Sunday, April 30, 2023


        A recent poll released by the CDC this past week shows the stunning effects of the Conservative movement's belated awakening to the importance of cultural issues. As of now, fewer than 3 in 4 American high-school students 'identify' as heterosexual. This number has nearly doubled since 2015. To put this number in some historical perspective, this is around four times higher than some of the notorious estimates of the number of non-binaries in the 1931 Weimar Republic. 

     All is not lost, though. A survey conducted by Gallup has shown that nearly 25% of the same demographic has no issue with polyamory---free love in group settings---up from 5% just twenty years ago. However, given that about that a fifth of young American men have Testosterone levels below that of an average 70 year-old, and over half are not even looking for a relationship, that doesn't bode especially well for the future.

    An interesting commentary on these trends came from Sociology Professor Eli Sheff: “Perhaps most importantly, younger people have seen that marriage is not all it has been cracked up to be. They have watched their parents cheat on each other and divorce, stay in miserable marriages ‘for the kids,’ and abandon each other when family life becomes inconvenient.”

  Naturally, though, pundits on the Right had no idea that family values were eroding to this level (such things only happen in Liberal families after all)---just like until 2022 they were blissfully unaware that schools and the media were liberally biased. Not to say that the Right hasn't been doing their part: things like promoting delayed sexuality, promoting abstinence instead of sensible sex education, and by setting up artificial social barriers based on 'inappropriate' matters like age differences and school/workplace connections. This includes those based and repilled characters on the Alt-Right fighting against interracial marriages, marriages with immigrants, (and marriages in general). Some Manospherans were cheering the news that bridal companies were going bankrupt and that engagement ring sales are collapsing. The bold 'Alphas' in the MGTOW and Incel movements aren't letting us down though: they've apparently responded to the repeal of Roe vs. Wade by engaging in mass self-sterilization

   The Whacko Left Wing---which mostly favors a depopulation agenda---is of course delighted with the news too. They've been trying to spin it as though the Scamdemic was the cause of all of this---not their continual social and legal depreciation of masculinity nor their lax regulation of environmental factors (e.g. food, water, medicines, pollution) could possibility be responsible. And then there's the usual Idiot Wave explanation: it's a new normal and things cyclically change and that we shouldn't be old fuddie-duddies holding on to outmoded and oppressive ideals like monogamous love between the opposite sex and complimentarianism. The fact is that healthy male sexuality has been collapsing for years; today it's simply a problem too obvious to be ignored.


     I suppose that for some of us older bachelors out there, this could be positive, since our younger competition is severely reduced. 😇 However, if we hope to have sons of our own someday, the culture that they're going to inherit isn't looking like anything we'd like to leave for them. Besides that, the degradation of young men hasn't exactly had a positive effect on younger women. The CDC survey showed that a whopping 1 in 5 young American women 'identify' as bisexual. As we've also noted in previous articles here; about 1 in 12 women under 30 are clinically infertile and---in a mere two decades---the United States has gone from having one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates to one of the worst in the developed world. That's not even counting the increases in babies born with congenital defects like Autism and drug addiction syndromes. These are even before the effects of the Loyalty Vaxx pushed during the Scamdemic have manifested fully. 

    The birthrate among the native born has been below replacement levels since 1971 and the average number of children per household has dropped by two since 1959. We all of course know---if anywhere near politically aware---that the scumbags in places like the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation have been pushing depopulation agendas for years. But there's a difference between a State pushing a tyrannical agenda and the general public willingly going along with it. American parents are ultimately to blame. Nobody forced this situation upon us: we let it happen. The younger generation is coming out exactly as they were made by the previous one. 

    To understand how the Millennials and Gen Z's came to this state, we have but to examine the type of culture that raised them. 

    Postmodern Americans, by and large, are an ignorant and spiritless race, where the Rule of Law is no longer respected but instead people are governed entirely by the arbitrary will of a handful of petty political satraps who rule over them for the sole purpose of sponging from them as large a share of their property and production as possible to support the grandees in Supranational Commerce. Illiteracy is rampant among us, making the population easy prey to succumb to occasional outbursts of rage or hysteria whenever these Financial Oligarchs feel they need stirring up. 

   Utterly apathetic to either political or social affairs, and considering ourselves (as we really are) the despised subjects and de facto slaves of the Moneyed Interests, we have no national or community spirit to keep from falling into the most degraded intellectual poverty and moral degeneracy imaginable. In fact, all throughout human history and even in most of the world today it would be difficult to find a nation more devoid of character than the 21st Century United States has produced, despite all its pretensions to American Exceptionalism. 

   We see from the policies issuing from Government, Academia, and the Media that as a people, we are addicted to the most revolting vices and the most repulsive Scientistic superstitions---think of only two years ago when people were wearing masks and keeping untouchables at a distance to ward off an influenza outbreak with a 99% survival rate. The current race of Americans are always agog for anything novel or scandalous in sexuality and also for new and increasingly potent narcotics: if news headlines and the entertainment media are any indication, they seem to care for little else. In this depressing atmosphere, these credulous fools are easily imposed upon by celebrities, influencers, or any con-artist who knows how to 'work' a crowd. 

    This is the culture that the younger generation came into as infants: that educated and raised them to the age of legal majority. I feel sorry for them in many ways, because they never really had a chance (unlike our generations who knew better). If they seem only to understand Liberty as something to be abused; that is because that's exactly how they were taught. We may chide them for their willingness to sacrifice Liberty for Security: forgetting that they grew up in a milieu where the adults were sacrificing their Liberty for short-term personal gain. It's not that the younger generations lost their Moral Compass: they never had one to begin with. 

    Sadly, the younger generation's education was abandoned to two of the worst social influences imaginable: Academia and Mass-Media. For the most part, they didn't even have churches or positive role models to fall back upon like the kids in our generations did when families let us down. They think that they're 'breaking with the past" without realizing that the road they're taking is leading Civilization a lot closer to the 22nd Century B.C. than the 22nd A.D. 


      How we as a society can address this problem is a good question. We've lost two generations (literally as well as figuratively) and are on a trajectory to lose a third. Our own selfishness, stupidity, and hubris have brought us to this point; and they aren't going to be solved simply by exchanging one political despot for another. Our society's problem is a spiritual one. It's going to take acknowledging the errors of the past 30 or so years and repudiating them on a wholesale basis. Somehow, I have my doubts that we have it left in us to do that. 

Monday, April 24, 2023


        In case everybody missed it, aside from Saturday's hoopla over Earth Day, there was something better that went mostly unnoticed on Sunday.

     I certainly did my part on this one; visiting the few remaining bookstores in the area and collecting a few more of the words and experiences of Dead White Males (along with a cookbook or two 😇). 

   When we actually had functional schools in the United States, we were taught to respect books. Today in the Prozac Nation, reading is actually discouraged. In one of the first posts at this blog---seven years ago---we detailed the disgraceful results of one of the last comprehensive studies done on American literacy. Since that report was released, nothing has been done to address the problem. In fact, our Elites praise cultures that burn books, while stigmatizing ones which promote literacy. In a culture where memes and aphorisms pass for reasoned argument and stand-up comics and sportscasters pass for great intellectuals, 400+ page theses are not going to be held in much of anything but contempt. 

   It's not just reading which has suffered; apparently writing is apparently no longer considered a subject of any major importance. The other day, I wrote a note to some elderly woman and she complimented my handwriting, then added: "You know, they don't teach that cursive writing in school any more."

     Postmodern America has truly become a breeding-ground for morons. The amount of time it seems like many of us expend trying to explain basic concepts like 'why there are only two genders' and 'why the Earth isn't flat' is really shocking when one thinks about it. The stupidity cuts across political spectrums too. The Left looks up to complete idiots like Yuval Harari, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Richard Carrier; while the Right has mental midgets like Victor Hanson, Dennis Prager, and Doug Wilson. Both freely indulge in pseudoscience too; the Scientism of the Left is well-documented; but the Right's embrasure of foolishness like Evolutionary Psychology and Racial Theories are just as bad.

    Despite what many Americans seem to believe, Critical Thinking skills are an outgrowth of Literacy. The reason that public schools (at least used to) try and get children to read an early age was because scientists (real ones) knew that abstract reasoning begins to develop around age 12. Some of the Academic charlatans on the Right tout their universities with "Great Books Series." In reality, we were reading Homeric poems around 4th Grade and Cicero and Pliny in High School. Late in High School and early in college, English studies advanced beyond Grammar and Literature to studies like Linguistics, Philology, Logic, Rhetoric, etc.---courses which taught literary analysis. I recall taking courses late in high school where we analyzed advertising, speeches, propaganda and so forth. None of this is taught outside a few mostly Catholic parochial schools and colleges; and the Junta would be delighted to close most of them down


    In America, we've always had our share of dorks; but one of our advantages was that we lacked a hereditary monarchy of inbreds which gave the general population a wide latitude of freedom of the mind. We benefited greatly from immigration of people with intelligence who couldn't rise above the restrictions and social limitations by the nobility's hired flatterers in the churches and universities. This changed after WW2 for two major reasons:

   1. The advent of television, which dumbed down audiences and pandered to the lowest common denominator to make them more susceptible to advertising.

   2. A major push during the post-war period to turn higher education into a commodity as opposed to a profession.

   Like a lot of our problems today, widespread ignorance and overt anti-intellectualism is promoted because vested interests profit from it. Obviously it is in the interests of both the political and economic Oligarchy to rule over a majority incapable of critical thought. Just as intellect and innovation were dangerous to Ruling Classes of old Europe; their successors in the Uniparty and on Wall Street likewise consider them dangerous. This is why control of the schools became important and since the mid-20th Century we've increasingly seen American parents abdicate such responsibilities, leaving their offspring to participate in the great Paper Chase.

   Thus, the average university today is really nothing more than a pay-to-play scam and so-called 'Academics' often find themselves pressured to support (or become willing accomplices of) the interests of their benefactors, including governments and private entities that fund grants. In fact, it is widely argued that this is trained into them in education, as the same pressures are exerted by teachers and professors upon their students. So the cycle of corruption and ignorance continues. 

   Sadly, this is a problem with no easy solution. The aforementioned cycle is one that is self-reinforcing. Though ignorance and illiteracy contribute to social deterioration, the corrupt system upon which it is erected depends upon public gullibility and credulousness for its support. What we need is a new Enlightenment of some sort; one that extols knowledge and opposes fraud. Whether we have it in us to accomplish this is an open question.  


Wednesday, April 19, 2023


      A story that was overshadowed by---but dovetailed by certain propagandists---into the Trump indictment farce was the sentencing of based and redpilled influencer Douglass Mackey to a lengthy term in a jail cell on charges of Electoral Interference. Mackey was better known by his Twitter avatar Ricky Vaughn where he gained a huge following (inflated largely by other Red Pills' sock-accounts) before the 2016 Election until booted off the forum for numerous Terms of Use violations. Mackey's identity was unknown until he was doxxed by another member of the Red Pill Cult during an online cat-fight

     The Cult was quick to rally around Mackey, including many members of the increasingly-Red Pilled mainstream GOP. Even Tucker Carlson took the bait, opining on March 31st that “To see a man sent to 10 years in prison, and that is what Doug Mackey is facing in the wake of his conviction today, for making fun of Hillary Clinton." was a great miscarriage of justice. This, despite the fact that in true manly Alpha leader fashion, Mackey broke down on the stand and slobbered apologies like: “I had put a lot of things from my past away. I was trying to change my life, do the right thing. And I was in the process of making amends for some of the things I had done wrong in the past,” and “It was in bad taste. It was wrong. It was offensive, I apologized to my family!"

