Wednesday, December 30, 2020


      When the year 2019 closed, there was great hope for the coming year. President Trump had been making good his promise that "the forgotten among us would be forgotten no more." We'd seen the greatest expansion in job creation since the 1980s. The U.S. was moving on track to become Energy Independent by 2025. We were investing in space and global exploration and research again. Taxes and regulations were being slashed. The Opioid Crisis was being turned back; gangs were being put down and inner-city crime breaking up. Religious Freedom and the right of conscience was being restored. Endless wars were winding down. Corporations were moving industries back to the U.S. from offshored locations. Deep Statists and financial criminals were finally being held accountable for their crimes.

      And then a bunch of scumbags showed up and offered the American people a chance to go back. To go back to the days when opportunism, selfishness, envy and the Cult of the Victim reigned supreme; when the rule of law and doing the right thing for its own sake were scoffed at. And America took the offer. 

      Yes, America has been weighed in the balances, and found wanting. When it came to choices; accept the values that we stand for of faith and freedom, or the culture of fraud, force, and fear that had defined the previous three decades, we chose the latter. 

     All of this year has based entirely on fraud. A fake impeachment; a phony pandemic; race-riots over a murder that never happened and 'systemic racism' which doesn't exist; all culminating in a stolen election. And then there was the Opportunism: a chance to grab a slice of that government bailout cash; a chance to stab your neighbor in the back; chances to cash in on the plunder of the 'New Normal'. And, of course, a chance for the political and financial Elite to bring us all to a Great Reset, where we finally break the chains of freedom and return to that era of universal peace and love which was feudalism. 

     Americans have proven finally that they prefer lives of drug-fueled drama to the actual success and self-respect that comes from honorable work and belief in an ideal. That's the American Exceptionalism that the Deep State preached and that the American people practiced from Reagan to Trump; and that they and their new Masters in the WEF hope to project across the entire planet. Wherever happiness is to be found, it must be stamped out lest anyone feel offended. 

     There were a few bright spots of humanity which shone this year. Groups like Oath Keepers, Project Veritas, and a few religious leaders and real scientists have spoken up; but their voices have been drown out by the hysteria. A few brave lawyers and political figures have risked their lives and livelihoods by challenging the fake election; but they've been pushed aside by money and the casual indifference of the American public. For the most part, the American public has chosen to join the stampede and run wherever the Tech Lords and the Media Moguls tell them to go. 

    So, at the end of 2020, we've seen the greatest job losses since the 1930s; substance abuse deaths and suicides are skyrocketing again; government has assumed more powers than the Colonial despotism before the War of Independence had; crime is rampant; churches are closing; the Rights of Man trampled on like so much waste-paper---in short, America has chosen to return to the days of tyranny, poverty, superstition, and ignorance which our forefathers sought to overturn or flee from. 

   Thus it's really fitting that New Years' Eve 2020 will be marked with banned celebrations, lockdowns, restricted gatherings (all but for the Elites, of course). 2021 is a year that really doesn't seem like there's much to look forward to anyway. The End of the Year celebrations---such as will actually take place---will look more like funerals than birthdays. That's the sense I got from all of the holidays this year. There was sort of an unspoken feeling hovering over it all that 'this is the last one before---'. Before what? That's what no one wished to say, but all knew instinctively that this was the end. The very fact that we had to hold all of these celebrations in secret was a constant reminder of what is awaiting us all.

    I recall going to a children's birthday party where no other kids were invited for fear of being denounced to the authorities. The children had fun anyway, but halfway, the mother left the room and began crying uncontrollably. She didn't know why she cried; but I knew. So did the other adults present. Her maternal instincts were telling her what kind of world her offspring were going to grow up in. And there was nothing that she could do about it.

      The only 'great reset' the American people are going to get is reset back before the War of Independence---to start with. These bastards will take us all the way back to the Jungle if they aren't stopped. And eventually they will fail. If nothing else, other nations with more pride and conscience than we have will band together for their own survival and take us down, just like the Third Reich had to be taken down. 

     But for now, the lights are going out across America and they're not going to be lit again for some time. Now is the time for Resistance, and reflection on what we once were and how we can get there again. 



Sunday, December 27, 2020


         So, yesterday was Christmas 2020---probably the last time we'll see it legally celebrated in the United States for the foreseeable future. In many parts of the U.S. celebrating Christmas was already forbidden. Last year at this time, Christmas displays were everywhere; the Trump Administration had ended the hateful policy of forcing their removal, along with guaranteeing other freedoms associated with religious beliefs. 

      Then, in 2020, a gang of a--holes showed up and decided that the world needed a 'Great Reset' founded upon Cultural Marxism and Scientific Materialism, and upheld by Ameroboob complacency, ignorance, and hysteria. 

     The incoming Regime will, of course, reverse all of the policies Trump put in place to protect Liberty of Conscience. The Insurgency is ideologically atheistic. They've made it a point thus far to single out Christians for persecution and supported non-Christian faiths and even cults against us. Make no mistake, though. Once they think they have the Church sufficiently suppressed, the Synagogue and the Mosque are next. Whenever the Left spouts off about fighting 'anti-Semitism' or 'racial discrimination against Islam', don't assume that they really mean any of it. Historically speaking, one has to go back to the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian to witness a time when Western Governments ordered the closure of churches and persecuted Christians for violating these orders.

