Tuesday, April 11, 2023


      So, just as we predicted less than three weeks ago, Drew Barrymore's promotion of troon 'influencer' Dylan Mulvaney was intended to begin the kick-off of a concerted Corporate Media campaign to promote the Trans Agenda. Wall Street combines Nike and Anheuser-Busch so far have risen to the call; the former ridiculously retaining Mulvaney to market athletic bras and the latter to sell the Bud Light brand---the unofficial national drink of American rednecks. 

     Considering that these corporations have already alienated most of their consumer base: Nike by pushing the trans agenda into women's sports, and Budweiser's repeated showing its contempt for the good-old-boy culture which mainly consumes it---we have to come to the conclusion that "market forces" have nothing whatsoever to do with these decisions. Conservatives like to fantasize about "go woke, go broke" as if any of these looters had the slightest concern for the feelings of their consumers. 

    The blog Pinon Post had an article yesterday about the brands to boycott which are connected with Bud Light. I don't know which is more troubling: the fact that Bud Light uses Mulvaney as a spokes-xhe or the fact that Anheuser-Busch has its thumb on about 2/3 of the brands of beer one encounters in a store. There is where the real problem lies. 


      If one asks a typical American, they will tell you that Budweiser is a true-blue American brand made right here in St. Louis. Well, there are still factories there. However, Anheuser-Busch was bought out in 2010 by EU Agribusiness conglomerate InBev. Now a member in good standing of the World Economic Forum, Anheuser-Busch today is headquartered in Belgium. CEO Michel Doukeris---a Brazilian national---is a WEF Agenda Contributor. Anheuser-Busch's ESG Director Ezgi Barcenas spoke at the 2022 Forum and had this to say about COP27:

   "I would love to see more urgency, but also that impatient optimism. What we really need to see is a growing recognition of the steps that have been taken so far and the solutions that have been identified and finding ways to scale those up, finding ways to finance to some of those solutions. But at the same time, also, openly talking about the gaps that we have around policies, enabling environments, the regulatory backbones that are needed in so many countries where we can continue to drive this agenda with our with our partners across the value chain." 

   This after explaining how Anheuser-Busch is expanding into Third World countries with 'innovative technologies' which essentially enslave local economies to the Corporation: "That is a blockchain-enabled technology platform that operates basically over SMS. So, you don't need a smartphone, you just need a cell phone. It increases the traceability and transparency of our value chain. So now, for the first time in certain markets, we actually know where our barley comes. And that farmer also has visibility around the amount of barley they sold to us, at what price they sold it to us.They're being enabled and empowered with a digital financial identity, because now they have sales records that they worked for a global company like ABInBev, and they now exist in our supply chain. Whereas beforehand, that visibility did not exist. It did not make them bankable."

    Two-thirds of Anheuser-Busch's stock is owned by American Agribusiness Cartel, the Altria Group. The Altria Group has massive holdings in beer, tobacco, and legal marijuana. WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner, Blackrock, holds about 10% of Altria's shares. 


   Does anyone still want to pretend that this is a 'free market?' Sure, profits may still matter a little. But let's be honest here: these institutions are too big to fail. When one organization controls 90% of the money, they feed it through the system in a loop, so they never actually lose anything if pushing an agenda doesn't pan out. But usually it does, because neither consumers nor producers have any realistic alternative. 

   If anyone believes that we'll see any pushback from Washington over any of this, consider that Anheuser-Busch (a foreign corporation no less) retains 50 Beltway lobbyists, 38 of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats. Their bosses in the Altira Group have 73 lobbyists, of whom 65 are revolvers, including former Republican Congressman, Kevin Yoder. GOP PACs also took in the bulk of Altira donations while Anheuser-Busch---which has its own PAC---gives about equally to candidates in both parties. Anheuser-Busch is also a significant government contractor with the EPA's so-called 'Green Energy' schemes. In the EU, they and fellow-WEF member Microsoft have been pushing so-called 'smart technology' to exercise even greater control over their near-monopoly on European beers. 