    Experience has taught a lot of us that whenever one of these Red Pills gets caught and screeches that he dindu nuffin' that chances are high that he did a lot more than something like harmlessly posting memes making fun of Hillary Clinton. From the Department of Justice website, we read what a jury actually found Mackey guilty of doing:

   "As proven at trial, between September 2016 and November 2016, Mackey conspired with other influential Twitter users and with members of private online groups to use social media platforms, including Twitter, to disseminate fraudulent messages that encouraged supporters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to “vote” via text message or social media which, in reality, was legally invalid.  For example, on November 1, 2016, in or around the same time that Mackey was sending tweets suggesting the importance of limiting “black turnout,” the defendant tweeted an image depicting an African American woman standing in front of an “African Americans for Hillary” sign. The ad stated: “Avoid the Line. Vote from Home,” “Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925,” and “Vote for Hillary and be a part of history.” The fine print at the bottom of the deceptive image stated: “Must be 18 or older to vote. One vote per person. Must be a legal citizen of the United States. Voting by text not available in Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii. Paid for by Hillary For President 2016.”  The tweet included the typed hashtag “#ImWithHer,” a slogan frequently used by Hillary Clinton.  On or about and before Election Day 2016, at least 4,900 unique telephone numbers texted “Hillary” or some derivative to the 59925 text number, which had been used in multiple deceptive campaign images tweeted by Mackey and his co-conspirators."

     Yeah...a few minor details that Mackey's supporters seem to overlook. Roger Kimball---another specimen of what passes for an 'intellectual' in the postmodern Right---defended Mackey calling the trial "Soviet-style intimidation. It has, or had, no place in America. It is the kind of thing that, once upon a time, we would hear about and deplore in distant lands ruled by communist despots. Now we emulate what we once deplored. Increasingly, alas, such totalitarian expedients are business-as-usual in an American regime that is staffed by apparatchiks of both parties who are drunk on power and care not a whit for free speech, individual liberty, or the impartial enforcement of the law. What they care about is the consolidation and perpetuation of their own power, period, full stop!" Kimball is a Board Member of the shady Manhattan Institute and CEO of Neocon media front Encounter Books. Kimball's real anger---in typical Neocon fashion---is actually more directed at Democrats, who get away with voter fraud while not allowing the same 'courtesy' to candidates backed by the fake Right.

     "But since Douglass Mackey, a Trump supporter, has been convicted of a felony for making a joke, what about Kristina Wong?" Kimball squawks, "She did the same thing that Mackey did in the 2016 election, only her meme supported Hillary!"

    This is why we refer to Red Pills as 'Alt-RINOs.' They have a natural affinity with Neocons in that neither are traditional Conservatives but represent the Reactionary Left. As we saw beginning in 2021---and especially during the 2022 'elections'---the never-Trump moneyed faction of the GOP has been absorbing much of the rhetoric and tactics of the Alt-Right. Many on the Alt-Right have become disillusioned with Trump---mostly because he consistently rejected their extremism. Neocons, in contrast, have no such scruples. They're willing to play based and repilled because they share many of the same basic goals. Both believe that an Elite should rule; both believe in America as a master-race. 

    A great example of their combined duplicity was the case of Guo Wengui, another 'influencer' recently thrown in jail. Guo was a major business leader in China, until an internal investigation uncovered a series of corrupt activities. He fled China with considerable loot, and (also characteristic of Red-Pill cultists) left his followers behind to take the fall. In the US, however, money talks; and Guo soon found friends with Steve Bannon and other based and repilled leaders. Guo was promoted to the likes of Neocons Mike Pompeo and John Bolton as an "anti-China dissident" and an "expert on China affairs," until caught last month running the same scams over here.

    The Red Pill is essentially a cult. The concept was devised by marketing industry people who found Internet technology a vast venue for selling their 'product' to disaffected and alienated men. Within short order, they infiltrated and co-opted the Men's Rights Movement with their pseudoscientific theories on Evolutionary Psychology, Game Techniques, and sleazy 'pick-up-artistry.' From there, they infiltrated White Supremacist groups, absorbed other cults like Owen Benjamin's 'Bears' and really launched into politics with the largely-fabricated 'Gamergate.' Not all of their attempts have been successful; such as Vox Day's failed attempts to turn the Science Fiction Writer's Guild and the Comics industry. They made a concerted effort to hijack the 'MAGA' Movement with mixed results. They seem now to have made considerable inroads in the Establishment GOP. 

    In spite of their posturing as Alphas, Red Pills are notorious for their unmanly behavior (another trait they share with Neocons) and their ability to turn on one another when it means saving their own skins. We've described how Mackey folded on his based principles the minute a Federal Judge frowned at him. Then we have this from the trial transcript:

   "Evidence revealed during the trial showed Mackey participating in direct message groups where extremists carefully workshopped disinformation, and then strategically amplified it through Twitter’s algorithm to maximize chaos in a way that benefited Trump. The prosecution's star witness, a pseudonymous extremist turned pseudonymous FBI cooperator known as Microchip, was active in those groups." 

   We don't know the identity of 'Microchip,' but according to Joe Fionda---a Liberal film producer who has done documentaries on the Cult---Microchip was in trouble himself with the Government over an IRS debt and Amphetamine abuse. When he learned of the investigation into Mackey's electoral interference, Microchip agreed to fink off all of his cronies to get himself off the hook. 

   Real men do not behave like Microchip, Mackey, or Guo; nor do real Conservatives. Electoral fraud or any of the other sleazy tactics of the Left don't justify it being done on the Right. The reason the Left gets away with such things is because they're simply doing what Leftists do; for the Right to do the same things is hypocritical. If the Right would actually stand for something (specifically their stated ideals of human rights and individual liberty) instead of trying to own the Libtards (by copying or exceeding every rotten thing the Left does), we might actually still have some credibility as a political movement again. 

Friday, April 14, 2023


    There was an interesting news story today from one of the Beltway's colonial outposts in East Asia. What passes for an actual government in South Korea today took some measures ostensibly to remedy that nation's desperately declining birthrates. South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (if one can imagine a government agency with a name like that capable of doing anything positive for society) announced that it would begin providing a subsidy for 'reclusive youths aged 19-24' to reintegrate them into society. 

    The new policy will give people in this age group $500 per month, which supposedly will be spent on socializing. We'll see about that, but personally I'm a little skeptical.

    South Korea's birthrate is currently at 0.75 children per family: which is at the very bottom of the world. At this rate, the population of South Korea will drop 50% by the 22nd Century, while four times as many workers will be needed to support the aging population. 

   Academia Incorporated has come up with several---mostly bogus---explanations for the crisis in which South Korea currently finds itself. The reality is that very few countries have absorbed the degenerate cultural ethos of the Left to the degree with South Korea has. We've given them all of the blessings of American Exceptionalism. Things like:

   1. Widespread corruption throughout the upper levels of government and society which saps initiative and innovation;

  2. Vast wealth inequality that makes raising a family too expensive;

  3. Cutthroat competition and egoism that pushes relationships aside;

  4. Meaningless distraction throughout their media;

  5. Radical Feminism which has depreciated men and raised the average age of marriage to 29 for most women.

  6. Growing acceptance of the homo agenda and legalized abortion. 

  7. Declining fertility rates via regulatory capture of health agencies---

    This list could go on. The effects of our Cultural Imperialism are taking a toll over there. South Korea currently has even higher suicide rates than we have; a drug problem that has escalated in spite of severe laws; and among the highest rates of mental illness in Asia including depression and alcoholism. Obviously, this isn't going to be fixed with a $500 handout. 

   As further proof that the culture is the problem, consider that the (many) South Koreans who expatriate to other countries tend to be among the best of immigrant communities. Statistics among Asian immigrants in the US, for example, show that Koreans have low crime rates, are among the most economically productive, and have strong family structures with lower rates of divorce, abortion, and other problems that characterize the native-born here. Another interesting comparison is against the demographics of North Korea---which the jackals in the US Media portray as one of the grimmest societies on Earth.

  North Korea has a birthrate of 2.0 which, while not outstanding, is still sustainable and about twice what the non-immigrant birthrate in the US is. Divorce and abortion are both legal in North Korea, but apparently quite uncommon. For obvious reasons, getting a reliable assessment of how satisfied the population is with their quality of life there is impossible; but on the surface at least, they seem to be doing a bit better than the South. 

  While there is no actual law against homosexuality in North Korea, the perversion is not encouraged, and certainly not celebrated. The North Koreans, in fact, seem to place a high value on traditional families. Today there was a headline in their official news outlet announcing that this year's first triplets were born to a farm worker (who is apparently now something of a local hero) and his wife.

Contrast that with the American Media's headlines which currently include:

1. Ganging up on a Liberal Feminist who finds the terms birthing parent and person with a uterus degrading to women

2. Chimping out over a Manosphere 'influencer' who defends substituting trans-men for real women.

3. Listening to the Controlled Opposition explain why Bruce Jenner is a genuine social role model while Dylan Mulvaney is not.

4. Listening to the Controlled Opposition trying to pretend that a $5 billion loss for a corporation valued at $300 billion is some great victory in the culture war.

Et cetera, et cetera...

     It's also noteworthy that here in Exceptional America we're holding serious national debates over whether children should be gender-reassigned and whether drag performers should lead children's story-hours. Meanwhile, in the country that Rationalwiki describes as: "the most undemocratic and totalitarian state in existence, even worse than Saudi Arabia and only contested by ISIS at its peak...with possibly the world's worst human rights record," says this about the triplets' birth:

   "Immediately after being confirmed as a pregnant woman with triplets, the mother was admitted to the Pyongyang Maternity Center and received medical assistance from medical staff while receiving various nutritious foods and supplements. Thanks to the efforts of doctors and nurses here, the mother delivered her triplets (all sons) smoothly...The medical group warmly welcomed the triplets and their parents as they left the Pyongyang maternity center in good health, receiving gifts of kindness, including gold rings." 

   Earlier this year, we noted that another of South Korea's neighbors, China, had experienced a population decline. Instead of subsidizing Incels, the Chinese Government started off with an interesting project

    "A number of vocational colleges in China are offering students an extended Spring Break while encouraging them to experience nature and pursue love — a move that has been interpreted by some on Chinese social media as a bid to boost the country’s falling birth rate...

  "Nine colleges affiliated with the Fan Mei Education Group announced this year’s extended break from April 1 to 7, with the theme of enjoying flowers and falling in love, in a March 23rd press release."

  Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation, our schools and universities employ rigid speech codes and other forms of persecution against anyone showing interest in the opposite sex; while fanatically pushing a pro-homo agenda. Once again, Postmodern Neoliberal democracies are made to look like complete fools and utter failures by Communist regimes. We've come to the point where our own Radical Feminists and foreign Marxists make more sense than contemporary ideology on so-called 'gender identity.' 

