Thursday, March 16, 2023


     "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than ever dreamed of by your philosophies."      

     It isn't often that one hears a phrase from a film that stays with one forever; but the above quote from John Barrymore's 1931 classic Svengali always has for me. In fact---for those who've never seen it, the whole film runs a whole lot deeper than it appears on the surface (which becomes apparent as the story progresses); and I don't think that many critics or reviewers have ever fully understood it. Though not technically a 'horror film' as it's often been labelled, it did manage to scare the daylights of that generation's young women. It's rare that a film marketed to a general audience had that degree of a gender-specific reaction; though viewed through the lens of the-now officially-discredited subject of Feminine Psychology, we can easily see how the film reached some deep-seated fears of women in general. John Barrymore has long since been relegated to Dead White Male status, along with most psychologists capable of understanding his work.

   I was thinking of Barrymore the other day, and how his quote was relative to Scientism after his grand-daughter's antics once again made pop-culture headlines. Drew Barrymore has never been an acting talent anywhere near her grandparents, though her ability to best both of them in terms of alcoholism was quite an accomplishment. The elder Barrymores weren't bad people; theatrical families always tend to be a bit eccentric; but Drew had the misfortune of being born rich with no talent, little intelligence, and not even looks that could match her grandmother in her prime.

   Fortunately for her though, Drew Barrymore also came along in an era where actual merit doesn't count for anything but having the right connections matters considerably. Her sheer stupidity, the low quality of postmodern American Media, and the ability to follow all of the politically-correct talking-points makes her what passes for a celebrity or 'influencer' today. A specimen of her brilliant insights into human sexuality maybe assessed from a 2003 interview: 
 “Do I like women sexually? Yeah, I do. Totally. I have always considered myself bisexual. I love a woman's body. I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful. Being with a woman is like exploring your own body, but through someone else" 

    So it shouldn't be surprising that her latest escapade involved dropping to her knees on stage and slavishly bowing to a drag queen. The psychological image of a besotted, washed-up specimen of American Feminism submitting to the New Order of the liberated, dominant trans-man predictably sent the Whacko Left Wing into paroxysms of delight. 

    Oh, it's 'energy' alright: but not the positive kind. A look at a recent clip from Tricia's blog shows about what real women feel. Contrary to what Manosphere Red Pills and practitioners of Scientism want to believe, women have a stronger social survival instinct than men. A recent example is how Syrian women held the social fabric of their country together when Obama and his allies in ISIS were on the verge of planting the Rainbow Flag over Damascus. This instinct is heavily tied to the maternal instinct, whereas men are more inclined to fight for leaders or ideologies since the paternal instinct is more focused on community, tribe, nation, etc. If Western women stopped to realize that the Great Reset freaks plan their obsolescence, the backlash is going to be ferocious (and frankly I hope that there is one). 

   We've documented here before how and why the Great Reset Oligarchy is pushing the Rainbow Agenda and shifting their focus from deconstructing masculinity to deconstructing femininity. In the New World Order's Inverted Totalitarianism, sociopolitical policies are measured in terms of cost-effectiveness to the Elites. Radical Feminism was useful to them in the past for breaking down a workforce heavily dependent on a man providing for a family. It served its purpose, but women encountered many of the same issues for the Elites in the workforce: though women worked for less money and were less likely to unionize or demand better working conditions, they also needed a wide support network. Thus, it became more profitable to create a sterile workforce of emasculated men. To the Elites, that's the best of both worlds they take advantage of male loyalty to leadership and female passivity. 

   Like everything else that these criminal scum do; the LGBTQ Agenda and corresponding depopulation schemes don't include themselves. They'll still be reproducing offspring and having families---after all, they have to keep their dynasties intact. These policies and ideologies are for us; their inferiors, serfs, and slaves. To them, we're simply human capital: much like livestock where the herd has to be managed. 

   The perverts on Wall Street and in Hollywood were also behind the celebrity status of Dylan James Mulvaney, the troon to whom Drew Barrymore was offered up as a foil. Mulvaney---who didn't even bother assuming a female name---gained around 10 million followers on social media. He runs an internet series titled Days of Girlhood which chronicles his 'progress' on his way to becoming the alternative female of the future. This is all portrayed as a fascinating story of an individual's struggle to self-realization. Our friends at Kiwi Farms, though, have a whole discussion thread on this weirdo. A contributor there under the name of Swerf'n'Terf has posted some deep-dives into the commercial and corporate-media interests who've marketed and promoted Mulvaney since Day One, with a comprehensive update to Day 365, which anniversary Drew and Dilly were celebrating. 

   Common Sense alone should tell anyone that some obscure 20-something 'influencer' with Hollywood press agents, marketing contracts with major corporations, and regular meetings with high-profile people is not simply a product of changing social attitudes. Mulvaney is a product of deliberate social manipulation. There is no shortage of activist NGOs or government PSYOPs willing and able to fund and promote such ventures. 

   But exercising Common Sense in Postmodern America has become something of an officially socially-discouraged activity. In the next article, we'll discuss some of the settled science driving this narrative. 


  1. Yep, well said. That photo of Drew and Dylan is just surreal. Is this the Handmaid's Tale they warned us about? Are feminists now good with female submission? Do we have to bow to all the men or only the ones who get corporate contracts as models?

    Also it's darkly humorous because this is evidence of our innate biology at play. You can call yourself any gender or sexuality you want, but the female is still going to wind up attempting to nurture and mother the male, address his emotional needs. The fact that Dylan is going along with this charade and seems pleased by it is evidence that our gender is innate, biological. If those were two actual women born women, they would not enjoy this little scenario.

    As a society and a culture, we really need to get off our celebrity kick and stop looking to celebrities for our moral and social leadership. At best they are eccentric, at worse they are deeply perverse and broken.

  2. Since Shakespeare is a favorite of mine, I guess I am entitled to this. That quote comes from "Hamlet."

    Otherwise, I enjoyed your series.

    1. Thank you---I didn't know the origin of the quote, but I'm sure that Barrymore studied some Shakespeare in his day lol.

      Speaking of movies, if you like Westerns: here was a cult-classic about a gunfighter who was fascinated with Shakespeare: