Friday, March 31, 2023


      So---appropriately on All Fools Day---Left-Wing cranks and crackpots across the country are planning a Trans Day of Vengeance. Right on the very grounds of the US Supreme Court too, although the Media is encouraging it to spread elsewhere. Leading up to the event, we had a mass-murder in Tennessee on Monday, followed by a violent riot in the same state today, as well as in neighboring Kentucky. The media swine have already turned the Nashville shooter into a martyr; greatly reminiscent of Fentanyl Floyd a few years ago. This time, don't forget your masks.

    As if this weren't throwing enough gasoline on the fire; the Junta took the unprecedented step of ordering its henchmen having a Grand Jury indict the President-in-Exile---for basically acting like a typical rich heterosexual. Now, of course, indicting someone whom many of us still consider the legitimate President with an obviously sham case in a politically-motivated trial: that couldn't possibly lead to violence, could it? 

    If the Trump Indictment does lead to violence---and the Regime is certainly not above creating an 'incident' if a real one fails to materialize---I think that we can all guess what direction the reaction is going to take. We saw a warm-up to this in 2020. Armed Leftist thugs taking over entire city blocks were said to be engaging in a Summer of Love while a rather milquetoast protest over a blatantly stolen national election was spun as a sinister plot to take over the country. If things go the way that they appear to be planned, we'll see homo/Antifa/BLM engage in the most egregious acts of anarchistic thuggery and get a free pass. Meanwhile, old women who show up at the Court to support Trump will get gassed and beaten with police nightsticks. 

    The bottom line here is to remember that what the Elites want is partisan violence. Our side is in a double-bind. If we react, they'll label us 'extremists' and crack down. If we don't react, they'll perceive us as weak and crack down anyway. All of those decades of Conservative apathy and looking out for #1 didn't really help us much in the (then) future, did it? 

   Why is this scenario possible? Why would the Elites open a second round of domestic terror? Because they have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing so. They're now in the third year of consolidating absolute power. Indicting the symbolic head of the Opposition while turning their stormtroopers loose on the public is hardly unheard of during the early stages of a dictatorship. In fact, it's the very same pattern that same Elites ran in Ukraine in 2014 and elsewhere. 

   All of those on the Right who still want to pretend that we too haven't undergone a Color Revolution are running out of room for Denial. Likewise---to put it bluntly---if we want to see our Republic restored we're rapidly running out of time to do it. What Conservative leadership we actually have left needs to pull together and take a stand; and the American people need to have their backs for once if they do. Given the recent history of both, that scenario is hard to imagine, but it really would work if they tried. 

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  1. I am just praying that calmer heads prevail, because the propaganda is coming fast and furious and many people are not aware enough to see it for what it is. There are people in the world who actually do want violence, they want chaos and civil unrest, and they are doing everything they can to try to provoke and trigger it. I would advise completely ignoring it, which is a tough message to sell, but much of the hype relies entirely on us getting outraged and spreading the frustration around. It would have no power if nobody was passing it around, sharing the outrage, and trying to get people all amped up.

    There is a phony meme going on right now about roving gangs of black people beating up innocent white children and being legally allowed to get away with it. Nope, totally false, those are real clips but they are from a few years back, the victims where actually other black kids, and the perps were prosecuted and found guilty. Twitter did a pretty good job of dispelling that particular false one, but unfortunately there are thousands of others.

    Some potential concerns about the transgender movement is that it is often openly advocating outright violence. Whereas peace protests or even the recent summer of love in Seattle had violence as an unfortunate side effect or consequence, many transgender advocates outright call for it, violence actually is the goal and some in political leadership actually seem to support that idea.