  In the typical Manichean black-white either-or way that Americans approach any issue, I certainly don't want to come across as pro-Communist or pro-Feminist; but at certain point one has to admit that they are at least making an effort to deal with problems. When we've reached a point when Anna Kasparian is defending the dignity of women with more determination than all of the milquetoast Right combined; and North Korean and Chinese Commissars are coming up with better social policy than the democratic West---at this point it's time to admit that we have gone radically off-course

 There's nothing positive about authoritarian Party rule or gender politics---but that's the whole point. We can't even sink to the level of Marxist Feminists and do it right. Ask yourselves which political faction in the US even addresses---let alone actually having a plan for--- the demographic vise that we've put our young people into. The Whacko Left Wing thinks that lower birth rates, more abortions, fewer traditional families, and more gender dysphoria are good things. The Knee-Jerk Right wants to expel immigrants and have everyone working 80 hours a week for a bare minimum of housing and food---that somehow is supposed to increase the population. 

 All of these attempts from the contemporary Right to paint the Chinese and North Koreans as enemies of America and scapegoating immigrants are just a form of whitewashing the truth. These Communist States aren't getting better, we however, are getting worse; and our problems are entirely of our own making. We surrendered our schools and media to the Radical Left; we surrendered our economic base to globalists, we surrendered our families to 'the village' and now we're reaping what we've sown.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023


      So, just as we predicted less than three weeks ago, Drew Barrymore's promotion of troon 'influencer' Dylan Mulvaney was intended to begin the kick-off of a concerted Corporate Media campaign to promote the Trans Agenda. Wall Street combines Nike and Anheuser-Busch so far have risen to the call; the former ridiculously retaining Mulvaney to market athletic bras and the latter to sell the Bud Light brand---the unofficial national drink of American rednecks. 

     Considering that these corporations have already alienated most of their consumer base: Nike by pushing the trans agenda into women's sports, and Budweiser's repeated showing its contempt for the good-old-boy culture which mainly consumes it---we have to come to the conclusion that "market forces" have nothing whatsoever to do with these decisions. Conservatives like to fantasize about "go woke, go broke" as if any of these looters had the slightest concern for the feelings of their consumers. 

    The blog Pinon Post had an article yesterday about the brands to boycott which are connected with Bud Light. I don't know which is more troubling: the fact that Bud Light uses Mulvaney as a spokes-xhe or the fact that Anheuser-Busch has its thumb on about 2/3 of the brands of beer one encounters in a store. There is where the real problem lies. 


      If one asks a typical American, they will tell you that Budweiser is a true-blue American brand made right here in St. Louis. Well, there are still factories there. However, Anheuser-Busch was bought out in 2010 by EU Agribusiness conglomerate InBev. Now a member in good standing of the World Economic Forum, Anheuser-Busch today is headquartered in Belgium. CEO Michel Doukeris---a Brazilian national---is a WEF Agenda Contributor. Anheuser-Busch's ESG Director Ezgi Barcenas spoke at the 2022 Forum and had this to say about COP27:

   "I would love to see more urgency, but also that impatient optimism. What we really need to see is a growing recognition of the steps that have been taken so far and the solutions that have been identified and finding ways to scale those up, finding ways to finance to some of those solutions. But at the same time, also, openly talking about the gaps that we have around policies, enabling environments, the regulatory backbones that are needed in so many countries where we can continue to drive this agenda with our with our partners across the value chain." 

   This after explaining how Anheuser-Busch is expanding into Third World countries with 'innovative technologies' which essentially enslave local economies to the Corporation: "That is a blockchain-enabled technology platform that operates basically over SMS. So, you don't need a smartphone, you just need a cell phone. It increases the traceability and transparency of our value chain. So now, for the first time in certain markets, we actually know where our barley comes. And that farmer also has visibility around the amount of barley they sold to us, at what price they sold it to us.They're being enabled and empowered with a digital financial identity, because now they have sales records that they worked for a global company like ABInBev, and they now exist in our supply chain. Whereas beforehand, that visibility did not exist. It did not make them bankable."

    Two-thirds of Anheuser-Busch's stock is owned by American Agribusiness Cartel, the Altria Group. The Altria Group has massive holdings in beer, tobacco, and legal marijuana. WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, Blackrock, holds about 10% of Altria's shares. 


   Does anyone still want to pretend that this is a 'free market?' Sure, profits may still matter a little. But let's be honest here: these institutions are too big to fail. When one organization controls 90% of the money, they feed it through the system in a loop, so they never actually lose anything if pushing an agenda doesn't pan out. But usually it does, because neither consumers nor producers have any realistic alternative. 

   If anyone believes that we'll see any pushback from Washington over any of this, consider that Anheuser-Busch (a foreign corporation no less) retains 50 Beltway lobbyists, 38 of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats. Their bosses in the Altira Group have 73 lobbyists, of whom 65 are revolvers, including former Republican Congressman, Kevin Yoder. GOP PACs also took in the bulk of Altira donations while Anheuser-Busch---which has its own PAC---gives about equally to candidates in both parties. Anheuser-Busch is also a significant government contractor with the EPA's so-called 'Green Energy' schemes. In the EU, they and fellow-WEF member Microsoft have been pushing so-called 'smart technology' to exercise even greater control over their near-monopoly on European beers. 

   As we've stated before, the LGBTQ agenda and the transhumanist agenda are deeply connected. Yuval Harari---one of the WEF gurus, and himself a flaming homosexual---said: "In the coming decades, AI and biotechnology will give us godlike abilities to reengineer life, and even to create completely new life-forms. After four billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection, we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. Our intelligent design is going to be the new driving force of the evolution of life." 

