Friday, April 14, 2023


    There was an interesting news story today from one of the Beltway's colonial outposts in East Asia. What passes for an actual government in South Korea today took some measures ostensibly to remedy that nation's desperately declining birthrates. South Korea's Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (if one can imagine a government agency with a name like that capable of doing anything positive for society) announced that it would begin providing a subsidy for 'reclusive youths aged 19-24' to reintegrate them into society. 

    The new policy will give people in this age group $500 per month, which supposedly will be spent on socializing. We'll see about that, but personally I'm a little skeptical.

    South Korea's birthrate is currently at 0.75 children per family: which is at the very bottom of the world. At this rate, the population of South Korea will drop 50% by the 22nd Century, while four times as many workers will be needed to support the aging population. 

   Academia Incorporated has come up with several---mostly bogus---explanations for the crisis in which South Korea currently finds itself. The reality is that very few countries have absorbed the degenerate cultural ethos of the Left to the degree with South Korea has. We've given them all of the blessings of American Exceptionalism. Things like:

   1. Widespread corruption throughout the upper levels of government and society which saps initiative and innovation;

  2. Vast wealth inequality that makes raising a family too expensive;

  3. Cutthroat competition and egoism that pushes relationships aside;

  4. Meaningless distraction throughout their media;

  5. Radical Feminism which has depreciated men and raised the average age of marriage to 29 for most women.

  6. Growing acceptance of the homo agenda and legalized abortion. 

  7. Declining fertility rates via regulatory capture of health agencies---

    This list could go on. The effects of our Cultural Imperialism are taking a toll over there. South Korea currently has even higher suicide rates than we have; a drug problem that has escalated in spite of severe laws; and among the highest rates of mental illness in Asia including depression and alcoholism. Obviously, this isn't going to be fixed with a $500 handout. 

   As further proof that the culture is the problem, consider that the (many) South Koreans who expatriate to other countries tend to be among the best of immigrant communities. Statistics among Asian immigrants in the US, for example, show that Koreans have low crime rates, are among the most economically productive, and have strong family structures with lower rates of divorce, abortion, and other problems that characterize the native-born here. Another interesting comparison is against the demographics of North Korea---which the jackals in the US Media portray as one of the grimmest societies on Earth.

  North Korea has a birthrate of 2.0 which, while not outstanding, is still sustainable and about twice what the non-immigrant birthrate in the US is. Divorce and abortion are both legal in North Korea, but apparently quite uncommon. For obvious reasons, getting a reliable assessment of how satisfied the population is with their quality of life there is impossible; but on the surface at least, they seem to be doing a bit better than the South. 

  While there is no actual law against homosexuality in North Korea, the perversion is not encouraged, and certainly not celebrated. The North Koreans, in fact, seem to place a high value on traditional families. Today there was a headline in their official news outlet announcing that this year's first triplets were born to a farm worker (who is apparently now something of a local hero) and his wife.

Contrast that with the American Media's headlines which currently include:

1. Ganging up on a Liberal Feminist who finds the terms birthing parent and person with a uterus degrading to women

2. Chimping out over a Manosphere 'influencer' who defends substituting trans-men for real women.

3. Listening to the Controlled Opposition explain why Bruce Jenner is a genuine social role model while Dylan Mulvaney is not.

4. Listening to the Controlled Opposition trying to pretend that a $5 billion loss for a corporation valued at $300 billion is some great victory in the culture war.

Et cetera, et cetera...

     It's also noteworthy that here in Exceptional America we're holding serious national debates over whether children should be gender-reassigned and whether drag performers should lead children's story-hours. Meanwhile, in the country that Rationalwiki describes as: "the most undemocratic and totalitarian state in existence, even worse than Saudi Arabia and only contested by ISIS at its peak...with possibly the world's worst human rights record," says this about the triplets' birth:

   "Immediately after being confirmed as a pregnant woman with triplets, the mother was admitted to the Pyongyang Maternity Center and received medical assistance from medical staff while receiving various nutritious foods and supplements. Thanks to the efforts of doctors and nurses here, the mother delivered her triplets (all sons) smoothly...The medical group warmly welcomed the triplets and their parents as they left the Pyongyang maternity center in good health, receiving gifts of kindness, including gold rings." 

   Earlier this year, we noted that another of South Korea's neighbors, China, had experienced a population decline. Instead of subsidizing Incels, the Chinese Government started off with an interesting project

    "A number of vocational colleges in China are offering students an extended Spring Break while encouraging them to experience nature and pursue love — a move that has been interpreted by some on Chinese social media as a bid to boost the country’s falling birth rate...

  "Nine colleges affiliated with the Fan Mei Education Group announced this year’s extended break from April 1 to 7, with the theme of enjoying flowers and falling in love, in a March 23rd press release."

  Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation, our schools and universities employ rigid speech codes and other forms of persecution against anyone showing interest in the opposite sex; while fanatically pushing a pro-homo agenda. Once again, Postmodern Neoliberal democracies are made to look like complete fools and utter failures by Communist regimes. We've come to the point where our own Radical Feminists and foreign Marxists make more sense than contemporary ideology on so-called 'gender identity.' 

  In the typical Manichean black-white either-or way that Americans approach any issue, I certainly don't want to come across as pro-Communist or pro-Feminist; but at certain point one has to admit that they are at least making an effort to deal with problems. When we've reached a point when Anna Kasparian is defending the dignity of women with more determination than all of the milquetoast Right combined; and North Korean and Chinese Commissars are coming up with better social policy than the democratic West---at this point it's time to admit that we have gone radically off-course

 There's nothing positive about authoritarian Party rule or gender politics---but that's the whole point. We can't even sink to the level of Marxist Feminists and do it right. Ask yourselves which political faction in the US even addresses---let alone actually having a plan for--- the demographic vise that we've put our young people into. The Whacko Left Wing thinks that lower birth rates, more abortions, fewer traditional families, and more gender dysphoria are good things. The Knee-Jerk Right wants to expel immigrants and have everyone working 80 hours a week for a bare minimum of housing and food---that somehow is supposed to increase the population. 

 All of these attempts from the contemporary Right to paint the Chinese and North Koreans as enemies of America and scapegoating immigrants are just a form of whitewashing the truth. These Communist States aren't getting better, we however, are getting worse; and our problems are entirely of our own making. We surrendered our schools and media to the Radical Left; we surrendered our economic base to globalists, we surrendered our families to 'the village' and now we're reaping what we've sown.


  1. We had those decisions made for us by elected representative's that refuse to represent us or our best interests. It has not been a republic for quite some time.

    1. The US, South Korea, AUKUS, the EU, etc are republics or democracies in name only. They keep up the illusion of popular rule but in reality Big Money holds all the choices.