    Bill Gates, one of the real new rulers of the United States,has decreed through his sock-puppet Dr. Fauci that the temporary emergency orders imposed by Left-Wing fanatics last Spring must continue until 2022. Yesterday, we were told by the same paid scientists and Big Pharma hirelings that COVID-19 had mutated and is probably immune to the new vaccine. Whether it really has or not, nobody knows: but even if it's true, we did try to warn people that this was going to happen. It happened very conveniently just in time too to discredit Trump Administration-approved vaccines and allow Big Pharma to milk the Cash Cow some more. But if the vaccines actually cause death or injuries---thanks to Bush Junior and further Ameroboob complacency---Big Pharma is legally immune from liability during any so-called State of Emergency. The PREP Act, as it is called sets aside a slush fund cash reserve of $308 billion to be doled out to Big Pharma if a pandemic is declared: the reserve for compensation to injured citizens with enough legal skill to navigate the intentionally complex process of proving Corporate liability is currently unfunded. This will naturally mean an extension of religious restrictions. 

      Within the Great Reset is a movement which seeks to counterfeit religion, and John Kerry, the Regime's Special Envoy to the World Economic Forum, made it clear that the Illegitimate Government of the United States fully backs its proposals.  According to The Hill: 

     At a panel dicussion about the Great Reset hosted by the World Economic Forum in mid-November, former Secretary of State John Kerry  firmly declared that the Biden administration will support the Great Reset and that the Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.” When asked by panel host Borge Brende whether the World Economic Forum and other Great Reset supporters are “expecting too much too soon from the new president, or is he going to deliver first day on this [sic] topics?,” Kerry responded, “The answer to your question is, no, you’re not expecting too much.” 

   What is the role of religion in all of this? To be co-opted and used as a tool by the Oligarchs. About six weeks before the Scam-demic broke out in the U.S., one of the WEF's sycophants proposed integrating organized religion with aims of the Great Reset. It seems to my mind quite obvious from this agenda that the persecution of religion under the pretext of fighting the Scam-demic was deliberate: its purpose being to separate the collaborationist churches from those which held fast to their Faith. 

    The WEF itself provides us with a diagram of the roles they have assigned religion in their proposed New Order. Among those things that religion can help achieve are 'LGBT Inclusion'; 'Global Governance'; 'Gender Parity'; as well as promoting scams like Systemic Racism, Climate Change, and COVID-19 Response. This hideous diagram was produced by Academia Incorporated at Georgetown University and promoted heavily by the Thompson-Reuters Foundation. Once a premier Catholic university, Georgetown has degenerated over the years. Besides being noted as one of the most 'gay-friendly' schools in the nation, Georgetown is also a major hub for the same Globalist Elite behind the Great Reset. The Thompson-Reuters Foundation is funded by the international media cartel of the same name; and is currently headed by Antonio Zappulla. Zappulla is a homosexual who is based in London and is an advocate for corporate media control over information. 

    The WEF announced with great fanfare---the week before Christmas this year---the launch of the Global Interfaith Commission on LGBT Lives. 

    "Almost 400 global religious leaders, including anti-apartheid campaigner Desmond Tutu and Britain's Bishop of Liverpool, called on Wednesday for countries to overturn bans on same-sex relations and end LGBT+ conversion therapy...Organised by the Ozanne Foundation charity, the declaration has been signed by faith leaders from 35 countries, including representatives of the world's main religions."

    This initiative is being funded not only by Thompson-Reuters, but by the British Foreign Office. 

    Mary McAleese, the former president of Ireland, presumed to speak for Christians at the conference. She said that "religious teachings through the centuries have caused and continue to cause deep pain and offence to those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex", and even denounced the attempts of Christians to convert homosexuals as "an abhorrent practice that should be stopped". Speaking for the Synagogue, Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said that "our religions still have a lot that we are culpable for". Imam Mushin Hendricks, representing the followers of Mohammed said: "I think the Muslim community is ready for this conversation. I'm currently training with six imams from different parts of Africa and the openness to look at this issue is incredible. I'm really amazed and excited because 10 years ago this kind of training with imams was not possible. So I do think the community is ready."

   Now of course no Pope, High Priest, or Ayatollah ever authorized these three idiots to tell us all how we should believe in matters of faith. But that doesn't make any difference to the architects of the Great Reset. They are extending the Color Revolution to seize organized religion just as they seized control of our government. They see religion as just another tool---another means to an end; which, in this case, is helping justify their usurpation. Marxists that they are, they all secretly believe that religion is just an opioid for the masses, but the literal Opioids have served them so well in breaking down public resistance that they've apparently calculated that this particular narcotic has a purpose too. 


     There are actually deeper issues involved here than homo acceptance. One can see from the short statements from the three 'religious thinkers' that religion in the New Order radically differentiates from the traditional. For example, there is collective guilt instead of individual sin. In the case of Christianity, the Church is crucified instead of Christ, and redemption comes not from Faith, but from Social Activism; an activism which aligns with the goals of the Great Reset. The leaders of the New Church will have their disciples chasing bogeys like racism, 'homophobia', environmental issues, and the Scam-demic. Don't imagine that this will preclude some new version of witch-hunting either. Heretics who deny that the Great Reset has anything to do with spirituality are going to be fortunate to escape the Stake---which in modern times could mean severe social ostracism.  

    It is abundantly clear that the leadership of the incoming Regime is going to make religious persecution a top priority. Biden (or whoever makes his decisions for him) appointed California Attorney-General Xavier Becerra to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Not only did Becerra instigate the closure of California churches, he actively sought to defund faith-based charities which refused to acknowledge homo 'equality' or provide access to abortion. Kamala Harris was one of the lawyers suing against Hobby Lobby's refusal to include abortion or contraceptives in their insurance plans. She also was a foe of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Vivek Murthy, the new Surgeon General is an outspoken enemy of so-called Conversion Therapy. 

   Above all, it shouldn't be forgotten that the Whacko Left blames the traditionally religious for supporting and electing Donald Trump. That will never be forgiven nor forgotten. It wouldn't hurt many religious leaders to start making plans for a return to the Catacombs. 


Thursday, December 24, 2020


     Two days ago, Joseph Biden, the nominal leader of the Color Revolution, told the nation that the Scam-demic was going to get worse before it got better; and right on cue, the Corporate Media announced today that the COVID virus had allegedly mutated. The supposed epicenter of this new outbreak is South Africa, another country like China that few Americans know about. 

   How convenient that this happened just as dupes were lining up to get the vaccine. This virus has the most incredible sense of timing; it always seems to become a crisis whenever a crisis is the most politically advantageous for the Insurgency. Now of course the vaccines won't work and the incoming Regime will need extensive 'emergency powers' to deal with it. That will be the next step. The Enemy has become so arrogant that they're completely predictable. 

   At Adrienne's blog today, there was a good clip from the venerable Rush Limbaugh reminding Americans of what we still are as a people (or more accurately), what we can be again. It reminded me of an encounter that I had yesterday with a men's group leader who's amassed a following on Youtube these days. He was giving a talk for how men---especially young men---should deal with these 'New Normals.' His advice? It basically boiled down to: "The wise man accepts Reality whether Reality is pleasant or not. Most people are basically sheep but they can't control your mind. Know how to game the new system to your own advantage and laugh up your sleeve at the herd."

  I learned later that this guy is an associate of Red Pill charlatan Rollo Tomassi; and suddenly I knew where he was coming from. This kind of terrible advice is right out of the Red Pill Cult's playbook. Their whole philosophy is basically one of accepting whatever the Left asserts on the surface; while figuring out angles to beat and game the Left's corrupt system. Historically, it's not a strategy that's ended very well for men who've followed it.

  A specimen of this line of reasoning appears in The 48 Rules of Power, a writing which these types religiously follow. 

  Rule 38: "Think as you like, but behave like others. If you make a show of going against the times, flaunting your unconventional ideas and unorthodox ways, people will think that you only want attention and that you look down upon them. They will find a way to punish you for making them feel inferior. It is far safer to blend in and nurture the common touch. Share your originality only with tolerant friends and those who are sure to appreciate your uniqueness.

  "The Trick to your Uniqueness is that you pretend to disagree with dangerous ideas, but in the course of your disagreement you give those ideas expression and exposure. You seem to conform to the prevailing orthodoxy, but those who know will understand the irony involved. You are protected.There is no point in making a display of your dangerous ideas if they only bring you suffering and persecution. Martyrdom serves no purpose—better to live on in an oppressive world, even to thrive in it...

  "The Real Power is in that wise and clever people learn early on that they can display conventional behavior and mouth conventional ideas without having to believe in them. The power these people gain from blending in is that of being left alone to have the thoughts they want to have...Use your invaluable ability to be all things to all people. When you go into society, leave behind your own ideas and values, and put on the mask that is most appropriate for the group in which you find yourself. People will swallow the bait because it flatters them to believe that you share their ideas. They will not take you as a hypocrite if you are careful—for how can they accuse you of hypocrisy if you do not let them know exactly what you stand for? They will not see you as lacking in values. Of course you have values—the values you share with them, while in their company."

   The guru went on to explain that Reality and Morality were two separate things; and it is a wise policy not to let your morals get in the way of dealing with social norms. It is sad to think that has to be explained to young men in the 21st Century; but this is the point on which the Red Pills and those who think like this break down.


  It has been known even to pagan philosophers before Christ that some kind of Natural Law exists. St. Paul spoke of "the law written upon every human heart." In our natural world, actions, thoughts, and beliefs exist as Right, Wrong, and Indifferent. Right is ultimately connected with God, since God is perfection. Wrong obviously is the opposite of the Divine Will. Indifferent matters are the consequence of our sojourn in an imperfect world; diet, clothing, music, etc.; these are all matters of personal taste or social custom and have no bearing ultimately upon Right and Wrong. 