  Naturally, these godlike powers can't be trusted to ordinary humans: 

  "Whenever a leader says something like 'My Country First!' we should remind that leader that no nation can prevent nuclear war or stop ecological collapse by itself, and no nation can regulate AI and bioengineering by itself. Almost every country will say: 'Hey, we don’t want to develop killer robots or to genetically engineer human babies. We are the good guys. But we can't trust our rivals not to do it. So we must do it first'. If we allow such an arms race to develop in fields like AI and bioengineering, it doesn’t really matter who wins the arms race – the loser will be humanity."

   Therefore, we need a godlike race of our betters, who'll know what's best for us:

   "Unfortunately, just when global cooperation is more needed than ever before, some of the most powerful leaders and countries in the world are now deliberately undermining global cooperation. Leaders like the US president (Trump) tell us that there is an inherent contradiction between nationalism and globalism, and that we should choose nationalism and reject globalism. But this is a dangerous mistake." 

   Of course, he objects to any notion that any of this would lead to a 'digital dictatorship' which, according to Harari, only could happen if nations and people insist on their sovereignty. The Elites naturally would never abuse their power although he predicts that

  "In the not-so-distant future, similar algorithms might tell us where to work and who to marry, and also decide whether to hire us for a job, whether to give us a loan, and whether the central bank should raise the interest rate."

   This is a glimpse into the mindset of the people responsible for promoting the likes of Dylan Mulvaney. Extreme megalomania combined with a hatred of Western Civilization that runs so deep that their fanatical obsession is focused wholly on destroying it and rebuilding. Harari is not even concerned with human cost, despite a few virtue-signalling sound-bites, he laconically admits that "in using our new divine powers of creation we might make mistakes," but goes on to warn us that only by trusting the Oligarchy with absolute power can we avoid such a fate. "We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls," he opines, "We are now hackable animals. That's what we are." 

   Getting us used to that idea is precisely what's driving cultural phenomena like Mulvaney promoting Bud Light. This is not just some virtue-signalling management team trying to be edgy and politically correct. It's not even about a marketing angle or inflating that all-sacred bottom line. This is about a fanatical minority of the uber-wealthy who want to slice Civilization down to its own level and make us all forget incidental details of life like having mysterious souls. 

   Sadly, it seems that postmodern America is too far gone to resist any of this; which is why these Great Reset freaks decided to prioritize seizing the machinery of state here and the rest of the Anglosphere. The EU was probably the first choice, but too much popular resistance and Russia's unwillingness to bow to the Regime made that option untenable. The emasculated, dispirited, and effete culture of today's Anglosphere is much more fertile soil for such ideas to take root.



Monday, April 10, 2023


   So another Easter in postmodern America has come and gone. The Junta made an Easter statement by issuing a Cease-and-Desist Order to bar Catholic clergy from ministering to the sick at military hospitals. Not to be outdone, Arch-RINO Ron DeSantis signed legislation criminalizing Christian organizations providing aid to immigrants. DeSantis already deploys the Florida National Guard in patrol boats to turn away refugees---many who've arrived in craft that were not seaworthy to begin with. This is happening in spite of the fact that Florida beaches are too polluted for human use and its fisheries are contaminated with narcotics; but owning the Libtards---that's the important thing. 

   Ameroboobs responded to this bipartisan holiday attack on Christians in a predictable manner.

      Naturally, too, the Atheist Left couldn't resist pouncing upon any article daring to comment upon the spiritual significance of Easter. It's like a mania with these people. They don't believe in God, yet they have a near OCD-level urge to argue with anybody who does. I recall a few years ago, Pope Benedict visited Turkey during Easter and a controversy arose over it. Some news anchor---I don't remember whom---reported the story with an incredulous sneer and then turned to a Bishop whom he was supposed to interview for commentary. The first question out of Smart Journalist's mouth was "Archbishop: This is the 21st Century! You mean that there are still people out there who take this whole Easter business seriously?" 

     Ahhh...the tolerant spirit of the Whacko Left Wing. Sometimes I really miss the older generation of Atheists who actually read the Bible and Theologies, and whom one really had to engage in serious debate. In the Postmodern Era, the intellectual effort that goes into promoting Atheism is less than impressive, to put it mildly.

     Blogger Colorstorm wrote an Easter reflection with an analogy between the Resurrection and Botany which drew down more Atheist commentary than the length of his entire article itself. It's truly amazing how once upon a time, Philosophers actually thought that Science would put an end to superstition and fanaticism and draw people closer to a rational knowledge of God. In fairness, they really couldn't foresee Scientism, since Scientism really hasn't any known historical parallels. This is one reason why Faith is important; because we don't always know how these innovations---even well-intended ones---will turn out.

    Atheism is a false theory. It's only really growing in our decaying society because the postmodern inquisitors in Academia, Incorporated have shut down any logical debate on the Existence of God. The superstitious nonsense of postmodern Scientism is based on monist materialism and moral relativism. According to contemporary doctrine, Mankind's existence is due to a purposeless, random combination of atoms and elements which (somehow) managed to produce a species vastly superior to all other species. Although all beliefs are socially programmed, the idea of the rational mind is an illusion. How illusions are created without the ability to reason independently, or how this programming supposedly took place in prehistoric times without societies to do it, they also haven't explained. Yet, they tell us that religious faith is no different than a belief in magic. This in spite of the fact that religions teach that Mankind has a purpose according to a divine plan, whereas Scientism that natural laws can be transformed simply by changing one's attitudes or perceptions towards them. 

