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    In the ongoing Media blitz to normalize the transgender/transhumanist agenda, predictably we've seen the Whacko Left Wing alternating between effusive praise for the deviants while pouring out their collective outrage upon alleged 'bigots' who oppose the New Order. The New Right has been silent too; it's a bit difficult to complain when Nick Fuentes and Bruce Jenner are lauded as heroes in your own movement. Oh well, we can always blame China, seize Tik-Tok and sell it to Jeff Bezos: then everything will be fine. Meanwhile, we'll all hold our breath waiting for any 'Conservative' leaders to, say, defend the NHL players who've refused to wear the Shirt of Shame 

    The half-dozen or so professional hockey players who refused the Humiliation Ritual of last week's so-called 'Pride Night' stood for their Christian beliefs. Reaction from the Whacko Left pounced on that aspect of the debate.

     Another headline, referring to dissident player Eric Staal screamed: "Eric Staal Called Out for Denying Reality with Hypocritical Pride Night Protest!"

    While we applaud these men for standing up for their beliefs; I would like to draw readers' attention to the fact that none of our last three posts have made any religious or faith-based argument against the homo agenda in any way. There's no need to. The very sciences and philosophies that these Gender Ideologues profess belief in refute their own positions. Also, let us not overlook the outright admissions of agenda-promotion and pay-to-play corruption in Academia which gives their cause an intellectual veneer. 

    The only 'reality' that is being denied is coming from these Media punks, who won't admit that the Dead White Males to whom we alluded in our last article were right all along. The Media has to cover up the reality that in spite of their slobbering acceptance of the so-called 'Third Sex' that rates of depression, addiction, suicide, and violence are just as high among that demographic today as they were 50 years ago. Most of them still average around 45 in terms of life expectancy. As those now-cancelled Depth Psychologists taught, these sexual deviations are symptomatic of deeper psychological problems. By extension, actually celebrating this neurotic behavior in front of impressionable young children is 'grooming' by anyone's definition of that term. 

   Let's take two examples of recent Media superstars whose glamourous 'trans lifestyle' didn't work out so well. A troon under the name of Kayleigh Scott who was featured in United Airlines' 2020 Trans Visibility campaign was found dead this week of a suicide, at age 25. Scott left behind a statement which read, “As I take my final breaths and exit this living earth, I would like to apologize to everyone I let down. I am so sorry I could not be better...To those that I love, I am sorry I could not be stronger. To those that gave me their everything, I am sorry my effort was not reciprocated. Please understand that me leaving is not a reflection on you, but the result of my own inability to turn myself for the better.” Note this statement well in light of what follows:

   "The young man’s mother said she was 'unbelievably proud to have you as my daughter, proud and amazed by everything that you have done in your life...your smile was absolutely beautiful, your laughter was unbelievably contagious, your heart was bigger than any of us could have ever understood.” 

    "Scott’s sister, Ashley, responded to Scott’s post to confirm to concerned commenters that her brother had passed. 'Thank you for your concern and outpouring of love for her. We are going to miss her so much.'"

    And this: "According to another Facebook post, Scott’s father passed away last summer. The two had had a difficult relationship, according to Scott."

    Back in the era when psychology was dominated by judgemental bigots, one finding was that over half of gender-dysphoric patients came from families not unlike this one. The father was demanding, but distant (as we can infer from the text of Scott's final statement) while the mother disliked males and favored girls (which the mother's and sister's statements seem to imply). Scott could have been cured if he'd realized that his problem wasn't one of sexual identity, but an unconscious compulsion that drove him to seek status as a woman because of his instilled belief that he'd failed as a man. Our degenerate society---with its pervasive Misandry and celebration of so-called 'Female Empowerment' only reinforces the Complex in cases like Scott's. 

    Many cases like Scott end in suicide, which is understandable. Subjects like these are trapped between a subconscious drive to live up to impossibly high standards of Masculinity while seeking to escape by magically becoming Feminine. This sets in motion a vicious circle where they assume a feminine persona to relieve themselves of the stress of their perceived failure as men; but when the tension subsides, their actions by playing en femme only reinforce their internal accusations of failure. 

    Another interesting aspect to Scott's case was that he “came to realize I work a meaningless job for a company that doesn’t value me as an employee.” Sadly, Scott somewhere came to understand that he'd been used as a prop for Corporate virtue-signalling and woke advertising. Though no doubt United Airlines made a bundle off of their 'Trans Visibility' Ad Campaign in 2020, less than two years later Scott was just another flight attendant who "lost my nice little home and had to downsize significantly and start over." He'd served his purpose as far as Wall Street was concerned, and so became expendable.

     A second case that emerged this past week of former trans child star, Jazz Jennings. Jennings was 'transitioned' in early childhood and made the subject of a Reality TV show broadcast on TLC. (note: TLC is a subsidiary of Media Conglomerate Warner Bros Discovery, which is about 20% owned by financial octopuses Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street. The above-mentioned United Airlines has a similar percentage of stock under the same institutions' thumbs.)



      It appears that Jazz Jennings' career trajectory to Hollywood fame and fortune didn't work out as well as her mercenary family and the Media Moguls had hoped. At age 22, Jennings 'came out' again this week: morbidly obese, chronically depressed: a physical and emotional wreck. The tragedy of Jennings' Case is that this a person who never had a chance. Jennings' mind was warped from the time he was a toddler to legal adulthood. 

    This is probably a hopeless case at this point, though Jennings' parents, the TLC Channel, and the Activist Foundation that both co-founded made a fortune. One thing that we can predict, though, is that Jazz is going under the bus---no longer an industry cash cow---just like Kayleigh Scott. 

    Meanwhile, the media parasites are going to ignore these personal tragedies and go telling the rest of us that we're denying reality that the settled science is that a Third Gender really exists and that the LGBTQ Lifestyle is safe, legal, and even desirable. These are the same people who've told us that Abortion, the Loyalty Vaxx, Depleted Uranium, and the recent chemical spill in Ohio pose no health risks. 

   While we're on the subject of medicine, has anyone wondered what ever happened to the previous 'pandemic': the AIDS Epidemic? For those who've forgotten (or are too young to remember) AIDS was an inexplicable auto-immune disorder that appeared in the US during the 1970s and was very pronounced among the homosexual population. For the next three decades, there was nothing but howling from the Media and Whacko Left to deal with AIDS, and that 'homophobic' Americans didn't care because it mostly effected homosexuals. Even that great unquestionable medical genius, Dr. Fauci---America's Doctor---referred to it as 'the Gay Disease." 

   Yet, at exactly at the same time that the Obama Administration began its push for homo 'equality,' stories about AIDS miraculously vanished from the Corporate Media. Yes: AIDS still exists; it's still predominantly spread among homosexuals; there's still no effective cure---but for some reason we just never hear about it anymore. Rather like COVID-19 (which had the peculiar property of being contagious everywhere except race-riots and box-stores); AIDS stopped being a public health threat as soon as the Rainbow Flags and Pride Parades became the New Normal. 

    But try explaining any of this to the average Ameroboob and you'll either be accused of being a religious bigot (whether your argument comes from religion or not); or else figuratively burned at the stake on social media, or censored (which the practitioners of Scientism claim that only religious bigots do). But if we don't stop closing our eyes to fake science, more people will get hurt. 

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