  It follows then that since God alone is the Perfect Being and that Right and Good are derivatives of the Divine Essence, that Reality can exist only in the realm of actions, thoughts, and beliefs which are Right and Good. In contrast, Wrong and Evil exist in the realm of Unreality. Conforming with a corrupt or immoral Society is not accepting Reality; it is accepting Unreality. The very fact that these Red Pills emphasize fakery, wearing masks, and subterfuges ought to stand out to their followers as an indicator that what they're dealing with has no basis in Reality. It also follows logically that anything other than resisting an evil social order is not especially pleasing to God.

   These Red-Pilled types foolishly imagine that their supposedly superior techniques and secrets make it possible for them to outsmart everyone else. Success, to them, always centers on deceiving and manipulating others. Not only does such a strategy preclude converting others to the Truth, it doesn't undermine the wrong position. Evil and corrupt societies depend upon acquiescence and compliance: in fact, any lack of popular resistance typically encourages its further corruption. What happens then? It seems easy to comply with Mandatory Masks for the sake of convenience: what happens if they mandate denying Christ? What if you have to agree with contact tracing? What if they decide that Ethnic Cleansing or forced sterilization is necessary for you and your kind? Where---if anywhere---is a line to be drawn? 

       The Red Pills are correct when they say that Reality is what is, but their understanding of Reality is radically flawed. Compromise with our values; complacency about the state of society; Machiavellian schemes to profit off of others' sufferings: these are the very attitudes which made the Insurrection possible. Martyrdom serves no purpose? How many have died for faith and freedom? According to the Red Pills, that makes them suckers and chumps---even though their sacrifices made it possible for Good to triumph over Evil.

    The philosophy that the Red Pills espouse lead nowhere. They give temporary gains and satisfaction of Instant Gratification, but in the long run end in shame, and enslavement: both enslavement to a corrupt social order and enslavement to their own vices. Those who follow these teachings become inevitably what they profess to hate, just as our nation has surrendered to forces hostile to everything it once stood for.




Saturday, December 19, 2020


     With more and more proof daily leaking through the Wall Street-Media Complex' filters that our recent Election was indeed stolen; the Elites have been again raising the Scam-demic phantasm. This began, not coincidentally, around mid-November and has been steadily increasing proportionally with the evidence of voter fraud being publicly exposed. The fake news outlets and mercenary local health boards are reporting dire measures like ordering extra body bags and other supplies to prepare for mass-casualties. Several Insurgent governors (e.g. Newsom, Inslee, Grisham, Cuomo) also have thereby been encouraged to enact even more repressive measures against their subjects.    

   I've always thought it was rather strange that the Corporate Media always shows these hospitals and morgues preparing for mass-deaths, but we never see any footage of the aftermath. 

The picture above is from a 1965 CBS News report and shows Air Force personnel unloading coffins of American servicemen killed in the Battle of La Drang in Vietnam. Now, according to the New York Times---which we all know is an unquestionably reliable information source---as of yesterday COVID-19 claimed 314,000 American lives. That's over five times as many casualties in 2020 alone than claimed during the entire Vietnam War. Yet, isn't it strange that the Media never seems to have coverage of all the funerals which surely must be taking place in record numbers across America? 

    In fact, when scanning all the latest news at the National Funeral Directors' Association's website, there doesn't seem to be too much concern about being swamped with more casualties than they can handle. Doesn't it also seem a bit strange that funeral directors don't seem to be worried about needing extra resources to handle all of these dead bodies and grieving families descending upon them all at once? 

   My intuition tells me that the Media may be exaggerating just a little. It's quite astounding, in fact, that the Media can't produce evidence of over a 1/4 million corpses which they claim exist; while denying as baseless and unfounded allegations thousands of incidents of voter fraud supported by photographic and eyewitness testimony. 

    Yes, COVID-19 does seem to have incredible properties. It and the AIDS virus are the only two epidemics I've ever known that possessed the ability to time their outbreaks and suddenly vanish again in accordance with Left-Wing political necessity. COVID-19 can do even more remarkable things though: like escaping from the most secure virology laboratory in the world in the most heavily-locked down nation. Ebola couldn't even get out of the African jungle. 

   In spite of the fact that the COVID-19 virus escaped China, jumped the Pacific Ocean, and somehow managed to survive Summer temperatures, the experts assure us that it can't reach someone standing six feet away or penetrate an ordinary cotton face-cloth. It doesn't affect hundreds of people rioting and looting peacefully protesting on city streets, but does affect indoor gatherings of more than 10 people. Vaccines developed on 90-day notice are supposed to prevent it, but natural immunity is said to be a hoax; even though over half of those testing positive for it are asymptomatic. 

  COVID-19 is also remarkable for the way it manages to appear in some official statistics while disappearing from others. Take for example, official mortality lists from the United Nations World Population Prospects:


       Somehow, the massive death-toll this year seems to have evaded the UN's calculations. These figures are based on numbers for every 1,000 persons, meaning that America has a projected total of 0.0098% more deaths from all causes in 2020 than in 2019. That includes not only all of the alleged COVID deaths but the very real spike in suicides and substance-abuse related deaths that have escalated during the Insurgency's crackdown on free enterprise and freedom of association. 

     Lest some angry NPC start snorting that 'the numbers are still higher!' Let's look back at a time of comparable figures:

      Though still a young lad during most of this period, I don't seem to recall any pandemics during the Carter/Reagan years. I certainly don't recall any mass-hysteria leading to widespread suspensions of Civil Liberties on the scale we see today. During the end of this graphic, (the Bush/Clinton years) we were protesting and objecting to things like the Legal Establishment's abuses of the Drug War; mandatory seat-belt and helmet laws; the 21 drinking age laws; installation of metal detectors and surveillance cameras in public places; inflation of statutory offenses to major crimes; expansions of speech codes and other political correctness; growing militarization of domestic and foreign policy, etc.---things which as we warned then were setting precedents for what is happening now---but in spite of that, the U.S. Mortality Rate was in a fairly steady decline until 2009. 

    These figures, along with data from various States, have begun circulating; and this has led to the Corporate Media scurrying to activate their paid debunkers fact-checkers in to try and counter the truth. The charts posted here were taken from a website called MacroTrends, which announces at the top of the page that "all 2020 and later data are UN projections and DO NOT include any impacts of the COVID-19 virus." I can't think of any statistical reason why those numbers should be left out: this explanation sounds eerily similar to official excuses for the anomalous vote totals we were getting during the week after the Election. The numbers never lie except when Liberals want them to. 

   On pages 29-31 of their so-called Unity Manifesto, the incoming Regime brags about its commitment to the further destruction of Civil Liberties under the pretense of fighting the Scam-demic. 

    "We must also expand funding so state and local public health departments can hire sufficient staff to adequately conduct contact tracing for everyone who tests positive for the novel coronavirus. Only through testing, tracing, and targeted quarantining can we hope to fully understand the scope of the pandemic, contain it, and stop it...We will keep these emergency measures in place until the pandemic ends and unemployment falls significantly. And should the United States find itself in another pandemic or severe economic downturn in the future, these protections will again be made automatically available, so Americans are never again left to fend for themselves in times of crisis...America must never again be caught asleep at the switch in a global health emergency like the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats believe we must follow the informed advice of scientists and public health experts in addressing the coronavirus pandemic, and will take steps to protect federal scientists from political influence. Democrats will act swiftly to stand up a comprehensive, national public health surveillance program for COVID-19 and future infectious diseases, including recruiting 100,000 contact tracers to help state and local health departments identify people at risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus."

    Yes---seriously. There are many Americans who actually believe that punishing and persecuting the sick; declaring indefinite States of Emergency and creating a Federal secret police force are positive things. It's especially noteworthy how the propagandists for the New Order only vaguely referenced "following the informed advice of scientists and public health experts." That could mean a lot of things; and considering that the Insurgents put "testing, tracing, and targeted quarantining" as the start of their stated goals, it's to be assumed that the 'expert advice' they're anticipating will go beyond those. After laughing over the part about "taking steps to protect federal scientists from political influence," it occurred to me that this statement could have a double-meaning outside of its obvious political rhetoric. It seems to imply that their scientists aren't going to be allowed opinions that deviate from the politically correct ones. Given what we've seen so far of the Insurgents' intolerance of COVID skepticism---even coming from men and women of science---I think that future official suppression of dissent is not an unrealistic assumption.

   Which brings us to our concluding query: if the dangers of COVID-19 are so self-evident, why is there all of this urgency for suppressing any countering views? For that matter, why is there even a need for emergency decrees? In a real pandemic, one could understand a State of Emergency being declared and measures taken to expand medical accessibility and emergency responses; but we've historically seen American States put under actual Martial Law that didn't have the kinds of restrictions we're seeing now. In early 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt put the American States of Washington, Oregon, and California under military jurisdiction. That continued until 1944; but the citizens of those states were barely affected by it any more than the rest of the country's wartime measures. Nobody was closing churches or shutting down 'nonessential' businesses or requiring people to wear distinctive marks of their obedience. No one---except for some foreign nationals--- were 'contact traced' or forced into house arrest without Due Process or prohibited from travel. And while FDR was a proponent of establishing the United Nations, he had no intention of subordinating the US to some globalist agenda driven by German ideologues like the shady Klaus Schwab. And FDR certainly had no intention of turning of the US over to the rule of Corporate Oligarchs such as then ruled Imperial Japan. Whatever Biden is, he's no Franklin Roosevelt. The Liberalism of FDR's type died out about 40 years ago. 

     No modern Liberals are saying that. 

  Or that either. Most of the Insurgency's basis of support is founded on Fear and the Cult of the Victim. 

   Naturally, I couldn't resist adding that. 😇 Whatever one may think of Roosevelt, at least he won all four of his presidential terms fairly. 

   Sadly for our generation, however, it looks like the Scam-demic is going to be part of the cultural landscape for the foreseeable future; to be trotted out as a control mechanism whenever vested interests find it expedient to employ it. It probably won't be the only False Flag the Left has up its sleeve either. 



Wednesday, December 16, 2020


      I recall back in the 1990s when Conservative Talk Radio was a growing movement. This is before the big media conglomerates hijacked everything and also before websites, blogs, and vlogs emerged to challenge the fake Corporate Media 'narrative.' Back then, there were many stories---including some really deep analysis---of how Corporate America and the Clinton Co-Presidency were selling out our economic infrastructure to the Chinese. Deng Xiaoping, who was then the Chinese Premier, changed course from the Maoist policy of spreading Communism through militaristic means to one of economic influence-peddling. Xi Jinping has essentially followed the same course. The idea is that Ameroboob greed and gullibility can be used to build Chinese infrastructure while simultaneously undermining American economic power. 

    And it worked. No sooner had Bush Junior been sworn in that he obediently renewed China's Most Favored Nation trade status without opposition from the GOP-controlled Senate. The talk radio hosts all began singing in unison that trade with China was now a good thing: it was "exporting Capitalism;" "supply and demand for cheap goods at work," and that we were "outgrowing the manufacturing era," etc. This is a perfect illustration of the kind of 'Conservatism' that we had between Reagan and Trump. The Deep State Republican Party of the Bush Family created a crony-system of government to go along with the crony-capitalism they were promoting. The Bushmen introduced a "kinder, gentler" Conservatism which is sort of a secular version of Churchianity. Churchians believe that the Christian morals professed on Sunday are useful for keeping the chumps in line; but the smart boys never let such sentiments interfere with real life. Neoconservatives extend the practice to sociopolitics. Conservative ideology is fine for the campaign trail; but should always be subordinate to power and profit. 

   Senator Mitch McConnell, our so-called Majority Leader, is a product of that system. A multi-millionaire owner of a Kentucky Country Club, McConnell epitomizes the parasitic type of fake Conservative who can be counted upon to sell out whatever principles he pretends to hold whenever a fast buck is to be had. McConnell made it clear from the outset that the U.S. Senate wouldn't get involved in contesting the Election Fraud; and yesterday he crowned all of his crimes by declaring that whole farce to be legitimate.

      According to Open Secrets, McConnell's (known) assets are worth about $55 million. Most of his assets are in funds held by the shady Vanguard Group---which holds $6.2 trillion in global assets and is the 2nd largest financial cartel on Wall Street.  Vanguard's leader, until his death in 2019, was an old dirtbag named John Bogle. Bogle was a registered Republican who supported the Clintons and Obama, while opposing Trump. Under it's new leader, Mortimer Buckley, Vanguard has already increased profits to their confederates in China to $21 billion in 2020.

   While we're not privy to McConnell's portfolio, Vanguard's website gives us a list of its Top 10 performing funds.

    Five in Big Tech; three in Big Finance; and two in Big Pharma. In fact, the men behind numbers 2-6 are directly involved in the Great Reset and the 'Color Revolution' recently staged against the U.S. Government (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Eric Schmidt, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffett). As for McConnell, he appears a man of (worldly) wealth and power to our eyes---he has more of both than most of us---but in reality, he's an insignificant little pygmy compared to the billionaires and trillionaires to whom he's sold himself. His will is their will---and he only holds his position to their good pleasure.

   During the year 2020, many Neocons on the lower levels of American society learned the hard way that the same forces who wantonly destroyed others' lives and liberties during the last three decades could come after theirs' too: as soon as their Masters on Wall Street gave the nod. The Republican Party was no protection for them. The Neocons at the McConnell-level still don't believe that they can be touched. The fact is that the Great Reset is going to be themed around unity. We've reached a point in this Rebellion wherein party politics has become superfluous. McConnell himself might end up being allowed to keep his fortune and his properties in exchange for retiring quietly. He might also end up destitute in a camp for political prisoners. Just look through the propaganda of Agenda 2030 and the WEF's Great Reset and see how many times the role of political parties is actually mentioned. 

   Some stubborn RINOs might still shake their heads, but consider that in the last year, governors have seized dictatorial powers over states, turned criminals loose upon both public and private property, disbanded police forces, and stolen an election, Exactly why can't they declare one-party rule nationwide? Who is going to stop them? Those trillions of dollars in our enemies' hands just backed down the United States Supreme Court. Will our military's brave men and women in uniform save us? They can't even manage a provincial fort. Our laughable excuse for a military has spent the entire crisis refusing to fight insurrectionists, or tearing down monuments themselves, or further uprooting whatever remaining shreds of masculinity that are still extant within the Pentagon's grasp. 

  It was one thing to launch Tomahawk Missiles from the distant safety of a heavily-armored Naval ship and blow a few defenseless populations off the planet. It was good for the bottom line of defense stocks, reconstruction consortia like Halliburton; and, by God, we have to support our troops and teach those Fuzzy-Wuzzies abroad some respect for American might! Never mind the injustice of any of these wars; or the fact that the Radical Left was slowly but surely turning our Armed Forces into a worse cesspool of corruption and political correctness than many of our universities. The good old American Neocon just sat at home and looked for new financial angles to work in light of the New Normal. 

   Well, now we need soldiers---actually to defend the United States for a change---and we don't have them. Instead, armed citizens who dare defend their own property end up in jail. 