     Science can't do any more than explain processes. It can't explain purposes or meaning behind any of them; so some more shallow thinkers presume that no such purposes or causes exist. What those who believe in Scientism (or Atheism in general) can't account for is:

     1. How a belief or concept of God came into being without any Evolutionary purpose for it;

     2. How humans came to conceive of God as a Perfect Good when there is no archetype in Nature from which they could have drawn such a conclusion;

     3. Why humans have always believed that we possess a nature inclined to Sin and that Righteousness is living in harmony with Divine Law when there is no logical reason to do so (i.e. in this life, good is not always rewarded and evil is not always punished; in fact on earth the opposite often happens);

    4. Why humans should have developed a conscience discerning Good and Evil when no such ability exists in any other species;

    5. How the concept of the Immortality of the Soul or the existence of life after death came into being when there is no empirical evidence of any such thing. 

    The only answer based in Reason is that "And the Lord God formed man of the slime of the earth: and breathed into his face the breath of life, and man became a living soul." That is, at some point in our prehistory, Mankind had a direct encounter with God, Who elevated him to a spiritual being, which in turn developed these beliefs into an instinct not possessed by other species. If the practitioners of Scientism and Atheism didn't have minds so hopelessly closed to even the possibility of God's Existence, they would see the obvious as everyone else does. In fact, probably much of their fanatical hatred for religion is driven by subconscious motives to repress their own instincts, which urges them to believe. Like most of Scientism, Atheism is, at its core, a theory that refutes itself. 

    The fact that Religion (or philosophy) hasn't all the answers to the mysteries of life is no more an argument against it than the belief that Science is false because it can't explain everything. This fallacy is one that Cult leaders exploit: whackos like  Owen Benjamin and Aga Khan who are simultaneously religious heretics and science deniers but are believed infallible both by themselves and by the fools who follow them. 

    For those---and there are many---who've grown up without any religious instruction, the thing to do is to trust your instincts first. Ignore the phony pundits and trust God to lead you on the right path. Faith doesn't require one to know everything---which is impossible anyway since Eternity, Infinity, and Divine Perfection are beyond any human understanding. One needs only the general idea the simple mustard seed of faith and go on from there. 

Saturday, April 8, 2023


    While the American public is busy this Easter weekend obsessing over politicians' sex-lives and celebrating trans-positivity, Corporate America quietly has been engaging in a series of drastic cutbacks across the country---mostly in urban areas. In the last month, at least thirty major box-store chains have closed locations in major cities. The corporations mostly doing this are Walmart, Target, and Amazon. 

   A few decades ago, these predatory organizations moved into neighborhoods, driving out of business their smaller local competitors. This massive wealth-transfer created monopolies in most cities; but today, these same robber-barons are abandoning their captive consumer bases leaving what sociologists call 'food deserts' in their wake: that is, no supermarkets or retailers within convenient distances for most shoppers. 

     What is behind this sudden decline? According to Wall Street, these stores have become 'unprofitable.' This is after decades of having zero competition. Conservative pundits have noted that these stores are victims of rising crime and lack of will from City officials to stop any of it. While that is true; it doesn't add up as the whole story.

     Most of us understand by now that Corporate America and the American Government are essentially the same things. We also know that these same Corporate interests are subsidizing supporting political leaders who defund the police and are soft-on-crime. On the surface, this would seem to be a contradiction in purposes. Obviously, it would make more economic sense to invest in these communities to make them safer and more profitable. 

    But this is assuming that the Oligarchs actually want to save these neighborhoods. The fact is that have been set up to fail and urban blight is what these leaders actually. Remember that we're talking about a gang who employed a fake epidemic to crush the Middle Class and currently are managing hyperinflation under the guise of fake shortages. Their ultimate plan---which they've not been reticent about advertising---is to depopulate our cities and build back better with new so-called 'smart cities' which they wholly own and manage. 

     The Official Narrative behind the Smart Cities concept is that our old models of urban growth based on freedom of movement and association---as well as the Free Market---are outdated and unsustainable. We have the technology to design new, more efficient urban areas from scratch from top-down planning. The reality is that, in our current trend towards Inverted Totalitarianism, the Smart City is a modernized Concentration Camp. In the new model, dissidents aren't rounded up, imprisoned and subject to forced labor: instead, they throw themselves in voluntarily for the safety and security that a de facto prison camp offers. 

    In other words, the urban blight we're seeing in major American cities is part and parcel of the Strategy of Tension, which we've discussed here before, showing its roots in the psychology of cults. The Strategy of Tension is defined as "a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures such as national governments." Economic insecurity is being sown deliberately amongst the population to 'force' the authoritarian system of the Smart City into being by popular assent.

   Prophecies of Economic Collapse have been circulating for the last three decades, but as we've argued all along, there will be no 'collapse' in the same sense as the Great Depression of a century ago. What we are witnessing is a controlled demolition, where the economy gradually declines for the middle and lower classes while becoming more heavily concentrated in the hands of the upper classes. In reality, the Great Reset has no use for a Middle Class---at least not in the sense that we understand the term. Their concept of a Middle Class resembles more the privileged class of Feudalism: i.e., the non-nobles who live better than their peers by enforcing and promulgating the will of their overlords. Postmodern newspeak has given this concept the more pleasant-sounding term of a Social Credit System, but the concept is the same. 

    These same would-be Elites likewise haven't been silent about their beliefs that only about 1/5 of the world's population is necessary to sustain them and their parasitic lifestyles. The oft-heard term during the Scamdemic of freezing out of society of those unwilling to go along with the New Order wasn't simply a talking-point dreamed up on the spot. In a recent interview, Klaus Schwab was asked what would become of the other 80%, to which Schwab equivocally replied "They'll be taken care of." How exactly this is going to happen appears to be a gradual phasing-out of the subspecies---the class that most of us belong to---who'll largely be relegated to living in the ghettos of our decaying cities or in dying small-towns of rural America. 

