Sunday, April 30, 2023


        A recent poll released by the CDC this past week shows the stunning effects of the Conservative movement's belated awakening to the importance of cultural issues. As of now, fewer than 3 in 4 American high-school students 'identify' as heterosexual. This number has nearly doubled since 2015. To put this number in some historical perspective, this is around four times higher than some of the notorious estimates of the number of non-binaries in the 1931 Weimar Republic. 

     All is not lost, though. A survey conducted by Gallup has shown that nearly 25% of the same demographic has no issue with polyamory---free love in group settings---up from 5% just twenty years ago. However, given that about that a fifth of young American men have Testosterone levels below that of an average 70 year-old, and over half are not even looking for a relationship, that doesn't bode especially well for the future.

    An interesting commentary on these trends came from Sociology Professor Eli Sheff: “Perhaps most importantly, younger people have seen that marriage is not all it has been cracked up to be. They have watched their parents cheat on each other and divorce, stay in miserable marriages ‘for the kids,’ and abandon each other when family life becomes inconvenient.”

  Naturally, though, pundits on the Right had no idea that family values were eroding to this level (such things only happen in Liberal families after all)---just like until 2022 they were blissfully unaware that schools and the media were liberally biased. Not to say that the Right hasn't been doing their part: things like promoting delayed sexuality, promoting abstinence instead of sensible sex education, and by setting up artificial social barriers based on 'inappropriate' matters like age differences and school/workplace connections. This includes those based and repilled characters on the Alt-Right fighting against interracial marriages, marriages with immigrants, (and marriages in general). Some Manospherans were cheering the news that bridal companies were going bankrupt and that engagement ring sales are collapsing. The bold 'Alphas' in the MGTOW and Incel movements aren't letting us down though: they've apparently responded to the repeal of Roe vs. Wade by engaging in mass self-sterilization

   The Whacko Left Wing---which mostly favors a depopulation agenda---is of course delighted with the news too. They've been trying to spin it as though the Scamdemic was the cause of all of this---not their continual social and legal depreciation of masculinity nor their lax regulation of environmental factors (e.g. food, water, medicines, pollution) could possibility be responsible. And then there's the usual Idiot Wave explanation: it's a new normal and things cyclically change and that we shouldn't be old fuddie-duddies holding on to outmoded and oppressive ideals like monogamous love between the opposite sex and complimentarianism. The fact is that healthy male sexuality has been collapsing for years; today it's simply a problem too obvious to be ignored.


     I suppose that for some of us older bachelors out there, this could be positive, since our younger competition is severely reduced. 😇 However, if we hope to have sons of our own someday, the culture that they're going to inherit isn't looking like anything we'd like to leave for them. Besides that, the degradation of young men hasn't exactly had a positive effect on younger women. The CDC survey showed that a whopping 1 in 5 young American women 'identify' as bisexual. As we've also noted in previous articles here; about 1 in 12 women under 30 are clinically infertile and---in a mere two decades---the United States has gone from having one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates to one of the worst in the developed world. That's not even counting the increases in babies born with congenital defects like Autism and drug addiction syndromes. These are even before the effects of the Loyalty Vaxx pushed during the Scamdemic have manifested fully. 

    The birthrate among the native born has been below replacement levels since 1971 and the average number of children per household has dropped by two since 1959. We all of course know---if anywhere near politically aware---that the scumbags in places like the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation have been pushing depopulation agendas for years. But there's a difference between a State pushing a tyrannical agenda and the general public willingly going along with it. American parents are ultimately to blame. Nobody forced this situation upon us: we let it happen. The younger generation is coming out exactly as they were made by the previous one. 

    To understand how the Millennials and Gen Z's came to this state, we have but to examine the type of culture that raised them. 

    Postmodern Americans, by and large, are an ignorant and spiritless race, where the Rule of Law is no longer respected but instead people are governed entirely by the arbitrary will of a handful of petty political satraps who rule over them for the sole purpose of sponging from them as large a share of their property and production as possible to support the grandees in Supranational Commerce. Illiteracy is rampant among us, making the population easy prey to succumb to occasional outbursts of rage or hysteria whenever these Financial Oligarchs feel they need stirring up. 

   Utterly apathetic to either political or social affairs, and considering ourselves (as we really are) the despised subjects and de facto slaves of the Moneyed Interests, we have no national or community spirit to keep from falling into the most degraded intellectual poverty and moral degeneracy imaginable. In fact, all throughout human history and even in most of the world today it would be difficult to find a nation more devoid of character than the 21st Century United States has produced, despite all its pretensions to American Exceptionalism. 

   We see from the policies issuing from Government, Academia, and the Media that as a people, we are addicted to the most revolting vices and the most repulsive Scientistic superstitions---think of only two years ago when people were wearing masks and keeping untouchables at a distance to ward off an influenza outbreak with a 99% survival rate. The current race of Americans are always agog for anything novel or scandalous in sexuality and also for new and increasingly potent narcotics: if news headlines and the entertainment media are any indication, they seem to care for little else. In this depressing atmosphere, these credulous fools are easily imposed upon by celebrities, influencers, or any con-artist who knows how to 'work' a crowd. 

    This is the culture that the younger generation came into as infants: that educated and raised them to the age of legal majority. I feel sorry for them in many ways, because they never really had a chance (unlike our generations who knew better). If they seem only to understand Liberty as something to be abused; that is because that's exactly how they were taught. We may chide them for their willingness to sacrifice Liberty for Security: forgetting that they grew up in a milieu where the adults were sacrificing their Liberty for short-term personal gain. It's not that the younger generations lost their Moral Compass: they never had one to begin with. 

    Sadly, the younger generation's education was abandoned to two of the worst social influences imaginable: Academia and Mass-Media. For the most part, they didn't even have churches or positive role models to fall back upon like the kids in our generations did when families let us down. They think that they're 'breaking with the past" without realizing that the road they're taking is leading Civilization a lot closer to the 22nd Century B.C. than the 22nd A.D. 


      How we as a society can address this problem is a good question. We've lost two generations (literally as well as figuratively) and are on a trajectory to lose a third. Our own selfishness, stupidity, and hubris have brought us to this point; and they aren't going to be solved simply by exchanging one political despot for another. Our society's problem is a spiritual one. It's going to take acknowledging the errors of the past 30 or so years and repudiating them on a wholesale basis. Somehow, I have my doubts that we have it left in us to do that. 

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