  If it sounds as though I have no sympathy for the Republican Party, it's because I really haven't. If there is one group in America truly deserving of getting destroyed by the Great Reset, it's the Neocons. Time is running out for them, in fact. Every compromise and concession they make from now on is like jumping from one grain of sand to the other before it all falls through the bottom of the hourglass. 

  A century ago, Theodore Roosevelt predicted that "the things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life." He was right. 


Tuesday, December 15, 2020


     Raymond Burke, a Cardinal in the papal hierarchy, returned to his former bishopric in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to preside over services last Sunday. It was the Feast Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe (patron saint of Mexico) and occurred the same week as the Feast of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception (patron saint of the United States). 

   Wisconsin, as we now know, was one of the epicenters of voter fraud during the recent election. It's governor, Tony Evars, is a pathetic little cuck who is a former bureaucrat in Academia, Inc. and has been an obnoxious pest all throughout the Scam-demic. His Eminence, the Cardinal spoke truth to power to Christians everywhere on Sunday that should have put our rather flexible American clergy to shame. 


     The entire sermon is on Youtube, which will likely be taken down by our tech overlords as soon as one of their political police 'fact-checkers' feel offended by it. The text is reprinted here, however. Since this is a transcription, I put explanatory notes and editing for clarity in brackets.  

     "Praise be Jesus Christ.

     "We come before Our Lady of Guadalupe on her Feast Day with troubled and heavy hearts. Our nation is going through a crisis which threatens its very future as free and democratic. The worldwide spread of Marxist Materialism, which has already brought destruction and death to the lives of so many and which has threatened the foundations of our nation for decades, now seems to have seized the governing power over our nation. 

  "To attain economic gains, we as a nation have permitted ourselves to become dependent upon the Chinese Communist Party---an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundations upon which families and our nation remain safe and prosperous. I speak of the United States of America, but evidently many other nations are in the throes of a similar, most alarming crisis.

 "Then there is the mysterious Wuhan Virus about whose nature and prevention the Mass Media daily gives us conflicting information. What is clear, however, is that it {the virus} has been used by certain forces inimical to families and to the freedom of nations to advance their evil agenda. These forces tell us that we are now the subjects of the so-called 'Great Reset:' the 'New Normal'---which has been dictated to us by their manipulation of citizens and nations through ignorance and fear.

  "Now, we are supposed to find in a disease the way to understand and to direct our lives rather than in God and in His plan for our Salvation. The responses of many bishops and priests---and of many faithful---has manifested a woeful lack of sound Catechesis {the philosophy upon which the totality of Church Doctrine is based}. So many in the Church seem to have no understanding of how Christ continues His saving work in times of plague and of other disasters. 

  "What is more, our Holy Mother Church---the Spotless Bride of Christ in which Christ is ever at work for our eternal redemption, is beset by reports of moral corruption especially in matters of the 6th and 7th Commandments {i.e., against adultery and stealing as enumerated in the Catechism} which seem to increase by the day. In our own nation, the reports about Theodore McCarrick have rightly tempted many devoted Catholics to question the Shepherds; who, in accordance with Christ's Plan for the Church, are to be their secure guides in teaching the truths of the Faith; by leading them in the fitting worship of God; and in prayer to Him; and by guiding them by means of the Church's perennial discipline. 

  "Too often, the faithful receive nothing in response---or {they receive} a response which is not grounded in the unchanging truths of Faith and Morals. They receive responses which seem not to come from Shepherds, but from secular managers {instead}. The confusion over what the Church truly teaches and demands of us generates even greater division within the Body of Christ. All of this cripples the Church in her mission of witness to Divine Truth and Divine Love---at a time when the world has never needed more the Church to be a beacon. In encountering the world, the Church falsely wants to accommodate itself to the world instead of calling the world to conversion in obedience to the Divine Law written on every human heart, and revealed in its fullness in the Redemptive Incarnation of God the Son. 

  "These grievous troubles---of course---present a serious challenge to our daily Christian living. The impact of the crisis upon the world and in the Church affects all of us; many are enduring the most severe suffering---physical, spiritual, and psychological---that such a situation necessarily causes. At a time when we need to be close to one another in Christian Love, worldly forces would isolate us and have us believe that we are alone and dependent upon secular forces which would make us slaves to their godless and murderous agenda."

  {Here His Eminence offered a prayer for the intercession of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which was in Spanish. He then continued:}

   "Yes, our hearts are understandably heavy. But Christ, through the intercession of His Virgin Mother, lifts up our hearts to His Own and renewing our trust in Him Who has promised us Eternal Salvation in the Church. He will never be unfaithful to His promises. He will never abandon us. Let us not be beguiled by the forces of the world and by false prophets. Let us not abandon Christ and {let us not} seek our salvation in places where it never can be found." 

     As the Cardinal rightly observed, the leaders of the Insurgency in their smug self-assurance and arrogance are a long way from defeating God's Government (although some of these cretins are actually stupid enough to believe that they can). The Elites are not invincible. This isn't the first time in modern history that gangs of blackguards have banded together to impose some kind of 'scientific' dictatorship upon mankind.