   This isn't some far-fetched conspiracy theory: the Elites have been discussing it for the last 25 or so years, and continue to do so. In 1997, two journalists published a book titled The Global Trap based upon the 1995 State of the World Forum sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation. Deep State operative Zbigniew Brzezinski suggested to the Global Elite gathered there that "a mixture of intoxicating entertainment and sufficient nourishment can tranquilise the frustrated minds of the globe’s population."

   "A fifth of all job-seekers will be enough to produce all the goods and perform all the top-flight services that the world society can afford…. What about the others? Will 80 percent of those willing to work be without a job? 'Certainly'… The question in the future will be 'to have lunch or be lunch,' to eat or be devoured...The term 'tittytainment' makes the rounds...The frustrated population of the world could be kept happy with a mixture of numbing entertainment and adequate food. The managers soberly discuss the possible doses and reflect how the wealthy fifth can employ the superfluous remnant.

   "The organisers of the three memorable days in the Fairmont imagined themselves underway to a new civilisation. However, the direction envisaged by the assembled experts from the executive floors and science leads directly back into the pre-modern age. The world model of the future follows the formula 20 to 80. The one-fifth society is brewing in which the excluded will be immobilised with 'tittytainment.'"

     Since 1995, of course, the Elites have learned the effectiveness of adding high-potency narcotics into the mix. At least here in the US, we need little more than common observation to confirm how effective the combination of salacious infotainment, proliferated food assistance, and access to drugs has been in stupefying and pacifying the public. A year later, another deep politician named Lee Silver published in his book Remaking Eden:

    “The GenRich—who account for ten percent of the American population—[will] all carry synthetic genes. All aspects of the economy, the media, the entertainment industry, and the knowledge industry are controlled by members of the GenRich class… Naturals [unaltered humans] work as low-paid service providers or as laborers. [Eventually] the GenRich class and the Natural class will become entirely separate species with no ability to crossbreed, and with as much romantic interest in each other as a current human would have for a chimpanzee."

    Amazingly, as recently as 1997, people actually thought that human-to-chimpanzee love was an unrealistic scenario! That aside, however, it remains highly questionable as to whether Good King Klaus and his merry-men really are determined to leave us 80% to drift off into narcotic and incel oblivion. Considering that his whole Fourth Industrial Revolution philosophy---as well as the fundamental premise behind Inverted Totalitarianism---centers on cost-effectiveness to the Elites, it's somewhat hard to imagine that group floating 4/5 of the world's population on some sort of welfare scheme out of simple humanitarian concerns. Further incidents like the brutal suppression of the Canadian Truckers' Protests, the brutality launched against Dutch farmers, Australia's thuggish measures during the Scamdemic lockdowns, and our own Junta's rather obvious intolerance towards its opposition certainly should give us all grounds for some healthy scepticism here. 


    In fact, under the previous very pro-WEF Saudi monarchy, one such Smart City was planned. (It should be noted that, just like American prisons, these smart cities are expected to be constructed in remote areas like deserts. Getting in will be a lot easier than getting out). In the Saudi experiment, "efforts to relocate the indigenous residents of the Neom site, who’ve lived there for generations, have been turbulent, devolving on one occasion into a gun battle," according to one report. Dezeen reported late last year that: 

    "Three men forcibly evicted from the Neom site in Saudi Arabia have been sentenced to death...the three members of the Huwaitat tribe were sentenced after being forcibly evicted and displaced to make way for the Neom megaproject, which is planned for the northeast of the country. The men, who are believed to have criticised the displacement of locals to make way for the Neom development, were sentenced by Saudi Arabia's Specialized Criminal Court on 2 October. Shadli al-Huwaiti, Ibrahim al-Huwaiti and Ataullah al-Huwaiti "were detained in 2020 for opposing eviction." 

    That gives rather a different construction on Schwab's promise that we'll be taken care of if we find ourselves on the outside of the Great Reset. What of those on the inside? Well, they'll have clean sidewalks, low crime, a free 'living space,' nobody will go hungry (though their diets will be designed), and presumably plenty of access to drugs. Everything that the Elites believe that one needs will be within a 15-minute walking distance of said domiciles in an LGBTQ-positive, smoke-free (well except for marijuana smoke), sugar-free and meat-free (well except for those with high social credit scores), and gun-free (well except for the guards security forces) environment. 

    The downside to all of this is that, as Indian engineer Aman Jabbi pointed out, one of the protocols upon which Smart Cities are based is termed Zero Trust. "Zero Trust is a cybersecurity protocol where by default we are going from a world of implicit allow to default deny." This is something that logically we would expect from a population raised in a Strategy of Tension and intentional fomenting of political and social divisiveness. As one can imagine, spying on one's neighbors will be encouraged, the personal is political is naturally an unspoken truth in such an environment. 

   "The zero trust protocol and 15 minute city / 20 minute neighborhood facilitates mass-surveillance and restriction of the population's freedom of travel. Facial recognition and ubiquitous CCTV is just one way that the population of smart cities could be constantly tracked. If inhabitants attempt to travel beyond their prescribed area may find "smart" devices such as public transport (or doors!) uncooperative, so goods or services might only be available within their prescribed area, which becomes a 'barless prison.'"

    Despite the fact that Soros-backed foundations openly admit that the Climate Change scam is essentially a lockdown/control scheme to which Smart Cities are linked, anyone else who dares suggest such a thing is publicly hooted as a 'Conspiracy Theorist,' so there is, sadly very little use in trying to convince the average Ameroboob NPC into believing otherwise. It does, however, underscore the need of those who still cherish their liberties to organize within our own communities, because the time is coming when the 80% of us expendables are going to have to rely upon each other.