     Obama went from campaigning on 'universal access to quality healthcare' to 'universal health insurance coverage' shortly after his election. Although Obamacare did expand access to healthcare, it also institutionalized all of the corruption already rotting out the system. Doctors quickly found out that Big Pharma, the Insurance Cartels, and Beltway bureaucrats with their own agendas were dictating medical policy from now on. Obamacare met some legal challenges along the way, but a Republican-controlled Supreme Court upheld its legality. President Trump tried three times to repeal Obamacare, but was defeated by a Republican-controlled Congress. 

    What wasn't reported widely at the time was that nearly half of American doctors planned to retire after Obamacare's passage. With rising demand for medical professionals, less-qualified personnel were moved into the void. Of course, the new breed of 'professionals' better represented diversity and were more eager to accommodate and adapt themselves to the new order. And so, the Leftist hotheads who were demanding that we stick it to the man, and that we get those greedy doctors ended up with lower-quality doctors who got paid more while enriching Big Pharma, Insurance interests, and mega-hospitals. Ameroboobs always somehow manage to fall into the same traps over and over again. 

   What's happened since? Well, over-prescription of dangerous Opioids has led to more overdose deaths in single recent years than the number of American casualties during the entire Vietnam War years combined. Doctors are well aware of what Opioids can do; but one has to go along to get along these days. When Obama pushed homo 'equality' (another thing we got because of Republicans on the Supreme Court selling out), doctors were forced to say nothing if a person's lifestyle contributed to their health problems. If a male patient comes to the clinic identifying as a female, doctors and psychiatrists have no choice but to play along with these delusions and issue Hormone Replacement Therapy. HRT used to require the testimony of several physicians and psychiatrists that it was medically necessary. But today? Bill Nye the Science Guy and Neil DeGrasse Tyson say that gender isn't biological so it must be true.

      So to answer Dr. Bakhti's question: American doctors aren't protesting the vax because they don't care about medical ethics or medical necessity. Doctors in the US today are simply people with degrees who know how to take orders. They're sort of like a higher-status version of fast-food workers; except that when one goes to McDonalds they get something positive in exchange for the service. 

    A doctor in Germany might be puzzled as to how an American counterpart can tell a patient that he's injecting them with a beneficial vaccine when he knows full well that it's useless at best and potentially fatal or permanently crippling at worst. That's because American physicians are no longer actually medical specialists, but customer-service representatives for business and political interests. They knew the damaging effects of Opioids, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, and Hormones and Steroids---but they give them out anyway. They perform abortions and euthanasia on demand. So why is anyone surprised that they'd dispense unsafe vaccinations? The thing to do is survive in the New America; and that means going with the flow if you work in the medical fields today. 


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