   The Great Reset will fail, as these other schemes failed. But as Cardinal Burke noted, we are in for a very difficult time for the foreseeable future. That's the sad reality right now---and the even sadder truth is that we, as Americans, brought this impending doom down upon ourselves. Facing that fact is the first step towards freeing ourselves. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020


       So, we've all heard by now, the U.S. Supreme Court caved in even faster and more radically than anticipated to subvert justice. Seven of them---including all three of the Justices appointed by the President---sold out to the Insurgency by refusing even to hear evidence of electoral fraud. I wonder what their thirty pieces of silver were? I suppose it doesn't really matter. In the New America, truth and justice are whatever the Tech oligarchs and their MSM hirelings decide to call it. Mountains of testimony, video footage, and audio recordings are just that---they mean nothing other than baseless and unfounded allegations presented by a President who stubbornly refuses to accept defeat. 

    Between now and January 20th, Americans will have their last six weeks as a Constitutional Republic, and even our last (legal) Christmas and New Years celebrations before the Sun sets on our Democracy and the New Order assumes full control. 

   The New York Post today had a rather poignant story about a trend in the once-great city of New York called 'Last Suppers'. People are enjoying the formerly ordinary past-time of meeting and dining out for what looks like the final time. The Elites already have plans in place to rebuild our cities---and these plans don't include small businessmen or entrepreneurs. 

   Doesn't it make us all feel proud that we sacrificed our Lives and Liberties for this? Don't preach about stolen elections. The stolen election was made possible by Americans' continued refusal to fight for their freedoms or stand up for the rights for the last 30 years or so. The so-called 'Conservative leadership' contributed to this malaise. How many times did we hear out of the mouths of the likes of Sean Hannity that Conservatives "focus on the things that matter" and that we "want just to be left alone." That concentration on themselves while others all around them were losing their livelihoods cost the entire culture. Too many Conservatives took the attitudes of, "I got mine" and "it doesn't affect me," and wrote off people trying to sound the alarm by saying "we don't want to be seen as extreme!" Guess what? The Enemy is coming after yours and plans to affect you quite significantly; and those of us whom you turned your back upon aren't there to have your back anymore. 

   Two vlogs I follow were shut down just this week on Youtube (a subsidiary of the same conglomerate operating Sidewalk Labs. Incidentally, the site that hosts this blog is also a subsidiary of that same oligarchy, and we've been getting shadowbanned on Google---another of their subsidiaries---since at least June and getting trolled by spooks now, sent by God-Knows-Who. We're not even a major voice among those fighting for the last vestiges of liberty; and I can't even guarantee we'll be allowed to keep publishing. The corporate conglomerate controlling Google, Youtube, Blogger, and Sidewalk Labs is Alphabet Inc., run by Eric Schmidt, a member of the WEF and one of the top ringleaders of the Coup/Great Reset. Schmidt controls $300 billion in assets, but doesn't want you to own anything. 

   “I think the real question as the internet becomes more important in people’s lives is what is the right regulation, not whether there should be [regulation] or not.” ---Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and major orchestrator of the Coup.

  “The challenges we face demand an unprecedented alliance between business and government.”---Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft and henchman of Bill Gates. 

  In case anyone still thinks that the Elites don't intend to control us down to the level of our diets, just remember that before restaurants were banned in New York, Left-Wing fanatic Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned them from serving several items. Ed Murray, a homosexual pederast who was formerly mayor of Seattle imposed a tax on sweetened beverages. Restaurant owners nationwide of course rolled over for these usurpations---heck, even a few profited by moving in on their ruined competitors. Now they're nearly all wiped out, and wondering 'how did we get here?' Sidewalk Labs, BTW, is headed by one of Bloomberg's former top advisors.

   Don't worry, though, the Supreme Court will never allow private property to be outlawed, right? Except that they already already set a precedent for doing that back in 2005. That occurred at a time, incidentally, when Republicans controlled the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Nobody did anything about it then, nor since. And they can't control what we eat or drink, right? Well, let's hear it straight from the horse's mouth:

  The questioner {at a 2019 debate} noted that some countries have changed their dietary guidelines to reduce the consumption of red meat. "If elected...will you be supporting change in dietary guidelines, and then how will you plan on implementing the changes so that people effectively change their diets?" she asked.

"Yes," {Kamala} Harris responded, saying it should be "a real priority at the highest level of government" to address healthy eating, "because we have a problem in America...I think that there has to be also what we do in terms of creating incentives that we will eat in a healthy way, that we will encourage moderation, and that we will be educated about the effect of our eating habits on our environment, and we have to do a much better job of that. And the government has to do a much better job of that."

   Not to worry everyone. There will plenty of new angles to work in the New Order, at least until the Big Boys at the top decide to cut you out of the picture.

    That's America today and has been for too long: cashing in on the corpses of their neighbors and getting along with the powerful until strong enough to stab them in the back. The Land of Opportunity long ago became the Land of Opportunism and it's really small wonder that SCOTUS followed the herd and looked out for themselves just like everybody else does. I would say that their 7-2 decision reflects about the same ratio of chiselers and cheats to honorable and noble men and women in our society right now. And once the Great Reset gets going, we'll see that dynamic played out in spades.


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