   As we've stated before, the LGBTQ agenda and the transhumanist agenda are deeply connected. Yuval Harari---one of the WEF gurus, and himself a flaming homosexual---said: "In the coming decades, AI and biotechnology will give us godlike abilities to reengineer life, and even to create completely new life-forms. After four billion years of organic life shaped by natural selection, we are about to enter a new era of inorganic life shaped by intelligent design. Our intelligent design is going to be the new driving force of the evolution of life." 

  Naturally, these godlike powers can't be trusted to ordinary humans: 

  "Whenever a leader says something like 'My Country First!' we should remind that leader that no nation can prevent nuclear war or stop ecological collapse by itself, and no nation can regulate AI and bioengineering by itself. Almost every country will say: 'Hey, we don’t want to develop killer robots or to genetically engineer human babies. We are the good guys. But we can't trust our rivals not to do it. So we must do it first'. If we allow such an arms race to develop in fields like AI and bioengineering, it doesn’t really matter who wins the arms race – the loser will be humanity."

   Therefore, we need a godlike race of our betters, who'll know what's best for us:

   "Unfortunately, just when global cooperation is more needed than ever before, some of the most powerful leaders and countries in the world are now deliberately undermining global cooperation. Leaders like the US president (Trump) tell us that there is an inherent contradiction between nationalism and globalism, and that we should choose nationalism and reject globalism. But this is a dangerous mistake." 

   Of course, he objects to any notion that any of this would lead to a 'digital dictatorship' which, according to Harari, only could happen if nations and people insist on their sovereignty. The Elites naturally would never abuse their power although he predicts that

  "In the not-so-distant future, similar algorithms might tell us where to work and who to marry, and also decide whether to hire us for a job, whether to give us a loan, and whether the central bank should raise the interest rate."

   This is a glimpse into the mindset of the people responsible for promoting the likes of Dylan Mulvaney. Extreme megalomania combined with a hatred of Western Civilization that runs so deep that their fanatical obsession is focused wholly on destroying it and rebuilding. Harari is not even concerned with human cost, despite a few virtue-signalling sound-bites, he laconically admits that "in using our new divine powers of creation we might make mistakes," but goes on to warn us that only by trusting the Oligarchy with absolute power can we avoid such a fate. "We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls," he opines, "We are now hackable animals. That's what we are." 

   Getting us used to that idea is precisely what's driving cultural phenomena like Mulvaney promoting Bud Light. This is not just some virtue-signalling management team trying to be edgy and politically correct. It's not even about a marketing angle or inflating that all-sacred bottom line. This is about a fanatical minority of the uber-wealthy who want to slice Civilization down to its own level and make us all forget incidental details of life like having mysterious souls. 

   Sadly, it seems that postmodern America is too far gone to resist any of this; which is why these Great Reset freaks decided to prioritize seizing the machinery of state here and the rest of the Anglosphere. The EU was probably the first choice, but too much popular resistance and Russia's unwillingness to bow to the Regime made that option untenable. The emasculated, dispirited, and effete culture of today's Anglosphere is much more fertile soil for such ideas to take root.




  1. Ahh, interesting! I really want to believe in, "go woke, go broke," but I can't because this stuff is just flooding our shelves and hardly anyone notices. At Walmart on the little boys teeshirts there are pictures of trucks with the LGBT rainbow faintly imposed across the top. Most people think it's just a happy rainbow, but if you read the tag they clearly tell you what it represents. Smartfood just released their popcorn in a pastel bag that looks kind of edgy and metallic. It says, "all love is smart love" and unless you actually read the words on the package you wouldn't even realize that they have pledged to donate $150,000 to help support LGBTQ initiatives.

    1. I'd like to think so too; but when we're talking about the WEF and other organizations connected to them, we're really talking about a de facto government. Banks and hedge funds like Blackrock (which is the largest) who are WEF members combined literally hold controlling interest in the entire S&P 500. They not only hold government debts, they have people working inside governments.
      BTW, the Rainbow Flag actually came out the WEF too. The rainbow factors in a lot in their symbology.